omg i love this shirt ok

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I DO really love her current design but I'm still kinda partial to her black shirt I guess, sorry

I was jokin omg its ok! I liked the black more too

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  1. Where is your cellphone? Next to me on the table.
  2. Your hair? Held up in a messy bun.
  3. Your mom? She’s in Switzerland blogging about Keanu Reeves @keanusource
  4. Your other half? My cat? Probably sleeping on my bed.
  5. Your favorite food? Shrimp omg
  6. Your dream last night? I don’t tell my dreams ok bye
  7. Your favorite drink? Water
  8. Fear? Spiders and empty swimming pools.
  9. Your home away from home? Switzerland.
  10. Where were you last night? At home.
  11. Something that you aren’t? Lazy.
  12. Muffins? Love them. Especially blueberry or walnut.
  13. Wish list item? Nothing tbh.
  14. Where you grew up? Portugal.
  15. Last thing you did? Translated a text about economics from french to portuguese.
  16. What are you wearing right now? Black pants, gray tank top and a checkered red shirt.
  17. Your TV? Big.
  18. Your pets? 17 cats + 2 dogs + 1 turtle + 1 parrot
  19. Friends? Don’t have those.
  20. Your life? Great.
  21. Missing someone? Finally, no.

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OK first, I read shirt thief and I can't even stress this enough but it was the funniest fluffiest thing I've read EVER. It kinda brought me back to that feeling yknow when you're in the honeymoon stage and love just seems to be abt to flood outta ya heart jeezussss. Please make note Taetae stuff!! And also, haha would you happen to know when Yoongi started playing the piano?

omg thank you so much!! this was so sweet ;;; ahhh the honeymoon stage is so nice, isn’t it??? but then you move into that awful bickering stage where you fight about seemingly everything, and then after that it’s the drifting apart stage which is so unbearable that it actually makes you miss the bickering stage just bc their was substance and real feeling, and - okay yeah we’ll stop there before i ruin the t-shirt thief permanently LMAO. RELATIONSHIPS MAN THEY ARE FICKLE THINGS. but anywayssss besides my pessimistic outlook on relationships, again, thank you for sending this it was very nice, but i don’t actually know when yoongi started playing the piano , sorry ;;;;;;


