omg i love this manga so much

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Hello! Will we ever see more of your lovely BNHA art? I absolutely loved the implied AM/Deku one (sorry it got so much hate, dont listen to those people!) Hope you wont let them stop you from drawing what you want. We support you!

omg!!  thanks! That really means a lot!
But about bnha art…i dont know. Some personal stuff happened and it’s difficult for me to draw anything connected to bnha since then. 

I hope i get over it someday, cause i still love this manga with all my heart .
So, time will tell! 


バイバイ YESTERDAYAnsatsu Kyoushitsu S2 OP2


I enjoyed Out of Control so much…. Yuri changed so much throughout the series, i was honestly really surprised but it made me really happy T v T AND JAERIM. Omg Jaerim is SUCH a good boy and stays that will till the end…thank you bbong for such a good and supportive couple that grows and loves each other so much.

Episode 23!!!!!

I know I didn’t upload episode 22 and stuff, I just got lazy pls I wasn’t home. But here’s episode 23 stuff! 


I liked this scene better in the manga, but still good though.

Strong husband and wife!! 

They’re so cute.

Proud ass parents!

٩(♡ε♡ )۶

I love her so much!!!

SCREAM IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, TO THE LEFT, TO THE RIGHT, AND ALL THE WAY UP FRONT!!! But honestly though, I don’t like Karin but I respect her so much more. I really do. I wish Karin the best! Also, I would like to see SakuKarin bond!

Family dinner.

My absolute favorite scene ever!!! OMG!!!!! I WAS WAITING FOR THE FOR SASUKE TO POKE SARADA’S FOREHEAD!!!

How can Sasuke not poke his cute ass wifes forehead. Then again, before he left, he definitely poked her.




OMG!!!! Doesn’t a dream?! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!

I’m so HAPPY and grateful for your support, I love you guys, I’m very motivated to continue draw, I’m sorry for being lazy hehe… and sometimes I’m bussy for the school. I hav a lot projects ( for example, a manga)


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top 5 tsukishima kei moments

Hey anon, thanks for sending this in! It’s so hard to pick just 5 because I love Tsukki SO MUCH, but here you go. (I apologize for the fact that most of these are from season 3 LMAO). Except for the very first one, the rest are in no particular order.

Top 5 Tsukishima Kei moments:

1. When he blocked Ushijima’s spike to land Karasuno the set: Do I even need to explain why? I mean, look.

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2. This scene from the manga (not gonna give spoilers by saying where this is from; you can message me if you wanna know):

3. When he narrowly missed a high five from Hinata: This diss, OMG

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4. Whenever Yamaguchi serves: Tsukishima “Supportive Bestie” Kei. Have you guys noticed that he literally doesn’t say that for anyone else?

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5. When he was in agony because he had to leave the game during the final set: Mr. “I Act Like I Don’t Give A Damn But I Do”

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and his frustrated expressions in general

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I lied this is going to be a top 10 list because 5 isn’t enough sorrz

6. Baby Tsukki at Akiteru’s game!

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7. When he riled up Shirabu and Tendou:

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8. That moment when Kageyama was getting slammed by ex-teammates from Kitagawa Daiichi: He really is protective of his team, no matter what he says.

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9. When he becomes a decoy by pretending to go for a broad hit: He tries so freakin’ hard and makes the audience forget that there was a time when he didn’t

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10. When he’s surprised by Kags’ willingness to coordinate

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Honestly, though, I love every moment this boy is on the screen; he deserves so much love and admiration. This just turned into a Tsukishima Kei appreciation post OMG I should throw myself out like the piece of trash I am.

Thanks for sending this in!

Edit: I noticed the numbering was off so PLEASE REBLOG THE RIGHT VERSION I’M SO SORRYYY

Send me asks about Haikyuu!!


No matter what, I will never stop laughing at this scene

“thank you tumblr!!”

in short:

asdfjkl; thank you guys so much??? ;A;;;;; omg I would have never thought I would get this far in tumblr asdfjk;l TTATT I started this blog 2 years ago just for random doodles and stuff :’D thank you guys so much asdfjkl; your support means so much to me and it really makes me happy to see so many people who enjoy my art TTvTT I’ve never done an appreciation post on tumblr before (unlike other social medias) which is a bit odd, but I wanted to take this opportunity and say I love y’all <3

I might hold an art raffle here but idk if anyone would be interested TT7TT I’ve seen others do it but I’ve never actually done it myself on tumblr *v* we’ll see

and excuse the super quick drawing lmao there will be a speedpaint for that too but idk if I want to upload it or not *v*

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i hope this isn't a weird question, but i feel like it's appropriate to ask you - what BL series can you recommend, manga or otherwise? they don't have to have xxx scenes, and relationships can even just be implied... thanks, either way!

