omg i need more colors tho

it’s Higan’s birthday todaaaay :DDD ! ~

go wish a heppiiii basdey to da old man who smokes 24/7 ! :’D
….. goddammit his hair is so cool, favorite color >////>)… ! <3 ok actually his red hair is more like… fire-red, but here it’s more like crimson.. (? x’D )

anyway, hope u like it :> !

~ ahhh, I finally made a b-day pic in time x'DDDD <3 even tho my teachers are killing me with exams and presentations rn….ugh.
I'm almost done with my sketch for the Halloween-drawing ! >w>)~ but that drawing miiiight be submitted a few days later, probably, idk.

so many belated pics…. I’m so sry ;w; !!
at any rate it’ll contain another subclass this year =w=)! 2 years before : Sakkun - last year : Tsubaki n Bel….now someone else :> !