•cockiest boyfriend ever ok let’s discuss this
•would probably compliment himself and not u
•jks he would compliment you
•would honestly love when you compliment him as it makes him feel special
•he would never admit that tHough
•so funny
•would literally piss himSeLF lauGHing when u sometimes get jealous over markson
•"Jackson do you like wanna fuck mark or something fr???“
•"whAt omg Jagi whAT”
•would never deny that shit tho
•ok honestly would freak out when you wear his t-shirts
•"omo, you’re so cute!!!“
•"I won’t be cute when u find out what I’m wearing underneath hM;););)”
•would probably fall to the floor because he still finds you cuTe
•laughs everytime you try and be sexy honestly like
•"you can’t be wild and sexy like me"
•"Jackson. Shut up.“
•when you say no to like getting pizza or something would literally look at you for 20 minutes pouting and pretending to cry until you give in
•when the food arrives he’s honestly very happy and kisses you because he loves pizza nights
•"boy it’s just a pizza”
•"you don’t understand, Jagi, you don’t understand"
•you guys would watch movies during pizza nights with cuddles BC cuddLES WITH JACKSON FUCK
•his cuddles would be reaLly protective ???
•like he’s quite bulky in the sense that he has broad shoulders and muscle so you alWays feel safe
•his arms would be wrapped around you as your head is like on his chest and his head on yours
•defo would like trace his fingers over your side in a relaxing matter
•he’d tickle you until you like tell him he’s the “sexiest most amazing boyfriend ever and he’s perfection in bed!!” Or smth because he’s a huge greaseball
•always gives off the vibe to ur friends that like he’s very like clingy or something??
•he’s not clingy at all but at some times he just wants to hold you because he likes the feeling of you in his arms anD HE NEVER WANTS YOU TO LEAVR HIM
•is lowkey the most adorable boyfriend ever
•this could go one of two ways like
•short and sweet before he leaves for work
•hot, needy and passionate before he leaves for work that would leave you like ???!!!!!????!!!!!
•actually not even before he leaves for work like whEnever hE WANTS AND WHENEVER U WANT
•he’d pull you in by your wrist so you like hit his chest softly with yours and he puts ur hand on his shoulder cAuse hES SO SMOOTH
•one hand would prolly like cup your face and bring it closer while the other is like on your waist
•now either he could like peck your lips and then smirk and chuckLe and go
•or he could press his lips against yours and just fucking IDEK man fuCkIng kiss yoU WITH SUCH LUST AND LOVE AND WOW IM SWEATING
•Jackson would so so so so bite your lower lip which would cAuse you to moan slightly and hE would fuCking die
•cries because he can’t do anything with you cauSe he hAS TO GO AND WORK
•you cry too tbh
•sex withjackson oh my god
•again one of two ways
•like gentle AF
•hot and sweaty and fast and wOwzor
•i can’t even go into detail on thIs cause I’d probably fucking jumP out of my window cAause sEX WITH JZCKSODN
•so imma let ur imagination run wild;););)
•when Jackson is sad you literally someTimes doNt know what to do because you hardly ever see hIm sad
•you probably cheer him up with a blowjob or something
•or am I ????
•no for real, you probably just hold him and just let him rant and you listen and he loves that cause sometimes he just needs someone to listen
•when you kiss him and tell him that he’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to you and how everyone is proud of him and how far he’s become
•he honestly he falls in love with you so muCH MORE
•when Jackson says “I love you” he means it every single time
•even its just like when you’ve brought home chocolate or smth he’d be like “Wowowww I loVE U”
•you would blush and smile everytime
•I think the first time he said it, it was kinda unexpected ???
•like you guys had gone on a date to a restaurant or something
•and when you like really laugh lOudly at a joke he made
•he just shakes his head with a smile on his face and goes “fuck, I love you”
•you would most likely choke on air lets be honest
•"I love you too, jackson, so much"
•so would he TBH, he’d most likely like open his eyes wide and say somethin like
•"holy shIt I fiNALLY SAID IT"
•he would definitely like say it over and over
•"I loVE HER" he yells to strangers
•you would laugh and be like “jacksonnnnnnnn”
•he’d giggle and just hug u prolly
• Jackson loves u so much, he may not show it all the time bUt shiTTING hell he really does
•you don’t know how much he brags about u fr
•he tells the boys fucking how much he loves u and stuff and they honestly have to punch him and be like
•"dude, shhhhhhhhh"
•wouldn’t “shhhhhhhh” he’d carry on
•Jackson juSt wants to show you how much you mean to him
•but trust me you know and you’re so lucky to have him, and hE you

omg i haven’t done these in so long
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Kagami relationship Headcanons with the s/o??

omg omg ok this one will be fun because i love this bae so much

  • He absolutely loves cooking for you. When he wants to stay in for a date, it’s not because he’s cheap but he loves seeing your face light up whenever he produces a homemade meal
  • HUGE CUDDLER. Oh my God, he loves you sitting in between his legs with his arms wrapped around you as you watched the television
  • Secretly loves it when you steal his jerseys or shirts and puts them on and wears nothing else but that. It’s a huge turn on for him, like major major turn on.
  • Tries to impress his s/o with cool basketball moves but he’ll end up screwing it up like breaking the hoop or knocking his forehead against it because this dork got too excited.

A lot of stuff happened today! 

  • My sister’s basketball team won the state championship!! (I cried of course)
  • Hit 11k followers (omg)
  • Ordered my AKF shirt!!
  • Made another date with bae <3
  • Made it to level 48 on BO3 (fuck yeah)
  • Saw Deadpool (I loved it omfg, it was hilarious and super hot- yay for boobs!)
  • Made $400 because I’m literally just awesome ok?
The signs stereotypes, as phrases
  • Aries: FIGHT ME *punches you* omg are you ok?
  • Taurus: yeah I mean we could go on that hike but food man just food
  • Gemini: you know...
  • Cancer: WTF IM NOT BIPOLAR TUMBLR *cries and never goes on tumblr again*
  • Leo: UGH YAS my hair is on point today!
  • Virgo: ok so I have to submit my Yale application, wax the floor, Polish the silver...WHO MOVED THE VASE 0.9 CM TO THE LEFT?!?!
  • Libra: "omg that shirt is so cute" >__<
  • Or "I like you shirt...*laughs* (you'll know)
  • Sagittarius: hahah I love you....MARRY YOU WTF NO
  • Capricorn: not to be rude or anything but yeah this dinner fucking sucks
  • Aquarius: *actual alien*
  • Pisces: this book *cries* is just so sad.....anyways time to draw some fanart

Omg a server at Garden Grill just walked by and did a double take at my shirt and was like IS THAT A HOOK SHIRT?? and I was like YES! And she turns around and comes up and goes OMG ARE YOU CURRENT!? And I was like YES IM GOING BACK TO THE ROOM TONIGHT TO WATCH THE FINALE! and she was like OMG THIS IS THE BEST SEASON I LOVE HOOK! And I was like AHHHH ME TOO! And she’s like omg WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN? WHEN HE LOST IT ON EMMA omg MY HEART!! And I was like ME TOOO ITS GONNA BE OK!! And Mickey Mouse walked up and she was like we are talking about Once upon a time! And Mickey nodded and gave thumbs up and she goes SHES WEARING A HOOK SHIRT! And Mickey got excited and gave two thumbs up lmao! ITS OFFICIAL. MICKEY MOUSE LOVES HOOK!! Nothing else matters.

Also, I said I had a captain swan case and she grabbed her heart and looked at Mickey and said OK you grab her, I’ll grab the phone case!! It was the cutest thing.


Major Crimes 4x15

Ok, people, for first course we open with some sweet Shandy to melt our hearts

That nurse! OMG too funny

Then we continue to Amy standing up to Provenza, while being respectfully sarcastic. Fantastic.

WHAT IS UP with that bone coming out of the leg?! Are they trying to make us vomit the sugar we ingested in the beinning?

Romy Rosemont is such a great actress! I loved her acting vm

Slider Greg thinks Rusty is his friend hmmmm… how uncomfortable for Rusty, Especially since we know Alice’s brother is coming back for the trial

Buzz: Take off your shirt??

Tao: I’m not doing that!

HAHAHAHA thanks for clearing that up, Tao!

Andy letting it slip about Provenza and then trying to change the subject with that drink lol

speaking of that… HOW CAN PROVENZA STILL BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE?? Bless his gentle innocent soul.

Anyway, jumping a few scenes forward - that Samir guy not realizing he was raped is so upsetting. The fact that our society doesn’t see male rape victims as such, shows how little to none progress we’ve made in eliminating rape culture in the last several decades. I wish there was more awareness to it, and more shows dealing with it. Thank you, Duff.

Aaaand moving back into the light - Sharon and Rusty cheering Andy’s progress at the hospital skdfjdskfjsdkfjsjf SUCH A SWEET FAMILY

I appreciate Andy wanting to be independent and not to burden Sharon and seem weak in front of her… but, man, get over it. You were injured on the job. You’re a hero. You deserve to be taken care for by this incredible, strong woman. Okay?

BTW did you notice how each time she was with Andy, Sharon’s jacket was unbuttoned?


and them staring at each other+smiles LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY DARK SOUL

I think Rusty is over being anti-Shandy. Now he’s just grossed out from their lovey dovey looks

Last but not least - P&P (Patrice and Provenza of course) SO SO SWEET I THINK I FLAILED TO DEATH AHHHH