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BTS - they came home late and see you sleeping in their sweatshirt.

Request: could you please do a BTS reaction to you sleeping in their sweatshirt and they see you after returning late from practice?

A/N: i’m so sorry for the delay. :(

Seokjin: You would wait for him on the couch, watching some movies, but he was late and you ended up falling asleep.
He opened the door and smiled when he saw you. “Baby… Let’s go to bed.” He said looking at you. “Oh … Okay, can you carry me?” You smiled. “Of course.” He picked you up and took you to your room. “By the way, you look so cute in my sweatshirt.”

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Yoongi: It was normal for him to be home late, you were already used to it. But you were very needy and missing him today, so you put on one of his sweatshirts and went to sleep.
When he got home, he went to the bedroom and found you asleep in his sweatshirt. He found the cutest thing in the world. He took his phone and took a picture of you, just to remember. Then he lay down to sleep with you.

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Hoseok: "Babe?“ He called when he got home. "Oh, she must be asleep by now. He spoke looking at the time. He smiled at how you were asleep.
"Hi baby, were you calling me?” You asked, sleepy. “No, you can go back to sleep, baby.” He kissed her face.

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Namjoon: He sent you a text saying that he would be home late and that it wasn’t to wait for him.

You took one of hia sweatshirts and went to bed. You fell asleep quickly.
Hours later, your boyfriend comes home and goes to the bedroom and finds his beautiful and cute girlfriend.
“Oh God, why is she so cute?!” He tells himself before he goes to bed with you.

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Jimin: You always wore his clothes, especially his sweatshirts. So, when you had to sleep alone, you get one of his sweatshirts, because they smelled like him.
He smiled at you when he got home, thinking how lucky he was to have you waiting for him and for being such a cutie. He kissed your face and lay down beside you.

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Taehyung: When he saw you were asleep in his sweatshirt, he almost had a heart attack. He found the cutest thing in the world. Seriously. He took thousands of pictures and sent them to the other members saying, “Look how beautiful my girlfriend is.” “She’s cute, ins’t she?” “OMG I love her.”

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Jungkook: His sweatshirts always got too big on you, and he loved it. You always used to sleep with one of them when you were alone, so you put it on and went to sleep.
He came home very stressed, but when he saw you sleeping peacefully, everything got better and gone. “Fuck… I love you so much, my little baby.” He smiled, lying beside you on the bed.

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requests are open.

but what if steve was missing. he’s been out on a mission a hundred miles away and then he just drops off the radar and disappears.

tony’s devastated. he’s been in love with steve for years and years and years, not that he’d ever tell steve that, because steve’s lovely and amazing and perfect and deserves so much better than a shitty messed up broken person like tony-

anyway tony and everyone else try everything they can think of to find him. tony hasn’t slept for days, hardly eaten, desperately hacking security systems worldwide to try and find just a trace of steve. but there’s nothing.

he’s got an old shirt of steve’s, worn soft and thin but smelling like steve. (tony Did Not steal it) and he’s drained and exhausted and heartsick and nothing’s working, and he finds himself curling into a ball on the couch in his workshop with steve’s shirt pressed to his face,

and then he’s sobbing, trying to stop himself but he just can’t, harsh wracking sobs that hurt his chest as they tear out of him, crying into steve’s shirt as he holds onto it with shaking hands.

he ends up falling asleep out of pure exhaustion.

anyway in the meantime steve has just been released from an interdimensional time void by stephen strange, and portalled right back to avengers tower. and he bursts in to find tony.

and tony’s lying there curled up in a little ball, asleep, his little face tearstreaked and exhausted and pressed into steve’s old t-shirt, his fingers all twisted up in it too as though he’s never going to let it go.

steve comes and looks down at him and loves him so much it hurts, and god, he’d thought he wasn’t ever coming back, that he’d never see tony again, and now he gets this second chance and he’s damned if he’s going to let it slip away.

so he puts his hand on tony’s back and rubs gently, and says ‘hey. miss me?’

and tony’s eyes fly open, red-rimmed and puffy, and he just stares disbelievingly up into steve’s face for a few seconds.

