omg i love this 2


I could not ever thank this game enough for the wonderful experience of my past few years. I’ve never dove so far into a game or fan community as I have for TF2, by far my favorite game. It means the absolute world to me, and I could not ask for a better set of murder dads ❤

Thank you Valve, for them.


…the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again


rpdr meme: [7/10] favourite queens → ♛ tatianna ♛

“I don’t understand how Reddit works, so I could give a shit. I don’t get threads. I just stick to the normal stuff like Facebook.. I read all the comments when I was first on, like ‘Oh, people are talking about me. I have to read everything!’ Poor decision. Luckily no one hates me right now. The worst place to go for comments is Youtube. These are the kind of people who buy groceries at CVS. Real bottom of the barrel gutterbugs. The day after I was eliminated on social media there was a hashtag JusticeForTati and I thought that was so nice.”


ok but literally all I thought about during this skit was white rose as parents

imagine Weiss being that parent that gets easily swayed by their kids cuteness while trying to punish them and Ruby is left to be the responsible one omg