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OMG babe that Jongin on the swing repost!! It is literally life!! I am so emotional after reading it because I can relate to it as I have done that before with my bf. He's a military man so he goes to training fields often. That picture caught my attention too because it is SO adorable and I hope he was doing just that at that moment. I wonder how they answer the phone with one another! Ahhh! I love them so much!! I hope you're having a great day sweetie!! <3 #jagi

Oh yes ;_; I could just imagine Nini sitting like that and talking on the phone with Soo, asking the other what they had done that day, if they’re doing okay, if they’re tired, how much they miss each other, and make sure the other is eating well and encouraging one another to work hard! 

It must be difficult to be away from someone you love? I really hope you’ll be able to meet your loved one soon~ (I wish the same for kaisoo :’) I hope nini comes home soon too)

And thank you cutie! I hope you’re having a lovely day <3 Take care ^o^ 

I’M CRYING OF JOY THAT VIKTUURI IS ACTUALLY A CANON GAY AND MULTIRACIAL COUPLE WITH A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN A SPORT ANIME But can we talk about the fact that Viktor, a world champion russian athlete that probably is not just idolized in his own country (RUSSIA A EXTEMELY HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRY) but in the world kissed a japanese man in national chinese (other homophobic country) tv and in a world event don’t giving a fuck to the consequences, dgaf to the opinion not just from all the world but his family and friends in his house and risking all his life and dreams because he’s so in love with Yuuri in this point that he don’t need anything more CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT VIKTOR AND YUURI ARE SO BRAVE TO SHOW THEIR LOVE DESPITE ALL DANGERS THAT THEY MAY FACE FROM NOW ON

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Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3


Okay but about the moment after kiss
It was one of the things that I really loved and appreciated in the whole episode, especially Yuri’s face while he look at Viktor.
He seems to be so happy and made at the moment like if he waited for that moment his whole life???? Omg I love his expression so much. ❤
And Viktor seems to be so happy that Yuri enjoyed the kiss and didn’t say something like “oh my fucking God why couldn’t you think in another surprise?That was too much!”

That’s a healthy and strong relationship that I hope to grow more and more, if it’s possible. They deserve it.

Another little evak moment I have stuck in my head is...

Isak and Even lying in bed one lazy afternoon. Even’s arms are wrapped around his golden haired sweetheart, while Isaks head is literally resting right on his man’s big beautiful heart (which of course belongs to Isak anyway) 

and as i’m sure they do in moments like this sometimes, they begin to reflect on everything they have been through, and reveal personal and deep things that they have felt or thought, that they could never tell anyone else but each other. 

and during this particular moment Isak reflects on That Night, the night that led him to doubt Even’s feelings for him and to hesitate at running to his side even though that was the only thing he wanted to do. He of course doesn’t tell Even everything Sonja said to him straight out. Because our baby is just not like that. He understands why Sonja said what she said and he just wants to forget about it. But the thing is he lets it slip. Somehow he’s just thinking and Even is talking about how he couldn’t believe that Isak would ever in his wildest dreams, like him back, and suddenly it just comes out. 

That Isak thought once that maybe Even’s feelings weren’t ever real and he was just a symptom of his illness. That it had to be true because for Even to love him back was just too good to be true. Even was too good to be true. 

Even of course is instantly annoyed at Sonja, but more than anything he is incredibly sad that the boy that means more to him than anything else in the world. The boy who gives him life in many forms, for one moment believed that Even’s feelings were not real. Even though it is too late, the only thing that becomes important to Even in this moment, is to make sure the man of his life never doubts the amount he loves, adores and worships him ever again. 

Gently, he brushes his fingertips across Isak’s cheek, and leans down to press a soft kiss against his forehead. Isak looks up at him, his green eyes sending shivers down Even’s spine and once again he wonders how this boy cannot know how deep his love truly is, how much he would do for him, how much he affects him from one look. he continues to gently stroke his beautiful handsome face as he tries to send everything he feels for this boy through his eyes. 

he then leans down to Isak’s ear and whispers “The way I feel about you, the things you make me feel; that is the only thing in my entire life that I have been sure about. You are my reason. You are my Life.” 

Isak responds by leaning up to wrap his arms around his neck and gently brush his nose against Even’s, before shrugging and saying “yeah you’re okay too I guess.” They both break out in giggles before wrapping themselves up in each other and letting their lips, hands and hearts fit where they belong, 

with each other. 


It becomes a disturbing routine - I start overthinking.

This episode left me scared. Joyful, but scared. Of Yuri.

The way he behaves now is different. When he saw Minami acting all “omg-its-yuri-i-love-him”, he changed in face so fast, that I could not take it as a joke. He seemed disgusted and uncomfortable. But few years back he was the same with Victor. Let’s face it - he still is. He is all fanatic sometimes, but seeing someone else doing the same to him - he is repelled.

And Victor saw it. The reaction from him is immediate too. He is deeply disturbed and disappointed in this, as he understands, that Yuri is looking at others, as they are much lower than him. Looks down on them for a second. Thank god, Yuri understood his frustration and supported Minami, but… What if he didn’t? What if one day we will see Yuri, as an antagonist of the series?

AND look at this hug. Victor not only hugs Yuri. He is lowering himself down. Not to be at one hight level with Yuri, but to be even lower. He slouched before him in hug and when putting gloss on him lips.
With hollow, emotionless eyes Yuri just acceps it, as if it was the thing Victor is supposed to do in the first place. And before this - when Victor tried to encourage him before competition - Yuri just walked away, leaving Victor behind.

Yuri is becoming less amature and bubbly, as he was in last episode. He is getting scary serious and harsh even. Victor knows that, and it hurts him to see Yuri like that.

Yes, it might be stress from competition, but look at it. Victor is changing his behavior a lot just to show Yuri, that he can be better. That Victor himself is just the same human, not so legend, as Yuri used to portray him. 

And I am deeply worried and scared, that Yuri might belive it. And become the asshole we thought Victor was. And, judging from his reaction to Minami - Yuri is already on the way there.

Any thoughts? 

SlytherPuff friendships
  • Slytherins not killing spiders because ew they don’t want to touch it
  • Puffs calmly smacking the thing dead with their BARE HANDS on SIGHT
  • Puffs smirking and waving the dead spider on their hand in Slytherin’s face
  • “get that thING AWAY FROM ME”
  • “omg there’s nothing to be afraid-” the spider drops off their hand and into Slytherin’s lap
  • “i’m going to murder you”
  • “you love me too much to do that”
  • “wanna bet?”
  • Puffs complaining about Slytherin’s never letting them choose which show to binge watch
  • “but whyyyyyyy?”
  • “because i have better taste”
  • “yeah but i wanna watch this one”
  • Puffs being the best hosts and offering their fridge, their blankets, their first children to make Slytherin feel comfy
  • and Slytherin loves every second of it
  • “by the way your favorite ice cream is in the fridge”
  • “see this is why i made you my friend”
  • Slytherin IMMEDIATELY becoming overly protective of sad Puff
  • “i-i just want-”
  • “revenge? to see them murdered? because you say the word and i will make this happen”
  • “….a hug??????? i wanT A HUG???”
  • “oh.” 
  • Slytherins fucking love Puff hugs
  • because they’re better at hugging, those soft cuddling plush badgers
  • Puffs giving the best gifts Slytherins have never even heard of
  • Slytherins give the best gifts that Puffs mention THAT ONE TIME 18 MONTHS AGO
  • so many hilarious arguments
  • Puffs being understanding when Slytherins put their guards up
  • Slytherins seeing much more beyond a Puff’s kind exterior
  • a mutual understanding of being summed up into a much smaller version of who they are
  • which allows them to see each other more clearly than other houses might

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a hc about MC and the RFA (V+Saeran bc they need that love too) going on a star gazing date ;)))

I love star gazing so much omg ;0; ;))


  • He wanted to go star gazing with MC for so long 
  • He doesn’t have a car so they get a taxi out of the city 
  • they went out just right outside the city
  • The street lamps on the road were sort of blocking the stars so they walked a bit far from there 
  • The stars were so bright there 
  • Yoosung put down a blanket he brought for them 
  • they laid down and watched the stars 
  • they stayed there all night and ended up falling asleep 
  • and wake up with mosquito bites


  • They were having a cozy night
  • just cuddling and watching a horror movie 
  • and right as the jump scare happened the electricity went out 
  • they both screamed 
  • He turned on the flashlight on his phone and looked outside 
  • the power went out in the entire neighborhood 
  • “I have an idea” 
  • He grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her outside 
  • The stars were already bright when there was electricity 
  • But now they were even brighter 
  • they both just sat in silence holding on to each other watching them 
  • When the electricity came back on the stars weren’t as bright 
  • but they didn’t move 


  • They had to close up the coffee shop later than usual 
  • they started walking home 
  • holding hands 
  • but then suddenly MC stops walking 
  • MC is looking up at the sky with a huge smile 
  • “Jaehee look!” 
  • She looks up and the stars are so bright 
  • they never really got to enjoy the stars together before 
  • They just stand there until it gets too cold 
  • They walk home but pretty slowly since they are both still looking up at the sky 


  • He had planned this 
  • what day. Where they go. The weather 
  • He took MC to a small cabin 
  • it was incredibly cozy 
  • later at night they both had some fancy ass wine
  • He brought her outside to sit on the bench 
  • It was incredible 
  • there was not a single cloud in the sky
  • just stars 
  • This was honestly the best date night 
  • He loved watching MC’s face while they looked at the sky 


  • He said they were just gonna go for a little drive
  • that was 4 hours ago
  • and every time MC asked where they were going he avoided the question 
  • Once they finally got there MC understood why he kept it a surprise 
  • They were literally in the middle of nowhere 
  • No cars, No people, No houses nearby 
  • It was a little cloudy but you could mostly see the stars and it was great 
  • They walked around for a bit before finding a spot to lay down 
  • They cuddled and kissed under the stars 
  • “Hey, MC~ You know what I’ve always wanted to do under the stars?~” 
  • “hmm?” 
  • ;;))


  • He can’t really see the stars 
  • But he knows MC loves the stars 
  • So he does bring them to a small spot where the lights are minimum 
  • Even though he can’t see the stars he really enjoys this moment with MC 
  • MC describes the sky for him 
  • They try to give as much detail as possible 
  • Just hearing MC’s voice is more than enough for him 


  • It was MC’s idea to go star gazing
  • Saeran wasn’t as much for it at first 
  • He prefers the day 
  • He’s just generally not a huge fan of the dark 
  • When they do go MC is holding on to his hand the entire time 
  • They lead him to their favorite spot to star gaze 
  • They sit down and MC rests their head on Saerans shoulder 
  • “Oh! Saeran look! A shooting star! Make a wish!” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Because it could come true!” 
  • “.. Okay” 
  • He didn’t get why he should wish on a shooting star 
  • But he did 
  • He wished he could have more moments like this with MC 
  • so cheesy Saeran 
  • But that wish will come true 

Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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