omg i make my self laugh

Gotham academy+role models

-Olive looks up to red hood because of how he defends people who’s families have been messed with and how he takes none of batman’s shit
-One time Jason was at the school doing Red hood stuff and olive was just 1000% overwhelmed
-This made Jason 1000% overwhelmed too because ????¿¿!? People look up to me ???!?!¿?
-Colton looks up to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
-TBH he just stumbled into harley while going to his trailer in the woods
-harley:“Hey puddin ya’ know how we were talking about kids”
Ivy:“I know of it”
Harley:“yeah well we have a son now his name is Colton”
-The two of them just let Colton sit in this apartment and complain about his parents and school (and Kyle)
- Ivy gave him a little succulent so she could keep an eye on him
- Ivy:“This way if your family ever puts a hand on you again I’ll know and be able to beat them up”
-Pom likes Cat woman
-honestly tho who doesn’t look up to cat woman
-Independent Cuban woman with a really high education and self-confidence.
- one night she witnesses cat woman escaping a robbery and she yells “Please just be my sugar mama omg”
-Selina starts laughing so hard she stops and almost gets caught.
-Colton uses his moms to hook up Pom so she can actually talk to Catwoman
-Colton:“boi am I about to make your fucking day”
-Kyle and Maps are the only ones from a pro-batman family
-Maps is super embarrassed that her hero knows her as the kid who got Damian expelled on his first day at a real school.
-Still not embarrassed enough that when she was invited as Damian’s plus one to a fancy Wayne gala she refrained from playing deep throat by cupcakke from the speakers
-that was also known as the time she was running way from Bruce and face planted into the entrance to the bat cave
-For Halloween everyone dressed as their respective role models
-olive:red hood
Colton: harley
Pom:cat woman
Kyle: batman (he saw his friends were uncomfortable and changed in the end)
- maps was too small to get a regular robin costume and had to get the “girl” version
- Damian actually ended up dropping by on Halloween and found it hilarious that people would even sell something like that
-of course they knew they were almost the same exact size and needed to switch costumes
-only problem was Damian forgot to switch back and had to go on patrol as sexy robin
-also the batfam saw the pictures he took of the club and were generally confused
-tim:“why are your friends so against us good guys, you’re the only one in the family that’s attracted such anti-hero people”
-Damian: “super boy”

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I've been following your blog for years and I gotta say how thankful I am that you haven't changed your blog picture. It is so fucking funny to me and i smile every time I see it. Just thought you should know

Omg Thanks so much for following me for so long! <3 LOL I’m not very good at making nice icons but I’m glad my forever current self portrait makes people laugh because it always looks like I’m grossly freaking out about everything (which is pretty accurate *does a bad eye wink*)

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Psssst Imagine this please! Gabriel got those slippers that squeak when you walk and Sam is just "Gabe don't DO it." The Archangel just crackles as he runs around with these corgi slippers that make little squeaks where ever he goes. Sam is just quickly walking away while Gabriel keeps up and grabbing candy from the self. It's just half a hour of this moose man speed walking away from this laughing blonde who is wearing squeaky corgi slippers. And everyone in the store hears "Oh my god, Gabe."

Hahahah nope. I am so totally not drawing this. Nope. I’m not writing a fanfiction to it. Definitely not. Hahaha nope.

@ohmygoshwirt j-just imagine this in a oneshot. Omg.

@nanika67 I kinda hate this rn cos this is all I’ve been able to think of today. Curse you.

I keep forgetting that Kevin Spacey is host because like why????

At least he’s making fun of himself so that’s nice of him

Andy Karl is also always down to laugh at himself god bless

Live blogging from a phone is the worst

Kevin Spacey is so self loathing I take back every mean thing I’ve said about him.

The Come From Away cast fills me with SO MUCH JOY.

Stop reminding me that ScarJo has a Tony. It hurts my heart.

OMG MICHAEL ARONOV ACTUALLY WON!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! I just assumed Danny would win. Omg I’m so fucking happy. He was amazing in Oslo.

I loved Come From Away and I really want it to win. That performance was great.

Rachel “this is better than my wedding night” Bloom is my hero.

