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okay so i had the most horrible idea for a kagehina scene so now you all have to suffer with me - 2.4k, rated t, :( but then :)

Hinata found him behind their gym. His uniform jacket was stuck to the prickly cinderblocks half-way up his back like he’d leaned and slid down into the grass instead of sitting on the ground in the first place, like he couldn’t bother with normal human actions and just melted down the side of the wall out of spite or something. His messenger bag lay upturned and half-way gutted over the green ground in front of him, with his shoe dangerously close to the crime scene. It looked like he’d kicked it himself in anger.

Hinata bit his lip, wringing his hands as he stepped around the corner and approached Kageyama. 

He’d planned it all out, researched the best ways to go about it and the best poems–even read some in Japanese and English to see which language would sound cooler in the moment–and the best day in the week to do it. He’d talked to Yachi about it, and then Noya, who were both more in touch with this kind of stuff (especially compared to him). He’d thought about how tired they would be just after lunch versus at the end of the day (he couldn’t do it in the morning, because what if it went terribly wrong and Hinata would have to go to school with him all day instead of being able to escape at any point–best to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if he was rejected). He hadn’t anticipated this, though.

Just before last period, he’d pulled the piece of paper out of his trouser pocket–the one that he’d nearly scribbled and erased and scribbled down to pulpy nothing, the one he’d read and reread so much that the blue lines across it were fading at the edges from his restless thumbs (the one that he’d nearly thrown in the wash the other night)–and held it in his hands as he walked up to Kageyama in front of the sciences building. As usual, the volleyball team tended to gravitate toward each other during any sort of between-class downtime, so Tanaka, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Yachi and a couple of the first-years were all sprawled or leaning or loitering on the lawn with Kageyama, who sipped at his box of milk through a straw and slouched in the shade of a scraggly tree, listening to another one of Tanaka’s stories. 

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A Wolf's Daughter (Father!Newt Scamander X Teen!Reader) Part 2

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Word Count: 2 548

A/N: There have been so many requests for a second part and it is finally here! Thank you so much for all the kind words and sending me in some of your thoughts and opinions, it is great to hear that you guys like what I write! Sorry for such a long wait, but without further ado, I present you part two!




“For once in your life, shut up!” the guard who was watching her snarled furiously. She shut her mouth and blinked her eyes innocently. “Stop whining!”

“Oh, you think this is whining? No, I am just complaining about this terrible cell, you should really consider brightening up the place, maybe add some flowers here and there. But of course, I could start whining if you’d like!” she smirked and made her voice sound childish and high pitched. “Now this is whining!”

“Enough!” a strong voice boomed, echoing off the walls in the dark. The voice belonged to none other than the president of MACUSA herself, strutting in with an entourage of extra guards behind her. The girl in the cell rolled her eyes, talk about making a grand entrance.

“I will not do with this childish behaviour.” the president said sternly, eyes narrowing into slits.

“Well, I would stop if you let my dad and I leave in peace,” she replied with a smile, playfully tapping the glass of her cell. She was fully enveloped inside of a cube of strong, enchanted glass, with only a few spider webs to keep her company. The president and her guards were standing several feet away as if she could break through the glass and attack at any moment. Unfortunately, she couldn’t.

“(Y/N), you are here for a reason-”

“Ah, so we are now on first name basis, I see! Oh, I’m sorry. Please continue Seraphina.”

“We believe that you and your father may be a threat to us all. You could risk exposing the Wizarding World!” the president glares at the teenage girl and continued as if she hadn’t interrupted her at all.

“And what’s locking me up going to do? Look, Seraphina-”

“You will address me as Madam President.”

“Seraphina, you’ve captured the wrong people! Newt, Tina, and even Jacob the No-Maj are no threat to anyone! If anything that Mr. Graves character seems suspicious, he gives me the heebie-jeebies.” she crossed her arms over her chest and waited for the president’s reply. She wanted them to leave her, and soon. She could feel herself losing brain cells.

“There are dangerous things in that case! If anything, we are protecting you and everyone else from harm.”

“That is my home you’re talking about! Name one dangerous thing, in that case, go ahead I bet you can’t!”

