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The moon and the stars, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

- probably taken by Lily Evans who was the couple’s number one fan, circa 1979

You’re On (Sirius Black x Slytherin Reader)

“Can you please write a real fluffy sirius x slytherin reader imagine? Where they hate each other at first but as the years go by they come to like each other? REALLY like each other haha. Thank you for your amazing writings btw I am obsessed xx” omg thank you so much!!! i loved this prompt and i hope it exceeds expectations! xx

You sighed as you felt a raindrop land on your forehead as you looked up to the skies, you were supposed to be getting ready for Quidditch practice, but seeing as how it was starting to rain you almost skipped out but you knew that the rest of your team would hex you if you did. I’m so over this childish rivalry, I just wanna be wrapped up in my blankets…

You had an upcoming match with none other than Gryffindor, as a Slytherin you were less than thrill because this meant extra practices, which meant less free time for naps. Nevertheless, you mounted your broom and started doing some laps as you waited for the rest of your team.

“Say, Y/N, if you fall, would you land on your feet?” a voice called out from the bleachers. You rolled your eyes and flipped off Sirius Black with your hand that was also holding your bat. Just great, you thought, he here to watch your team’s practice with his little posse, and the rest of the Gryffindor team. It wasn’t unusual for the other team to come and watch their competition during practice, it was mostly annoying because they would try to distract them, and now that Sirius was there with them, it meant that you would be his number one target.

You and Sirius were both in the same year, but you had never gotten along with the long haired boy, even when you were little, you two would bicker endlessly, driving both of your mother’s crazy. You were the only child from a very prominent pure blood family, and just like Sirius’s family, blood status was incredibly important to your parents. You remember watching Sirius’s sorting ceremony, how you gasped when he was sorted into Gryffindor whereas you safely sat next with the rest of the important heirs of pure blood families at the Slytherin table.

As far as you could recall, your years at Hogwarts with Sirius were less than amicable.

First year was spent throwing dirty glances towards one another, bumping into their shoulder a little too harshly when walking down the hall and of course, nicknaming each other some ridiculous named that would leave both parties grinding their teeth. He dubbed you Princess of Slytherin, and how you hated it. To get even with him, you call him Goldie Locks. That was four years ago, you were both currently in your fifth year both those names still annoyed you both to the core.

During second year nothing much had changed between the two of you, it wasn’t until third year after spending a summer vacation with the Black family and yours in the country side for a week that Sirius decided to make your life a living hell, and you retaliated.

You were coming back from Quidditch try outs, feeling particularly confident in yourself and how it went. You were turning down a hallway when suddenly there was a loud explosion and the air around you was a very bright and powdery green; you looked down at your hands and you noticed that they were also bright green. You were speechless, completely confused at what had happened before you heard laughter.

“James, don’t you think the Slytherin Princess looks lovely?” Sirius bragged to James, coming down the opposite side of the hallway.

“Sirius Orion Black, you have ten bloody seconds to get this off of me or I’ll hex you so hard, your great grandchildren will feel it.” you hissed, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Hmm, I don’t know Princess, green really suits you.” before you could threaten him again he ran down the hallway, James following behind as you were left fuming and green.


“Oi, watch where you’re going.” You growled as Sirius bumped into you after Potions.

“And if I don’t? what are you gonna do? Run to mummy and daddy?” he taunted, you scoffed at him.

“What makes you think I’ll willingly talk about your slimy ways with them? We only associate with pure bloods.” you sneered. He said nothing more and left with a dark look on his handsome face. Truth be told, you hated the whole ‘pure blood’ argument, but if it meant getting Sirius off your back for a moment or two, you would swallow your pride and preach a sermon that you’ve always hated. Sirius had embarrassed you countless of times and it was time for you to give him a dose of his own medicine.

During your fourth year, you briefly dated Lucius Malfoy and that seemed to make Sirius go out of his way to intentionally bother you more than before. You would find your books disappearing from your dorm, robes that were discolored and once you spent a whole week with green hair thanks to his prank.

It wasn’t until Lucius ended things with you that the pranks and glares briefly stopped. After the break up, the marauders noticed how Sirius would glance at you more often and how he wouldn’t have a weekly prank just for you.

Sirius had developed feelings for you. He stopped with the cruel pranks, in fact, the last prank that he played on you was transforming into his animagus form. He literally came barreling into the Slytherin common room, grabbed your freshly done Transfigurations essay and ran off with it. You had to fight a dog for your essay and the dog won, ripping it apart. Needless to say, McGonagall didn’t believe you when you told her a dog ate your homework.

By the end of your fourth year, you were beginning to see the messy haired boy as less of a nuance, he didn’t prank you like he used to so now you found his pranks and jokes endearing.

Which brings you back to now, fifth year.

“I can’t believe you dragged us out here just so you could stare at Y/N.” Remus muttered to Sirius as they marauders held to their rain jackets tightly.

“Oh shut up, Moony, a little rain never hurt anyone.”

“Seriously, just ask her out already, you both seem to be mature enough to handle each other outside of a duel without killing each other.”

“Very funny, Prongs, and no, I don’t want to ruin what we have.”

“I wouldn’t consider death glares in between classes something to cherish…” Remus said.

“How about this, if Y/N doesn’t knock out Lucius with a Bludger, I’ll ask her out.”

“Aw come on, you know she dated the git and still has some pent up aggression towards him, it’ll be a miracle if Lucius comes out of this practice without a bruise from Y/N.” James pointed out, but nevertheless, they shook hands with Sirius.

“If you don’t fulfill your end of the bet you have to cut your hair. All of it.” James smirked as Sirius’s eyes widened.

Much to his displeasure, Lucius managed out of practice unscathed. The Marauders pointed towards you as you made your way across the field and towards the locker room. He nervously made his way to you, this was not how he planned asking you out but a bet is a bet and he loved his hair dearly.

You were heading towards the locker room when a hand grabbed your shoulder, making you turn around.

“I guess you’re getting better at blocking me out, huh?” Sirius asked with a smirk.

“I’m in it to win it.” you shrugged.

“How about we make this game a little more interesting…” he trailed off.  You arched an eyebrow, prompting him to go on.

“If Gryffindor wins, you have to go on a date with me.” He declared.

“Is this some sort of joke? Listen if it’s because of what I said last year about being a scum and all that other pureblood nonsense, I’m truly sorry.” You apologized, you saw the look of surprise on his face.

“Wow, I can’t believe you still remember that, I mean I knew you didn’t mean it but that truly showed why you were sorted there, you’re cunning and know how to use your ‘opponent’s’ weakness against them.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. You stifled a laugh.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Sirius Black admitted that I’m smarter than him.” You said good-naturally. He simply shrugged.

“So what do you say?” he asked.

“I swear to Merlin, if this is a joke…”

“I promise you, Y/N, this is not a joke. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Alright Black, you’re on.” You shook hands and felt a spark of electricity as your hand connected with his. Little did you know he felt the same thing.

“Come on let’s get you into something dry, I want to win this fair and square.” He said leading you inside the castle.

The days leading up the match were some of the most nerve wracking ones you’ve ever lived. Part of you was confused on these new found feelings for Sirius and the rest of you was hoping that Gryffindor would win.

You began to notice Sirius more and more; how his eyes would crinkle when he laughed or how he would doodle on the corner of his parchment during Charms. More than once you caught him staring at you which prompted you to blush. Who would’ve thought you would be crushing on your former enemy, but I guess it’s true what they say, people change.

The day of the match finally arrived and your team was ready to win, the game began and the stakes were set high. You wanted to win just to rub it in their faces but at the same time you did wanted to go on a date with Sirius.

The game was one of the closest ones you’ve ever played, you were currently tied and the rest of your team were basically praying for your Seeker to catch the Snitch, but lo and behold, Gryffindor catches the Snitch and wins the match.

Your team congratulated them bitterly, although Lucius flat out refused to acknowledge their victory. The field was soon filled with the rest of the students, a sea of green and scarlet running towards both teams, congratulations and laments were exchanged.

Amidst the commotion you didn’t notice Sirius coming up behind you, a pair of strong arms circled around your frame and spun you around.

“I believe you owe me a date.” Sirius exclaimed as he set you down, grinning. You laughed merrily. You looked up at him and acting on the rush of adrenaline from the game, you stood on your tip toes and kissed him softly. You could tell he was surprised but without missing a beat, he kissed you back, cupping your face with his hands.

You both broke apart after a few moments, smiling at each other.

I guess you were the first Slytherin to ever be thankful for losing a match against Gryffindor.



Sleepy Remus Lupin lying on the bed

- taken by Sirius Black, who was absolutely in love with his Moony, circa 1976

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OMG Danielle what have you done to my 2jae heart now I want to know more about them talking with their eyes only ~ thank you I'm living with this era and I don't want it to never ever STOP love you lots~


AND IT N EVER WILL.*yj voice* i cANNOT- I CANNOT STAHHHPP ITTT~ <3 i love you too~ TT3TT *chu chu cHUUUU*

I'm stanning another kpop group nowww 😂

I tend to change my fav kpop group every two years or so (i think) 🤔😂 not so loyal is it heheh 😏😛 

 Anyhowwww, these are the list that i’ve had my eyes on 😍


 My UB from shinee is the flaming charisma minhoo bcos he is handsome, who can deny? 😂 

and onew is his sidekick bcos of his beautiful voice 😍 Starting to like them when i saw ringdingdong omggggg hahhaha My jams from shinee is ringdingdong and quasimodo 😍 

 The next group is EXO! 😂 i am soooooo head over heels for them during their growl era like omg i love you so much 😍

 And my UB is galaxy hyung, uri keriseu!!! And pcy got the second placee I love both of them bcos of their dorkiness n rap n height 😂 

Jongdae n do is bco of their honey unique voices 😍 (my fav song is MiD and it is bcos of two of them 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍) 

Sehun is…..handsome 🙃 Luhan sometimes got in my bias list also…bcos of his voice 😏 

During their hot times (wolf) i ignored their existence (i am not into any specific grouo during that time including shinee, i am just busying myself with just listening kpop songs n kdramas without ogling the idols/actors, just their songs/drama/movies) but i’ve failed myself 😣 after watching exo showtime! Hahhaha how can you nottt especially kris with his galaxy thiiing 😍😍😍 And from that moment i started to search for their songs other than wolf&growl and came across with two moons 😱😱😱😍😍

 and after that i am obsessed with krisyeol (the first bromance that i lovee) oh n thats when i started to like sehun too bcos of his height that match with the twin towers (making them as a beautiful happy Wu family 🤗) and that is also why i dislike baek 😂 bcos of the baekyeol things HAHAHHA …….. 

But after kris left, i tried so hard to still like them but to no avail, i did not do…until now… Honestly i love overdose more than their other title songs but it remind me of kris departure 😕 

 My jams from exo are overdose growl wolf baby dont cry MiD the stars two moon peterpan moonlight (i like the chinese versions of ballad more then korean bcos of jongdae n lulu prolly? 😂 not really sure hahha) 

 Okay so moving on to the next group….drumrolls….. Welcome to my world! 방탄소년단!!!!! 😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

 Many of my friends suggested them to me when i am head over heels with exo but i disregard them saying that my heart hurt enough to love and hurt by my boys (exo at that time) so i dont really care abt them. When their song dope came out i really really really enjoy their song bcos yeah it is so dope! But nope i didnt snuck into their idol life, just their song. But after that… friend who are so in love with them keep rting bts-related news/pics/updates and my tl are flooded with them. Out of curiosity, i snuck up on them and tadaaahhh here i am now, a noob army 😂 

and so my bias list from bts are….VVVVVVVVV ✌ and kookie got the second place V is bcos of his ohso unique voice and his handsomeness and he is ‘95! Just like me! 😱😍 and kookie is bcos he is a weird guy 😂 honestly i loved taetae bcos of his voice, i really love his line in bst or spring day or save me (i’m not sure, i’m stanning them recently, it’s been only 2 weeks? 😂

 so i’m not a pro yet) so i use my skills as an ex-exoL to check their updates but army is not as wide-covering (sorry but idk the suitable word for this) as exoL 😕 even aff didnt have ff of bts as much as exo (i might love this fact when i am an exoL but i am pissed of now 😂) Its true that my liking is easily influenced by the time and i only like the groups that are well established 😂 this is bcos i dont really like to take a risk of liking some groups that is not….high enough?? I am not a risk-taker. But it would be sweet only if i follow bts earlier bcos it seems that i despise them b4 🙁😔 

