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*deeply inhales* OMG I love your art so much, I'm just in love with it. I'm not very new here, but I don't know why I'm waiting so long to show how much I like your art. I kinda want to draw on the computer and stuff, but I have no idea what art tools I should get? What program should I use to draw? Which tablet do I choose? Are you gonna do more Undertale art dumps? How does one draw characters like you do? Sorry if this is a lot of questions, but I'm just so ... (/◕ヮ◕)/ happy

I definitely recommend saving up for a drawing tablet, I use a Wacom tablet, the one I’m using is a bit expensive but I’m sure any of their tablets are good, they have a few different names. 

As for drawing programs, I use photoshop, it’s also a bit costly but if you can spare the money it can really be a nice software to use. There’s also a free one called Gimp but I don’t use it so I don’t know how good it is.

drawing characters? I used the sprites and some of my favourite fan arts for reference so I could develop my own look for them and then proceed to draw them a million times. As you can see, style can change quite a bit.

first ever drawing of Sans and Frisk I did last February 

to a more recent one. Yeah it’s changed a lot XD



I Lied! I’m uploading today!!! 

OMG Stakes is my favorite thing of all Adventure Time! 
+ the “Everything Stays” song oh my god, I loooveee it!!! 
If you haven’t watched the eps go do it NOW! 

And now my fellow fans, followers should I make an extra card?
I’m torn between “The wheel of fortune” and “The Lovers” (becuaseI’mbubblinetrash) leave your comments or send me a message!

Also for the vampire king I had a difficult choice because at first I thought he would be “The Emperor” and some people has set him as “The Strength”
but, “The Chariot” made more sense to me. :V 

He’s become one of my favorite characters, although we might never see him again : (

EDIT: Added “The Lovers” 

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You should definitely do more videos about TG omg. Reviews? Maybe? I mean, in a sea of chibireviews and son wukong's a girl talking about would be nice ♥

lolol, that’d be fun, definitely. I think i’ll be doing some live reactions only to certain chapters, the ones that are very crazy and have shipping stuff, I’m not good at analyzing deep situations/symbolisms (one of the main reasons for why i never write metas and stuff), I like analyzing characters more than situations and the relationship between characters, romantic or not. But yeah, it was fun to make that video :’D  

Scenario #9

You: *accidentally let it slip out that you write fanfiction*

2P!America: wtf is that?

2P!China: *smirks* You know what you should do? Write a fanfic about us fucking.

2P!England: Oh, oh! Can I be a character in your story?~ Er… what do you mean I already am…? *genuinely confused* 

2P!France: oh.

2P!Russia: Shouldn’t you be using your time more wisely? … Why do you suddenly look so angry? It’s scary…

2P!Italy: Mmm~ your passion for art only makes you seem more alluring.

2P!Germany: You do? Seriously? …Omg can you write a smut for me?!

2P!Japan: *eyes widen* Me too… *goes back to usual expressionless face* mostly gore, however.

2P!Canada: yeah yeah kid, *yawns* do whatever the hell ya want.

2P!Romano: Really? Hehe, I sometimes like to pretend I write for a fashion magazine and so I type up articles in my free time.~

2P!Prussia: *smiles* it must be nice to be good at something…

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Munday  meme

✉:  Any RPers the Mun admires.             

Trust  me  when  I  say  this,      there  are  quite  a  few  people  I  admire.  Sorry  in  advance  if  I  forget  anyone      ….

I  think  @valkiriya   was  one  the  first  people  I  interacted  with  on  here,      their  writing  of  Mercy  is  quite  something  to  behold  and  such  an  amazing  portrayal  of  the  character.  I  would  also  have  to  say  at  @harmoniris  because  omg  I  love  your  Zen  so  very  much,      he’s  so  amazing  and  we  so  need  to  do  more  between   these  losers.  @lifereturned   for  dragging  me  to  hell  but  also  being  so  amazing  and  such  a  great  soldier   /   jack  morrison.   Even  though  we’ve  never  interacted  yet  I  love  @deathforsaken ‘s  Reaper,  such  a  great  blog  and  someone  I  want  to  write  with  in  the  future.  I  should  also  add  @wakairyuu   because  they  are  so amazing  and  makes  my  Genji  look  like  trash.

Forever stuck in stupid cartoon tiger hell. Ugh. Walgreens brand disposables on the right were an amazing bargain, but omg that bug eyed tiger was killing me. Also the weird preppy diamonds. If you have to change a diaper at least it should be cute, right? So I got fancy bambo nature diapers to try(on the left). And. More stupid tigers… 🤦‍♀️

Why do they never show you what the actual diaper looks like on the box?!

