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I'm black an though I love Moana (It was a great film and I am a huge Dwayne The Rock Johnson fan, I can't help but feel slightly jealous. I mean, I just wish there was a film with a leading obviously black (because Kida is usually used to counter this) female lead that wasn't an animal for most of the film. The gifs with Moana's hair and just her being awesome are great and I would just love to have a black character to fangirl over too. Am I a bad person for feelint this way?

Aww omg no, you’re definitely not a bad person for wanting better black representation! Let’s be honest, Disney having the first and only black female lead in their canon be an animal for 80+% in her own movie was unfulfilling and disappointing to say the least especially for those of us who’ve waited so eagerly. 

They could have done the same story without turning Tiana into an animal especially since her transformation wasn’t ever needed in the first place (she’s not like Kenai in Brother Bear who was transformed to atone for the revenge killing of the bear or the vain, selfish Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove who is turned into a llama + eventually learns compassion + respect). Her only “fault” is working hard to achieve the dreams?? 

So from one black fangirl to another, I understand 100% where you’re coming from *hugs*

I FOUND LEAKED PHOTOS. Ok so from what i see, Z’s character is the “oh i dont care about anything but love me” type and shes vying for Peter’s affection but from what ive heard her describe her character like i assume shes keeping her feelings to herself. In the last photo Peter is obviously talking to Liz and you can see Michelle visibly upset. Im interested to see how this goes because Z is supposed to have a bigger role in the future films. What if they like make Michelle and Peter have a platonic relationship in the beginning but slowly start getting feelings and omg i cant handle but theyre probably not gonna do that but a girl can dream

Payed to Date (1)

(Based on 10 Things I Hate About You film)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (eventually), College AU

Summary: As soon as Steve starts going to his new college, he’s infatuated with Natasha Romanoff, the prettiest and one of the most loved girls in the school. However she isn’t allowed to date until her ‘shrew’ older sister does and Steve is determined to find someone for her. Eventually, he does, but will his plan work? Or will it go down the plughole?

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1.111

Author’s Note: So, I decided to write a series based on the film named ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ but I changed the title because my ongoing series also has a similar name. The POV will alter every now and then. And god damn it, it was a great movie I loved it so muchhhhhh!!! AAAAAAAhhh!!! Anywayssss, as always, enjoy and I hope you like it! (By the way this gif suits this part perfectly im so happy omg)

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Steve’s POV

“Oh wow, nine school in nine years.” the guidance counselor Maria Hill’s eyebrows formed a two-sided triangle as she read the paper in her hand. 

“Yeah, my dad, uhhh-” Steve stopped, looking for the right word to continue his sentence, “is an migrant worker. We always move-”

The counselor shrugged stopping him, “Well, I don’t care. You can tell those fairy tales to someone else.”

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4, 9, 12, 21

4. A film you could watch on repeat for the rest of your life?

HOLES, THE PARENT TRAP, TANGLED, ALL 3 STAR TREK MOVIES, SPIRITED AWAY! i have seen these movies enough times to make up a lifetime rip

9.  The most aesthetically pleasing movie you’ve ever watched?

Something about Gone Girl is so mesmerizing.. especially during her famous cool girl monologue. I also loved Raise the Red Lantern even tho it depressed the FUCK out of me. omg and pride and prejudice.. THAT HAND TOUCH! BITCH!!!!!!! GETS ME EVERY TIME

12. A movie that holds a special place in your heart?

Honestly Interstellar?? I watched it a lil more than a month ago on a plane of all places and I straight up cried three times (trying and failing to hide it LMAO) that movie really punched my soul in the fucking mouth

I also love Tangled and can watch it billions of times, same with Spirited Away. I will cry watching it every. single. time

21. A film with an amazing soundtrack?

Anything with Hans Zimmer or Micheal Giacchino. They own my fucking ass
Nathan Adrian and USA Swimming Carpool Karaoke V2

Nathan, stop texting, you’re still filming carpool karaoke!

OMG Phelps is a Belieber…

Anthony Ervin! 😍😍😍 So much enthusiasm. I LOVE it!!!

Nathan, Tom, Jacob, Josh, and Ryan - my Cal Bears had waaaaay too much fun w/ Eiffel 65’s Blue. I wonder if they watched the video and wanted to emulate it lol.

