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Hello! Can I get some headcanons of Akira/Makoto/Akechi on a date? I think it's a super cute ot3 (born from Akechi'S last moments :,) )


Akira x Makoto x Akechi:

  • The three of them would likely agree on a cafe because they are addicted to caffeine. just described myself oops
  • If they decide to squeeze into a booth together, Akira needs to be in the middle because Akechi and Makoto love resting their heads on his shoulders.
  • If Akechi’s in the middle, Makoto and Akira tag team to kiss him on both cheeks. he dies
  • Alternatively, if Makoto’s in the middle, the boys will smooch the top of her head and she’ll simple giggle.
  • Makoto will probably pay since she’s the oldest, but if she’s strapped for funds the boys will take over.
  • The trio will discuss the most intellectual topics and get so absorbed in their conversation that their coffee nearly goes cold.
  • Akira mostly listens to them, and he’ll remind them to drink their coffee.
  • He’ll occasionally kiss the backs of their hands, and the two just blush while Akira chuckles.
  • The banter between them is unreal since the three of them are so witty and intelligent.
  • Eavesdropping customers just drop their jaws and stare at each other.
  • The three of them share with each other quite often; in addition, they don’t eat excessively, so they might order a single plate or two of food. 
  • Makoto is the kind of person that retrieves far too many napkins. Even the napkins have napkins.
  • They laugh so much with each other, and a fond smile is plastered on all their faces as they talk.
  • Akechi is the victim to quite a bit of teasing. For the most part, he’s able to stand his ground, but his heart is relentlessly pattering because he adores the attention.
  • Akira will point out food on both their shirts, and when they look down he flicks their noses. 
  • Initially, there is some tension due to the circumstances behind Akechi joining the Thieves, but it quickly melts away since they’re so lighthearted together.
  • Afterward, they’d probably go on a stroll through the park.
  • They will either hold hands or link arms while discussing their events of the day.
  • This trio consists of AMAZING listeners, so they very rarely interrupt each other.
  • They’re also extremely observant and intuitive; as a result, they can ascertain when one of them is troubled. It’s as though they can read each other’s minds.
  • The three will end the date by walking each other home and reluctantly kissing each other good-bye, or they might simply decide to depart and play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets kissed first. they always tie
  • this OT3 is goals tbh

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in the clip of magnus walking away from alec, you can see the rose that the seelie queen gave him is on his jacket. so whatever went on in that malec conversation was after whatever immortality/flower comparison that the queen is most likely going to make

Wow, I was just about to go to bed and you attack me like this, Anon. Great. I am so not okay. 😭😭😭

Chester Bennington

I can’t believe it..oh my god..Chester Bennington committed suicide D: You were a gift to us all. I loved Linkin Park growing up. He was Linkin Park! Without him…aw man what a terrible year. This is so terrible..


Finally officially finished my White Rabbit costume as well!!
Too bad we habe to do a literal rain check on the forest shoot due to monsoon season :(

a guide to becoming the galaxy.

one. swallow a teaspoon of stardust, a
tablespoon of moon crust. chew it until your
teeth chip and its gravely
texture finds its way down your
repeat until you feel 
yourself to be
as weightless as
the cosmos.

two. start a garden. pull the 
stars from the skies and name them after
roses, and lilies and
daisies. disregard the way
they reach for the
heavens they no longer belong
way up there where
no one can touch

three. skin a planet and eat its
flesh. take the sun in both
hands and bite 
into warmth. feel your tongue burn
and melt away
and smile.


For the project 😊 (it took me a while to pic a favourite selfie of daehyun cause all his selfies are my fav lmao) (apologies that you can’t see all my face 😅)

(this is such an awesome collab photo omg??!!?!?!?!???)

reasons why you and dae look good together:

  • you both got this subtle dark vibe going on (LOVE IT)
  • between you and dae, i could see him visiting often and you’d have those chill hang outs.. LIKE ALL THE TIME
  • he’d want to see you EVERYDAY GOSH
  • intense makeout sessions (yeS I WENT THERE)
  • holy shit matCHING OUTFITS.
  • he’ll always want to hold your hand too omg

-admin d


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3


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My Kung Fu Academia

(you have no idea how happy I am when I get the green light to post this on my blog. These are incredible!!)

its 3:30am and I just woke up in a cold sweat because I realized noragami’s plot is literally a joke.

hiyori’s name is one syllable away from hiyoko, the japanese word for chick, i.e. a baby chicken. she becomes a half ayakashi and is then able to see beings from both the normal world and the far shore, as well as astral project herself and travel to places of the far shore that normal humans can’t. she gains the latter ability after running across the street to push yato out of the way of oncoming traffic.

noragami’s plot is literally: why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side.

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)