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Opposite Dog Hybrid!Mingyu

Requested by anon: Helooo Mom™ can I have a fluffy Hybrid! Mingyu Or Jeonghan Au? 😊 thank you 💘💖✨💫🌈💘💝💫✨💗💖 

aaa here it is my love emoji anon!!!! i tried to make it super fluffy i think im gonna die from this sweetness!!! 

warnings: fluff that makes u wanna dIE AND MURDER MINGYU BUT ALSO SQUISH HIS FACE

  • You recently moved in your new apartment for the first time ever since graduating college
  • You were able to pick up some temporary jobs that would barely be enough to make a living but hey you wanted the freedom and you wanted to prove yourself to your parents
  • As you were carrying your boxes to the third floor, you were about to colLAPSE BC SO MANY STAIRS YOU WISH YOU DID BETTER IN PE
  • After you finally finished carrying all of your stuff you thought maybe i should show some hospitality and introduce myself to the neighbors!!
  • But you’re also a cat hybrid and you’re like um well do i really have to tho i’d rather just sLEEP MY ARMS ARE GONNA FALL OFF
  • But you’re determined to do something adult!!! You are now living alone and have jobs and bills to pay!!!!
  • So you gathered all of your willpower and got out some of your homemade bomb af cookies before heading to your next door neighbor
  • You were like ok chill all you’re doing is saying your name and giving them some cookies nO bIgGiE!!!

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College!AU Hongbin

find leo (here), ravi (here) & hakyeon (here

  • major: art history 
  • minor: painting 
  • sports: basketball team 
  • clubs: sculpting club, gardening club 
  • always running into class late with his hair a mess and his glasses on crooked and sketches falling out of his bag but it’s ok because somehow he manages to make the whole look very cute 
  • takes meticulous notes and carries around a huge binder with post-its of all colors and shapes sticking out of it and people are always like ?? how do you manage to find anything in that monster and hongbin just laughs nervously like haHah i ,,, uh,,, have a system hehe
  • loves loves lOVES all the classes he’s taking about art in different parts of the world especially middle eastern art and mediterranean, gets so inspired and enthusiastic talking about the art that sometimes he starts skipping or stuttering over his words and he gets embarrassed because oh no,,, he rambled again
  • prehistoric art is the only class he sometimes manages to fall asleep in but then he keeps himself awake by sketching random students or objects in his drawing pad 
  • joined sculpting club and not painting club because he thought it’d be nice to learn about another kind of art and he likes working with his hands (plus he looks adorable wearing the apron and getting little chunks of clay on his cheeks and it’s just so damn cute and aesthetic gdi hongbin)
  • his first sculpting project was a mug for his mom (: she loved it even though it was slightly misshapen 
  • the only person on the basketball team with an art major and the other dudes tease him for it but then his friend ravi from the soccer team is just like ??? bro art is savage??? and super hard??? so what if you’re not like a chem major or whatever - art is just as important??? bro it’s so cool don’t let it get you down man you’re so talented??? the bromance is strong
  • but anyway you meet hongbin in a painting class that you’re just taking as an elective and you notice he’s so excited like he keeps toying with the brushes before the teacher even starts talking and it’s like really cute,, 
  • and for a couple of weeks you just admire him from afar because like you never have the courage to really ask him anything but then one day 
  • you guys are working on doing like watercolor paintings and you notice that hongbin has a mug with him with some coffee and then he has a cup of water he’s putting the paint into and you’re like oh ok but then …. he reaches for the mug with paint in it and is like bringing it up to his lips and you’re like WA IT 
  • and you like run over and put your hand on his and you’re like !!!!! stop!!!! that’s not something you should drink!!!!
  • and hongbin looks at you with wide eyes like ???? it’s coffee though and you’re shaking your head like no!! it’s paint look!! and he does and his surprised face gets even more shocked and he’s like oh MY g  od i almost drank paint holy moly 
  • and you’re like please be careful,,, paint is probably not good for you and hongbin’s like you’re right i need to be more aware and he chuckles and smiles and oh god you feel your heartbeat get louder because he looks so angelic when he’s laughing and you’re just like u H well ill go back to,,, my painting 
  • and hongbin’s like oh yeah haha sorry but thank you for essentially saving my life haha and he scratches his neck and you’re like oh no it’s nothing haha and you two are just in this awkward flusteredness until the teacher says times up and you’re like well i??? will see you next week
  • and hongbin bows like yeah!!! see you
  • and tbh neither you or hongbin can stop thinking about the other person that whole week
  • like even during basketball practice he’s standing there looking at the hoop and he’s like ,,,,that person was so nice and really pretty and ,,,,,do you think maybe i could keep talking to them/???? no….no…they probably think im a fool for almost drinking paint water…and he probably accidentally gets hit with the ball for daydreaming rofl
  • but basically the next week comes around and you’re like setting up your easel and trying not to think about how cute hongbin’s gonna look when he shows up to class
  • and when he does he’s as Cute as expected and you’re like frick but then suddenly you see him like casually moving his own easel closer to yours and he’s like !! hey,,,,do you remember me?? you saved me from drinking paint water haha
  • and you’re like of course!!! what’s up?? and he’s like oh i was just wondering you know how the teacher was like we need to paint portraits and you’re like mhmm and he’s like weLL is it cool if i paint…you???? iTS Fine if YOU Wanna SaY no Hah ,,, aa,,,,
  • and you start blushing because omg,,no no it’s fine,,,but ??? why me??? and you’re kind of like im not that interesting and hongbin’s like no!!! no you really are and id be honored to paint you and you’re like honored????? and he’s like oops is that too weird to say,,,
  • and god you two are just awkward and blushy but also giggly 
  • and like as you begin to paint you and hongbin talk and everytime you laugh you notice how his eyes curve up and how pretty his mouth looks and you’re like oh god he’s painting me but he’s the real art here
  • and hongbin is probably thinking like im painting them but they’re already art 
  • so cheesy it hurts but moving on
  • and you guys just like get to know each other better and end up laughing at jokes you make or sarcastic comments about how hard painting is and how shit college is and you know everything else
  • and like painting class slowly becomes your favorite because hongbins there and sometimes he comes in with fresh fruit he got from the campus garden because he tells you he’s part of gardening club and you’re like omg how could he get more,,,,,,adorable
  • and you stop hongbin from drinking paint water again,,,,and then again because he really seems to be bad at coordinating his materials like he shows you his backpack once and it’s a mess of notes, drawings, pencils, and snack wrappers and you’re like omg hongbin
  • and before you know it the paintings of portraits are due and you come in excited because hongbin hasn’t let you see the one he’s done of you until now and like when he shows it to you he gets super shy and hides his head in his hands and he’s like im sorry if it’s bad,,,it’s bad isn’t it???
  • and you’re like left in shock because it looks like a photograph and you’re like hongbin,,,,,,,,,how are you so talented it’s so beautiful i wish i could keep it too bad you have to hand it in
  • and hongbin gets all red in the face and ears like it’s not tHAT good and you like hold his face in your hands and you’re like lee hongbin you are an ARTIST it’s so amazing you made me look better than i do 
  • and he smiles because god he’s so relieved you like it but he’s also biting his lip like ,,,, no,,,, i think the real you,,,is much more beautiful,,,,
  • and you’re like beautiful?? in your head and you kind of don’t know what to say and it’s just so soft between you two 
  • and afterclass hongbin finally f I N A  L  L y asks you if you wanna go get something to eat with him sometime and you’re like i would love that!! 
  • and it’s your first date and hongbin comes to pick you up outside your dorm with his hair actually combed and all the paint washed from his fingertips and he compliments your outfit and shakely offers his hand for you to hold and it’s just so pure
  • he takes you to this little italian styled restaurant with murals of the street of italy painted on the walls and like plants and vegetables and spices hanging from everywhere and it’s small but cozy and the food is great and hongbin asks nervously if he can take a photo of you he brought along like a little polaroid camera and you’re like ,,, if you want,,,,
  • and he does and when the photo comes out he’s like you look so cute!! and you’re like t,,thank you!! and you’re like hey if you get a photo of me let me get one of you and you snap one of him being all shy and it’s cute you guys have like matching photos of each other
  • and when hongbin is walking you back to the dorm he pulls something out of his pocket and it’s a folded up piece of paper and when you unfold it it’s like a rough, quick sketch of you and he’s like ,,, i did this in class once when you were just painting,,, i thought you’d like to have it and you’re like omf hongbin
  • and somehow it gives you this spike of courage to lean up and kiss him and hongbin’s eyes go wide but so does his mouth he smiles so much when you pull back and he’s like wow and you’re like ,,,,,,wow is right
  • and ITS SO CUTE like you guys go out on cute dates to cafes or to bookstores to look at the art books or to museums and hongbin is so knowledgable and you learn so much
  • and sometimes you come with him to gardening club and you guys tend to flowers together
  • or sometimes you guys just sit around on the quad while hongbin rests his head in your lap
  • fINALLY you make him sit down and organize his binder and he’s like it’s going to get messy in a week again and you like kiss his nose like that’s fine we can do another organize-hongbins-notes date i dont mind and he’s like i love you so much damn 
  • one day you find out that hongbin actually has a pet bunny in his dorm that he shares with some dude named gongchan and you’re like no way we can’t have animals on campus??? and hongbin’s like i know,,, but gongchan saw him in a store window and now we kind of own him and he’s cute his names thumper and you’re like omg like the disney character and hongbin’s like listen gongchan is corny and you’re like i think it’s you, lee hongbin, who is corny
  • but yes you spend like hours in his dorm playing with the bunny while hongbin gets stuff ready for his art classes or just watches you with this serene smile
  • you and hongbin also both embarrassingly love doing karaoke dates especially when he gets a little tipsy and starts bawling out park hyoshin songs and you’re like Yes  BA by sIN G and he’s just getting way too into it
  • he keeps getting paint on his clothes and so you’re always coming over to make him do laundry and he’s like but the paint stains won’t come out and you’re like with a little scrubbing they will trust me 
  • hongbin bringing you fresh flowers from the campus garden in secret (-: 
  • tbh his best friend ravi made hongbin put a flower emoji next to your name in his phone because he spilled to you that when you’re not around hongbin calls you his rose and you’re like oH and hongbin like slide under the table like f UCK rAVI SH  U S H
  • it’s actually super cute like on the day after his finals were all over and you know he had been stressing about one of his art history finals you like asked gongchan to leave the dorm and you wanted to surprise hongbin with a cake and congratulations for getting through the tests when you walked in on him and he was like
  • laying on his bed without a shirt like on his stomach and like the light from the windows was making patterns on his spine 
  • and he was sleeping just looking serene like ART and you almost dropped the cake from blushing and like you wanted to leave but you put the cake in the kitchen and turned around aND hONG BIN was  TH ERE and youre Like O H my god
  • and he’s like rubbing his eyes sleepily like ,,, you’re here??? and you’re like y,,,eah i wanted to say goodjob on the finals and he steps closer and he’s still not wearing a shirt and god he looks like a greek god sculpture 
  • and suddenly he just takes your wrists in his and pulls you into his arms to hug you and he’s still drowsy with sleep but he’s like nuzzling into your neck like ,,,, stay with me
  • and slowly you like make way back to his bed and you’re losing clothes the whole way there and well
  • hongbin is just a very gentle person and loving and his lips feel as soft as petals against your skin
  • and it’s super romantic after you’re just laying there in a dizzy happiness and he’s like ,,,, oh god we just and you’re like y e a h,,,, and he just hides his face in a pillow 
  • soooooOOOOooo cute
  • you specifically buy him a mug that says “NOT PAINT WATER” on it so you know he’s safe when you’re not around
  • painter hongbin giving you shy kisses on the forehead because he can’t hold your face to kiss you because he’s holding a brush in one hand and the other hand is covered in paint
  • on your birthday he surprises you by giving you the original portrait painting he did of you in the class you two met in and you almost cry and he just gets frazzled like no,, nO this supposed to be romantic and you’re like hongbin
  • and he’s like yes
  • and you like jump into his arms and he’s like OOOhhhh ok you like it good!!!! 
photographer!kihyun au