Maya Dirado is THE. CUTEST. JELLY. BEAN. EVER!!! I love her personality. I would watch an entire hour of her doing carpool karaoke.

This video didn’t help me like Lochte more #sorrynotsorry And I still have the strong urge to give Cody Miller a haircut puhahaha. The Cal car is still my fave, but I’m biased.

Right let’s get some platonic valentines things going because I love my friends and it’s an excellent excuse to motivate myself into saying nice things about the ones on tungle dot hell

@historicalfrenchgays !
-crazy social skills omg plucks new friends out of thin air??? And everyone loves her????? I mean honestly relatable but
-always up for deep conversations about les mis and we have really similar tastes in les mis-related ideas which is endlessly delightful who else can I talk to about Jehan’s taxidermy collection honestly
-adorable!!!!!! Have you seen her smile? The cutest honestly
-has the most wonderful cats tell them I lov them
-excellent taste in shows/films/books etc
-a fellow history lover!!
-so funny honestly makes me laugh almost every day
-ok this one is a little weird but one of the few people who I’m mostly confident our friendship won’t just one day stop and we both stop putting in the effort enough for it to break down and vanish?
-I feel very safe talking to her it’s just so familiar and strangely calming
-so uplifting to talk to!

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omg i was so confused. when i saw some gifs with that girl from the movie witch i assumed it was from the 70's!! and now i noticed that it's from 2016?? whoa! the make up is,.. bright

Yep! It’s called The Love Witch and it’s actually a really good movie! Occasional nsfw here and there but the movie is so powerful and reminds me of the 1960′s/70′s films. I would recommend it because the aesthetic and the plot alone are just two components that drew me to watch it.

Also, the director deliberately made the sets to mimic that of classic hollywood and worked with an editor to make the scenes reminiscent of those from that era! It’s really impressive. 

  • past me: *watching a Bollywood movie*
  • past me: aw that's cute, he's chasing after her
  • past me: aw he's fighting for their love
  • past me: omg he's so passionate
  • past me: I love Bollywood, that's just so adorable and awesome
  • present me: *watching a Bollywood movie*
  • present me: omg I don't remember this
  • present me: wtf leave her be, she said no
  • present me: sexism here, misogyny there, fucking assholes everywhere
  • present me: omg stop fucking touching her you fucking asshole. trying to blackmail her into getting together with you is not the way
  • present me: the music's good tho
Acquainted; pt II

→ Sebastian Stan x Y/N

→ Word Count: 2.2k 

→ Summary:  A Broadway actress tests her luck with the film industry in The Martian. Opening night in Downtown L.A. has finally arrived and focusing on the premiere was a little difficult due to a certain someone. The premiere of the movie is over. An overrated afterparty and some alone time between Y/N and Sebastian ensues.

+ i have sinned omg i wrote smut! (unprotected. wrap it before you tap it kids)

+ psh i think thats the only warning fam 


Part I  Part II


to say that we’re in love is dangerous / but, girl, I’m so glad we’re acquainted

The movie was drawing to a close when Y/N finally mustered up enough willpower to watch the last thirty minutes of the film without being distracted by Mr. You-Know-Who. He was still being a pest with his constant nudging, hand holding, and of course… the staring. Sebastian knew exactly what he was doing. He was getting on Y/N’s nerves just so he can see her jaw clench and her fingers do that cute thing where she mimics playing in the piano in the air. Sebastian thinks it’s the cutest thing when she does that little habit of hers. It’s a habit Y/N didn’t even know was a habit. Her air piano playing was so involuntary and she did it constantly. When she’s stressed- air piano. When she’s upset- air piano. When she’s ticked off- air piano.

Sebastian continues to stare at her, taking the time to admire the piece of art that sits next to him. His eyes flicker and linger to every feature and flaw on that girl’s face. He couldn’t find any flaws, though. He’s reminded of her freckles that rest on the bridge of her nose and just below her eyes. The flecks of youth peek through Y/N’s foundation and Sebastian ponders at how young she’d really look if her freckles were fully exposed. Her freckles make her appear so young to Sebastian, which is one of the things he loves the most. So while Y/N had just turned twenty-seven and Sebastian, thirty-three, he didn’t mind the six year age difference one bit.

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