You help me to go throught a lot of stuff(self-harm,Suicidal thoughts, anxiety and  lot more) You help me to believe that life is worth living, to never give up, maybe for other people your only a random guy who does video but your my hero  and ill never forget what you have done for i love you so much I dont think your ever gonna read this but if you do i want  you to know jack that your an amazing men and you help so much people thanks for making us smile laugh cry during all those years never stop  your the best and If it were not of you I wouldnt be there to told you that you saved me you are a source of inspiration for me continue your beautiful work you are the best !! (sorry for my bad english I speak fluently french)😱😍😭😱❤️❤️❤️❤️ (this is for jack please help me to make him see that :’( )

A Kitten For Everything That You Are To Me

@okamiaki  This is for Jamie, because it’s their birthday, and I wanted to write something thought entirely thinking of them. It has angst and kittens. Probably one of the most angstiest and fluffy things I’ve ever written.

But let me be a sap, for a moment here.

Jamie, I love you. You’re such a great human being, I just- I don’t know what did I ever do to make you find your way into my life, but I’m so really grateful for it. You’re like the hugest dork I know, and I love it cuz it complements my own dorkiness. (I’m seriously getting emotional omg), like seriously, half the time I spend talking to you I spend it laughing and the other half thinking how much I wanna smother you in hugs. You are an amazing person, and so self-deprecating it makes me wanna head-butt you. You are an amazing writer, even if you think you’re not and I have to literally fight you and yell at you that yes you fucking are.


Okay, I’m done, may the fic begin.

Stiles dropped the duffel bag on the floor, and stubbornly continued to ignore his boyfriend following him inside. 

There were a couple of tense minutes –that Stiles spent stripping his clothes off in harsh and jerky movements- before finally Derek spoke, “I can’t believe you did that.” His voice low, and barely concealing how annoyed he was.

Stiles clenched his jaw and bitterly exhaled from his nose, not reacting in any other way.

“I told you to be careful.” Derek went on, his tone betraying how pissed off he really was now. “You can’t just say things like that to an alpha of a powerful pack like the Connors! You were going to put all of us at risk!”

Stiles whipped his head around, “He insulted you!” he shouted incredulous, taking a couple of steps towards him. “What? Was I supposed to stand there like an idiot, as they insulted my mate?”

Derek sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I should’ve never taken you with me.”

And okay, that hurt. That felt like a fucking punch to Stiles’ heart and he felt himself taking a step back in response.

“Stiles,” Derek said, immediately regretting it, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

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I am in 8th grade and I am lonely. Not "OMG! Jessica won't talk to me! I'm so lonely!", but more "Are you okay?" *oh no if I say yes she'll try to talk to me, then I'll freak out in front of everybody, but I need someone to talk to* "I'm fine." I have many friends who think that I am always happy and smiley. I make self-deprecating remarks and people think that it's a joke and laugh it off. I tried to tell my mom, but she kept saying that I was calling her a bad mom! What should I do about it?

Now this is going to sound super weird and contradictional but maybe take some time to yourself and relax. I don’t know if you’re extroverted or introverted but if those friends aren’t filling you up then maybe they’re a bit toxic and if none of them is getting concerned about those ‘jokes’ then they’re probably not good friends.

Also, about your mother, if she outright refuses to help you with your problems and plays herself as the victim then it’s her that needs to change and that’s alright. Because that’s not being a good mom. I’m not saying that she’s a horrible parent but maybe needs to shift her perspective a bit. Find a way to get the message that you’re hurting to her and that she’s playing the victim.

I wish I could be more helpful but I hope this helps. 

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congrats cas!!!! ilysm 🎉🎉💖 🦄☕ and 🌈 please?

Thank you Belina!!!❣️❣️ I love you too!!
🌈 Blog Compliment: Everything you do is iconic and your URL is god tier level and seeing your icon pop up in my notifications makes my day!!!! You’re so nice and always talk to me and it just makes me really happy!🤗 Your blog is so aesthetically pleasing and soft and calm and I love it so much omg. You’re hilarious and every message makes me smile and your tags make me laugh (even the ones where you yell at me for hurting you with my sad aus and hcs). Your posts are so relatable and good and your edits are so stunning I don’t even know what to do with my self tbh????? your desktop theme is honest to god #goals!! You get mad at me for sending you angst ridden aus and hcs but you know you love them. You’re also responsible for half of my ships and I hate you (not really I’m crying as I’m reading fics for that ship) You cheer me up when I’m sad and I’m glad to have met you!💕💕

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(I know this is like so ooc but I had a dream about this and it ended up being Really funny and I wanted it to be turned into a scenario )Can you possibly write a scenario on how one morning Ayatos s.o wakes up to him passionately dancing and singing to Rick astley ' Never Gonna give You up' ^u^

This is just too great omg that must’ve been one hell of a dream

AYATO is fairly certain that his partner is asleep, so he doesn’t think twiceabout indulging in his secret passion. The “Black Rabbit” belts out the lyrics passionately, not once going off key or skipping a beat. Just as he really gets into it, his partner wakes up. Unsure of what’s going on, they pretend to be asleep, opening their eyes just a hair to see what’s going on. It’s at precisely that point that Ayato breaks out into a dance, swept away by his own passions. It takes every ounce of self-control his partner has not to give themselves away. They pretend to be asleep until they’re certain it’s safe to get out of bed.