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • i,,, have had a thing for photographer kihyun for like,,,eVer sinCE i started stanning him,,,
  • and since there’s not much out there fics/aus about photographer kihyun
  • /rolls sleeve/
  • ok but photographer!kihyun would be both cool and cute i kid u not
  • the type to always???? ALWAYS!!!! have his camera by his side; either slung on his arm or in his backpack
  • there was this one time he forgot to bring his camera along and his friends thought something happened to him or the camera
  • “is ur camera oKay??????r YOU okay????” “why wouldn’t they be okay and im here aren’t i?”
  • turns out he just forgot to charge the batteries overnight shdsdsj clumsy
  • but how much do you wanna bet he can’t sit still without his camera by his side?
  • “yOo kihYUN sTop FidgEting” “i cant help it!!!!i’m so used to have my camera with me i-”
  • his camera is basically his wife,, but anyways moving on,
  • the type to be gone during the weekends to take short trips to the beach or countryside for pictures
  • “hey kihyun are you free this weekend” “can’t im going to the beach” “hey ki-” “CANT i have to go to the neighbouring city”
  • but his pictures ended up being to die for so it’s forgiven ;;
  • his phone wallpapers,,, would mostly b pictures of sceneries he took. Only on rare occasion it would be faces of people,,,, prob mainly bcs it was him who took it.
  • imagine him putting a picture of minhyuk because he loved the way the pic turned out and minhyuk saw,,,
  • “omg ki i didn’t know u liked me that much ;”^ )” “i  DONT. the pic just turned out nic-” “AWWW SHUSH I Like Me Too ;););)” “sdhjsdhjskajhskja remind me to not take a pic of u ever again”
  • “no way u like the way he poses for pics too much to not take pics of him” - prob shownu
  • “,,,,,, riTe”
  • its tru tho kihyun is picky when it comes to his pictures, especially potraits and he always complains about how its so hard to take pics of shownu
  • “shownu u do know you can breathe like normal, right?”
  • but anyways,
  • his instagram!!!!
  • god his instagram would b aesthetically pleasing nd like, low quality-ly hq,,
  • pics from his trips? pics from his coffee stops? pics of mx hanging out? you got them all!
  • but like,, what’s hard to see in his feed is probably his selfie since he takes bad selfies according to wonho and minhyuk
  • “i  DO NOT. take bad selfies” - says kihyun as he poses the same pose for 2938482 selfies with the same angle
  • sighs
  • so instead of uploading his selfies, the only pictures that would have his face in it would be the candids the boys took of him
  • from when he’s drinking coffees, or from when he’s taking pictures,,,
  • mostly r pics of him taking pictures w his camera since he find himself looking extra cool doing those
  • but like,,, since most of his pics r candids, u can hardly see his face since it’s always being covered w camera or looking down
  • also since most pics r from  the boys, u could expect to see minhyuk or wonho annoyingly commenting on his pics
  • “omg what a cool pic i wonder who took them” “i bet the photographer’s good looking tell him i’m a fan of him!”
  • “im  Blocking. both of u”
  • ok but you,,,, you do know kihyun, sort of
  • that is if u consider being friends with changkyun and hearing changkyun bragging about how good this one photographer friend is then yeah you do know kihyun
  • you follow him on instagram, but like,,, u never actually met him before??
  • tho judging on his ig pics he seems attractive but also seems like a snoob?? or a bit cocky?? based on his comments so idk,, u just dont really like those type of guys
  • but anyways, you’re studying filming major in school so you’re always standing behind the camera or screens instead,
  • but you’re been told a handful of time that you have enough visuals to be a model,, it DID crossed ur mind but like???me??? a model??? must b mad enough to do  That,  so u didnt
  • so you’re a close friends with changkyun, and you two are always hanging out when kyun ain’t hanging out w mx
  • so when you’re out together, it’s always u who takes kyun’s pictures and you’re no photography student, but you could say your pics r decent (since you actually like photography as well,)
  • changkyun loves!!!! ur pic and he always say that you would bond well with kihyun since the two of you have similar taste
  • youre like  “naaaaah no thx” and kyun just shrugs bcs like okay then sure no fOrcing u
  • so u continue to hangout with changkyun with him mentioning about wanting the two of you meeting up but you always refusing
  • UNTIL 
  • one day you two were hanging out at the park, just casual and being a bunch of goofs when kyun said some of the mx boys r here and wants to meet up nd if its okay with you
  • “yeAH??? i mean i would love to meet them anyways especially minhyuk! i heard he’s kinda cool,,”
  • “yeah but there’s gonna be kihy-” changkyun before his words being interrupted by a hollering minhyuk from afar
  • you immediately recognize minhyuk based on his jumpy attitude and also wonho who’s following behind a sprinting minhyuk
  • minhyuk immediately pounced on changkyun and you like,, laughed at how done kyun looked
  • u suddenly heard some clicker sound beside u and when u turn, ur eyes meet w a pair of very??? beautiful??? eyes???
  • it took a few seconds but u then realized it was kihyun,, with his camera his hand,, like OF COURSE kihyun would b around taking pics
  • immediately introducing yourself to the boys, changkyun immediately said, “ah ki hyung, she’s the one who always took my cafe an d ootd pics”
  • youre like ?? but when u look at kihyun he was like O-o and was saying “yeah i sorta figured?? since u hardly hang out w anyone else anyways” but he wasnt even looking at u or anything,,,
  • “wow he really /is/ snobby,,,,” was what u thought at first since even after a few mins of hanging out at the park, he still wont meet ur eyes??? even when he’s talking to you or something??? wow   rood.
  • but like yea you guys hanged out for a while longer before u decided to leave the boys alone
  • so when you excused yourself, changkyun was like “yeah yeah sure i’ll see you later” but
  • kihyun seemed weirdly and surprisingly disappointed for someone who hardly made any eye contact w you through out the hour of hanging out
  • nd judging on his personality around the boys and on what changkyun told you, you doubt he’s actually  SHY
  • (in which he is but we’ll get to that later)
  • but anyways, kihyun was like: “you’re leaving already?”
  • “????y ea??? i have early classes tomorrow so,,”
  • “o right your filming classes”
  • ???? ?you’re actually surprised that he knows??? but okay then
  • so like u go home and attend your classes like normal for almost a whole week, nothing unusual happened, and u doing ur usual routine,
  • like going to classes, having lunch w your friends and changkyun when he’s free, studying in the library,, and even going out during the afternoon for an hour of,,, walk
  • so here’s the thing
  • even when you’re a film student, you have a huge interest in photography, so,
  • every afternoon you would go out for an hour or two, just to walk around town, stopping once in a while to just take pictures.
  • people thought you go out for some exercises but l mao n O
  • you always have your small handy little camera by your side,, your loyal best friend.
  • so like it was a week??? after that meeting with kihyun and the other boys, but nothing happened,
  • you did saw kihyun around the campus once in a while,
  • but everytime your eyes locked, he would blin k for once or twice then quickly look away,
  • in WHICH, helped u to think that he’s really a snob
  • (u gH HE IS REALLY NOT but we’ll get there anyways,)
  • so like one afternoon you’re just walking around town, taking pictures like normal,
  • and you’re at this small park at the end of town,
  • its small, and not packed, just like how u like it,,
  • so you ended up just spending your afternoon there, taking pictures and stuff
  • nd after a while u spot a cute little kitten playing around, and of course u took pictures of it
  • the cat spotted you and it just ran towards you and soon,,
  • your camera was forgotten and you’re there,
  • just sitting on the ground and playing with the little kitten,,,
  • it was really peaceful, with just you and the kitten, and maybe some one or two people passing by, a couple sitting on a bench nearby,, but that’s just it
  • it’s not noisy or anything, just the way you like it,,
  • at least until u heard some sound of the flicker of a camera
  • looking around, you were expecting to see someone taking photos of views or the trees,, BUT
  • what you wasnt expecting was seeing a camera lens being pointed directly towards you,, just a few feet away from you,, and the kitten
  • you just stared at the camera,, nd the person behind the camera since you’re not really sure what to do
  • because like you’re not sure either to be mad or not?? since yea, it’s not nice to take other people’s pictures without permission but like,
  • you yourself have taken so many candid pictures of others,,, so??? u’re not exactly sure??
  • realizing they were caught, the person quickly lower down their camera and bow down their head slightly
  • but like you managed to catch their face and you just,,,: “kihyun???”
  • the person look up at you and with his round glasses on the bridge of his nose, his beanie covering his black hair, a simple round sweater hugging his figure,
  • you could easily tell it is indeed your campus’ infamous photographer, Mr. Yoo Kihyun
  • “what are you-”
  • “look, i’m sorry for taking your picture without permission it’s just that the settings was all so nice and the sunlight was on point, the kitten was active and you look really pretty so i just had to,, and like i hope u dont ask me to delete them??? because it’s really pretty,,, like i could show u if you don’t believe me it’s ReALLy nice!!! and-”
  • “l mao kihyun you’re babbling and yea of course you can keep them,”
  • “please dont tell me to- wait, what?? reaLLy???”
  • “yea h, i mean, as long as i look good in them tho”
  • “o- oh,, well,, u do look decent i guess???”
  • “don’t lie, i heard it when u said i looked pretty.”
  • “o h sh OOt”
  • CUE a cute blushing kihyun scratching his nape, trying to figure out how to cover up his honest words he blurted out a while ago,
  • but when he looked up trying to spit out some words about how it was the sun that helped you looked nice,, he sees you grinning at him while the little kitten still playing with your fingers,,,
  • and he thought,, oh screw it
  • “y-yeah,, well you always look good anyways, so nothings new”
  • and when he sees your cheeks slowly growing red, he was glad he said those words,,
  • he’d always thought you’re cute anyways, only he never actually brought up the guts to approach you properly
  • and now,, with you here for once smiling at him instead of looking at him as if he’s some kind of snob you hate, which he knows you thought of him that way before this,,
  • he decided he’s gonna be a  Man and not waste this chance with you
  • “but like, do you wanna see it though? the pictures, i mean.”

a/n : i might do a second part of this, who knows since i have a major big fat love for photographer!kihyun anyways! Also, newton was released today and photographer!kihyun made his appearance!!!! 


Requested by anon: Can you do a married!au with Seokmin where he asks you to dance with him after a long day? Like super romantic and stuff? Thank you! 


warnings: super romantic, super cheesy, super fLUFF THAT I ACTUALLY HAD TO TAKE A BREAK FROM WRITING BC IT WAS SUPER SWEET!!!!

