omg i really like her

“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 


Elevate her legs! No, wait! I mean the head! Wait, okay, if she’s red, raise the head, if she’s pale, raise the tail. Does she look pale or red? She looks squished. 

Iridessa (voiced by Raven-Symoné) in Tinkerbell (2008)

    '' Tea Party ''

no but have you guys ever really thought about how awfully tragic Celine’s life was 

  • horrible childhood. in her husband’s words, “brutalised”/abused by her family for 18 years
  • gets involved in the circle and is married off to this guy 
  • ~probs ONLY 18 YEARS OLD~
  • falls in love with her husband who is 7 years her senior
  • knows that he’s recently divorced/still in love with his ex/she has no right to expect much reciprocation
  • falls pregnant with Jace 
  • ~probably 19 at this point~
  • is happy for a few months whilst, unbeknownst to her, Valentine exploits her condition and experiments on her body/her baby
  • her husband dies (murdered by Valentine)
  • her own murder is arranged by Valentine/Hodge
  • she dies at their hands, having never seen her baby
  • then her son is ripped out of her body and taken to be raised at the side of her murderer 
  • they cover up their killing by claiming she slit her wrists
  • she is denied the right to be buried with her loved ones and is buried at the crossroads bc she was a ‘suicide’



Princess Aurora of Deluce, from Spindle Fire

❝One night reviled, before break of morn, amid the roses wild, all tangled in thorns, the shadow and the child together were born.❞

Kylie Ryder

Here is my first EVER commission, and it was for the lovely, the beautiful, the amazing @havvk-e !! Thank you so much for helping me with this whole idea, commissions were never something I thought I was good enough for but hey ho here we are haha!

I hope you like her darling, she was a pleasure to draw! I had so much fun! <33

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In which Ellie Miller needs a smaller font

I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

I meant to finish this Ymir tribute like a week ago but my heart would not let me…  😢

imagine if in until dawn josh’s saw trap prank goes wrong and the tracks accidentally go towards ashley. then josh runs out from behind the wall and grabs ashley by her feet and holds her above the saw, and its just buzzing beneath her. shes hysterically crying, chris is screaming “wtf” and josh is just panicking, telling chris to “turn it off”, and the room is just filled with everyone all yelling at the same time

Mama garnet would be so proud of stevonnie for taking back their power from kevin