Ohoohohoh I have a lot of BL stuff I could tell you about!! Here’s a list:  

That’s all I can think off but hopefully you’ll read some of these cute stories!! Thank you for asking me!!!

Touka is not reduced as a love interest

‘Touka is reduced as a love interest’ I’m so fucking tired of seeing this… There were so few chapters of Touka and Kaneki together in all re: that I can’t understand how do people believe that everything that Touka did was for Kaneki’s sake or related to Kaneki in some way just because recently Touka confessed and they made love.

Sure, Touka said she built re: for Kaneki but she named him because they were talking about him. Why? Oh right because Shuu was sad about Kaneki not remembering him. Touka herself said she prefered that he would not remember her. She was willing to live her life away from him. Touka also built re: for her and the rest. She lost the home she once had right? It’s obvious she did it for ALL OF THEM.

Even when Touka and the rest entered Cochlea, she went because she wanted to rescue HINAMI and she met Kaneki there by chance.

Touka also talked with Akira about her feelings and tried to help her because Akira resembled her old self, caught in the past. Besides, she did it to solve their problem which (omg what a surprise) has nothing to do with Kaneki. And let’s not forget the talk with Amon. SHE DID IT BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO DO IT, because she had an issue from the past with Amon and they solved it.

We still have to see what will happen with Yoriko and Touka (there is no way Ishida introduced Yoriko again to don’t do anything at the end). Touka still hasn’t fully solved her trauma, we will definitely see more of her character development.

So don’t be fake concerned about Touka when y'all the firsts to throw shit at her because she is in the middle of your gay ships (yes, obviously it’s the gay ships stans the ones who said that). Honestly I’m not surprised of the hypocrisy of these shippers..

Don’t go saying ‘omg I loved Touka so much but-’ or y'all don’t read the manga properly or y'all never truly cared about her. Just stop. Touka is also fighting in this war for her safety and for the ones she loves.

YOU are the only ones who forget the entire manga just because of two chapters and reduce her as a love interest.

Sasuke didn’t hate Naruto

Sasuke was willing to gave his own life (putting all aside, and considering that in that time all that mattered to him was Itachi and his revenge. Putting his own ambitions and GOALS aside) without even thinking a second (and at a very young age) just so Naruto could keep living and could achieving his precious dream. Sasuke didn’t think, despite promising himself that he was not going to die until he could kill Itachi. Sasuke thought about his memories with Naruto and keep hearing his voice saying his name when he thought he would die. Sasuke had TEARS in his eyes and reached for Naruto’s face and said “You… don’t die. Don’t let your dream die.” With such emotion. Sasuke saved Naruto multiple times even before that and he supposedly didn’t like him. Sasuke cared the enough about if Naruto had breakfast or not, if he sleeps enough at night and if he was alone out there, to said that he was “going out for a walk” just to check on him. Then he spent all the day out with him, training and giving him company, so Naruto wouldn’t be alone. Sasuke noticed the smallest things about Naruto that he could recognize the clone in the Chunnin exams just by the view of him. Sasuke couldn’t stop paying attention to him since day one and he said it. Sasuke said Naruto made him feel warm and fuzzy. Sasuke called Naruto his “one and only”. Sasuke said “usuratonkachi” in an affectioned way (and it’s a proven fact) and he didn’t say anything like it for anyone else. Sasuke always asked “where’s Naruto?” like he noticed everytime he was not there. Sasuke broke in tears just because he was too move by Naruto’s words about their bond. He had to kill Naruto so he could be in the darkness and with all the hate. AND EVEN at the very end, when he keep saying that he will kill him, he can’t stop himself for saving Naruto of danger everytime something threatened his life and despite Naruto was very powerful in that time. Sasuke let Naruto do his stupid reverse harem no jutsu despite knowing it was not going to work. Sasuke went unreasonable at some point on the series, (justifiably, but still), but he stopped to hear Naruto’s words. He LAUGHED in his fucking deathbed with Naruto. He called him an idiot sometimes, yeah, but he was there for him and he admired him and even envidious him and it is a FACT. Orochimaru himself said that NARUTO was the one who was changing Sasuke’s goals and HEART. He recognized Naruto and his existence more than anyone else did and he saved Naruto of the hell of loneliness (quote by NARUTO HIMSELF). Sasuke awakened the Sharingan for Naruto (and it is a FACT that Sharingan awake for LOVE and the so big fear of loosing something/someone that you love so much that you can’t stand it). Leaving Naruto in the Valley of End in the first part was as hurting and painful as ripping half of his body apart. 

So seriously, the people that keep saying that Sasuke hated Naruto really need to rewatch/reread the anime/manga, because I don’t think we even read/watched the same.