  • i hope yall enjoy this piece as much as i loved writing it <33333333
  • The sizzling of the stove and soft BTOB melodies crackled from your speakers, the only sounds that drifted from the kitchen
  • You were humming along to the harmonies, the cute pastel pink apron Seokmin bought for you last month wrapped securely around your waist as you twirled with a spatula in one hand but u didnt twirl that much ok pls dont burn the house down
  • You were about to reach the peak of the song when the familiar bell rang
  • You glanced at the clock and smiled to yourself
  • “7, just as expected”
  • You quickly wiped your hands on a nearby towel and scurried off to the front door
  • “Welcome home, honey!!!” you chirped
  • He had a slightly worn out smile but the second he laid eyes on you, his eyes lit up and the tired grin became the embodiment of the sun and blinded you lmao i luv death!!!

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boyfriend! taehyung

  • here i am again hello everyone what’s good 
  • i really need more variety in my writing with the other members but i always am emo for tae so here i am againnnn 
  • first off let me tell u one thing,,, tae would be the boyfriend to be clingy as fuck. 
  • good luck if u wanna go somewhere alone everywhere u go u look behind u o shit u got a leech on ur back
  • HUGS
  • there will be so many hugs ok it will be borderline weightlifting fairy !!!!! like you will just be walking and all of a sudden BOOM tae is attacking u from behind 
  • literally there is so much love in this relationship like shiiT
  • like “ok babe we’re wearing blue today” 
  • or have this dorky matching sweaters sjflkslkfjdls 
  • also morning texts!!!! like every morning he is thinking of you 
  • “good morning babe” or “i dreamed about u :’)” 
  • firsT dATE aHH
  • ur first date would be something of a dinner but not like a fancy one,, just like at the local diner very homey 
  • during which tae accidently spills his cherry coke on u and hes ready to scream apologies but you’re laughing so hard and helping him clean u up and hes scrambling around for napkins 
  • and his face is super red and ur like babe its fineee ily 
  • tae insists that he pays for the entire thing but u are just like??? listen gucci boi i can pay for my dinner its $15 ok like i goT IT so u end up splitting the bill 
  • and you guys walk with ur hands intertwined all the way to ur house 
  • and just as ur ready to walk away he pulls u back 
  • and he just kinda looked at u and tilted ur head up and planted the softest kiss on ur lips and ur scREAMIN inSidE 
  • he would just smile against ur lips and pull away and tell u that u looked beautiful and ur blushing so hard like ur an actual beet at that point 
  • and let me tell u that first kiss was the most important bc that opened the gate for trillions of kisses more that he would give u 
  • like everydaY sO mAnY kISSES 
  • TRAVELING!!!!! 
  • oh my god with tae as ur bf you guys will never stay in one place 
  • you guys like to go sight seeing and visit monuments and go to museums 
  • you guys would just walk hand in hand everywhere and take LOTS of pictures together 
  • he wants to be able to look back and cherish every moment he spends with you T^T 
  • i feel like traveling with tae would include so many adventures 
  • and mishaps 
  • like realizing u left your favorite coat at the hotel and having to run back to get it 
  • or tae accidentally cussing in the language of the country your visiting 
  • poor kid,, but you guys always laugh about it and think about the brighter side of things 
  • ALSO shOppING 
  • I’ll have to probably make a separate scenario abt this bc its so much 
  • but to put it simple and sweet tae would spoil you to death omg 
  • like you want that purse that was super cute? yeah well he bought it behind ur back and is gonna surprise u with it
  • ur mom likes gucci?? hell, ur mom will be getting gucci shit all the time (literally half the reason she loves tae so much likE YES [Y/N] PLS CONTINUE DATING THIS GENTLEMAN) 
  • like i just had this cliche idea that happens all the time but tae would totally pick clothes out for you and you’d try them on for him and he’d be like the fashion judge 
  • and he’d get so flustered sometimes and be like “this looks better on you than i expected,,,” 
  • holidays are really fun because he really values family and he’d hang out with you and your crazy fam/friends 
  • he’d play with your baby cousins/neices/nephews/siblings whatever and practically everyone adores him they all believe you guys to get married in the future (u guys def will) 
  • he’d honestly think of everyone and not leave anyone out, but he’s always by your side 
  • he wants to know everyone in your family so that he could be closer to you
  • idk but tae really seems like the jealous type? I may be wrong,,, but i can imagine that say you have a guy friend, completely platonic, but he has a crush on you but kinda keeps it on the down-low bc ur taken 
  • and tae KNOWS like he can tell this guy is basically in love with you so he gets like this extreme jealousy whenever you smile or laugh with him or playfully punch each other right in front of him 
  • and like he would just take ur arm out of nowhere and drag u away and ur like?????????
  • tae wtf?? 
  • and he’s just like i don’t like seeing you with him at all?? and u try to calm him down but BOOM first fight 
  • and like you go to sleep feeling so guilty bc what if tae was like how you were with your friend except with a girl? Wouldn’t you feel jealous at least a little bit??
  • and tae is at home freaking out bc maybe he overreacted?? he was being too harsh??? what if he loses you bc of this?? 
  • So basically he calls you up in the middle of the night and apologizes and ur like nonoono i should be the one apologizing
  • it’s cute jklsjlkgs like you guys can’t stay mad at each other it’s impossible
  • tae was most likey staying at jimin’s bc he needed moral support now that i think about it. probably ranting to jimin abt how much he loves u 
  • basically you and tae are couple goals 
  • there is so much more that would write but this thing would be so long rip 
  • i hope you guys enjoyed!!!!! 
*Update: I ‘made’ my crush jealous!

I submitted that story time! and Yes, I gladly do have an update on what happened, I read all of the advice and took my time and did a lot of thinking and I’m trying my best to stay calm and avoid writing in all caps!!!!

OK, So after I sent that submission, I decided to take your advice, kmusicandblackwomen! I also asked my friend and she LOVED the idea! So I wrote him a long letter, I didn’t expect to make it that long, but I threw in some jokes, to not make it weird. And the letter was basically me confessing how much I like him and that I’ve had a crush on him for over a year and that he gives me butterflies. I also told him how, as weird as it sounds he made me happy! and that every time I saw him walk in that door, he made my day better! And I was like, Man, I hope you’re single, if not pretend you never read this letter!

Even though we talk on the phone some times (mostly text), I couldn’t find the courage to tell him on the phone or to his face, that gave me anxiety thinking about it and I didn’t want to play the “make him wait/play hard to get” game! I was scared some other girl would sweep him off his feet, so I have courage enough to finally take it to the next level and confess, even though I think it’s quite obvious to him I like him. And from all the staring and flirting he gives me, I think it’s quite obvious he likes me too….at least I HOPE!

Keep reading

Markhyuck fluffy one shot ♡:

Title: long distance love

Kind: markhyuck online boyfriends long distance relationship au

Warning: words like “fuck” and “shit” said a few times also small kissing parts but not detailed so yeah almost none

Note: i am also in a long distance,online relationship rn so i’m kinda inspired by own relationship. Also i used the word “silly” as the meaning “being funny in a cute way” not in the meaning as being stupid at the part mark called donghuuck silly. Just to clear things.

Original aff link:

I wrote this for mark’s bday btw even though it’s pretty late 😅 happy birthday my baby 💙


People were saying it must be hard and it was to be honest. It was very hard. Loving someone so much but not being able to touch them, to kiss them, to hug them. It was hard seeing the love of your life’s face just from your computer screen. It was hard not being able to cuddle your other half especially when it was dead dark at night and you were cold and feeling alone. It was hard. But it wasn’t bad. And he definetely wasn’t regretting it.

Mark knew from the start that dating with someone who is miles away from him will be hard but he still said “yes” with a soft smile on his lips and loving look in his eyes when donghyuck asked if they can date. Cause he knew even though they were so far away from each other physically they were so close by the heart.

And it’s not like they weren’t communicating with each other well cause they were. They were skyping, messaging from kakaotalk, calling each other and all. Even at the most random times…

‘Can we skype ?’

'Like right now ?’

'Is it ok ?’

'Uhmm right now isn’t so okay to be honest baby’

'Oh…oh it’s ok. We can talk later.’

'Donghyuck babe i’m in bathroom right now. Do you really wanna see my face while i’m taking a dump ?’

'Oh shit’

'Yeah oh shit really *laughing emoji*’

'My stupid ass thought you didn’t wanna see me’

'First of all hyuckkie, don’t call yourself stupid, second of all there hadn’t been one single day that i didn’t wanna see your beautiful face. I would fly there and drown you with kisses and hugs if i could. God damn sometimes i just wanna ran all the way to there just to see you.’

'How the hello kitty you can get so deep while taking a shit ?’

'Cause i’m so in love with you lee donghyuck’

'Confessing while pooping oh how romantic’

'You can say whatever you want but i know you are blushing so hard right now’


'Yeah whatever just be ready’

'To what ?’

'To see my handsome face cause imma skype call you in like 5 minutes’

'Ok but make sure you washed your hands well’

'It’s not like you will be able to hold them babe’

'Still. Wash them well.’



'Love u’

'Shut up’

'U r blushing’



Yeah their relationship was a bit…playful ? Silly ? Even the first time they met was silly. They had a huge figt under a post about lee taeyong. Yes they literally met thanks to their fight about a male idol.

Booming-system-up-up reblogged tytrash’s post.

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm maybe you would wanna give the god damn credit of the aesthetic to the person who made it ? Like idk me!!!

Tyrash added: uhmm i made this aesthetic myself. Who r u btw ?

Booming-system-up-up added: uhmm no it’s mine. I posted it like 2 months ago. And i’m lee taeyong’s number one fan. Hadn’t u see my url *shady kawaii face emoji*

Tytrash added: look darling you are wrong. I did this aesthetic myself today. And puhlease i am his number one fan. He even pecked my cheek once in a fan meeting. He called me cute. We r sailing.

Booming-system-up-up added: ugh *rolls eyes* i can’t with the liars really. Just everyone know it’s my aesthetic and this person stole it.

Tytrash added: hey stop blaming me i haven’t stole anything from anyone

Booming-system-up-up added: you did

Tytrash added: no i didnt

Booming-system-up-up added: oh yes you did

Tytrash: fucking come to dm u potato

Booming-system-up-up added: oh be ready u onion

Then they messaged each other and turned out it was all just a misunderstanding. Yes mark’s aesthetic was really similiar to donghyuck’s but there were differences and mark swore he really hadn’t see the aesthetic donghyuck made. After arguing a bit more at the end they both accepted they both were quilty and kinda became friends when mark added “btw pls check out my new friend’s aesthetic blog too. He makes great aesthetics ^-^ link: ……… "at the end of his post.

And oh boy after that was a long ass ride. Cause mark learnt a few things about donghyuck (or haechan cause that was the name donghyuck used when they introduced themselves to each other) right at the day they met. 1, donghyuck had a pretty potty mouth and kept using some words like "shit” and “fuck” pretty much, 2 he already started treating mark like a friend even from day one so mark guessed he was pretty friendly and 3, donghyuck himself was also very pretty thanks to the selfies he posted on tumblr for the #tyfansselcaday that mark saw accidently(ok maybe not so accidently)(maybe he searched the tags “selfie” on donghyuck’s blog on purpose)(just maybe)

Looking back at the old days now mark was still surprised about how he actually fell for donghyuck a long long time before confessing him but noticed it so late. He tried to remember when he started loving donghyuck that much and realized that he already started falling for donghyuck after the first week of their friendship began. Donghyuck was just so amazing. Who wouldn’t fall for him really ?

