omg i love you david

 a cute drabble/short novel for @stcrstalk because they deserve it. 

          It was kind of a rare thing to get a text from her boyfriend – she hated how the mere title even thought up in her head made her smile like an idiot – would announce that he was coming over to her apartment. Hell, it was kind of a rare thing she found herself at her own apartment these days. Often finding herself at David’s mansion of a home most weekends, releasing the stress of work sprawled on the softest bed she knew with the cutest boy right next to her. But no, not this weekend, as she waited for his knock wearing the cutest pair of shorts and tank top she could find – all for his benefit of course. Double for her hair tied in two ponytails. Totally for his benefit. 

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Fake friends

Toe to toe.. 

Freedom of speech

No one hear the sound of your voice. They tell us what to eat, what to dress and what to listen. Unfortunately we’ve forgotten how to listen to yourself.

Big brother is watching you


How much time do you spend in front of the mirror in a day?

The shark of Wall street

Money flies.. flies away