steve gives him a little wobbly smile. and tony bursts into tears and launches himself at steve’s chest and buries his face in steve’s neck and sobs fiercely at him, ‘don’t you dare - ever - ever do that - again, i hate you, i hate you,’ except he’s clinging on to steve and shaking and curling himself closer and it doesn’t really feel like he hates steve at all.

and steve peppers little kisses all over tony’s forehead and hair, whispering ‘i won’t - i couldn’t help - i love you, god, i love you, tony, i love you, i missed you so much.’

and then he kisses tony’s little wet face, and tony grabs his face and comes desperately towards him until their lips meet, and steve kisses him softly, pouring all his love and longing into it, kissing away the taste of tony’s tears.

(more ficlets on the ‘stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog)

So last week i had a seminar, and i Used RE4 Ost SORROW (credit song) as a background sound to my Slide show…


The teacher literally loved and all of sudden, today, one week after, she comes to me and says: “Leon Kennedy…” with a slight nod and a smile.

I literally got a 10 (A+) because of Leon….?


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i am so amazed at your djbek.... like, i sold my soul to him long ago but this one, this particular one, oooohmygod. his eyes, his hair, his damn nose even! and the colours are perfect, i love this so much!

DJ Otabek could literally do anything he wanted to me and I would thank him for it and ask him to do it again

just, hnnnng

(but thank you omg!!!! you’re too sweet ;;;;)

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  • rick riordan: *doesn't mention grover underwood for several books, transforms him into a secondary and unappreciated character, ignores that he is percy's bff*
  • me: you little shIT I HATE YOU SO MU-
  • rick riordan: *implies that grover will be important on the next book*

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“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble

Daiya no Ace Act II comicbook Vol.7

 - includes ch56 - 64

- cover: Shirasu

- Additional page at the end of ch60: Miyuki batting + Furuya & Eijun adorably staring at each other

Close-up (because this panel is so cute):

- Bonus manga featuring Chris at the university + Miyuki & Sawamura consulting each other how to reply to Chris’ question:

Daiya no Ace #6 “First Impression

Team-mate: What? Really!?

Team-mate: You’re the same age?

Team-mate: So you are a player!?

Chris: I’m 18.

Team-mate: I definitely thought you’re older than 20!! You’re too calm [for your age]!!

Team-mate: I used the honorific language to you since I thought you’re the coach!!

Team-mate: Really, *how many times have you lived before!? [*common joke in Japan you say to people who are very mature for their young age as if they are living their life for the second/third/fourth time.]

Later in the evening…

Daiya no Ace #7 “A question from Senpai

Eijun: Miyuki-senpai, look at this!! I’ve got a LINE message from Chris-senpai!
Miyuki: Hm? You’ve got that, too?
Eijun: Eh? You, too!?

Chris’ LINE message to Eijun: Sawamura, please answer honestly. How old do I look? Btw, I don’t need any jokes right now.

Chris’ email to Miyuki: Do I really look that old? My senpai use the honorific language to me… […]

Eijun: Seems like something happened to him…?
Miyuki: What are you going to reply?
Eijun: What should I reply?

Miyuki: Maybe something like “You are so calm, that’s why you don’t look like a child”?
Eijun: That sounds nice!
Miyuki: What about your reply?
Eijun: Mmmmm, maybe something like “You look 5 years younger with your hair down”?
Miyuki: Yes, that’s it!
Eijun: Yes, this is it!

- Breaking News: Miyuki is confirmed to be a flip phone user (while Eijun, Chris and probably everyone else are smartphone users.)

- Chris-senpai sent an email to Miyuki while he contacted Eijun via LINE. This means that Miyuki does not have a LINE account. Someone give miyuki a fucking smartphone and teach him how to use LINE omg he’s the captain of the seidou baseball club after all. Seriously, how can he not have a LINE account xD


nct challenge
↪︎ [4] biases: #1 - YUTA

“Every time I look into his eyes, I just want to take the ice cream or whatever I’ve got in my hand and rub it into his face. That’s how much I like him.” ()
中本さん大好きだよ! ╰(*´︶`*)╯