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Upthehillart posted a wonderful art of the Slytherin and Gryffindor trios as couples and the Blaise and Ron piece reminded me of one of your writings (I think it was a rp were you met your girlfriend?) and I really want to read it again but I can't find it. Do you still have the link or do you know where to find it?

Omg, I love that it made you think of that!!! You’re too sweet! I screamed when I saw @upthehillart‘s latest drawing, it’s everything I love in one gorgeously rendered, superbly characterized, and achingly tender picture!!!! It’s sheer perfection! 

Our rp was mostly tumblr based, but we’d sometimes write up little scenes to really delve into their relationship and make it easier to follow. The first time Blaise and Ron fucked is here- it’s part of a longer scene, so it starts halfway into their conversation; hopefully it makes sense! I get so nostalgic thinking about it- that rp is where Hannah and I met (in character too! my Blaise was being such a dick to her Ron!), and if I only knew then that I was meeting my future girlfriend/north star/partner in writing, love, imagined crime, and orange cat rearing and that we were writing the first of millions of smutty scenes together, I would have booked a plane ticket to go to her right then and there (grad school be damned!) :)

“my grand plan just you wait and see

so eyes up ‘cause I’ll rise up

bring on any challenge”


Here’s a little Annabeth from the Lightning Thief Musical. She was amazing. Kristin played her character like flawlessly and “My Grand Plan” really felt like Annabeth. The characterization was really spot on. Here are some few highlights of the great Annabeth in the musical on premiere night:

- Percy seeing her and screaming “You’re my dream girl!”

-Percy going “Oh your mom is-” and Annabeth replies with “Athena. Sexist much?”

- interactions with Luke and Grover

- drinking water halfway to avoid the story of how Athena turned Medusa into a monster

- basically wanted get away from Aunty Em until Aunty Em wanted to take her picture and she’s all like “It’s just one picture”

- then when Percy tells her its not her fault she goes “you’re right, it’s yours!”

- “My Grand Plan” more like the story of my life omg I think I died there

- says “no mom I don’t want to go to the movies, I have a quest.. and homework” in her sleep

- the story of how Thalia became a tree

- disarming Luke when he told her to join

- Annabeth Chase being the Annabae Chase is she in the books ( I just really love her okay?)


inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires. 
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this is forever a wip!! im always looking for new blogs to add! (if you wanna be in here/have any recommendations just send me a message or ask, friends)

new studyblrs are in bold!!! check them out first, please!!


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@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


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SERIOUSLY. MESSAGE ME SO I CAN ADD MORE PEOPLE (whether its u or a recommendation of someone else!!)



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HC- Where Viktor and Yuuri always visit Yurio and Yurio is just like, "Quick wasting your time." But really when he gets excited on the inside because 1) they always try to bring him his pork cutlet bowl and 2) he's happy to see his dads... even if he won't admit it. And he secretly likes to cuddle with Makka and Viktor tries to get the perfect picture while Yuuri just gushes.

i love this hc omg

I’d love to see others’ thoughts and headcanons on Nursey’s dad? Like, I NEVER see stuff about Nursey’s dad (except for one or two things that said he was out of the picture or an asshole and that has the potential to buy into a lot of really bad stereotypes if he’s black like i headcanon him) so it’d be great if there was more for him!!!

The Painter’s Muse

OMG ANON THANK YOU! I always love getting requests, they’re so fun. I hope you like it anon! Tbh, I never considered writing a Minghao imagine, but I like how it ended up(:

Originally posted by mountean

Pairing: Minghao/Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 3K

Summary: You’ve sworn you seen the girl in the painting, staring contently at you, you just don’t remember ever posing for the picture centuries before. 

Author’s note: I never really thought of writing a soulmate AU, but I decided that a reincarnation one was the only one that makes sense. I read soulmate AU’s a lot, and I love them, it’s just sometimes things don’t add up. Thats why Minghao’s names are different in his past life times, because I feel like that makes the most sense, also I just FINISHED GOBLIN. Which plays with the same idea and I will forever be obsessed with the grim reaper and sunny. THEY WERE SO DAMN CUTE. Someone hold me, I’m still recovering from the drama. 

