omg i love this era so much

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Congrats Cait!! You deserve it so so much, you're an amazing writer! ❤ Can I get a marauders era male ship please? I think you know me enough by now, I trust you 😄 Oh and of course I'd ship you with Sirius. You know you remind me a bit of Marlene so obviously.. You'd be really good with each other 😊

Beth I’m smiling like an idiot omg I love Sirius thank you so much!!! <3 

Ship: Remus omg I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again y’all should just get married tbh 

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How you met: You both got jobs working for the Daily Prophet, you as a writer and him as an editor, and hit it off pretty quickly <3

Cute thing you/he does: After his transformations, you know he’s in pain but he doesn’t like to feel pitied, so you’d take care of him but not in obvious ways like bandaging him up. He can do that himself, but when you bring him a cup of tea or when you makes sure there’s a heated pillow he can put on his sore back he realizes just how much you do for him and he just falls even more in love ugh my heart!!!

Random relationship headcanon: You’re not just dating, it’s like there’s this actual connection between you two and you just work so well as a pair!! All your friends call you mom & dad haha

Cait :)

finishing up ships from the other day!!


Happy 3 years of 1989!

I’ve told you my stories for years now. Some have been coming of age. Some have been about coming undone. This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result… coming alive. I hope you know that you’ve given me the courage to change. I hope you know that who you are is who I choose to be, and that whispers behind your back don’t define you. You are the only one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.❞ // October 27, 2014

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if you don't mind.. could you possibly maybe draw the different mikey way eras? you know- bullets, revenge, black parade, danger days, present... only if you want to though (btw i love your art so much like omg the style is so amazing ashdsfghlklj)


Sleepy Remus Lupin lying on the bed

- taken by Sirius Black, who was absolutely in love with his Moony, circa 1976

The Little Things

request: Hey!! I was wondering if I could get a sirius x shy bookworm reader where he’s trying to ask her to hogsmead, Thanks love xx

yay here it is!!

“Thanks (Y/N)! See you next week!” A boy from Slytherin said, picking up his books and walking out of the library. 

On your off-time you would tutor students. Every subject in Hogwarts fascinated you so you took liberty to be the best at all of them. Not in a cocky sort of way, you just loved learning. 

You gave him a kind smile and waved and put your materials away. After doing so, you pulled out your favorite book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and you fell in love with it. 

So deep into reading about Mooncalves, that you never realized another body that sat across from you at the once empty table. You heard a throat clearing and you glanced up from your book and looked across the table just from the top of your book. 

“Hi.” Said Sirius Black, the Gryffindor in your same year. You remember the day he got sorted and it was very astonishing to say the least, but you were happy to know that he didn’t follow the stereotype of his family. 

You gave him a warm smile while keeping eye contact, “Hi.” 

“You’re (Y/N), correct me if I’m wrong.” He said charmingly. You felt your heart flutter. 

“You’re right.”  You answered, placing your book down and folding the corner of the page, a very bad habit you had. You always forgot to carry around your bookmark and sometimes hated to ruin the pages. Looking back at a few books that you’ve read, you’ve learned to admire the bends because it gave you memories of how good the book was, especially if there was a drastic space between the pages with folds. 

“I’m Sirius.” Sirius said, folding his hands out in front of him on top of the table and fiddled with his thumbs. 

“I know.” You answered, biting you lip shyly. 

“Of course that was such a stupid thing to say.” He muttered to himself and shook his head as his two fingers pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“It wasn’t, you were being polite.” You reassured him, chuckling slightly. 

He sighed and gave you a grateful smile before continuing, “I was wondering if you, you know, would like to- Of course if you don’t want to you don’t have to. But go with me- accompany me, to Hogsmeade this weekend?” He stammered, his face going completely red. 

You felt butterflies in your stomach and a blush creep onto your face before, subconsciously, twirling the ends of your hair with your finger. “Yeah, I would love to.” 

“Great! I was thinking we can go to Flourish and Blotts and look for books! I never see you without one so why not add to your collection, right?” He exclaimed. 

Your smile grew and everything he said made you feel happy. Not only has he been noticing you for a while, he noticed a little habit or characteristic and it was obvious that’s what always went across his mind. If felt great that he noticed the small things. 

“I would really love that. We can go to Honeydukes after, yeah?” You offered. His smile grew even bigger and he nodded eagerly. 

“Yeah that’d be incredible! Saturday around twelve?” He asked. You smiled, putting your book in your bag. 

