omg i met him

i need jason to meet sally 

These are the notes i took for my English class.

Romeo and Juliet notes

Act 2 scene 2: balcony scene

Lot of sonnet in this scene

Second level of the stage that juliet would walk out on

Romeo needs to chill ok hes like 16 and he wants love like??? Bro chill ok

They just met like why is he so in love some girl just dissed him

Diggity dang he’s desperate

“Wherefore art thou Romeo?”= Why do you have to be Romeo? (aka Why do you have to be a Montague)

Leaving your family was a dishonor like whoa

Romeo is a womanizer smh

Juliet is like 13 and romeo is 16 um she hasnt even had her first period yet romeo can you like maybe chill

Juliet is kind of embarrased like they’re moving too fast pls i dont want you under my dress mashy mashy no good dont take advantage of me pls be honest

Juliet: “fam dont leave” romeo: “I LOVEEEEEEE” juliet: “fam im back lets marry” romeo: “hot dang sweet nuggets yeeeeeeeeee”

Juliet: “parting is such sweet sorrow” romeo: “lmao ikr”

Juliet: “you hang up first’ romeo: “no, you hang up first!” juliet: “lmao k” romeo: “o”

Romeo is so du MB OH MY G od

They made themselves prisoners to one another

Juliet: “I feel like a tiny bird and u yank me back” romeo: “OMG SAME BABE” both: “OMG BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

Romeo cries in the forest its not emo you’re emo shut up

How are characters good and bad

Friar: “maybe you’re going too fast” romeo: “…” friar:”…” romeo:”…” friar: “lmao ur right lets get u hitched my dude”


Friar is like bipolar or smth????

Juliet: “im going to confession” fam: “lmao k” juliet: “sike lmaoooooooooooo”

Hottest day of the year ohohohohoohohohohojohohohohohodfmhooo

Tybalt is the love of my life omg

Mercutio: “thou art as hot…” benvolio: “???” merutio: “as the sun” benvolio: “*gasps* omg” mercutio: “ ;) “

mERC uti O x be NVO li O tex T i T o MG

Tybalt is full of angst he’s so emo

Tybalt is so tsundere im cryign

“Fiddlestick” mercutio what

Mer cuTIO DO nt thr EATE n the e MO

He wants 2 fight

Tybalt is the best swordsmen u go bby

Tybalt is afraid of getting executed omg bby

Mercutio, page 995- Act 3- Scene 1: “I am hurt.”

Romeo: “guys can we maybe chill” everyone else: “h Ow ab oUt mayBe u ch ILL”

Benvolio: “omg are you okay” mercutio: “tis but a scratch” benvolio: “dude ur bleeding out” mercutio: “ti S BU t a fle sH WO un D i M fi NE”

I met Daniel Radcliffe at his production of ‘Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are dead’. I had a slight disconnection of the mouth from the brain but he’s really nice and was really patient taking time signing things with fans and taking photos. Best night ever!

  • Reyes: You look like you're waiting for someone
  • Ryder: ?
  • Ryder: *turns around to look at him*
  • Ryder: !!!
  • Reyes: *offers drink*
  • Ryder: ....I guess I have time for a drink...

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omgg so last night i told my crush that i liked him and he said he felt the same way and omggg it's so unbelievable and i swear i was dreaming and i still can't get over it because he's my best friend and he's so great and we just laughed all night and idk i like him so much!!! i honestly can't believe this is all happening and idkkk im so happy when i'm with him and i'm just so glad i met him omg!!!!!!

!!! wonderful !!!


So Robin Lord Taylor and I finally met, and let’s just say that we have a bitter Nygmobblepot chemistry. He’s such an evil humble guy and I thoroughly enjoyed his panel at FanExpo as well.