Bonus: After the incident, his partner calls their best friend on the phone. “Hey, you’re never going to believe this, but I think I just got rick rolled by my boyfriend.” A long pause ensues before they continue. “Also I’m certain he’s the man I am going to marry.”

Holy crap… I can’t believe that there’s three hundred and fifty one of you following me. I never expected this gross blog that I made out of pure boredom to get so popular, honestly. Once I hit three hundred followers about two weeks ago, I got really emotional and extremely excited because I’ve never had this many followers on any of my old blogs. Every time I gain a follower a smile comes onto my face, because the thought of someone actually enjoying my posts and being on their dashboard just makes me so ecstatic. 

To be honest, I thought that no one liked my blog or my Tanaka muse in the beginning.. When I first made this blog I’d only seen about ten episodes of the first season of the anime and had yet to read the manga. I was really insecure in the beginning and was pretty sure that no one wanted to roleplay or even talk to me. But as soon as I started gaining followers and actually started to talk to people, my self esteem really started to go up (and still is!) I look up to so many of you and always looked down at my writing, but hearing encouraging words from some of you.. it’s really improved my self esteem. Those little compliments or comments you guys write.. they just make my day! 

I honestly just appreciate every single one of you so much, even if I don’t talk to most of you. Once again, thank you all so much for everything <3. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this blog.

The tags are down under the cut and are in no particular order! There are both mutuals and non mutuals, because you all are just awesome blogs no matter what! There are also a few side notes for those who I’ve grown really attached to.

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Volunteer - Michael

Requested - “Hey sweetheart !😊 i have a new request how about reader Working at a vet hospital and michael spends his free time or his days off with her helping her take care of Kitties and dogs 😍😍😍😍 Omg i cant breath he is so cute 😊”

I’ve basically just written this as Michael being adorable with various animals 😂😂
Sorry it took me so long, galaxybutterfly23!


“I think he’s peed in my hands” Michael’s face is a picture.

“He’s only a baby, they do that when they’re excited and you’re making him excited!” You try to keep your laugh quiet so as not to disturb the sleeping mother. Most of the volunteers at the animal sanctuary were older women who wanted something to do in their retirement or teenagers wanting work experience. Then there was Michael, the 19 year old, self declared “punk rock guy”, with tattoos on his arms. To say people were shocked to see him working there, was an understatement, but you, and every animal in the place, knew he had a heart of gold.

“Well, you can just sit back down there now with your brothers and sisters, little fella” he places the excitable puppy back on the ground, where he quickly falls over his little legs in a desperate attempt to dive on his sister, “this is my favourite part of the job” he muses, watching a puppy climb over her sibling’s head without a care.

“What? Playing with cute, baby animals?” You raise an eyebrow, “I’d say that was everyone’s favourite part.”

“I’d say I was best at this part though” he smiles as his favourite puppy wobbles over to chew on his hand, “maybe I’ll stay here and watch these guys, while you go and clean out the rabbits?” He grins.

“You can fu….shut up, Clifford” you glance down and stop yourself.

“Did you just stop yourself from swearing in front of the dogs?” He gazes at you.

“They’re babies, they don’t need to hear that kind of language” you frown, “come on. Rabbits.” You know doesn’t mind cleaning out the animals, he just likes to complain.

“Hey, old man” Mike’s attention went straight to the old, bedraggled looking rabbit in the corner. He always made sure to spend more time with the older animals, because “they might feel left out with everyone fussing over the younger ones”. It was the comments like these that made him your favourite volunteer to work with. You were both soft spots for the uglier, older animals, the ones you thought might be ignored by others.

“How is he?” You ask

“Grumpy” he starts to give the old rabbit some treats, “here ya go, buddy, don’t tell Y/N.”

“Michael! He’s mean to be on a special diet!” You can’t be angry at him though.

“One of the advantages of being old is surely that you can eat what you want!” he defends his actions.