'Then i said “cash me outside how bout that ?” Lol’


'wHY ???’

'Donghyuck darling it’s like the meme of 5 months ago.’

’*sassy hair flip* do i look like a care ?’

'No you don’t really’


'Why i can imagine your proud and sassy af smile rn ?’

'Cause i do have that smile on my lips rn’

'You have nice lips tho’

'What ?’

'Uhh i mean i said your lips are nice for’
'Shit im sorry i pressed send button accidently’

'Nice for what mork ? For kissing ? *wiggling eyebrows*’


'Merk i don’t wear lipstick babe’

'Well it would look good on you’

'Cause of how nice my lips are ?’

'Lee donghyuck i STG!!!’

'Ahh messing up w u is so much fun markimoo. What would i do w/o u babe ?’

'U’d die’

'Would really die without u mork ♡’

'If this is how you are confessing your undying love to me you are so bad at it hyuckkie lol’

'Oh shit sorry i’ll be more romantic next time i swear’

'Why are you talking so seriously like you really are gonna confess me ?’

'Cause i really am gonna confess you’


'Mark ?’


'Mark i’m so sorry do you…hate me now ?’


'Yeah ?’

'Skype call me right fucking now’

'You can tell me you hate me in here mark. Please just don’t say it right to my face…’

'Donghyuck fucking skype call me so i can confess you back face to face.’

'You what ????’


'Ok ok omg i cant believe its happening holy shit’

And that was how they both confessed each other and mark had never liked the person who made skype more than he did that night. There were “i always knew you are so hopelessly in love with me” and “then why you didn’t confess me already idiot” and a few tears that their owners tried to hard to hide them and donghyuck’s snot didn’t stop leaking from his nose but to be honest that was the best night mark ever had. He just confessed to and got confessed by the boy he was “hopelessly in love with”. What better thing could happen ?



'Yes baby ?’

'Can i call you ? I know it’s late a bit late but…i need to hear your voice. I just really need to hear your voice i’m sorry.“

Mark didn’t even wasted time at sending a message to donghyuck and called him as fast as he can. He tapped on "call” button so fast that he might’ve broke his finger.

“Baby are you okay ?”

Mark heard donghyuck’s sighing in relief.

“I’m okay now”

“Something happened, love ? Tell me”

“No no i just…i missed you…so much…i know it sounds stupid cause we never met face to face or spend any time together so how can i miss you right ? But i do. And i red a post on tumblr about how long distance relationships never ends well and how it might hurt both sides. Especially if one side is silly. And i don’t want you to break up with me cause our relationship is a long distance one and i’m sure there are lots of pretty girls or boys there that you can replace me anytime and i am just a silly boy who loves you and lee taeyong with all of my silly heart. And i-”

“Donghyuck! Breathe!”

And he did. Donghyuck was literally out of breathe, panting and hearing this made mark’s heart hurt more.

“Are you calm now ?”


“Donghyuck look i…ugh okay look first of all i miss you too. So much. So so much. Super duper much. Okay ? If i had any chance, any, i would run all those miles barefoot just to see your face. I don’t know who wrote this post but they clearly don’t know our relationship. Nor how much i love you and how much you love me. You remember the day you asked if we can date ?”


“What did i say that time ?”



“"Yes. Yes we can. It will be hard probably. So hard. To keep a relationship strong with all those miles between us. But i will never give up on it. I will do my best to make this relationship perfect. And as strong as taeyong’s love for febreeze. And i know you will do the same. So i promise you right now that we will be that one couple everyone whispers about.” And then i laughed cause you were just too cheesy and too serious for something that we both didn’t know if it will work or not.“

"But it does work dosen’t it ?”

“It does…”

“Donghyuck, love, you might be silly sometimes, especially when you are sleepy and might be a little evil from time to time and might make me burn in jealousy with all your close pics with taeyong cause you are mine and only mine but it dosen’t mean i will break up with you or i will love you less. You pretty much have my whole heart and keeping it in your hands. It literally beats in your palms. How can you even think i can love someone else than you when i’m so "hopelessly” in love with you ? Please, please never thought about things like that again. I know you miss me so much and i do miss you too. So much. But i promise you. One day i’ll find a way to fly there right beside you. I’m already saving money. Please be more patient. Or else my heart will got broken. Would you want that ?“

"No” donghyuck said and sniffed

“Baby wait are you crying ?”


“Did you just screamed that you love me at 4am ?”


“Oh baby….your neighbor will really beat you up”

“I hate you!!”

“I love you too baby”

“I just wanted to hear your voice cause i was down!”

“Are you still down ?”

“……no i’m not anymore…mark”

“Yes baby ?”

“Thank you”

Mark smiled. Donghyuck and his cute, soft voice was too much for mark’s poor heart.

“No, love, thank you”

“I guess i gotta end the call now. You probably have things to do. Isnt it like 3pm in there ?”

“Yeah but most important thing ever in my life is loving you, you know hyuckkie”

“Cheesy lil ramen boy” donghyuck said and sniffed again “making me cry. Idiot.”

“You know whenever you call me "idiot"i take it as "i love you” right ?“

"I know”

Then mark asked something he thought he should ask. Just to be sure.

“Donghyuck we’re good now right ?”

“No. We’re perfect”


“Mark lee i swear to god if you keep singing that son-”






“Oh shit the neighbor is hitting on my ceiling. He’ll kill me. He’ll literally kill me mark oh my god. Save me”

“Oh opps  look at the time it’s time for me to go”


Mark laughed cause donghyuck’s voice was literally shaking.

“Nothing will happen baby don’t worry. If anyone ever lie a finger on you imma beat them with a kitchen table”

“Why kitchen table ?”

“They are stronger and harder”



“Oh the neighbor stopped”

“That’s a sign for you to go to sleep”

“Yeah. I really gotta sleep or else i’ll fall asleep on mr. Kim’s class and i don’t wanna die in school.”

“You can’t die before we get married”

“Yeah right whatever” donghyuck said in a joking tone and mark could see him rolling his eyes “imma go to bed now. Bye my ramen hair babe. Love you”

“Love you more my lil evil”


“You are a lil evil hyuck just accept it”

“No i meant it like you can’t love me more than i love you it’s impossible. Ugh just forget it. God that was cheesy”

“My cheesy lil evil”

“Mark go to sleep”

“It’s afternoon here baby”

“Then lemme go to sleep”

“I’m not holding you back babe”



“Goodnight then”

“Goodnight babe. Love you”


Donghyuck wasn’t eager for many things, he never had lots of wishes to ask from god even when he was a child. And he just wanted one single thing since he met with mark. Seeing him. Face to face. And hugging him. And kissing him. And cuddling with him. And doing all those coupley stuff.

He had been praying and asking god every single night to see mark’s face, to hold him close just once. Just once was enough for donghyuck. But maybe wishing for something that will probably never happen was silly.

“Donghyuuuck” donghyuck’s mom shouted from the living room and donghyuck shouted back

“Yes mom ?”

“You have a visitor”

“Na jaemin you are 40 minutes late. You are so dead."donghyuck said and got up from his bed.

"What the fuck made you be that late ?” Donghyuck asked when he entered the room but then froze when he saw a blonde, ramen like haired boy in front of him instead of his model like sassy bff.

“M-m-mark ?”

“I’m sorry for being late. Was dealing with some problems. But i’m home now” mark’s voice got softened when he said last sentence and he let out a sweet chuckle when donghyuck ran to him and pulled him into a tight and warm bearhug.

“Are you crying again love ?”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up mark.” Donghyuck said into mark’s neck and sniffed “why the hell you didn’t tell me you will come ? You want me to die by a heart attack ?”

“I wanted to surprise you” mark said and pushed donghyuck gently to cup his face softly “but it worthed right ?”

Donghyuck was about to lean forward to kiss mark finally after all these waiting but a voice stopped him.

“Please don’t make out in front of me. I didn’t made you two meet to see that. Please”

“Na jaemin!”

“I’m 40 minutes late. I know.” Jaemin said and laughed “but i brang some ramen with me as my apology so we’re good right ?”

“Did you two idiots planned this together ? Really ??”

Mark looked at jaemin “awww he calls us idiots”

“He loves us”

“I know right”


“Donghyuck, darling please don’t yell. Our neighbor was pretty pissed when you yelled at 4am last week”

Donghyuck sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Dear god, is it my punishment for loving these two idiots so much ?”

“Awww he loves us so much”

“Awwww baby”

Donghyuck sighed again and just pulled mark into a soft kiss. Jaemin didn’t say anything. just smiled, watching the two lovebirds, taking some pics.

“Awww i’m such a proud mom”

“Aren’t you a proud dad ?” Jaemin’s own boyfriend asked, appearing out of blue.

“No i’m a proud mom. Donghyuck you are doing amazing sweetie”

Mark pulled donghyuck closer and donghyuck felt something pressing on his chest.

“What is that ?” Donghyuck asked when they broke the kiss.

“My surprise for you” mark said and pulled out the cd he was keeping in the pocket of his jacket

“Is that…oh my god mark…”

“Yep signed cd of lee taeyong’s newest album. Deluxe version. He even wrote a few things for you in the card inside the cd. Also there is a video of him saying he loves you and appriciates how much you love him.”

Donghyuck just pulled mark into a hug again and cried more.

“Shouldn’t you be jealous tho ?"donghyuck asked playfuly when they broke the hug, mark was still holding donghyuck’s waist.

"Why would i be when i know you’re mine ?”

“True” donghyuck said and kissed mark again, linking his arms on mark’s neck.

Donghyuck’s one and only wish came true and he had never cried that much in one single day before. He thought he would be okay with just his wish coming true but now he had more wishes. Seeing mark again. Or mark never leaving him. Going to the same university. Graduating together. And marrying in future. He chuckled in the kiss suddenly. Cause oh…how silly wishes. Donghyuck knew there was no way those wishes could come true. But even just imagining was making him happy.


“Hmm ?” Donghyuck asked while playing with mark’s hair and panting softly.

“I have another surprise for you too”

“If that’s a diamond ring you gotta keep for a while babe i’m too young and hot to get married right now” donghyuck joked and laughed and mark did too but then mark pulled a paper out of his back pocket and gave it to donghyuck. Donghyuck’s eyes got wide while reading the paper.

“W-wait t-that says you are accepted to …… university”


“It’s the one that i will study in”


“B-but it’s here. So close to my house”


“B-but how ?”

Mark pulled donghyuck towards the window and pointed at a house pretty near to donghyuck’s house.

“See that house ? That’s my new home…well mine and jaehyun and doyoung hyung’s new house. My parents didn’t let me move here alone” mark said and laughed but donghyuck was quiet.

“Donghyuck baby”

“Pinch me or punch me in the face”

“What ?”

“It’s too good to be true. I’m either dreaming or i died and woke up in heaven”

“Well i mean you are angel so that would fit”

“I’m definetely dreaming you never call me angel. Pinch me”

Donghyuck held mark’s hand up to make him pinch his arm but mark put his arms around donghyuck’s waist, pulled him close and kissed him instead of pinching him.

