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I never believed in soulmates. My breathing, my heartbeat, my body, my being wasn’t made for you, and neither yours for me. But whenever someone asks me, how long we’ve been together or how long I’ve known you, without any hesitation my answer is “always.”

I refuse to believe the first time that our bodies collided was in this world. We met eons over. Far before the heavenly bodies lit up the night sky and before my bones came to rest in this body of mine. This love, this thing, this feeling I have for you, it’s always been here.

—  This Love, This Thing, by Nicole Moon

Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)


jimin, the local swedish boy ♡


Here’s a super brief (kind of rushed, kind of boring??) video on some Photoshop basics including tools, adjustment layers, and blending options. Nothing too in depth- so feel free to message me if you’re confused about a tool or want to know more. This is geared toward total beginners so it’s probably boring if you already have some knowledge of the photoshop tools!


The Beatles + Hogwarts [1/?]:

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.”  
                                                                        ―    Jane Austen



As one can see i’m in a bit of an ACOTAR frenzy lol

Started different fanarts with different intentions and thought I could post some sneak peeks here, maybe give me a bit of feedback on the faces? Rhys is so haaaard to draw omg. He’s so perfect i don’t wanna mess him up. 

First preview is a full painting piece i’ve been working on for two weeks now and it’s killing meeeeee lol i dont wanna show more cause i keep changing their arms and i want it to be as perfect as possible. the other three are for fun and relaxing, and very much in progress (Feysand dancing at starlight, Lucien my bby, and Rhys being a sexy mofo (hint feyre is somewhere on the pic too wink wink) ) (i know lucien’s eye isnt depicted as damaged as this in general, but given amarantha’s tendencies, i doubt she’d had left him with just a scratch)

what do you guys think ?

Just a quick psa to let you guys know that I’m alive and well and that I’ll be back very soon *hugs*