omg i miss this show soooo much!!!

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thoughts on future tianshan development after the kidnap is over?

omg I wanna see soooo much. 

Of course I have no idea how Old Xian is going to develop TianShan but I would like to see Guan Shan initiating things now. 

I’m sad and a bit disappointed that we didn’t see He Tian and Guan Shan interact the morning after the dic pic scenario. Old Xian does interrupt a subplot to introduce a new subplot or a random scene so I was expecting the second kidnapping arc to be interrupted at some point with whatever TianShan has been up too. It really was a missed opportunity to show more of He Tian’s flirty and jokester side and it would have been funny and cute to see Guan Shan blush and pretend that He Tian is just a bother to him.  

After the kidnapping arc is over I would like the story to go back to its comedic “slice-of-life” roots and I want to see the boys do typical teenage things…at least for a while, before the 3rd kidnapping happens. 

I think He Tian and Guan Shan are going to become closer, I mean, have you seen how  physically attached He Tian is to Guan Shan and how he looks at him? Perhaps from now on they are going to be seen together often and we will see them engaging in friendly banter filled with curse words and non meaningful threats because that’s just their thing. 

I hope to see more revelations from He Tian and Guan Shan about their backgrounds. I would like it to be intimate like the first time Guan Shan was at He Tian’s place. Guan Shan will be cooking something, completely relaxed and He Tian will be sitting by the kitchen island mesmerized by Guan Shan’s movements. To He Tian, even when Guan Shan is stirring sauce is the sexiest thing because He Tian is head over heels in love and it’s becoming more difficult to restrain himself. Anon, trust me, He Tian and Guan Shan will kiss again, this time Guan Shan will want it too. I don’t think He Tian is going to force Guan Shan in anything physically intimate but He Tian will tease, and he will wait for Guan Shan to actually make the first move. He Tian knows he fucked up the first time so he’s not going to make that mistake again. 

TianShan desperately need to have some alone time and just talk. It could be about anything. I don’t think it fits their personality to start any love confessions, they seem to be the type of people who’s actions speak louder than words, especially for He Tian, instead Guan Shan wears his heart on his sleeve and his expressions give away what he’s feeling. So wile He Tian is more “action” Guan Shan is more “telling.”

Where the fuk am i going with this mambojambo? What was the original question? lol.