“I’m definetely dreaming” donghyuck said between kisses and mark said “then let’s hope we will never wake up”

Donghyuck questioned how could all of his wishes came true. But then decided not to think about it a lot. Cause if it really was a dream then he was thinking same with mark. He hoped to never wake up. If it was real then he hoped it will last forever. Cause it was just too good. And his heart had never been happier. Mark was making donghyuck’s heart happy. And it was all that mattered.

“Shit. Fuck. There is no place left in my phone to record more. Jeno! Gimme your phone!”

“Babe should we really record them kissing. I mean isn’t it a bit too extr-”

“Jeno. Your phone.”

Jeno sighed but gave his phone to jaemin anyway “whatever you want babe”

anonymous asked:

i know you recently just did some, but in ur college au do u have any headcanons about maxwell x mc!! i love seeing the whole gang as well, i love love love your headcanons, thank you for sharing them with us!!

omg what this is so sweet!!! thank YOU for reading them! 

and also as an aside to everyone sending me trr au headcanon asks: thank you guys so much ahhh it literally warms my heart every time i get one so i apologize if i haven’t answered yours yet i try to make them quality so sometimes i gotta think about them for a bit!!

well without further ado

  • ok let’s take it back and talk about when maxwell and mc first realized they had a cRuSh!!!!!
  • mc realizes first
  • #tbt she had this weird flirty thing going with liam for a while
  • of course that’s how she got into the frat house and met the crew (poor liam he introduced his woman to her man)
  • it’s chill tho because liam is a homie and it wasn’t a serious thing so they just sort of became good friends
  • ANYway so her dumb ass at this house like every day and when she’s not there she’s either with maxwell or texting maxwell
  • they actually have a snapchat streak that’s been going strong 217 days 🔥
  • one day she literally sees BERTRAND in the campus bookstore and is all :D!!!!!!!
  • but then she checks herself like ?????? why tf am i excited to see this hoe
  • (hun it’s because maxwell)
  • meanwhile bertrand like bitch can u move im trying to look at the sweaters
  • so it’s little stuff day by day
  • drake wants to hang and she’s like nah but then maxwell is like wanna help me study and suddenly !!!!! the most Energy!!!!!
  • girl out here stealing his clothes and sleeping in them, lying her ass off like “oh they’re so soft!” bitch that old navy shit? who r u fooling
  • and then one day she spies him walking across the quad with drake and her entire Self just lights up when he waves at her
  • and shes like oh shit…… i want to kiss his entire face i think
  • so mc goes to hana in a panic like I THINK???? I WANNA KISS MAXWELL??????
  • hana like YIKES ok!!!!!
  • mc cries for like five minutes into hana’s favorite stuffed animal mr. moo (who is inexplicably a female bunny) 
  • hana is like …… u wanna talk about it

mc: NO
hana: oh nevermind we don’t have to! sorry!
mc: thanks hana ur such a good friend!!!!!!
mc: [proceeds to talk about it for six hours]

  • next time she goes to the frat house she 80% wants to die and keeps acting sus
  • fuckin Blushing when she sees maxwell
  • making weird faces n shit
  • awkwardly clinging to liam and bringing him everywhere with her

maxwell: hey mc wanna go see a movie?
maxwell: uh

  • so maxwell!!!!!!!! sweet boy
  • it takes him Forever to realize he wants to Tap That 
  • That being mc
  • he just thinks she’s the best!!! because thats how he is
  • texts her outside of the group message
  • likes all her instagram posts
  • tells her about things that remind him of her
  • so they walk to their psych 101 class together every morning 
  • (it’s the only class he’s never missed a day of)
  • (but tbh he can’t tell you a single thing they’ve learned)
  • they always grab lunch together after class gets out and then go out on the quad and Peoplewatch while they eat each other’s shitty caf french fries
  • and maxwell never really thought about it more than he needed to because like, liam is one of his best friends
  • but then one day during their lunch MC is concocting an elaborate story about some dude they see who’s wearing a beret unironically while he plays hackeysack by himself
  • she’s named him wilhelm “honestly he looks like a wilhelm”
  • and maxwell is laughing too hard to eat the french fries
  • and he looks at her
  • and he just thinks
  • oh
  • i guess this is what love is

sachiyoof  asked:

so im the anon who requested about the hyper gf,, do i need to request again? if not the reaction would be for guan lin, daehwi, jihoon, jisung, daniel and jaehwan•﹏•

Hyper S/O

Request:  i would like to request a wanna one reaction, if it’s okay,, when their s/o is hyperactive and keeps climbing on things, shouting and doing silly things but at the same time being clumsy like she breaks things or hurt her toes omg that’s a lot! well, thanks•﹏•

Ok so I just watched their weekly idol yesterday and I can’t get the image of Jisung scolding Daehwi out of my mind, just wanted to put that out there xD Also I’m not too familiar with Jaehwan yet so I’m sorry if his reaction is all wrong



*Oh, am I proud of this man <3 <3 <3* It was the first time Jisung was at your house and you couldn’t be more excited. You wanted him to know everything about your family and your life so you ran around showing him different photos while talking about your parents who would make an appearance later on during the day. Jisung sat on the couch, laughing at your hyperactiveness while paying attention to your stories, even commenting here and there. Our leader would love when your hyper side showed itself. Then you accidentally hit your pinky toe on the leg of your living room table, letting out an unconscious “ow”. Jisung instantly stood up and led you to the couch all the while scolding you for not being careful enough. His happy side was now replaced by his motherly worried side. Let’s just say he may have overreacted.

“You could have broken your toe.”


This dude laughs at everything, literally everything. It was a date night at his place, he had kicked all of the other members out, and you may or may not have had too many sweets. He was laying on the couch, clutching his stomach and laughing so hard he could barely breathe. You tried reaching something high up on the bookshelf when you accidentally lost your balance and tipped a vase while falling down. You landed on your but as the vase shattered to a million pieces around you. Now completely silent you looked over at Daniel with guilt filling your eyes and stomach. Apologies left your mouth one after another but Daniel was more worried whether or not you had been hurt from the porcelain, fortunately, you were whole. You both cleaned up the mess before going back to your date, now a tiny bit calmer than before, but that didn’t last long.

“You didn’t cut yourself, right?”


You were running around the apartment, trying to make everything look right for when your parents were visiting. Jaehwan was sitting on the couch just watching you, wondering why you were so all over the place for something as small as this. Your apartment already looked spotless and he just wanted you to sit down and cuddle with him. You were singing loudly as you continued cleaning, this caused Jaehwan to smile unconsciously, he would never admit it but he loved your hyper side, it made his heart flutter. All of a sudden your singing stopped and he entered the kitchen, curious as to why you went quiet. He found you standing by the table, clutching your hip in pain and, putting two and two together, he started giggling.

“What did that table ever do to you for you to walk right into it?”


You were out on a small park date in the nice weather. You had actually been relatively calm that day but when Jihoon offered to buy you ice cream all that went out the window. You were now skipping towards the ice cream stand with a laughing Jihoon behind you. He didn’t know how you hadn’t killed him yet with all your cuteness, and you wondered the same about him. After paying for the dairy product you hooked arms with him and started dragging him towards the swing set some meters away. In your excitement you accidentally dropped your precious ice cream and, while you looked shocked at your once lovely ice cream, Jihoon came up in front of you and poked your nose with his own ice cream, giggling slightly as you wiped it away. Then he offered to share his, which made his date extremely romantic extremely fast.

“You’re so clumsy. Here, let’s share mine.”


You were literally jumping up and down where you stood as Daehwi tried to set up your beach things. The only thing you wanted was to jump in the water as soon as you could, you could already feel the refreshing cold water on your skin. Daehwi was just working along, shaking his head and giggling at your cute antics. Finally, you realized that if you helped him you would get to the water faster but as you tried assisting with the parasol he instantly stopped you, knowing how things usually end when you’re this hyper. So you had to wait for him to finish up anyway. As soon as he was finished you grabbed his hand and started running towards the water. You, since you were so active and didn’t really think of anything else besides the water, didn’t notice how slippery the bridge was so you inevitably slipped in your run and fell face first into the water. Once you resurfaced you found Daehwi laughing so hard that he too fell into the water. He started giggling once again when he resurfaced.

“We are one clumsy couple.”


I have one thing to say; poker face. You had dragged him to the mall because, well, it was a sale on literally everything in it. As soon as you entered you ran for your favorite store while Guanlin, with a poker face, just walked calmly behind you, letting you have your fun. Many times did you run up to him once he entered the store you were in, asking for his opinion on various items of clothing and, as the fashion god of Wanna One, he answered with his most honest opinion, resulting in you either buying it in an instant or putting it back and start looking at other things. As you left the store Guanlin had caught up a lot because long legs and, since you were completely unaware of it, you ran straight into his chest when you turned around to tell him something. He caught you by the shoulders and that was the first time that day that you witnessed his adorable gummy smile. In that moment you were just too cute and he couldn’t  help but smile at you.

“God, you’re cute.”

newsbians modern au
  • in her junior year, katherine is the school poster child; having perfect grades, as many AP classes as allowed, in the chess and journalism club and having a dad as president of the school helps.
  • however, she is strong willed, and had been dating a boy who her dad did not approve of, and only just broken up with him because she didn’t see it going anywhere
  • she still really likes jack but realized she doesn’t feel like she should for him anymore, and besides him and davey has a spark and she doesn’t want to get in the way of a relationship that might be going somewhere
  • she still hangs out with her and jack’s friend group, but she’s getting annoyed by being constantly asked if she’s ok
  • she is

so she decides to join the debate club

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dating nct dream; chenle ver.

this is probably gonna be kinda really long

-this boy is probably as clueless as jisung smh

-but he knows the simple things!!

-hand holding, hugging, etc


-how he fell in love~~~~~

-as in love as an 01 liner can

-ok so chenle first met you at school

-well, the first time he saw you he didnt really meet you

-so he was wandering down the halls like the cool kid he is!!!

-and he was about to go in the music room bc what else does this nerd do with his life

-he had the day off from training too so like

-why not mess around in a place he loves!!!

-so he’s about to walk in but then






-how cliche is this smh


-and he immediately mELTS

-“omg angels are real i cant tell anyone abOUT THIS”

-so he slowly opens the door just a bit and looks in and sees someone sitting on a chair, back turned to him and has headphones on

-so you dont notice him at all bc your back is to the door and your headphones are top notch af!!!

-chen’s just standing there at the door like a creeper and all he can think about is “i wanna marry them”

-he listens to you singing your lil heart out for a lil bit longer but his smol heart cant handle it

-he’s already too in love with you


-and you just didnt notice at all

-so he runs back to the dorms and bursts through the door dramatically screaming “I NEED HELP”

-the rest of the dream team are like “omg what’s wrong are you dying”


-he doesnt know he’s in love and i just what a cutiepie omg

-jaemin stares at him for a second before falling on the floor laughing

-mark’s trying to contain himself but it’s too cute to not laugh 

-“chen chen listen to me i think youre in love man” -jaemin

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN” -chenle, pterodactyl screeching

-mark tries to calm him down while also getting the juicy gossip 10/10 “it’s ok dude, tell hyungs who it is

-and then jisung like, slides in and is like "yeah chen tell HYUNGS WHO IT IS” which makes chen hit him

-chen gets kinda sad and freezes “oh my god… i dont know”



-so he spends the next 5 days trying to find out who it is

-asking everybody to sing for him, getting dragged away by jeno and renjun

-“we’re sorry for him” -ren and jeno trying to do damage control

-“NO I NEED TO FIND OUT IF THEYRE THE ONE” chen, as he’s struggling against his friends

-ok so like, that obviously fails so chen’s sad for the next 5903 years

-and he’s like “im never gonna fall in love again”


-“that’s so much work tho” -hae

-“*cue ren grabbing him by his collar, eyes bloodshot and clearly distressed* YOU TRY BEING THE ONE HE GOES TO WHENEVER HE MISSES HIS ONE TRUE LOVE YOURE GOING TO HELP US WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

-jaemin has to drag him away but ren keeps screeching

-so one of the boys sneak into like, every vocal class to listen to everybody sing for like 2 weeks but they still cant find the one 

-chen keeps saying “NO IT’S NOT ANGELIC ENOUGH IT’S NOT THEM" 

-so he nearly gives up bc he thinks it’s just not meant to be :ccc

-also, chen’s the type to walk pass the music room dramatically, staring at the door as he does so 

-so he’s doing that one time but woah. W O A H!!! HE HEARS THE VOICE AGAIN

-“omg fuk chen be a man and aSK THEM FOR THEIR NAME” -chen, screaming at himself

-so he slowly opens the door and woAH IT’S YOU

-he knocks on the door but you dont notice, your headphones on again so he takes a deep breath and walks over 

-he taps your shoulder lightly which makes you sCREAM AND FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR

-chen is so red omg

-“im so sorry i didnt mean to do that!!!!!!!!”


-“im so sorry omg!!!!!!!!!!" 

-"it’s ok man” -you, laughing really hard at yourself and him

-“im… im chenle and ive been looking for you for like… forever-” chen turns ever redder bc it sounds so creepy coming from his mouth

-“i know who you are. how do you know me?" 

-chen’s brain short circuits and all he can think about is "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME” and he accidentally says it out loud

-“everybody in this school knows you, youre in nct dream…”

-he feels embarrassed bc he didnt remember

-you glance at the clock and see that it’s almost time for your guardian to pick you up 

-so you just tell him “well i have to go but im y/n. i come here every tuesday if you need me." 

-and you grab your backpack and sling it over your shoulder

-and he looks like a fish opening his mouth and closing it trying to say something but you just look so cool doing that and im!!!!!!!

-so just as youre about to leave he’s like 

-"i really like your voice”

-he like BLURTS it out he sounds all choked up and stuff omg

-and you pause for like, an hour before you turn around and look at him 


-you sound really shy and cute and adorable omg

-the last thing you say is "i like yours too” before you walk away like nothing happened

-as soon as you close the door behind you and leave, chen COLLAPSES


-the rest of the dream team probably crawl out of the closet or something inside the room 

-they stare at chen’s half-dead body for a bit before jisung says something

-“is he ok" 

-"lol when is he ever” -ren

-so chen’s laying on the ground in a ball

-and mark’s just like “i never signed up to be a parent when i auditioned but w/e dude”

-so he walks over and picks chen up like it’s their wedding day or somethin smh and has to like, carry him back home

-so every tuesday he meets up with you in the music room 

-at first you were like “uh but why would you wanna be here when you can be with your idol friends”

-but after a bit you got used to it

-and you would like, wait for him to arrive before you started doing anything

-and your school is probably one of those school with vending machines and stuff smh fancy af 

-so whenever you bought a drink or a snack, you’d buy one for him too

-which makes chen just falls in love with you even more bc “omg, they think of me when im not there woAH "even tho it’s just like, a drink or something

-so the first few times, it would just be you singing and him listening 

-but after the fourth time he swung on over to you in the music room you were like "dont you wanna sing too?”

-and chen’s just like “omg, uh i sing a lot already and i really like your voice”

-but youre just like “i like your voice too. do you wanna sing with me?”

-so when he hears you say that, he’s like “oh.. oh…… i………IF YOU WANNA”

-and you know that song jungkook and lady jane sang on masked singer (here’s the link if you havent heard it: x)

-well youre like “do you know this song??” (HINT IT’S THE SONG I LINKED ABOVE WINK) and you sing a smol part of it for him

-he literally melts in his seat bc your voice is so angelic and you sang the part of the song where it was like “im in love”

-he manages to nod tho

-so you two sing together (what a bunch of cuties omg) and after you guys finish, chen is LITERALLY ON CLOUD 9

-and all you say is “we sounded nice together” before grinning and he just awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of his neck 

-“yeah, yeah we did" 

-and when you leave this time, youre like "i’ll see you later chen” and leave 

-chen’s dying again bc “omg they called me chEN INSTEAD OF CHENLE WE’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED”

-when you guys pass each other in the halls you two smile at each other but dont interact much bc he doesnt want crazy fans to hurt you :cc

-this lil duck’s way of confessing was so cute and cliche

-the next tuesday, he was like “i gotta do this today!! i must confess!!!!!!!!” so he like practices what he’s gonna say over and over again

-he probably uses ren as a practice test

-and when it’s finally tuesday, you head to the music room but chen’s already there!!

-“oh hey what’s up man” -you


-“you look really nervous”

-and he just like shrivels up into a ball but he is a man!!!!! he can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

-and he like, sings you a really cute ballad and asks you out

-your heart is pounding and your face is probably really red

-youre standing there and not saying anything so chen gets really scared

-but then you say “oh my god” really quietly and then “of course you idiot oh my gosh” and shove him lightly

-after you two started dating, chen tries his best to walk with you to school and walk you home too what a cutiepie ;-;

-just saying now chen is a clueless MESS (in the cutest way possible!!!)

-like, if he sees a doggo on the way to school with you


-it doesnt matter if the guy with the doggo is scary


-if there’s a van with the sign “free candy” in badly written handwriting


-whenever you two sing duets all chen can look at is you

-especially if it’s a love song

-youre always on his mind and he cant ever find words that explain how much he loves you so he tries to write songs for you

-for your one year anniversairy he wrote a song for you and sang it in the music room where you two met

-he smiles really hard when he sees you, his face squishes up and it’s sO CUTE UGH

-he hugs you as a greeting after you two started dating

-i feel like chen would love giving you forehead kisses omg

-if he’s going away on a trip or a tour or something, he’d leave voice messages for you of him singing or telling you he loves you or something oh my gosh

-he’s such a sweet boy and he loves you so much

-he would honestly give you the world 

-and you would too!! because you love him just as much as he loves you ♡


Bonus (for the bonus): 

ok so @tender-vadge asked me (me!!!) to do a collab with her and of course i said yes and this is my first collab so that’s dank y’know, and then i got to read her awesome ficlet which literally, im dead serious, the first time i read it four days ago i was cackling so hard my little sister had to make sure i was still alive like it was that good so here we are, and it’s her authorial genius combined with my artistic talents can i get a hell yeah! so 


“There’s a reason I don’t eat women out,” Lindsay says, perfectly serious and yet perfectly not, and is met with a pregnant silence.

Lindsay knows she’s in for it sometime between when the words leave her mouth and when Michael stands up and walks silently away from the table.

~ ~ ~

She thought maybe she was in the clear considering it had been about an hour since she’d dropped that bomb on the podcast and honestly, no one really took her seriously, right?

As far as they knew she was happily married to Michael, a non-vagina-having member of the male sex.

So it was all chill, right?

“You fucking idiot!”

Then again.

“What on Earth would compel you to say something like that?” Michael snapped.

“Look, man, I was just being honest,” she said, throwing up her hands in defense. “And it’s not like I specified whose pussy don’t get ate.”

Michael, as he often did whenever she did something he found remarkably stupid (re: yesterday’s burrito incident) threaded his fingers through his curly hair and let his mouth gape open like a fish.

“We talked about way worse when your mother was in the studio!” Lindsay pointed out, just as Andy walked off the set behind them and pat Michael sympathetically on the shoulder.

“Sorry about your wife’s short tongue, man,” he said, doing a poor job of concealing a smile and an even poorer job of keeping his face from turning red as he tried not to laugh. “Now where are Gavin and Turney so I can say the same thing to them?”

“Blanchard, if you don’t get your jizzy hands away from me,” Michael warned just as Andy finally lost control and burst into giggles.

Kerry, thankfully, seemed to have no interest in engaging upon this topic and was watching them warily from across the set.

“What’s it to you, anyway?” Lindsay pouted. “It’s not like I’ve ever tried to hide the fact that I’m bi-er than an *Nsync song.”

When that returned nothing but blank stares from either boy, she rolled her eyes, sweeping her hand across the air in the customary dance move. “Bye, bye, bye.”

“Oooooooh,” Andy said, nodding.

“Oh, you know, maybe the fact that the entire company knows about our relationship!” Michael screeched. “And now they-“

“They what, they know you and Gavin are the only ones eating out?” she said, raising an eyebrow. “Would you rather people think your girlfriend and wife were unsatisfied?”

Michael, for the first time, didn’t seem to have an answer.

“And besides, why are you embarrassed?” she grumbled. “Now everyone knows I can’t eat the booty like groceries.”

~ ~ ~

Gavin had his head down, nose all but pressed against his desk as he waited for Lindsay to pick up.

When she did, she sounded confused.


“Hello, love, how are you?” Before she could even think to answer, he continued. “Good, great, stupendous, say, how do you feel about maybe not sharing your cunnilingus habits on a live podcast?”

What is everyone’s deal?” Lindsay replied snappishly. “Girls like getting eaten out, okay? It’s a thing, it’s a well-known thing!”

“Right, that’s true, we know that well enough, but-“

“Just because I admitted I cannot do it to another woman who I may or may not be in a committed relationship with- and by the way, no one would assume that I was being serious, but you and Michael seem to think I outed everything.”

“I don’t-“

“And it’s not even like I admitted I do eat girls out! I was just like, ‘nope, I can’t!’ And I was being completely candid when I said that’s the only reason I don’t!”


“Sorry for my defective tongue that can not only not pleasure my girlfriend but also apparently can’t keep secrets!”


“Also, I’m in the building and I’m coming to continue this argument in your office because Burnie just walked by and I’m fairly certain he heard me say that.”

Gavin was still thumping his head against his desk by the time he heard the door open and close again and felt Lindsay’s heat against his back.

“And another thing-“

“Lindsay!” Gavin said, whirling around in his “fancy-schmancy boss guy chair” as Michael liked to call it and grabbing onto his girlfriend’s arms. “I do not care that you can’t go… muff diving. Honestly! That’s fine!”

“The confidence with which you said that shows it,” Lindsay said drily.

“Yeah, well, it’s not often we have these conversations in broad daylight, within earshot of our boss,” he said, running a hand through his hair.

“I mean, sure, but every monitor in this company has Burnie in gold booty shorts as the desktop picture, so,” she trailed off. “So what’s your problem? Have I shamed our family name?”

“What? No!” Gavin said, eyebrows furrowed. He let his hands fall to Lindsay’s, taking them lightly. “Did Michael say that?”

“No, but that’s the vibe I got,” Lindsay said, shrugging.

“Listen, my main issue here is, like. I don’t know I just don’t like the idea of people knowing what goes on in my girlfriend’s… nether. Also that that podcast was playing at full blast in the Achievement Hunter office, but mostly the nether thing.”

“No one knows I was talking about Meg.”

“No, I mean… yours, too,” Gavin said, nearly purple in the face because this was probably the longest he’d talked about vaginas in a while and he never took it well.

Despite that, Lindsay was touched. “So you’re protective of Li’l Lindsay? Is that it, Gavvers?”

With a resigned sigh, Gavin turned back around and laid his face against his desk. “I know you love being the shit that you are but have you ever considered like. Not doing that?”

“Look, if we found out anything today, it’s that if I had an opportunity to change one thing about myself, my tongue would be first in line,” Lindsay said, smirking from where her hands were still in Gavin’s, twisted awkwardly behind his back.

~ ~ ~

“Okay, so yeah, it’s a damn shame, because that girl has enthusiasm like nobody’s business, but that’s just the way things worked out, tongue-wise. And honestly, I don’t think I drew the short straw at all because you should see what that girl can do with her fingers,” Meg was chattering away happily to a sullen-looking Ryan, who truly and sincerely looked like he’d rather be anywhere else but listening to her talk about this, when Lindsay walked up.

Thank you!” Lindsay cried. “Finally, some appreciation!”

Meg’s face brightened when she saw her and immediately strode over to wrap her arms around her middle. “Hi, Bubblegum.”

“If I’m Bubblegum, does that make you Marceline?” Lindsay asked, kissing Meg’s temple before stepping back to greet Ryan, who only glanced up briefly before excusing himself, probably to call his wife or go to Confession or something.

“Definitely!” Meg said, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. “Oh my God, new cosplay idea! Do you wanna partner up with me?”

“Totally!” Lindsay said, twirling one of Meg’s curls between her fingers as her girlfriend turned back to her desk to finish packing up.

“And what’s this about ‘finally appreciation’?” she asked. “Are our dumb boys giving you trouble?”

“Nothing, they’re just having sad patriarchy feelings about me discussing my failure as a cunnilingus artist live on the air.”

“Men are weak,” Meg said, shaking her head. “It’s not like they’re even the only one in this queersome foursome that doesn’t have three people to eat them out. I’m the victim here!”

“We are spoiled,” Lindsay said, grinning wickedly, throwing an arm around Meg as they walked out.

“Rotten,” she agreed.

~ ~ ~

Alternative ending:

Michael probably would’ve torn into her even more if the distinct clomp clomp of heels didn’t draw their attention to the other side of the sound stage.

Meg, in all of her tiny glory, was stomping over to them, fury in her eyes.

Michael, as usual, was immediately on the defensive (Lindsay was the most likely to coax a fearsome mother hen out of Meg when someone else was giving her shit.)

“Okay, look, it was mostly a joke, but in my defense, I really didn’t-“

“That’s the only reason?!” Meg demanded, completely ignoring Michael and clambering right up to Lindsay. In her heels, they were the same height. “I’ve spent all this time thinking you were just vagina-shy and you…” she didn’t finish, just clenched her tiny fist in Lindsay’s face and gritted her teeth.


“You’re a girl! You know that the clit is everything!”

“Whoa,” Andy said, putting his hands up and turning his customary shade of pink. “That’s enough for me, I’m out.” He walked away, his neck turning steadily redder as he went.

“Tell Geoff you’re taking an early day,” Meg snapped, gripping Lindsay’s hand like a vice. “Actually, no, you’re the boss now, so you don’t even have to tell Geoff. We’re just leaving.”

“Where are we going?” Lindsay asked, slightly dazed as Meg tugged her towards the door.

“Home,” she said, then paused. “You know what? No, you’re gonna buy me Whataburger and then we’re going home. I’m gonna learn you a thing or two about vaginas.”

“Aw, come on, can’t you at least wait until I get home?” Michael called, frowning.

“No!” Meg and Lindsay called back in unison, although Meg’s voice rang just a touch louder and more shrilly.

“Damn it.”

thanks so much for this opportunity @tender-vadge!!1


Alright so guys I went to the com as you could see with my past updates and I will tell you what happened to me, Alright so let’s begin shall we?

First I bought 2 meets with Eliza, 2 photos and one autograph, alright so tomorrow I still have one meet left and the autograph, and today I took the two photos and one meet.

First at the meet: 

SHE WAS SO FUCKING SWEET OMFG AND on the first minute of the meet, someone asked her : which accent do you like to do more?

and she aswered: “Oh american accent is fun.” and so I just said out loud: “was it hard to do?” and I didnt except her to look at me and give me a little giggle and answer me looking right into my eyes, we had a chat about accents , and then we said she couldn’t say withdraw in the american accent and she laughed. alright so that was the first time we talked, and it took like 3 minutes OF ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR STARING AND TALKING TO ME.

So I raised my hand and said: “ Eliza first I want to thank you for everything, it really helped a lot , I  have a really bad time with my mom and dad, specially my mom. “ AND THEN SHE SAID BEFORE I COULD EVEN ASK MY FIRST QUESTION. “ awww im really sorry to hear that , im sorry babe” AND I WAS LIKE OHSAUHEOUSHESOUAHEUSAHEUOASHUESUAEHSA KILL ME…. So I gasped and I couln’t even continue my question, and she saw that and giggle and I tried to keep up, and I said: “ Sorry Eliza I’m really nervous…. “ AND SHE SAID: *giggles* “Don’t worry Im nervous as well hahaha, its fine really.”  HER GIGGLE IN PERSON OH MY GOD. Anyways, I laughed and said: “ Thanks to this fandom I could meet my Girlfriend , she’s from California and…” AND SHE SPOKE AGAIN “ AWWWWWW gongratulations! Im really happy for you!!! That’s amazing!” And I was like UEHSAOEUHSAEHSOAUEHOSAUHEUSHA I CANT OMFG I CANT DO THIS. So I tried to recompose myself “ Thanks hahha so Id like to thank you for that , for your acting as well you are so good! But anyways my question is : do you recall any deleted clexa scene that we didn’t see on the show?”  And she said : “ Oh, no I think you’ve seen it all,  I mean there were sometimes that we had to reshoot some scenes but yeah” And I said : “ Oh and what about bloopers? we dont really have any Bloopers with Alycia.” And she laughed and said: “ Well there weren’t a lot of bloopers hahaha, but we had some but I guess they didn’t put it because they didn’t find it funny enough” And I said: Ohh hahaha alright and she said : “ But my favorite bloopers is from season 1 , but I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!” and so me and two other girls said: “its on the dvd Eliza hahahaha” and she looked at us “ It is? o.o oh my god! “ and I said: “ Yea it is, and also you should check youtube, it’s also on youtube.” and then she said: “ Alright I will thanks!!” 

So after I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT FANFIC HAHAHAHA BECAUSE I JUST HAD TO. so I said:“ So Eliza did you ever read any fanfics? “ and she laughed and said: “ No not really , but should I read them? I mean there are sex scenes in there right?” And I said: “ Well there are some fics with sex scenes but there are a lot that doesn’t, and they are really good too.” and she said : “ Oh realy? alright will you send me some after please?” AND I WAS ONCE AGAIN LIKE OAEHSIEHSAUHESAEA OMG and I laughed and said: “ SURE”  

So she was trying to say somethings in portuguese, and she looked at me when she tried to say: “ Churrasco” and I helped her and she tried again and I nodded she did that thing with her arm like: YES ACHIEVIMENT UNLOCKED while SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME SO FUCKING CUTE OMFG IM SO GAY I CANT–

Anyways . HAHAHAH so she tried to say “Eu te amo” which is I love you in portuguese, and she looked at me again hahahah, man omfg Im so…. and she said it IJSAIJEA *dead*

ANYWAYS. We talked about a lot of things, we talked about Clexacon, and she was always looking at me, and I’d always say something to her complementing things and she’d always chat back with me. IM STILL LIKE SEAIEHSAUHES SO I WILL ASK MY FRIEND WHAT WERE MY OTHER QUESTIONS BECAUSE RIGHT NOW I CATN REMEMBER SORRY GUYS. 

Anyways when we went to take the photo I WAS LIKE REALLY CLOSE TO HER , and she was trying to stay with one foot on the ground and the other on the stairs, and she was like off balance for a second and I said : “ Are you ok Eliza? “ and she looked into my eyes, and she was like 5 inches away from my face, “ Yes im ok hahaha thanks “ OH GOD IM SO DONE EISAHSUHUSEAAHUSE

Anyways so I had the two pics with her: I was holding this shirt that you are going to see on the photo, and I drew that and it was a gift for her. So I had two photos to take with her, so I came closer and said: Heeeeey she said : “HEEEEY” , OMFG SHES SO CUTE hahahahhaha and I asked if I could hug her, and she said: “ YES OF COURSE” and opened her arms really wide , I hugged her and GOD HER HAIR, THE SMELL HOESAHEOHAEHSA DYING, AND HER HUG ESHAOUSA, alright so I handed the shirt to her and said: “its a gift for you hahahaha I drew that” and she read it and said: “ Oh my god Clexakru captain YEEEEEI * while shaking the shirt* IM YOUR CAPTAIN “ AND I FUCKING CHEERED WITH HER : YESSSSSS OUR CAPTAIN! anyways she asked if I wanted her to hold the shirt on the photo and I said YES. SO GUYS HERE COMES THE BEST PART….. SHE HELD THE SHIRT AND TOLD ME TO HUG HER FROM BEHIND AND SO I DID, MY FRIENDS THAT WERE WAITING TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH HER, SAID WE LOOKED LIKE A COUPLE GOD I CATN WAIT TO SEE THAT PHOTO OMFG OSOEAHESUHUSEAHUSEA BECAUSE IM TALLER THAN HER SO FUCK I HAD AND HELD ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR IN MY ARMS SEIJASIJISJAISJPAPSJAPIJSAPIJESPIJESAIJESAIJPESAIEJASEIJSAESIJAESJAIESJEAIJESAIJ WE TOOK THE PHOTO AND SHE SAID THANKS, AND ASKED WHAT I WANTED ON THE SECOND PHOTO BUT SERIOUSLY I WAS SO HIGH WITH THAT SAOHIESAHUSA THAT I JUST SAID: “ LETS JUST HUG OURSELVES” and she saw that I was still like OMFG and she giggled and said alright, so she hugged me tight hahahaha SO CUTE . so before I left she gave me two more hugs, SO 5 FUCKING HUGS, ELIZA FUCKING TAYLOR HUGGED ME 5 TIMES. and said thanks about the shirt OUSEAHUESOUAEHSA IMI SO… ANYWAYS I HOPE TOMORROW I HAVE MORE EXCITING THINGS TO TELL YOU IM SO UHSAHOSEAHUESA 


anonymous asked:

omg both admins are so beautiful, how can you be both talented writers and gorgeous??? too good for this world! ★ if you're still in need of fluff requests, can I request MC and RFA members + V getting into a tickle fight? Who is helplessly weak to tickles, who is a menace who won't stop tickling, who snorts with laughter or squeaks in fun ways? I hope you have a wonderful day, you are so sweet and kind and talented and your writing makes me so happy!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I love tickling tropes. Don’t fucking tickle me or I literally pass away but I love tiCKLING TROPES (seriously don’t tickle me. I cry. Admin Rina tickles me and I die.)