“Twelve it is.” 

this was so much fun to write and it was so cute omg xxx

i love everything about prequels and clone wars-era star wars so much… i love the politics, the insight we have into galactic and interplanetary affairs… i love the vibrance of the people, the uniqueness of the alien races and cultures and languages… i love the fashion and the design… i love the incredible, out-of-this-world technology, the seamless blending of the mysterious Force and futuristic science… i love the diversity of the planets, from the endless cities of coruscant, to the stormy skies of kamino, to the dark fluorescence of umbara… i love meeting and getting to know senators, bounty hunters, slaves, jedi and sith alike, as complex individuals…. i just think it’s so special to be able to experience the star wars universe in its prime, before it all fell so tragically to war and corruption, and i really love the prequels and treasure them so much because of that. to me, there’s nothing like them, and that’s why they’ll always have such a special place in my heart.

OMG!!!!! My eyes… Choi Youngjae & Mark did not just do that. Ahhhhhh my markjae!! I miss CoCo parents so much.  I almost died 3 times watching this video. 1. The moment Youngjae teased the fans & pretended to take off his jacket. 2. When he covered his crotch..ahhhh I died..kekeke  3. When mark suddenly ‘attack’ Youngjae & put his feet on his belly…aww I love my markjae  ❤

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dating remus lupin would include...


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- he’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever
- reading to each other in the common room
- him writing sappy love poems about you
- he blushes when you read them and giggle
- you think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
- catching him staring at you every second of every day of the week
- sweet, gentle touches at all times
- kissing his neck because you can’t reach his lips most of the time
- refusing to let him go on a full moon
- “please don’t go.”
- “i have to, baby. i’ll be back soon, i promise.”
- extra cuddles before he has to leave you
- wearing his sweaters around even though they’re very big on you
- him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
- leaving cute notes and drawings in the margins of his journal
- he replies back to them in your journal
- it becomes one of the cute little things you both do every day
- pouring your heart out on paper about him to send to your parents
- they fall in love with him through your letters because your happiness shines through your writing
- he admires you when you sleep a lot
- james and sirius coo, pinching his cheeks when they catch him doing it
- “our sweet remus is in love, james.”
- “we’ve been replaced!”
- “shush. you’re gonna wake her!”
- him staring at you because he can’t believe you’re his girlfriend
- cuddling with his head on your chest
- you find it cute that he’s comforted by the beating of your heart when he cuddles you
- telling one another everything
- having absolutely no secrets because you both value honesty 100%
- fights are few and far between 
- having little fights about who loves the other more 
- cute play fights all the time oMG
- nose kisses!!!!
- watching him read and blushing like crazy because you’re so in love with him
- “i can’t focus on my book when such a beautiful girl is staring at me, sweetheart.”
- so much blushing i can’t even
- jealous remus = cuddly, needy remus
- “you’re cute when you’re jealous.”
- him getting shy because of it and nuzzling his face in your hair
- “i love you”’s every second of the day
- being relationship goals to everyone

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Favourite 5h/Gaymila moments?

Awww. I am OT5 trash and there’s just so many moments to choose from!

Like remember their Seventeen interview? When they were asked about their “secret talent” ahaha It’s like the old dorks are back. My heart 😭

This one because this was such a precious video

Remember “you are all, as you are, invited to the judges’ house”?

The Takeovers were such a blessing. Nothing can compare to the Fifth Harmony Takeover

Thug Harmony lol

Their Ustream/Twitcam. Bruh so many iconic moments

This “Jean Poque” Ustream omg this was my favorite

This BTS because it was sucha tough era for all of us. Moments like this had been our salvation

I loved their 2015 Billboard and 2016 ABC performances fr fr

The Reflection Tour. God damn the Reflection Tour.

The 727 tour. Need I say more?

(for a new fan like me these are such beautiful and pure moments)

Their 2016 AMAs performance (I am still shook)

The 2016 Roll Call omg I cannot

There are soooo much more moments I love but I can’t, I literally can’t this is just heartbreaking for me 😭😭💔 sorry

taeyong normally: omg i love puppies so much they are so cute and soft. omg can we buy cotton candy ? i love cotton candy!!! *someone calls him handsome* *blushes* oh thank you ^-^

taeyong while writing songs: *kinkiest man on earth* *p much into pain&pleasure* *writes songs about how he wanna get whipped and tortured by his lover*

mc: so what kind of person is taeyong ?

mark: he is…. *clears throat* he is such a nice person and i love him with all of my heart….god bless him.