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another tag game

Tagged by: @appparition sorry it took me a few days to get round to doing this whoops (Also i just remembered who you are omg, you’re tadashion! When you tagged me I was looking at your blog like ‘I definitely know you but I just can’t quite remember…’)
Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better (Yeah nah I’m not tagging anyone I just tagged all the people I tag in things in the last thing lol)
Nickname: Draco
Gender: what the hell is a ‘gender’? i sure don’t have one
Star Sign: Aries 
Height: 5′10 
Time right now: 8:21 pm
Last thing I googled: ‘google maps’ (very boring I know)
Favorite Bands: Django Django, Knifeworld, Gorillaz, but most of all CARDIACS! <3 
Favorite Solo Artists: William D Drake, PhemieC 
Song stuck in your head: Nothing because I’m listening to Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz right now.
Last movie I watched: I have no idea… It was so long ago
Last TV show I watched: Britain’s Got Talent. or if you count anime, This Boy Is a Professional Wizard.
When did you create your blog: October 2013
What kind of stuff do you post: Current fandom interests (so, Fire Emblem, Discworld, WTNV right now.) Random Tumblr comedy shit. Endless rambling about my life.
When did your blog reach its peak: Probably now since it’s just been getting gradually more and more popular over the years. Also my ‘lik the bred is objectively the best meme’ post is still getting notes 
Do you have any other blogs: yeah @ohcjulian for OHC and @pleaseletmehowl for wolves, but it’s semi inactive
Do you get asks regularly: nah only like 1 at most when i reblog ask games
Why you chose your URL: I like dragons and Kaito Shion
Following: 1,279 *cries*
Posts: 85,899
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw I think
Pokémon Team: Mystic!
Favorite colors: just look at my blog theme guys (on PC. if you’re on mobile, it’s darkish purple + grey) Also most shades of blue are good.
Average hours of sleep: 8 but like 7 during the school term
Lucky Numbers: 7
Favorite manga characters: i’ve never read a manga. but some fave characters from anime which (probably?) used to be manga include Nona from Death Parade and Killua from Hunter x Hunter
How many blankets do you sleep with: usually just a duvet… sometimes a blanket on top of that
Dream job: ethologist. or at least some type of zoologist
Dream trip: idk??? there’s a lot of places I want to go to in theory but not in practice because they are being ruined by tourism…

‘tagging’ anyone who wants to do this :-)