Piquery takes a deep breath, trying her hardest not to completely lose her cool. This wolf girl really knew how to talk.

“There are beasts in that case, they are monsters!”

“Have you looked in a mirror recently? You’re the monster! Separating a girl from her family and home and then locking her up? Only a monster would do that. And you know what’s funny? I bet you don’t even know the names of any of the amazing creatures in that case because you - like everyone else- are just afraid of the unknown.”

At this point, Seraphina Piquery was fuming and she stomped her feet in rage. Her beautiful golden headpiece glimmered as she shook her head.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“So I’ve been told. Now please leave me be, I don’t want to see you again unless you’re coming to tell me that you’re setting me free.” with that, she faced the opposite direction of all the wizards on the other side of the glass and stubbornly sat down.
She heard footsteps receding and smiled with triumph.

“That must have pissed the president, she won’t be coming that anytime soon.” she hummed softly, pulling out a wand from her pocket. She had nicked it from a guard earlier when they were locking her up.

“Fenestra.” she murmured, pointing the wand at the glass. It dissolved instantly as a trail of sparkles erupted from the top of her wand. “I guess I really did learn a thing or two from the Niffler.”

She ran out of the room at an inhumanly fast pace, petrifying anyone who she met along the way. Her main priority now was to find Newt.


Newt’s hands tug his messy curls as he huddled into the tight, damp corner of the barred cell. It wasn’t for comfort, he just wanted to disappear. Besides, he wouldn’t feel comfort until he had (Y/N) by his side again.

Jacob whimpered as he tried to process everything Newt and Tina had said about the Obscurial, feeling both perplexed and terrified. The Obscurial was not Newt’s major priority at the moment, he pushed the thought of it to the back of his mind. He needed to get out of the cell.

“I’m so sorry about your creatures, Mr. Scamander. I truly am.” Tina whispers helplessly, tears welling up in her soft, sad eyes. “I’m sorry about (Y/N) as well…”

He just nodded and didn’t say a word. Tears blurred his vision as he thought of all the terrible things that could be happening to her and his creatures right now.

“I want my daughter back…” he murmured to no one in particular, rocking back and forth in the cold corner.

*****5 Years Ago*****

“Come on (Y/N)! Eat your vegetables, they’re not going to kill you!” Newt huffed, prodding a piece of broccoli at the young girl’s closed mouth, trying to pry it open. No use. “Stop acting like a three-year-old!”

“I am not three, I’m ten!” the girl replied, crossing her arms and turning her head so that the vegetable was nowhere near her mouth. Newt dropped the fork and his hands flew up in the air.

“Then act your age and eat your broccoli!”

“The wolves never ate plants so neither do I! Shouldn’t you know this? You’re a Magizoologist for goodness sake!”

“Yes, but now that you’re living in a world of humans you should be getting the proper nutrients to help you stay healthy. So please stop being picky and eat!”

By now, all the heads in the restaurant had turned towards their table, eyeing the pair curiously. The other wizards simply shrugged and continued with their meals. Cups, plates, and cutlery floated around, placing themselves down wherever they seemed needed.

“Please?” Newt begged, lowering his voice so that he was no longer on the edge of shouting. (Y/N) reluctantly picked up her fork and stabbed the smallest piece of broccoli on her plate. Hard. Newt flinched slightly.
She slowly raised the fork and put the broccoli into her mouth. As soon as it hit her tongue her face scrunched up and she started to make over exaggerated gagging noises, her hands wrapped around her throat.

Newt rolled his eyes and smiled at her behaviour.
She coughed a few times before finally swallowing with difficulty. She took a huge gulp of water from her cup as Newt watched on, an amused smile on his face.

“I won. It wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

To prove her point, she coughed a few more times before answering. “Do you think they have raw rabbit on the menu?”

“No (Y/N), not at this restaurant they don’t.”

She rolled her eyes and smiled. Newt picked up his glass of water and raised it to his lips.

“You humans are missing out on the good stuff. Can’t I just go hunting in that open field behind the restaurant? I saw few bunnies hopping around…”

“No!” Newt exclaimed, almost spitting out his water. She looks at him with large pleading eyes and he sighs. “Well, not here where everyone can see you! We don’t want to risk anything. If you really want to you can do it later.”