My pharmacy stops carrying Winnie the Pooh huggies at size 3. Which I consider the only enjoyable diaper character. And even then I’d prefer a rocking horse, or a teddy bear, or nothing. I keep looking at Honest, such cute spring patterns, but we tried them when she was a newborn and they were useless. She’s a really heavy wetter. Maybe they’d magically start working now? 🙄 Not likely.


ummm maybe you should read it first? omg why everybody hates him

I don’t hate Sebastian?  He is my favorite character?  I just don’t like how his character has developed (or lack thereof, rather.)  There are plenty of characters I do hate at this point but it ain’t Sebastian.  I just feel like something more should’ve happened between Sebastian and Agni, you know?  Yeah, he sort of reacted, but can’t we get a line of dialogue other than him being an exemplary butler?  I just think he deserved more.

Not only that but Agni was the best foil for Sebastian.  Who else could’ve shown a little growth from Sebastian?  But that door is closed now.


This is not true??? why don’t you read it all first???

Nope, didn’t read it.  It wasn’t available until yesterday for me.  I acted impulsively to do something funny to get validation on Tumblr.  You know, like everyone does.


dead post

Not sure what this means…but thanks for hitting reply and providing your insights.


He actually reacted though? When Ciel asks him if he’s still alive…

Yeah, he did…but I’m selfish with my Agni feelings and I just want more, man.  It will never be enough.

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Ω & ♛ for any and all sv characters??

(omg minty I spent so long staring at the list looking for the ampersand because I thought it was one of the symbols)

I’ll do…Erlich

Ω   Best time ever

While on a cocktail of drugs, the precise make up of he cannot remember, and has never managed to replicate. This haunts him. 

♛  One thing partner should never do

Imply they are kinkier or more hardcore, because then it just turns into a kink pissing contest (possibly literally).

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Can't wait to see the finished tanaka omg But like you should do reference sheets of all the fantasy AU characters or something like nothing too fancy but they would make such good cosplays ok

I have more of it here! (With Saeko)This sketch is like four months old at least, but I hope to touch it up and finish of these days. 

I’d love to make character sheets, if I can! It would be good concept practice. My only hindrance is time and a busy schedule. Also!! I don’t think a lot of these outfits through? I design them only to be cool and not functional for real life so I barely know what connects with what. (I CAME TO THIS PROBLEM WHEN I TRIED DOING ONE FOR KENMA WHOPS) I’ll definitely figure it out though when I do try to make reference. O//v//O;;

askroseliaservine replied to your post “askroseliaservine replied to your post “I swear trying to find yuri…”

I’ll definitely have to read some of those. I think I’ve seen citrus somewhere before but had walked past it going okay a book about oranges and girls? I really should read the back of books instead of just doing what they say not to do.. judging books by their cover. bad habits (though it has helped me avoid really dumb books before so I don’t know)

I’ve gotta say that it’s one of the ones I haven’t read yet and just bought because it’s yuri and the characters don’t look younger than 12 lol 

Looking at the summary, for once omg I need to read those more, it looks like romance between step-siblings. I know quite a few people don’t really like that that in fiction and stuff, so I thought I should probably mention that just in case. 

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Ok your turn! 6, (& 7) 47 & 100! :)

aah thank you omg! :)

6) Do you keep plants? Yes! Sooo many. I used to have them all on my windowsill but after redecorating my room they’re scattered about the house. My newest children are two small (and troublesome) marimos who are far more needy than i realised they would be

7) Do you name your plants? Absolutely, like, to a ridiculous extent. There are perhaps too many to list, but a few gems would include; Mosscar Wilde, Hugh Plant, Marimo Syzlack, and a trio of cacti named after Nightvale characters

47) What food do you think should be banned from the universe? im a really fussy eater (theres literally no point in beating about the bush here i like havent willingly eaten a vegetable in ten years), but honestly… It’s gotta be pickles. im sorry.