Edward Nygma cosplay is by me and the bottom fanart is by klukwitza

Boyfriend series: Ten

-so you both met through Johnny he was a mutual friend on Facebook
-Ten saw your facebook profile picture and asked Johnny about you it was so evident he liked you
-He stayed awake for three nights stalking you on Facebook
-and then Johnny finally caught him and asked him if he wanted to meet you
-he promised Ten to set you both up and if he doesn’t, Ten can debut instead of him in the next NCT unit lmao
-so Johnny randomly invited you to a park and you were surprised because he’s such a lazy ass and it’s unusual of him to do that
-so that day you went to the park and Johnny was standing there he was so tol you mistook him for slenderman oops
-Behind Johnny you could see a smol boy hiding from you as if you were going to harm him or something
-he was holding Johnnys arm and he looked so cute
-Johnny held him and brought him face to face with you
-and all Ten could say at that moment was “annyeonghaseyosmrookiestenimnida”
-and you were wut but at the same time you were melting because he was such a piece of art
-his smile was brighter than the sun
-his eyes were so beautiful
-he looked so nervous
-you went speechless
-‘hello smrookiestenimnida’ you couldn’t figure out his name in all the words he blabbered lol
-'my name is Ten’ he told you after he was done laughing
-'oooh hello Ten’ you said and you started looking aroud for Johnny but he was gone
-'where did Johnny go?’ You panicked because you were left alone with a stranger
-'hey it’s alright y/n’ he said moving closer to you
-'how did you knOW MY NAME??’ you were so scared you could hug a donkey
-'erm.. internet?’ He shrugged
-'TEN WHO ARE YOU’ you almost yelled
-'I saw your profile on Facebook and-’ he thought there was no good explaining because you already freaked out
-so he just apologized and went home
-Johnny was sad because he couldn’t set you up
-Ten got to debut instead of Johnny
-this is how Ten debuted in NCT U while Johnny stayed 3
-when Ten debuted his popularity rised
-you saw him on TV and in posters and variety shows
-'this was the guy i met in the park omg’ and then you started stanning him
-you went to the NCT U fanmeet to see Ten and surprise him you were so happy to see him again
-'Hi Ten’ you greeted him casually with a smile
-and then Ten’s world stopped. He saw you and paused for a second. He tried to process everything but seeing you made his brain pause.
-he was in love with you
-you waved your hand in front of him and he came back to his senses
-'let’s meet up at the cafe after I’m done with the fanmeet’ he wrote this next to his autograph
-you went to the cafe with him that day it was a perfect date. He was tired but he was so happy to see you and all.
-you guys started dating
-Ten took you out so often and he loved you so much
-he was busy with promotions but he always spent the night with you cuddled against him
-he always told you that he wants to make you proud
-he wants to spend more time with you amd he can’t wait for promotions to end
-you both shared the sweetest memories
-but on the other side of the story, it was all because of Johnny
-he didn’t debut so that you could notice Ten
-he made you both meet up awkwardly so that you could recognize him when he becomes an idol
-because of him, you both were part of a fairy tale
-Ten thought it was fate
-you thought it was because you threw away your ego and went to that fanmeet lol
-Johnny knew it was because of him

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Omg Lori my friend just got a cat and I met him and he's was so cute and warm and soft and omggggggg sooo precious! I'm the godmother lol

I’m already jealous. Today I had to wait to take a shower for twenty minutes because craig was drinking water from the bathtub. I keep a cup full on there because he is a spiller.

Title: Bad Deals

Summary: Based on my Handsome Rhys AU. Jack, who is a simple programmer for Hyperion, gets contacted by a group of Pandorans to complete one simple task to receive a vault key: kill his boss and CEO of Hyperion, Handsome Rhys. However, Rhys finds out about his plans and puts a stop to them, forcing Jack to then take him to retrieve this vault key.

Notes: This AU is so much fun to write, oh my goodness. I’ve always loved the idea of ruthless CEO Rhys, so why not make him Handsome Rhys? I’m not entirely sure when/if I’ll add another part onto this, it honestly depends upon how it’s received.

AO3 version.




It was all a bad deal to begin with and Jack had really nothing else on his mind right then other than a very simple word that summed up everything about his life in that moment:


Two pairs of strong hands were clenched tightly to each of Jack’s upper arms, dragging him unwillingly toward exactly where he didn’t want to go. Even if he lived past a million years old, he didn’t want to face the consequences of a dumbass decision, especially when it could very well spell out the end of his life. And it all came from one very finite deal that could have landed him in the biggest riches and given him everything he could have ever wanted in life.

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