She squeals happily, clapping her hands. “Yay! Thank you!”

A waiter waltzes towards their table and whips out his notepad.

“Finished with ze appetizers, I see! The usual main course Mr. Scamander?” he asks with a painfully fake French accent. (Y/N) couldn’t help but snicker.

The waiter turns his head and his eyes widen as he takes notice of her.

“What do we have here? Is zis your daughter, Mr. Scamander?”

Newt chokes and spits out his water again and splutters, “No?! That would be weird?…”

“It would be weirder if she wasn’t your daughter.” the waiter playfully raises an eyebrow at the two of them and winks. The girl giggled and pouts, playfully sending Newt a glare. The freckled man seemed to be contemplating life.

The waiter chuckles, “I’ll let you two settle zis out. Your meals will arrive shortly!”
With that, he skips away leaving the two of them in awkward silence.

“Come on dad,” she emphasizes the word and Newt jumps slightly, almost knocking over his glass of water. (Y/N) gently shoves the glass away from him to prevent any more spillage. “We have been together for almost six months now and I’ve really grown to like you.”

He stays silent, playing with his cutlery so she continues. It was a rare moment to see her like this, emitting all of her feelings that she kept bottled up. He looked at her through his curls, eager yet afraid of what she was going to say.

“You’ve raised me and taught me so many things…honestly these past six months were probably the best months of my life. You always made sure that I felt comfortable, helped me back on to my feet whenever I fell, taught me right from wrong… You took me under your wing and raised me as your own in when I felt the most unwanted in my life and well…thank you, dad.”

There it was again, that word. That three letter word that held so much meaning to both of them.

“Dad? Please say someth-”

“Don’t call me dad.”

Her mouth snaps shut and she’s at the brim, blinking away a river tears that were threatening to fall.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispers. “I’m sorry you don’t think the same way. I’m sorry for just barging into your life, you must hate me you’re just too nice of a person to admit it. I was stupid for thinking that I could possibly-”

“I refuse to let you call me your father…unless I get to call you my daughter,” he says with a soft smile, wiping away her tears with an already soggy napkin. “Sorry that was a bit late, I am just not very good with words and-”

He didn’t have time to finish his apology for the girl leaped out of her chair and embraced him in a hug, knocking them, and Newt’s chair, down to the floor with a loud thud. Heads turned towards them again but this time, Newt didn’t care.

“I love you dad.” she murmured, snuggling deeper into his welcoming arms. He stroked her hair gently.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

They stayed like that for a while, lying down on the restaurant floor, simply enjoying the embrace and moment. Newt knew that they would have to get back up soon but he didn’t move, he wanted this perfect moment to last forever.
Right then and there he vowed again to protect the girl in his arms. He would protect and care for his daughter with his life.


Newt didn’t even fight as the executioners took him and Tina through the dark hallways, dodging pillars left and right.

They took them into a white room filled with a bubbling black liquid and Newt knew that this was potentially his end. But maybe not. Pickett was climbing down his arms and trying to unlock his chains but if he was unable to pick the locks in time…

“Please,” he begged to the closest executioner. “Let me see my daughter one last time. Please!”

The executioner simply ignored him and he could only watch helplessly as Tina’s memories were taken from her. She mounted the small chair in the middle of the pooling black liquid and she was slowly sinking deeper into it, almost enveloping her completely.

“It’s your turn.” the executioner murmured to him making him jump, he didn’t see her approach, her white attire blended in completely with the room.

Newt shook his head furiously as he tried to stall Pickett some extra time. The executioner’s wand was merely inches away from his temple when the door of the room burst open, the hinges swinging madly.

“Get that wand away from my dad’s beautiful little head right now!” (Y/N) shouted, pointing a wand at the executioner and baring her teeth at the other, who had just taken notice of their new visitor.

Newt was more than slightly taken back by her sudden appearance - and the fact that she just called his head small and beautiful - but he was thrilled that she was alright and almost jumped and squealed for joy. Almost.

He heard a loud blast and looked over to see on of the executioners knocked unconscious on the floor. The wand that was gripped firmly in (Y/N)’s hand was still pointing at her as if she was afraid that she would get back up.