“You’re a pain in the arse, Clifford”

“But you love me” he grins at you.

“Hmph” you narrow your eyes.

“Hey, Y/N?”


“What are you doing later?” His voice sounds nervous.

“Not a lot, why?” You shrug.

“I just thought…you…I mean, we..if you wanted…” He stammers.

“Do you want to form the sentence in your brain first?” Winding him up is one of your favourite things to do.

“God, you’re annoying” he groans, “do you want to go out later…with me, I mean?”

“Go on then” you shrug, trying to hide your grin.

“I like the enthusiasm” he chuckles, “can we go and play with the kittens now?? They’ll have missed me.”

“No, they won’t”

“Sometimes I wonder why I ask to volunteer with you” he murmurs.

“You ask to volunteer with me?” You stop your actions and turn to him.

“What? No!” He turns so you can’t see the blush on his cheeks, “it was just a figure of speech. Anyway, kittens!! Come on, Y/N.” Once all the rabbits’ homes are clean and dry, he drags you to the warm room where the newborn, mewling kittens are kept.

“This room makes me feel so much calmer” you sigh.

“LOOK HE’S YAWNING!” Michael practically has heart eyes as he picks up a kitten and sits down, crossed legged, on the floor.

“Nothing bad can happen when there are kittens” you tickle the little guy under the chin.

“Hey, get your own cat” Mike twists his torso away, “he’s mine.”

“And I’ve just agreed to go on a date with you” you mutter.

“Yes, you have” his wide grin makes your stomach flutter with excitement.

advice for the signs (based on people I know)
  • aries: you don't need to shout at people and be authoritive to gain respect, just be your lovely, caring self!
  • taurus: it's great that you stick by your opinions but try to be a bit more open-minded (I still love u and you're the funniest gal, open-minded or not)
  • gemini: bitching about someone aloud in a class of 25 people says a lot more about you than it does about the other person. and please don't be embarrassed at your intelligence!
  • cancer: i know it's nice to stay home but sometimes you have to compromise because your friends wanna see you, chica
  • leo: it's easier said than done, but please don't base you worth on how much we do/don't laugh at your jokes. & don't be afraid to show the side of you that comes out in smaller groups of people
  • virgo: please be careful who you tell your boarderline appropriate jokes to, even if it is entertaining when people get mad about it
  • libra: when you're flirting with me can u please tell me if you're just being your charming self or if you actually like me. sincerely, easily attached cancer sun.
  • scorpio: it's cool that you're determined to have this amazing career but take a bloody break from schoolwork omg.
  • sagittarius: I don't know any :(( I need some sags in my life
  • capricorn: you're all so touchy-feely, please just give me some space. & I wish you were less ambitious because I'm jealous of your planned out life
  • aqaurius: hey brother, please stop sitting in ur room playing video games all day because you make me laugh loads when you're not so distant
  • pisces: ily but stop acting so misunderstood all the time. & youre so bloody hard to motivate omg

a little something for therealjacksepticeye !!!

my favorite youtuber ever, he’s such an inspiration to me omg. he always tries to remain as positive as possible and he’s got such a great sense of humor. he never fails to make me laugh or smile, and I’m really happy that I found his channel when I did. I feel super nervous even posting this, as I don’t draw people very much so I’m really self conscious about drawing them, but I just had to try. ;-; (not to mention I JUST LOOK UP TO THIS DUDE A LOT SO I’M NERVOUS TO BEGIN WITH SORRY JACK REALLY SHY PERSON HERE HAHA) I promise I’ll draw something even better in the future, but I hope you like it!

EXO reaction: when they see their pre-debut pics. Love your blog <3


Xiumin: At least mine are not embarrassing 

Luhan: Omg I look like a manga chracter

Kris: Nobody makes fun of my hair understand?

Suho: I don’t look that bad. (You were beautiful ok?)

Lay: I was so weird in those Chinese shows.

Baekhyun: *self-explanatory* (Awww don’t be hard on yourself Baekhyun)

Chen: *laughs* I remember those glasses.

Chanyeol: Why must they use that picture of me?

D.O.: Anybody who makes fun of me will get cursed.

Tao: DON’T LOOK AT ME! *runs away*


Sehun: I still looked good.

omg!!!! i honestly cant believe i hit 2k! i am so amazed and so thankful and i honestly cant believe it omg. so i have some amazing people i want to thank because i hit this crazy goal!! thank you all the follow me and reblog my gifs and stuff. it means a lot

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