omg i miss my babies


Jonghyun’s reaction when Seungyeon appears in a robe and then strips off to give him a sexy dance performance. - [We Got Married, Ep 285]

Bonus: Male MC reactions: 


Roy is confirmed for smash, I can’t deal with my feels <3


I was down on my luck
At the end of my rope
About to give up
But my friend said nope

YOOOOOOOOO the season finale of Buddy System was so amazing!! I’m so glad to be able to join the ride through the entire season, I wish there’ll be another season? Hmm? How about that? Thank you so much, Rhett and Link, for the enjoyable ride! :D:D The new rap part of BFF caught me off guard btw lmao- also no I definitely did not reuse an old set uh day/song 8 of Buddy System!! <3

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