omg i missed these two sooo much

Good Afternoon Tumblr!

Blah blah blah, throwing shade at *dry heave* Eat. Pray. Love. despite having a truly transformative experience the franchise sells to affluent women in a midlife crisis but I only had to visit two NYC boroughs so suck it! Blah blah vacation’s over, back to adulting and tackling writing projects in earnest with new vigor because [insert 100,000 words about the transformative nature of travel on the OMG life is so profound!]

Fresh translations from Captain Imgur are here. #Eva x Mono crossover analysis is making genuine progress and is no longer a nebulous half-baked idea. Miura Monday will be back in full force next week. F@%$KYEAH RUROUNI KENSHIN HOKKAIDO ARC!!! 

@chyemmi just inspired me to do a new quick thing. @sejinpk is in SOOO MUCH trouble! That dumb slut @miss-rebecca-two-hands is finally getting what’s coming to her! ⚔️  I’m gonna do stuff to 10 people’s inbox because @adamworu told me to.

I won’t be spending much time or energy talking about vacation but it will be the basis of a very important PSA, 2 queued Instagram photos a day as a regular feature, and the experimentation with gaming-based interpretive dance. 

Lastly and most importantly, Vlad III with the Black Grail craft essence is quite literally a god. In other words, I’m back and things are gonna get nerdy and weird.