The remaining executioner had her wand pointing at (Y/N), completely neglecting Newt. (Y/N)’s dramatic entrance had given Pickett just the right amount of time to set Newt free. He slipped the Bowtruckle back into his front pocket and swung both his arms at the executioner, hitting her square in the face. She fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“Stay away from my daughter’s pretty little head.” he snarled at the clearly unconscious woman. He heard giggling and his face lit up as he saw (Y/N).

“Pretty little head, huh?” she smiles, still giggling uncontrollably despite the intense situation they were in.

“You started it.” he replied with a smile, running over to give her a hug. She hugged him tightly in return, burying her face into his coat, the familiar scent comforting her.

“I thought that you were gone, that I would never see you again.” she whispered, sobbing slightly. Newt hushed her and looked her in the eyes.

“I thought I lost you forever. But hey, hey it’s alright now. We are together and everything will be alright. I love you (Y/N) and I could never forgive myself if something had happened to you. I promise we will get out of here, together.”

They stayed in each other’s arms, afraid of what might happen if they let go.

“Mr. Scamander!” Tina shrieked.

“Just a second Tina! I’m having a deeply emotional moment with my daughter!”

“Newt!” Tina screamed again, still hovering over the black liquid of death.

“Oh, yes right! Sorry!”


Dear Seraphina,

HA! WE ESCAPED? How’s the taste of defeat? Of course, I wouldn’t know because I’m not on the losing side your side.

I must apologize for the extensive number of your crew who have been paralyzed, I might have overused the Full Body-Bind Curse…but in my defense I was simply protecting myself. There was no way I was being put in that bloody cage again.

I hope you’ve learned your lesson, from now on, please refrain from imprisoning my family, for now, you know what can and will happen if you ever try to deal with us again. With that in mind, I would like to suggest that you amp up your security, just so that real prisoners don’t escape.

Don’t mess with me again, 

(Y/N) Scamander

P.S. I’m keeping this wand.


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leyloves  asked:

I saw your reply about One Rainy Day. I guess I didn't read it carefully enough because I thought it was complete. I just binge read the entire thing today and I NEED MORE omg its so good. Its amazing how much you have progressed as an artist over the years. It makes me want to start drawing again. <3

Oh, sorry, hahahaha XD
Yeah, it’s not done yet, though it is on its last chapter! :D
It makes me really happy that you are enjoying ORD so much ;A;
It’s literally my child X3
Yeah, I’ve been at it for about 5 years or so now!!! o3o
It’s awesome to hear that you think the art improvement has been good ;w;
You should def start drawing again!!! OuO
You know what the best part of art is? No matter what level you’re at, the only place to go is up! ^w^
you will always improve as long as you keep going :D

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Omg, i need more of Harry Potter AU of Derek like Newtmas nephew

Yes, nonnie. I need more of it too because my heart but I have since found out that Newt was responsible for the werewolf registry in Harry Potter and I’m just……so sad??? It’s so out of character for him???? Why J.K. Rowling???? Can someone actually confirm or deny this for me because as far as I know/remember Newt’s involvement isn’t explicit or even mentioned in the books? @sterek was telling me it was a twitter thing that Rowling stated and again….so. freaking. sad. ALL MY HEADCANONS OF BBY WEREWOLF!DEREK IN AWE OF UNCLE NEWT HAVE BEEN TAINTED. 

topographygo  asked:

for tank mate suggestions, maybe some puffers? Like a Jewel or Valentini puffer? Maybe a Spot Banded Butterfly? You could also get some cleaner shrimp maybe, but idk if she would eat them since eels love inverts

I used to have one of these actually!! It was such a sweetie <3

puffers are definitely going high up on the list. I’ve always had a soft spot for those little guys <333333

UUNNNNFFFF you tempt me!!! I think they need larger tanks though. Gorgeous butterfly omg. 

As much as I would love to have cleaner shrimp I’m not prepared to let noodle potentially have a $30 snack 8<

mayyybe if I found some on sale for like $10 I’d try it. I doubt that she’d eat one but I don’t want to waste the money if she does xD

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble