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taehyung as a boyfriend

  • S U P E R F L U F F Y
  • and extremely adventurous
  • probably always asks whether you’re willing to go out and explore the city
  • so basically y’all have both weird and normal kinds of dates
  • I can see him taking you to the park or fair or something
  • or if he’s feeling really bold, ghost hunting
  • (ends with him being scared shitless lmao)
  • the two of you have a very childish relationship
  • giggling at the most random times or playing pranks on each other
  • the guys love you, they really do
  • but they hate when you’re with tae because y’all always end up making so much trouble
  • “we aren’t doing anything!” “yet lolololol”
  • loud singing and weird dancing
  • oml fashion icons
  • if there was one word to describe you guys, it would be that
  • always at the mall together shopping for clothes
  • takes both Jin and Namjoon to drag you away from stores
  • quiet nights with each other
  • when you both run out of energy, you’ll just quietly lay with each other enjoying the comfortable silence
  • or sometimes there are deep talks with each other
  • he can be super cheesy at times
  • but you love it so much
  • didn’t like you at first cause he found you annoying
  • but once he got to know you, he couldn’t help but get closer with you
  • y’all are inseparable. not saying you’re with him 25/8 but when you are there’s no way you’re leaving him
  • okay except maybe for food
  • but other than that inseparable
  • loves poking your cheeks and playing with your hair
  • he’ll just squish your face in his hands and giggle
  • lmao that shizz is expensive man
  • plus he loves when you wear your own clothes
  • claims it shows off your personality
  • the cute monkey slippers you keep at the dorm
  • Tae says it matches your playful nature
  • there’s a certain way you cuddle with him
  • he wants to be on top, with his head on your chest and your arms around him
  • always the little spoon
  • believe it or not, it’s his way of feeling protected 
  • will always tell you what’s on his mind, he hates hiding things from you
  • wants to protect you with everything he has and promises to do so, no matter what

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I saved that comic you did of Keith breaking down onto my phone so that I could look at it whenever I feel like it (It's hard to scroll through tumblrs for hours to find one post lmao) I really like that post, it's really amazing and the facial expressions are so good I just. Ugh I love your art skfjdskldjla

omg………..thank you so much kjfdhgkd <3





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Hey! You're not worthless okay! You're one of my most favorite writer in the net and you're one of the nicest and cutest person ever! Don't believe in your sadness and believe that you're a fantastic and amazing human being! I love you okay! Don't give up! And I will always support you 😘😘😘😘

Hi sweetie! Sorry for the late reply! I just got my hands on my laptop. Aahh, thank you so much omg,,, what an honor to be one of your most favorite writer in the net. You make me so happy aaaa. I believe I’m barely fantastic or amazing but thank you so much for your kind words and for your support! I’m trying ^^ and I love you too! I hope you’ll have a great day! c:

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Maybe a gifset appreciating jimin's one dimple when he smiles? His slightly swollen eye from the stitches he got as a kid? The cute crooked tooth? The way he covers his face w his tiny hands?

ahhhhh thank you for sending these! but i actually already giffed his slightly swollen eye and his crooked tooth (twice bc i love it so much hehe) but omg ye s his dimple i think i could start working on it tomorrow thank you so much! and the way he covers his face with his tiny hands.. he’s so endearing omg :-(


Hi Taylor! My name is Kate! (I’m the one in the pink)
I’m not sure if you will ever see this but I found this photo of my cousin and I at Oheka Castle from two years ago and thought you might like it!
Every two seconds I kept going to her OMG TAYLOR SWIFT STOOD HERE LIKE WHAT and she was like oh boy haha anyways thank you so much for making music and being apart of my life, you have reminded me I can find happiness any heart break and things will always turn out okay. I love you so much and will always be there to supoort you. Thank you for all you do for us and making so many people happy. Please have a nice rest of your day/ night- sending you the biggest hug right now💕
Love always,

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I knead you

Omg asjdfkljsadkl Okay I am officially naming you Pun Anon 

Anon said: Hello I don’t have any question, Just wanted to say I love your blog, you’re the very first jikook blog I followed when I’ve been in this fandom. Take care <3

;__________________; aw omg thank you so much! jldkfls I’m so incredibly honored, I hope you enjoy the content, friend! ♡ have a good one ^-^

GUYS SIDBUDHDJDU OMG I WOKE UP TO SEE THAT IVE REACHED MY FIRST 💯! THANK U!! Thank u for supporting this blog even tho it’s terrible! It really means a lot to me and it constantly pushes me to improve this blog. I love every single one of u fjdhd!! If there are things which u think I can improve on, feel free to suggest them to me. My dms and asks are always open if u want to chat or ask me a question! To all my mutuals, I love y'all even more, thank you for making my days brighter and for making fangirling over stray kids even more fun !!

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Omg Ara I just read the reaction were their s/o's birthday is on Halloween and I couldn't be happier cuz actually I was born on the 31st too! On my country Halloween is not so popular so it doesn't bothers me a lot. Also, my family calls me "little witch" sometimes bc of that aND THAT'S (a bit) SIMILAR TO WHAT CHANYEOL SAYS IN THE REACTION AND HE'S MY BIAS OMG I FEEL #BLESSED <3 Thank you so much 4 writing it (and thx also to the one who request it). Love u and have a nice week!

Aww I’m glad people is feeling identified with it in a good way :3 That makes my heart so so so soft! And since I don’t know who is behind the anons whenever you guys send me asks I’ll congratulate you in advance! Happy early Birthday hun! xo, Ara~

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Omg! Chapter 19 of "Broken" is so sweet and fluffy! :D I loved it! Now I can't wait for chapter 20 but also don't want "Broken" to end... A dilemma... (Even though I know there is a second part...) Keep up the good work :)

Chapter 19 is the sweetest lol I love them together so much.
Chapter twenty is a good one haha buckle up

tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble


KNOCK FIRST!?! and he prob just wanted to play with em too?

I still firmly believe Baku has as much, if not more all might stuff that Midorya. ;A; Kiri lived to be forced not to tell the tale tho (︺︹︺) . Also inspired by that one chapter?? 100 I think where Midorya was blasted off his feet by Mei??


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood