omg i love them both so much

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The moment i saw Jungkook and Yugyeom video hugging each other for such a long time i'm crying so hard. Both of them is just a shy kids who've been in a hard time to reach their dream. When Jungkook said Yugyeom is his only friend in idol world 1/2

Anonymous said: I feel happy because both of them put their group above themself. When Got7 member prank Yugyeom before their concert, he almost cry because he think it’s the end of their group. He remind me so much to Jungkook. I love their friendship:’) 2/2

omg :”))))) tbh i’ve never paid really much attention to their interaction before, but maybe just like a glimpse? i know that they’re close but their interaction in mama just open my eyes wider than before. i’d definitely looking forward for more of their moments now :”D

meeting sabrina experience

so yesterday i got to meet sabrina and im still really shook about it (im putting my concert experience in another post so that it wont be too long) 

I met sab through the fye album signing, so i didnt actually have to pay for a meet and greet. i tried taking a picture of sab while i was waiting in line but security kept yelling at us and saying there were no phones allowed, so i’m really sad because i don’t have a pic with her :( but anyway, I walk up to her and she called me gorgeous and i didn’t even know what to say that was the best compliment in the world. she also said she liked my shirt. so she signed my album and then i gave her this bracelet that i made for her (i made one for myself too so like we both have them, idk i thought it would be cute) and she was like omg thats so sweet thank you so much i love it. i couldn’t believe how genuinely sweet she was. she looked so beautiful and had the cutest outfit on and really sparkly eyeshadow and ugh. so yeah i told her i loved her so much and thanked her and then walked away and stood there for like 5 minutes just staring at her lol. it was such an amazing time i love her so much and although i only got like a minute with her, i’ll never forget it 


Comparison of Simon and Baz on their roommate being alive.

Why are they so adorable omg


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