 Okay so my jams for bts are… (Before i get to know them i mean ogling them with love interest 😂😂😂) 뱀새 is my jam! Idk why maybe bcos of the songs sound so free? But really the song is fun! And all of their title song from INU until not today. And stigma (V solo song 😍) i havent tried listening their old song (b4 inu) cos i am not ready yet. 😂 

 There are other kpop group that i like but not seasonly like exo 😂 (hoping that i will love bts w/o seasons too 😘)

 such as Bigbaeng (ofc the king of kpop) and cnblue! And 2pm! And 2am! But cnblue and 2pm seems like has loss their touch 

🤔 idk but…yeah… So that’s it abt my rant I may wont post anything after this I actually still cant believe i am typing this instead of my awaiting 3 lab reports that need to be submitted next three weeks

 omg gtg and live my life! Byee

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Sirius x Sister!Reader: Anytime

Warnings: anger, shouting

Requested: Kind of (i don’t write smut so i ignored that part lol)

A/N: OMG i had so much fun writing this!! ALSO i have 300 followers now?!?!?! what even! I am v thankful for all of you :) remember to request (ships and imagines) and I hope you enjoy reading my loves x

“Mind if we join?” You said, sliding the compartment door open.

“Alright sis?” James asked as Lily sat next to him and you sat next to Sirius.

You smiled and nodded, opening your satchel and withdrawing a book. Instead of beginning to read,  you asked the Marauders how they were and switched books with Remus- a tradition between the two of you.

You opened the book and began to read. Oblivious to your surroundings, oblivious to Sirius watching you.

Sirius loved how your lips moved slightly, forming the words that were written on the page. He loved how you curled up when reading a book, never able to sit upright. But all these thoughts and feelings were overshadowed by a feeling of guilt because he was in love with his best friends twin and neither could ever know.

Eventually, you closed your book and rejoined the group’s conversation about Christmas at home.

“Y/N do you think they’ll let us throw a party?”

“After last time? No.” After seeing James’ bewildered expression, you continued, “we lost every single door in the house- including the front door!”

Sirius started laughing, “I still have the doorbell somewhere.”

“It was you!” You exclaimed, turning to face the boy- reminding him of another thing he loved.

Sirius loved how your eyes twinkled and shone every time you realised something or someone told you a story. You always appeared interested.

Finally, the train pulled into Platform 9¾ and you all got off the train. You hugged everyone goodbye- did you hug with Sirius last longer than the others? Or were you just reading into it?

“Pads, mate, remember- turn up anytime, day or night.” Your brother said.

“We mean it Pads.” You reassured, looking into to his grey eyes.

He nodded slightly before giving James one last hug and disappearing into the crowd.

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i love everything about prequels and clone wars-era star wars so much… i love the politics, the insight we have into galactic and interplanetary affairs… i love the vibrance of the people, the uniqueness of the alien races and cultures and languages… i love the fashion and the design… i love the incredible, out-of-this-world technology, the seamless blending of the mysterious Force and futuristic science… i love the diversity of the planets, from the endless cities of coruscant, to the stormy skies of kamino, to the dark fluorescence of umbara… i love meeting and getting to know senators, bounty hunters, slaves, jedi and sith alike, as complex individuals…. i just think it’s so special to be able to experience the star wars universe in its prime, before it all fell so tragically to war and corruption, and i really love the prequels and treasure them so much because of that. to me, there’s nothing like them, and that’s why they’ll always have such a special place in my heart.

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I think I've spent the past 10 hours editing kpop videos instead of studying for a test that I know poooooossibly 10% the work of 😊😊😊 I think I've broken the 'I'm screwed' scale. But other than that 😅 I rewatched so many BST performances and am crying again over jk with blue/grey contacts 😭😭👏 it was such a good time /also lowkey miss that coconut head🙈/

Omg 😂 I’ve been editing videos last night and omg dhdjdkdk it takes time Istg. I was so tired lol idk how pros do it 😨 I agree ~~~ bs&t was such a sexy era ! I loved the lenses as well , but I’m happy I can finally stare into jungkook’s real eyes lol I remember almost forgetting how his gorgeous sparkling eyes looked , just because he wore lenses so much lol


I love Day6. These boys really love what they do. They really love music. They really love to sing. I hope they can continue to work hard with a smile on their face because they deserve nothing less. They are loved and they should know that and I hope they never feel any other way. Day6 I love you so much. Ok.