100)  If you were presented with two buttons, one that allows you to go 5 years into the past, the other 5 years into the future, which one would you press? why? i thought about this one pretty hard already when i first saw it in the post, and i think… i think id go back 5 years, and id tell young me not to worry, and that things were going to be awful but that they’d get better than she’d ever believed they could be if she just stuck it out. i would tell her not to give away so much of herself away to someone that wouldn’t do the same in return, but aside from that i probably wouldnt stop her from doing what she did because in a way its shaped the me i am today. that seems cruel i guess but she was (and still is) anxious about the future anyways, so whats a little extra foreboding gonna do? id go back because i dont really want any spoilers for whats coming next

thanks for asking aah! have a lovely day! :) x

PODFIC RECS PART 8-- parentlock and kidlock

(by the way these are almost all really really long! Yay! more to love…)


Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68 read by axemeaboutaxinomancy

Mycroft appears at Baker St one day with a Sherlock clone baby, the boys adopt him. Really what can I say? EGT is in the top 5 fic writers in this fandom, this parentlock story is nonstop joy, and anyone who follows my recs knows I never shut up about how much I love AMAA’s readings so, yeah. I already knew I was going to do this rec post, and then when this came out and I was like, well now my theme rec post is truly complete. Favorite moment so far– dramatic reading of Oliver’s blog entries.

This story is amazing in that there’s almost no conflict of any kind, yet it’s impossible to tear away from. They’re happy by a few chapters in and spend thousands of words talking about how content they are and how everything’s fine– yet somehow the suspense of finding out what they’re going to do for dinner, or what present someone got someone, is completely edge of the seat rivieting. Science side of tumblr, please explain how this is possible! I’m ¾ of the way through this 20+ hour podfic and still totally into it.

Learning Curve by allfinehere read by sevenpercent

OMG how do I explain how adorable this story is without resorting to keysmashing? It shouldn’t work, it should just be cloying and overwhelming, but the author really reels you in. Sherlock is a loving single father to a child who refuses to speak, John a soldier turned kindergarten teacher. Sevenpercent is a prolific reader of sweet fluff, follow the link for more.

The Blog of Eugenia Watson by madlori read by lunchee

This recording is perfection, absolutely everything one wants from a podfic. I avoided this story for ages (main character an OC? Parentlock? ugh no no no) and then when I started the podfic I had even more doubts. The reader is from New Zealand which hey, awesome, but I was afraid I would find the accent distracting, confusing. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT SOMETIMES.

The story is fabulous and provides a masterclass level lesson in writing by proving that it is possible to have a story where we only ever see John and Sherlock from the perspective of John’s teenage daughter that still has more slashy romance and feels than 90% of the fics on AO3. SO MANY FEELS.

And lunchee is a genius reader! I fell in love with her voice and style in no time at all. She reads Eugenia like an actress nailing a role, the editing is great; everything about this is great. I literally both laughed and cried (not smiled and got misty LAUGHED and CRIED) in public during the week it took me to listen to this.


Family Affairs by s0mmerspr0ssen read by kholly

This is a super cute kidfic with some angst around issues of privilege, ableism, and class, but all the fluff and payoff you could desire for our precious babies. John is orphaned and sent to a children’s home; he is adopted on a trial basis by the Holmes family. Kholly is a great reader, very clear on the material and expressive but unobtrusive. She has another Sherlock podfic that’s very angsty but also really good. Family Affairs is recent so I’m hoping for many more to come!

The Frost is all Over by chryse read by aranel-parmadil

OK so full disclosure I haven’t actually listened to this one yet, but I bet it’s good! It’s one of the absolute best fics of last year read by an experienced podder. It’s an historical AU in which John and Sherlock meet when very young and have swashbuckling adventures galore…a tender, beautiful, and very exciting story.

A Study in Bwankets by lavvyan read by ideduceyou

The title really tells you what you’re getting; short, kidfic, super duper cutesy. Ideduceyou is a great reader with other podfics at the link, click the link for even more super duper fluffy fluff…

personal rambling disclaimer;

Once upon a time I thought I didn’t like either of these kinds of fics! To be clear, I think parentlock is the number one most OOC thing in a fandom that includes fawnlock and tunalock, and I prefer our boys to be the men they are, not children…and yet… I have at some point fallen right down that rabbit hole and I find myself reluctantly allowing that one after another fic involving kids is, in fact, quite charming.

In my actual life I do not seek out kid related stuff, but how many times must we remember that what we like in fandom is rarely anything like what we want in real life? For me, many. Do I think John Watson is the sexiest BAMF ever? Hell yeah! Do I actually want to get with a philandering military man with anger issues? Um, NOOO. So fuck it, bring on the kidfic….



Moments Lost Forever

“You said you didn’t need to be king as long as we were together. You’re not saying it anymore.”

The time when they could leave and disappear, living free and unassuming life together is long gone. They had their chances at happiness, but NOW THEY ARE IRREVOCABLY LOST IN THE PAST - Soo let them slip through her fingers. She had TWO CHANCES AT HAPPINESS WITH WANG SO BUT SHE WAS SO AFRAID OF A FUTURE THAT STILL WASN’T SET THAT SHE LET THE PRESENT PASS HER BY. Twice did Wang So offer her that they ran away together, leaving everything behind and be free together, but she rejected him both times. When he asked her to marry him and offered her freedom and his protection 5 years ago under the starry sky, HE ALREADY THREW AWAY EVERYTHING FOR HER - HIS POSITION, HIS FATHER, HIS FAMILY - in that moment he WAS FREE TO LEAVE WITH HER. And she did love him back then, even though she didn’t realize it at that time, SHE WANTED TO LEAVE WITH HIM WITH EVERY FIBER OF HER BEING, yet her fear of the future stopped her again. NOW, THEY ARE NO LONGER FREE.

“The king used you to get to me. He will use me to continue bothering you.”

AKA So himself admits and confirms to HS THE REAL REASON WHY HE LEFT HER AND DECIDED TO BECOME THE KING. Even, if they ran together now, they could NEVER BE FREE BECAUSE THEY WOULD NEED TO RUN THEIR WHOLE LIFE since they would be hunted. There is nowhere to run anyway because there is no place in Goryeo where they could escape the king’s power, that’s why SO NEEDS TO BECOME THE KING.

I just don’t want to see you live a life controlled by others. It’s really not worth living like that.” - Wang So (EP06)

“I’m the one who determines how I’ll live. I can live a very cool life or I can live a sad one. I just don’t want to live a life being controlled by others. That’s what I’ve decided.“ - Hae Soo (EP08)

“I won’t be controlled by anyone. And I can get rid of all this absurdity. Being king is something I definitely want.” - Wang So (EP16)


The higher up you are, the more you should care about justice. Don’t you agree?” - Hae Soo (EP02)

“I started this so that I could stop us brothers from having to kill each other. But when I was building the castle I realized that the world can change if the king changes.” - Wang So (EP16)

All those years SO’S BEEN BASICALLY LIVING BY HS’ WORDS, FOLLOWING THEM LIKE A RELIGION because it WAS HER who had instilled the notions of equality and freedom and justice so long ago and HE HAS NEVER FORGOTTEN IT! He’s been thinking about her every single day he’s been away from her!

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omg you should do that experiment au sometime ;) ;) please kill me with more angst

A/N: Okay, Nonny! So I decided to write a little something for this as a writing exercise to get my creative angst juices flowing, and this is what came of it. I won’t mention ‘character death’ as a tag because I left it ambiguous in case I ever continue it in the future. I hope you don’t mind, but I went with Roy as Muse B and Riza as Muse A, because I feel like a story with Muse A Roy would have too quick an ending with him being the Flame Alchemist and all.

I hope you enjoy! And who knows. Maybe I’ll pursue this further someday!

I Don’t Need Everything… Just Your Heart Will Do

/ / / / / / / / / /

How, he wondered idly as the blood from his slashed throat continued to spill onto the ground, had he been so blind…?

Keep reading

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im just a lowkey admirer - from - afar !! but honestly everything about ur blog is gorgeous, ur faceclaim is Perfection and everything u headcanon and develop about nat is just incredible like wtf. shes such an important character to me and u just write her so so well !! i just felt u should know and i hope u have a Great day / night sorry omg.

LOVE / DEATH.       idk why i’m crying in the club rn   ……  wowow this means the World to me ??    there needs to be more people who love nat for Who She Truly Is,    & i’m so glad you think i do her justice (((’:  i love her sm & she deserves The Best.    thank you so much !!!

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my url ? ,,

my opinion on;

character in general: tbh reggie mantle isn’t a character i know much about ( apart from what we’ve seen in riverdale so far ) but ngl i think he’s a total sweetheart, yeah he can be a bit of a jerk to jughead, and i just want to protect him, he just seems so sweet and lovely. i really want to see more of reggie tbh.
how they play them:
FANTASTIC, like i can hear his voice, imagine him doing everything but what i love most is how much depth you’ve given him, like omg, just never stop doing what you’re doing.
the mun:
a total sweetheart i should definitely talk to more than i do. 

do i;

follow them: FOREVER
rp with them: a little but we should defo do more
want to rp with them: OF COURSE
ship their character with mine: not in like a romantic way, maybe a bromance / hateship kind of deal could be fun

what is my;

overall opinion: amazing reggie with a total bae for a mun, a definite must follow.

send me a url // no longer accepting // @vanityriot