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Draco was tired of waiting.

He came to the conclusion that waiting was the biggest waste one could do with his life.

And he had wasted a lot of his life already. Waiting.

He had waited for his father to acknowledge him, to show him he was proud of his son.

He had waited for his mother to stand up to his father, whenever he had talked her down, whenever he had treated her like less than his wife.

He had waited for his friends to come to his rescue when he had needed them most, to save him from himself.

And he had waited for the stupid prat to notice him. Really notice him. To look beyond the petty insults and his sneering.

For years Draco had been waiting.

He had waited in vain. But not anymore.

Draco was sick of waiting.

What had he even waited for? For him to come to the right conclusion, when Draco hid his true intentions so well? For him to realise what was really going on?

He probably would have to wait forever.

No. He would have to take matters into his own hands. And whyever should he not?

Yes, it was time to act.

Draco focused on the mop of black hair across the Great Hall.

He was sick of waiting.

He got up, marched over to the Gryffindor table and grabbed Potter by his robes. Without waiting for his reaction, Draco started dragging him out of his seat.

There was a yelp and shouts of protest, but Draco didn’t care.

He was so sick of waiting.

“Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter shouted, shoving at Draco’s hands.

Draco ignored him and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

He could hear Weasley and Granger shout something at him. He heard footsteps behind him, indicating that several people were following him. Potter was still trying to get out of his grip.

Draco had wanted to find a more secluded place to do what he wanted to do next, but when the shouts behind him only got louder, he turned around and glared at them.

“You want to watch? FINE! I don’t even care anymore!”

He tightened his grip on Potter’s robes as he pulled him towards him forcefully.

Because he was so tired of waiting.

His mouth crashed with Potter’s and suddenly everything went silent.

Draco had thought it would be rougher, that Potter would try to fight him more. Apparently he was just shocked. He stiffened as Draco moved his lips against the other boy’s. He buried his hands in his hair like he had dreamed of so many times.

He had waited for this so long. This was it.

Or was it?

Draco suddenly noticed Potter moving and braced himself to be pushed away at any second. Instead, tentative fingers curled around his hips to pull him closer.

Draco was sure there were gasps and murmuring, but he didn’t hear any of it.

His whole mind, his whole body was so consumed by Potter. Potter, who was kissing him back.

Yes. This was what he had been waiting for all this time.

If only he had stopped waiting sooner.

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I live on the fourth but they’re renovating the second and I CAN HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. The amount of headaches I’ve had over the past week is ridiculous. And I actually really rarely get those.

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(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

Dating Alex Danvers would include:

trippymockingquake ask: Can you do well let me say would it sounds less demanding. Would you do a dating Alex Danvers would include or a dating raven or Octavia would include? And your English is better than most people’s :)            

anon ask: Dating Alex Danvers ,Lena Luthor would include please?          


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  • being Maggie’s best friend
  • Maggie introduce you to her friend Alex
  • Maggie loves to be matchmaker
  • and you two actually liked each other instantly
  • you’re a detective like Maggie
  • Alex had the biggest crush on you
  • and you had the biggest crush on her
  • but Alex being the soft smol bean she is
  • she didn’t dare to tell you
  • until Kara and Maggie set up a trap
  • which involve telling you that Alex was in danger, you looking for her and get stuck in the elevator with her
  • which end up in confessing your feelings to her
  • and a make-out session
  • Maggie: “it worked?”
  • Kara used her x-ray vision

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I just watched episode 10 and f*ck... The feelings are too strong, like OMG those two!!! I feel you completely, they need to be protected at all cost!! Could I request comforting hugs from s/o after the battle for the both of them? They need it and they deserve it ;-;

Hell yes you can cause that episode FUCKED ME IN WAYS I HAVE NOT BEEN FUCKED BEFORE BY OTHER ANIMES. Am I exaggerating? (maybe) But the point is yes because those two children need the love and appreciation they fucking deserve.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Not knowing what to say to his s/o. The battle was so intense and he won, but at what cost? 
  • Allowing himself to be wrapped in a tight hug by his s/o, uncaring of who sees.
  • His s/o would trace over some of the most prominent bruises and marks with their finger. 
  • S/o kissing him before he goes up for his next match and wishing him luck as they watch from the sidelines.

Midoriya Izuku

  • Izuku refusing to rest until he saw his s/o.
  • Apologising to his s/o because he had wanted to win not just for All Might and himself, but for his s/o also.
  • Very delicate kisses, afraid that he would break if his s/o pressed against him too hard.
  • Kissing Izuku’s scarred hand and his s/o telling him that they’re proud of him, regardless of him losing.

A Thought: Tater knows that Jack is going to be a different kind of hockey legend. Jack is going to advocate for mental health issues and be authentic with his sexuality. Tater sees that and will be behind him 100%. 

Well then, as my celebratory 200 follower post, this is yours truly improvising as Komori Yui 🙂🌸 Like oh my gosh guys it’s all going so fast… There are so many of you already!! Thank you so much!! Also please don’t repost this photo anywhere without my permission!!!