Keep reading

september 29th 2017 | 4/100 days of productivity

first of all, thank you for all the love you guys have been giving!! i mean 3k+ notes?? why?? omg thank you!! y'all have been super supportive lately and i really appreciate it!

here’s yet another snapshot of my chem notes! i’m planning on posting pictures of my other subjects as well but im not sure where to start! what do you guys think?

what i’m currently in love with : say my name by destiny’s child ( i prefer alex & sierra’s version tho!! )

Q&A saturdays! <3

Thank you everyone for the asks! <3

Out of the ocs I have shared, Garrett and Dario are the only gamers I think! Although they only really play competitive games like Mario Kart, Splatoon, or Smash! Garrett is also a sucker for mobile games and Kathy is too! 

External image

Garrett LOVES taking Snapchat of his boyfriend! <3 He takes quite a few throughout the day and makes sure to send it to him too!

Meet Cabby/Cathy! They’re an excitable nerd who wants to protect their friends! <3

It was a LOT of fun working on these!

External image

Garrett’s backstory can’t even be shared yet! Y'all will have to wait until their lore/story/webcomic comes out! </3 Sorry about that!

External image
External image


External image
External image

Here’s a short version of how I do inkling hair! <3 I’ve done this sort of thing before but not in this new style so hope it helps!

External image

Aaaaa thank you for the compliment! ; v ; I’m not really sure what to say, I just recommend working with shapes or researching body types! <3 Work with colors, archtypes, and even focus on silhouette of the each character! Make sure they’re all unique in their own way! As for the height different, it’s a little harder to explain, I just kind of decide where their heads should be and then draw the rest of them ; v ; 

External image

I actually just use the standard pen brush for lineart and coloring, nothing fancy! <3 

I do most of my comic/picture sketches on my tablet, but I do like to sketch on my notebooks too! I just don’t ever think anyone’s really interested in them! ; v ; 

AAA! Please @ me, I would love to see it! ; O ; 

Thank you sO MUCH! I’M REALLY GLAD <3 <3 I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

Omg! No, I havent! I used to have it before it was closed down (still saved to my 3DS actually) and aaaa I would love to get back into it but I’m not sure, I might not have enough data sobs ; v ; /) 

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3

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hey i was wondering if u could do a drunk confession thing with v and saeran please!! the first two where amazing 🐆it'd be great thank u i love ur writing

omg thank you so much lovely anon! ^^ I actually am quite mad at myself for not including these two because i love them lmao also holy crap its almost the choi bois birthday i need to do something for them 

a Saeran + V version of these  posts

Drunk RFA V + Saeran


  • This sunshine rarely gets drunk and is usually with Jumin when he is but tonight he is indulging himself in wine, surrounded with pictures of MC let’s say he’s not blind for this one
  • It sounds creepy and he knows it probably is but the growing love he has for her really cannot be contained at this moment
  • It has always been Rika who filled his thoughts but after all that’s happened he finally found peace within himself to move on and find his real sun
  • And that was MC
  • He learned to fall in love the healthy way and he felt really blessed that MC helped him throughout his journey
  • But is this man capable of being tainted by feelings of jealousy??
  • Yes
  • MC was on a date and he was feeling extra bitter that night
  • So when he was reaching for his phone, attempting to call her his eyes immediately widened
  • No he will not let her see him wreck himself like this
  • He still did it anyways
  • “V? What’s wrong are you okay?”
  • “Yes.. I’m fine”
  • “Why did you call? Should I come over? Is something the matter?”
  • “There is no matter but can you please come over?”
  • “I’ll be there”
  • When MC came, she was astounded by the amount of pictures surrounding the house and was more astonished by the man before her who reeked of alcohol
  • “MC my love” 
  • V hugged her tight 
  • He was being so uncharacteristical and she was confused until it registered in her brain what he called her
  • My love??
  • “V why are you drinking?”
  • “I am… displeased with myself”
  • “How come”
  • She held his cheek so tenderly V could feel his heart bursting with love
  • “I am such an unworthy man to have been jealous of your date today. I love you but it seems that I am too late”
  • “Oh V you were never too late. I only met up with him for a polite meal of gratitude, I was never romantically linked with him, it’s you I have my eyes on. I love you”
  • V felt so relieved and so happy he felt tears brimming his eyes as he kissed her so passionately
  • They spent the entire night cuddling and when morning came and their bodies were entangled with each other they felt so happy and content
  • Although V could feel a dull ache in his head, he was glad he remembered everything that went down last night
  • He was inhaling the scent of her hair as he pulled her close to him, never intending to let go


  • Living with MC and Saeyoung was such a chore
  • But the only reason he was so irritated was because they acted so much like a couple
  • He couldn’t stand being in the same room when they were being so touchy and smiley with each other
  • One time it was movie night and they were pressed up against each other like some married couple
  • But it was only because Saeyoung had put the popcorn too far MC had to scoot closer to properly get some
  • It bothered him so much to feel this way so one night, he escaped the eyes of his brother to get wasted in some club
  • He was only there for the drinks though and had no intention of entertaining the girls who were sticking their ass out in front of him
  • When he came home, Saeyoung was ready to fight him about his whereabouts but he shushed him saying that he had no time for it
  • He was walking properly no doubt but he was drunk enough to be bold and confused
  • So instead of going to his room he accidentally stumbled to MC’s
  • Cue his face getting hot at the sight 
  • She was curled up between the sheets and had this cute bedhead
  • He walked towards her despite the mental protest and ended up kneeling beside her bed
  • Stroking her hair he felt yet again another churn in his stomach and a squeeze at his chest
  • “Why do you make me feel like shit and this shit actually feels good? I hate you, I hate you for making me feel this way, I hate you for your stupid face and stupid actions, I hate you for trying to make me feel better I hate you I hate you”
  • MC woke up to this string of I hate you mantras and when she found out Saeran was the one saying them she wrapped her arms around his neck and pullled him
  • He stumbled and toppled towards her 
  • “Let go you idiot I hate you”
  • “No you don’t”
  • “Yes I do”
  • “I know you Saeran and you tell me these things everyday, i know you don’t”
  • He could feel MC nuzzling her face on her neck and his heart started racing 
  • “Lay beside me”
  • Curse his drunken decision making he actually listened
  • He had his back facing her but she wrapped her arms around his waist and Saeran tensed up
  • “So… warm”
  • When he was sure MC was deep in sleep, he carefully faced her and had his hands on the small of her back, trying to pull her closer, wanting to feel more of her
  • “I… love you”
  • Unknown to him, MC was smiling against his chest
  • The next morning, they were met by the screams of Saeyoung
  • “My own brother?? and MC?? in he same BED. I feel so betrayed”
  • “Shut up” 
  • Saeran was having none of his brother’s crying and buried his face in the mess of MC’s hair
  • “You two didn’t even have the decency to close the door, God knows what I might have seen. Stop polluting my innocent eyes”
  • “Fuck off Saeyoung I feel like absolute shit”
  • MC felt really worried because she knows he had a drink last night 
  • “Do you want me to get you some advil?”
  • She was about to get up when Saeran pulled her back down and was fiercely cuddling with her
  • “Stay”
  • She giggled and pressed a soft kiss to his head
  • “I love you too”
  • He groaned knowing she heard him last night but he wasn’t really complaining


… I’m so shy that I do not know where to start talking. I saw EDDSWORLD four months ago and I saw a lot of your pictures. I wanted to know who painted it, but at that time, I just have twitter account so did not know WHO PAINTED IT.

I really liked and admired your paintings. Even now. By the way, I almost ran around on the street after seeing the posting of the previous picture. OMG I CAN NOT BELIEVE…JUST WANT TO SAY I REALLY LOVE U R ART WORK. I do not know what to say. But I got a lot of inspiration thanks to your paintings.

RFA+ Saeran reactions to a homemade Valentine from MC (bc they don’t have any money to go buy them something so making something is the next best thing!)

Homemade gifts are the best thing ever


  • You and Yoosung were both broke college students so fancy gifts were definitely off the table
  • Money was limited but you had enough to buy heaps of clay from the store since it wasn’t very expensive
  • It took a month before Valentine’s Day to make this (it would’ve been faster but Yoosung constantly being around made it hard to hide)
  • This was probably the greatest (and hardest) figure you’ve worked on so far and Yoosung was going to l o v e it 
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Yoosung! Open my gift first!” you said excitedly
  • Yoosung quickly and carefully tore off the red wrapping paper and unveiled the greatest thing he’s ever seen
  • It was an amazingly detailed figure of his and your LOLOL avatars doing a hero pose together arm-in-arm
  • He took lots of pictures to show off to his guild buddies and let it sit proudly on top of his desk
  • His guild members may or may not commission you to make their characters now


  • Baehee would be happy with almost any gift but you wanted her to really love your gift
  • You figured she’d want something she could use often instead of something she could easily throw out
  • So you went out and bought a bunch of plain colored mugs
  • You were gonna decorate all of these to her liking so she could have coffee in the morning and think of you
  • It took about a week to decorate all 7 mugs (one per day)
  • The morning of Valentine’s Day, Jaehee got up to make her morning coffee only to find brand new ones in the cabinet??
  • And holy crap they’re beautiful and amazing and she loves you so much
  • She takes two of them out and pour coffee into them, fixing the drink to your own likings
  • She brought it to the bedroom where she woke you up with a forehead kiss, handing you the hot drink
  • “I love these, MC. Thank you very much for this”


  • You thought long and hard about what to get Zen for Valentine’s Day
  • Something from the heart would make Zen more than happy
  • It finally came to mind on what you should do for him
  • There was one time Zen caught you singing in your room and he would not let go on how much he loved your voice, but you never sang around him again
  • So why not take his playlist and cover all the songs on there for him?
  • Seven could edit the audio and make a digital playlist as well as burn a cd with the songs
  • Not surprisingly most of the songs on there were his own
  • “H-here’s your gift, Zen, I hope you like it…” you handed him a pair of earbuds and his phone magically had a new playlist downloaded onto it (thanks seven)
  • Zen’s face produced a smile so big when he heard your voice sing his favorite song
  • He loves it so much and it’s like the only thing he ever listens to


  • Jumin can buy anything he wants so you definitely weren’t going to do that
  • You decided that you’d handmake something that he could never buy, something entirely unique
  • It took about two and a half weeks straight to work on it, but it was so worth it
  • You spent all your free time sewing together the perfect sweater for Jumin (you had a looot of free time)
  • It was navy blue, cotton, and had an Elizabeth 3rd face on the front
  • When Valentine’s Day rolled around, you excitedly presented the wrapped up gift to him
  • He opened it to reveal said sweater, and you swore that there was a twinkle in his eye
  • He loved the sweater so much, he wore it all the time (excluding to work because he needs to look professional there)
  • So proud to show it off because like ‘hell yeah mc made this and you can’t buy it with money i bought it with my LOVE’


  • For this year’s Valentine’s Day you decided that you would make something for Saeyoung because he can buy everything he wants online
  • So you put your idea into action, buying sewing supplies, cloth, ribbon, fake fur, etc
  • You were going to make a giant plushie of his dear Elly (like the size of those giant teddy bears)
  • It took like a month to make, and you had to work on it at Jaehee’s place so Saeyoung wouldn’t find out
  • When you finished, you drove home with it and carried it into the front door
  • “Saeyouuuuuung~ Come here, I have a gift for you!”
  • You hear fast footsteps rushing towards you before finally reaching the living room
  • “What’d you get me–OH MY GOD, ELLY!!!
  • He’s latched onto it and will not let go of it
  • You also think he’s crying


  • He’s never celebrated Valentine’s Day so you wanted his first gift to be very special
  • It was an easy idea to some to mind and it sure wasn’t a bad one
  • Saeran was very fond of sweets so why not make them yourself?
  • You spent the whole day before preparing a giant batch for him and his happiness was going to be so worth it
  • The next day you came up to him, handing him your crappily made heart shaped box
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran! I made these myself, I hope you like them…”
  • He smiled and thanked you before popping one into his mouth
  • His eyes went wide and he kept popping more and more in
  • “Haha, I take it that you like them?”
  • You were responded with him shoving one in your mouth
  • They were really good

I am going to put here all the mafia-matsus because it’s my favourite au and I just LOVE IT A LOT!! And recently we had new ones and I am so HAPPY!!

(I am going to update it in the future when we have new ones again!! Love them so much!!)

(Edit 26/05/17: Fuck, I really want to put the new Hesokuri thing, that Kara with tattos omg, but I can’t put more than 10 pictures, I really don’t know how to use Tumblr correctly!)

Astro as dogs

me and the lovely @illustre-bin were talking about how moonrock would adopt 4 dogs in replacement of astro as the rest of astro gets married and we formed this mess of astro as dogs


Originally posted by omgwtfbbq42

Both are small, can be mean, and have really nice hair, plus both are loud and hyper af 


Originally posted by esta-n0ite

have you seen jinjins hair in the special stage he was a poofy mess but chow chows are very loyal and cute like our leader!!

EUNWOO: POODLE (i love poodles sm fight me on this)

Originally posted by servicebodhi



Originally posted by ripndipcl

listen,,, both love to sleep, and eat, are hella loyal to their owners/friends (cough moonbin wont leave eunwoo evER) also i feel like shibas act like cats?? they are more toned down and soft and chill???? 


Originally posted by mooneyekoda

look at that happy bork omg i love dogs someone come cry with me about them Both are vv athletic and outdoorsy beings and i feeel like rocky moves a lot like a husky?? also both are soft im so so soo soft for astro and dogs imagine astro with doGS


i couldnt get a gif of a great dane so have a picture and it basically explains why sanha is a great dane (in case it doesnt for you, both are hella big and hyper and rEALLY NICE GREAT DANES ARE SO SWEET I LOVE THEM)

Did anyone else have a rough day? I had a rough day. But I also got a special doujinshi package….

This doujin collection (plus one individual part which I may do a give away for because it was included in the collection) is about Jonathan and Dio living as a married couple and raising all the Jojos as little kids.


You read that correctly.

Johnny and Gyro are teens babysitting baby Joseph and Caesar, who get into battles.

Dio puts Jolyne in outfits for…some reason.

Kiddie Kakyoin and Jotaro use their stands to build sand castles

Dio comes home from a rough day at the office to Jonathan cuddles….

…and cuddles with someone else….



This doujin series, Love Family, is the most ridiculous self indulgent thing EVER. And it made my crappy day a little better, as does the Jojo fandom <3 Despite the poor quality pictures I hope it made some of you happy as well. If anyone is interested in me actually scanning let me know, particularly if it will yeild a translation!

Also paging infectedscrew because omg, weren’t we just saying that Jonathan is totally Team Mom? And queenamileena because DioGio ;________; Baaaaaaaaaaw those two (three, really) make me so happy!



Bucky x Reader

Request: If you feel comfortable, can you please do a Bucky x reader one shot based on the song Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko from Buckys point of view. ❤️

Warnings: No? If you find anything please tell me ❤️

A/N: Omg I love this! I really hope this is what you had in mind! 

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Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko

Bucky’s POV

I don’t wanna talk about it
I don’t wanna think about it

I’m just feeling low, feeling low
Even when you’re next to me
It’s not the way I’m picturing

I watched as she made her way into the kitchen, probably to get herself a cup of coffee. 

“Hey y/n” I smiled, sitting on one of the bar stools.

“Hey Buck” She gave a small smile. “What are you up to later?” She asked while grabbing a coffee cup.

“Probably going to the gym with Sam and Steve.” I respond awkwardly looking down.

“Oh” She said quietly. She made her cup and walked out of the room. I watched as she slowly made her way out. 

Y/N and I have been friends for about 2 years, she came to the team 2 years ago after she hacked into Tony’s software, and changed the color of his new suit design. It was not a good day for him when we all came into the lab to see how the new design came out and when it was put on, it was pink. Tony was livid and was determined to figure out who did it. Once he saw what other things she could do, he wanted her to be our eye’s and ears and the person to hack HYDRA. She was quiet and awkward, and we clicked right away.

“We’re not going to the gym” Sam spoke up after she left, he had a confused look on his face.

“Are you avoiding her again?” Steve questioned while shaking his head.

“I can’t keep spending so much time with her and keep feeling this way.” I sounded defeated.

“So push her away?” Steve questioned again. He had a point. “Talk to her.” He ordered. I decided that he was right. I had to tell her how I felt. 

Tonight was our night that we would cuddle up on the couch in her room and watch all over her favorite Disney movies, but I’ve been avoiding her. She was the only person I would do such things with. The guy’s thought we would watch the show Criminal Minds because y/n decided that it should be a secrete that I had a soft spot for Disney.

I made my way to her room and knocked quietly and called out her name. She opened her door and looked me the eyes. “Yes?” She sounded annoyed.

“Plans fell through and then remembered tonight was our night to watch those movies.” I gave a half smile.

“So I’m your last choice?” She folded her arms.

“What? No no no I-” 

“I’m just kidding, come on” She cut me off, grabbing my metal arm and puling me into her room slamming her door shut. “We are watching Beauty and the Beast.”

Half hour into the movie she was curled up into a ball half asleep. She claims that she never falls asleep during them, but every time we have our movie night I always move her to her bed or we stay on the couch and we both sleep there. 

I’m just feeling low, feeling low
You wanna be friends forever?
I can think of something better
I’m just feeling low, feeling low
Sleeping here right next to me
But will you ever mess with me? No

“Y/N” I whispered to see if she was awake.

“Hmm” She responded. The tone of her voice told me she was half awake half asleep. Her eyes were more than likely closed. I turned the TV off. “I was watching that” she protested.

“Doll, you were half asleep.” I chuckled. “Come on, you are going to bed.” I shifted getting up and carried her to her bed. Setting her down gently. I placed the blanket on top of her “Goodnight sweetheart” before I could walk away she pulled me on top of her. 

“Stay. Please?” She whispered “Just for the night?”

“Of course” I moved myself next to her. She threw part of the blanket on me and curled up to my chest. 

But at least I got you in my head, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head

Sleepovers in my bed, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head
In my head
In my head

A few minutes of silence goes by before I shot myself up in her bed causing her to jump.

“Bucky,” she called out quietly, turning on her lamp on the nightstand. “Are you okay?”

“No I can’t keep doing this” I sighed covering my hands with my face.

“Oh, I’m sorry” She apologized

“Don’t be hun, it’s not you, you didn’t do anything wrong.” I lifted my head up. She was sitting up with me. 

“Talk to me James.” She called me by my first name. She rarely did that, when she did she was serious. She moved on her bed so that she was now sitting across from me looking me in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

I couldn’t find the words. How do I tell one of the closest people to me, that I’m madly in love with them? 

“Well, we can just sit here and stare at each other until you figure out what to say.” She grabbed both of my hands.

I don’t wanna talk about it
I don’t wanna think about it

I just feel alone, feel alone
Even when you’re next to me
It’s not the way I’m picturing, no

“I just” I started “I have something to confess” I spoke, almost at a whisper. 

“What is it?” She asked giving my real hand a squeeze. 

“The reason I’ve been ignoring you and avoiding you, was because I realized that I’m in love with you, and I didn’t want to tell you that because we are best friends, I didn’t want to ruin that with you. I know I shouldn’t have ignored you like that, I just didn’t know how to tell you without it getting awkward, or it ruining our friendship.” I paused to take a quick breath. “Gosh y/n, I’m madly in love with you, I can’t even explain it. I don’t know how to handle it.” 

She was quiet for a while. I waited for her response. It didn’t come. I slowly made my way off of her bed to leave her room. I sighed, feeling defeated. 

“Wait” She called out to me. I stopped in my tracks, I didn’t turn to face her. She then grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto the bed.

Come on, let’s sleep in my bed
Can I just be in my head with you?
Come on, let’s sleep in my bed
Can I just be in my head with you?

And it breaks my heart, yeah it breaks my heart
I do this every single time, every time…

“I love you too” Was all she said before her lips crashed onto mine. Kissing me slowly. Our lips moved in sync. She pulled me closer to her. Refusing to let go. She pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

“I have been for a while now too. I just didn’t know how to say it. How to tell you.” She looked down “I was scared for the same reasons as you”

“You mean to tell me that this could have happened sooner if we both worked up the guts?” I questioned sarcastically. 

This time I leaned in, I moved her so that when we laid down her head was on her pillow and I was on top of her. My lips crashed onto hers again, we both fought for dominance over the other, she gave up and allowed me to be more dominate. After a few seconds I pulled away, kissing her neck, my hands trailed to the bottom of her shirt and I looked at her for her approval. She nodded and I continued. My hands exploring her body. 

“Do we really want to do this?” She asked adjusting her self to a more comfortable position.

“Only if you want to, doll.” I looked at her meeting her eyes. 

“Yes” She smiled wrapping her arms around me. 

After a few minutes, our clothes were thrown onto the floor and I pulled her blanket over us both.

“Bucky” She moaned


“Bucky” Her voice was more stern, which confused me.

But at least I got you in my head, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head
Sleepovers in my bed, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head

“Bucky” Y/n was standing over me, I opened my eyes to find myself sitting on her couch, movie credits were showing on the screen. “You fell asleep”

“Oh” I sat up straight. But refused to stand up. 

“You said my name” She smirked “Were you dreaming about me?”

“What” I laughed nervously, cheeks going red “Nooo”

“Really? Because you actually moaned my name” She continued to smirk “and you got yourself a boner.” 

“What” I quickly adjusted myself again. Feeling awkward and embarrassed. 

“Don’t deny it, Buck” she moved closer “You dreamt about me” 

“Well…I…Uhmmmm” I tried to find the words. She waited for my response.

“Y/N, there is something we should talk about.” 



Request: Hey!! Can you do one with y/n being a famous actress and y/n and Shawn go to the Oscars as a couple and everyone loves them together?

Word Count: 1,527


”Wow babe, you look stunning” Shawn said, as he entered the hotel room.

I was putting the last pieces of jewellery on, when he snuck up behind me. I caught his silhouette in the mirror. His mouth was open, his eyes burned on me and he was licking his lips. I smiled shyly over his words.

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BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap



This pure child you stare at you as if you were the prettiest thing in existence.  He would cherish the moments where he could stare at you and see your beauty.

Wow, they are so gorgeous…


This would definitely be the cue to take a nap.  He would move slowly in order not to wake you and then he would cuddle up to your warm body.

*Sees you asleep* Ahhh … what a good idea


Honestly, hoseok would panic a little.  He would feel as if he couldn’t move and needed to stay perfectly still to make sure you don’t wake up.

Oh my god, it’s okay, Hoseok. Stay still, stay still. Don’t move. Don’t wake them.


This instant would just remind him how lucky he is to have you.  He would love the idea of you feeling so comfortable around.  Namjoon would simply run his hands through your hair and continue what he was doing.

How beautiful *runs hands through your hair*


Jimin would smile down at your, swimming in the love he was feeling.  In fact, he would end up squealing at how adorable you looked and would wake you up.

“Eeeeeeeeee!” *you start moving* “Oh, Jagi, go back to sleep, it’s okay.”


This boy would not even notice you fell asleep, because he would be so devoted in the movie you guys were watching, but when he noticed, he would smile and immediately start taking pictures of you.

“Wow, that scene was so cool, right? *sees you’re asleep*  Omg, this is gonna be perfect for blackmail.


Jungkook would be so extra: a combination of too scared to move and wake you and so hardcore loving that you fell asleep on him because holy shit you look beautiful.

I feel so blessed right now???? I cannot believe they fell asleep on me????