Also thank you so so so much for your sweet words. <33 It means so much! ^^ Love you!

~Admin MP


  • Laughs so hard he fucking cries
  • literal tears streaming down his lil face
  • Gets to the point where he’s laughing that there’s just no more air
  • Sometimes there’s a wheezing sound
  • Is he breathing?? Nobody knows
  • Often pretends to pass out so that nobody tickles him more (but they are ruthless and go back for more tickles)
  • He shrieks at the sudden assault 
  • Keeps begging “PLEASE PLEASE DON’T IM GONNA PEE MY PAaAAaaaAaAaAntS!!”
  • When people finally leave him alone he just lays there for awhile trying to get back movement in his limbs because it drained him so much that he’s shook omg


  • Don’t get in a tickle fight with him.
  • You will not survive.
  • Is the King of tickle fights 
  • Somehow manages to tickle two people at one time?
  • Can pinpoint the spots that are the most ticklish almost immediately??
  • “GET OFF ME YOU TICKLE DEMON” is shouted more than once
  • has no mercy.
  • If Yoosung pees his pants that’s Yoosung’s fault
  • The reason that he is such a tickle master is because he’s actually really ticklish and sensitive too 
  • So he does it as a defensive mechanism
  • When someone finally manages to get past his fast reflexes to tickle him, he immediately jumps and squeaks
  • Everyone holds him down while MC tickles him.
  • He screams.
  • he also tries to kick b/c he’s savage and self preservation is kicking in
  • Is the type to squirm as well


  • Litearlly tries to run away
  • Threatens
  • If Zen tickles her she doesn’t know what to do
  • By this time, she’s pretty comfortable with him since they’re friends but she remembers how she would’ve passed out a few years ago
  • Accidentally elbows him in the face
  • Seven almost pees himself while Jaehee apologizes about fifty times
  • She’s the one who manages to get past Seven’s reflexes
  • As soon as she finds out he’s incredibly ticklish she’s like “EVERYONE G R A B H I M”
  • Is thirsty for revenge against those who tickle her 
  • Honestly, three weeks later she’ll get someone back for something and be like “this is because on October 24th at 3:45pm you tickled me exactly three times”


  • Lol what is tickling?
  • wt f why are you touchign me like t hat
  • Honestly he’s probably never really been in a tickle war before
  • After the initial shock, though, he gets super excited
  • Sometimes has to stop and blames “The Beast”
  • Yoosung smacks at him whenever he says this and is like “ZENNN EWWW STOPPPP ITT”
  • Sometimes he confuses tickling wars with wrestling wars (mostly with Jumin) and everyone has to tell him to slow his roll
  • He’ll also laugh uncontrollably while tickling others? Like he’s the one being tickled?
  • Has such a high, wheezy laugh when he’s getting tickled
  • Often chokes on his own spit while he laughs and coughs a lot
  • His back has to be rubbed because he’s such a baby about it
  • “I almost died. I felt the air leave my body and I knew that was it”
  • “If you’re talking you can breathe. If you can breathe you’re not going to die”


  • Nobody expects Jumin to be ticklish
  • So when they try to poke his sides he’s extremely blank faced and everyone is like “drats”
  • But his shoes come off and MC just sort of tickles his foot as a joke
  • He fucking JUMPS and stares, lips in a tight line
  • MC goes for it again of course, this time grabbing his ankle to keep his foot in place
  • Jumin starts CACKLING, trying his hardest to squirm away, but MC won’t let him
  • Seven is quick to grab the other foot and Yoosung (glad it’s not him) begins to tickle it
  • Still trying to get away and still laughing, tries to tell them to stop in his most authoritative voice
  • (The effect is lost when the words are breathlessly said between bouts of giggling though)
  • Stops trying to get away and just lies there helplessly, covering his face as he shakes with laughter
  • They finally take mercy on him and let go
  • Jumin lies there, sniffling and letting out a few more giggles
  • “…is he ok”


  • Everyone feels bad if they try to tickle him at first (except Seven)
  • Seven leaps into it and starts tickling V, who just sort of chuckles and pushes him away
  • Disappointed because he’s not super ticklish, everyone turns to Yoosung who is being tortured
  • V grabs Zen’s shoulder, pretending that he’s using him to help move but then V suddenly ATTACKS Zen’s sides
  • Zen screams with laughter and falls to the ground, and V literally cackles
  • Let’s just say V is incredibly competitive
  • He knows everyone’s ticklish spots instinctively
  • And it seems like he has no ticklish spots
  • He even manages to get Seven and has him prone on the ground (nobody has ever seen Seven so quiet but it might be because he’s actually dead)
  • Finally, someone manages to find his weakness
  • It’s behind the knee (who the heckie is ticklish here)
  • It turns into a huge tickle war between MC and V and they’re both screaming and laughing and crying

Eventually, everyone calms down and cuddles instead.

dating im jaebum would include...

lol i’m avoiding outlining my markjin fic bc idk how to write so here we go enjoy fam 

- meeting in a fairly average setting like a party or coffee shop but having something really out of the ordinary happen, like the cops showing up so you have to run away together and walk an hour to get home or your coffees getting mixed up and you both drinking them before you realize it so you naturally have to sit down together and find out what happened to the other person for them to have such horrendous taste in bean drinks 

- probably just hanging out in friends/more-than friends limbo for a while because he’s pretty guarded and doesn’t know how he feels about u yet but one day you don’t answer his texts for a few hours bc ur out with ur family and he realizes how lonely he is w/o talking to you and the next time he sees u he takes ur face in his hands and kisses the life outta u and tells u how much he likes u and bam ur dating wow took u long enough wtffff 

- lots of prolonged silences while you’re hanging out but not really awkward ones just periods of times where you just enjoy being close to each other and don’t feel like you need to use words to show it 

- him telling you he doesn’t like american food but scarfing down every meal you make for him bc he just rly loves the eats man 

- not a ton of PDA?? he likes to hold your hand and occasionally kiss your temple but he mostly just saves his affection for when you get home and he can pull you into his lap and give you kisses in places he knows you’re ticklish bc he’s a freaking troll & likes to see you giggle :3 

“jagi… are you wearing my underwear to bed again” 

- him singing in the shower really rEALLY LOUDLY AT 7 AM and you going into the bathroom to drag his ass but he starts singing to you and using the shampoo as a mic and he looks like such an idiot you can’t help but join him bc you can always come in w/ the hella harmonies just be careful jyp might try to recruit you if you don’t keep that shit on lock 

- LOTS OF SELFIE SENDING /// maybe a nood or two if one of you asks you are just very beautiful people and like to remind each other every 30 minutes ok (as if you needed to) 

- giving each other piggy backs bc you love to feel so high off the ground but you also love to feel his face nuzzled into your neck so you make do and alternate 

- going out clubbing w/ ur friends and while everyone else is just jamming out hardcore you guys are dancing on each other in the least gross but still most sensual way possible and everyone else is feelin’ some type of way bc you guys are always in sync like how often do you practice are you teaching classes soon 

- him taking your picture on stage with him during every performance for good luck and smiling when he feels it in his pocket 

- stressful days when he needs to be alone for a few hours so he doesn’t blow up and take it out on you before coming home and collapsing into your lap and you holding him close and rubbing his back and waiting until you feel his breathing return to normal before asking if he wants to talk about it

- giving each other small but meaningful gifts for birthdays/anniversaries like a necklace with your first picture together inside or a hand-written letter or a nice bottle of lube idk use your imagination presents are hard ok

- spontaneous beach trips!!! except you guys go to smaller ones in early spring at the break of dawn when no one is there and it’s cold and windy and you can walk around fully clothed collecting sea shells together like the lovely old couple you are 

- “jaebum take your hand off my thigh we are at dinner with my parents omg”

- holding each other for a really long time before he leaves for a trip and you both trying to hold your tears in bc you want to remember each other happy and then looking back & seeing the other members crying their eyes out so now everyone is losing their shit and they’re about to miss their flight wow good going you dweebuses 

- watching every episode of the simpsons with him and just breaking down and buying him the first 10 seasons or something bc you secretly love it plus you’re tired of trying to find this shit online pop ups are murder 

- really fast but really good sexy time before he goes to practice but you always lose track of time so yugyeom and jackson are waiting outside like dude we happy for u but pls put ur underwear on we ggtgtggtgtgtgtg 

- at one of his concerts; random person: oh who’s your bias?? mine’s jb :) you: oh that’s cool, mine’s bambam

- the other members keeping a tally of how many times he does his big loud jb laugh around you and losing track bc it happens so often and they’re really happy about that they love seein their papa too joyful to keep it inside 

- lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of “babe i’m running late where did i put my socks last night?” and “how do you say this in (each other’s language)” and “didn’t the guys do such a good job tonight?” and “this ramen tastes a little funny are you su- okay well this is 10 weeks old” and  “can you zip my dress up?” and “i’m so proud of you baby” and “alright nora come on up and snuggle with us” and “when are you coming home i miss you” and “oh my god i love this episode!” and “jagi how did you get so beautiful” and “oo i’ve never tried this food before” and “i know i don’t say it enough but i love you more than anything”

- looking at a picture you guys took when you first met and thinking about how much you’ve grown together and shared with each other and remembering the time you almost burned the house down making spaghetti and the time you stayed up all night learning the lyrics to random rap songs and the time you held hands even though you were upset with each other because you didn’t want each other to think you hated them and the time you bought him a cactus and spent 30 minutes pulling pricks out of his arm when he accidentally backed into it and the time you forgot to call him when you got home and he ran to your house to make sure you were okay and know that this boy is a beautiful, selfless, warm, hilarious, and complete and total idiot and you love him more than anything on this planet earth and probably anywhere else in the universe too but don’t get his hopes up you never know

- goodnight and goodbye i am in pain bless jb 5ever and ever 

viridian green

nsfw, praise kink, xeno, oviposition under the cut!! (ao3 link)

During the seven months he and Eren have been together, Levi’s grown used to his boyfriend’s little quirks. He makes whistling little noises when he sleeps, not unlike a small cat, and physically cannot ingest hot foods or beverages. It has something to do with the atmospheric conditions on his home planet and thus the evolution of their species’ oral cavity, he’d explained once, but back then Levi had still been too perplexed by his long, sharp tongue to listen too carefully. In fact, Eren could live solely on lukewarm water and sunlight if he wanted to, but ever since settling on Earth he’d quickly developed a fondness for vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

“Hang on. So, if you don’t need food to survive,” Levi had said once while watching Eren gobble down a whole watermelon, peels and all, “does that mean you don’t poop either?”

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anonymous asked:

i love you and your blog! (butmostlyyou) can we see rin getting a surprise visit from a close friend he made whilst in australia (who he may or may not have had a TEENSYTINYgiantLITTLE crush on) because their parents decided to move to japan (and wow??! his area?!? what a coinquidink) for business reasons (bonus if they speak in english around his friends like its their own secret code or something) omg im sorry this is so specific /baCKFLIP S OUT THE WINDOW

Oh wow I love this. There’s a read more because it’s long (2411 words!) and it needed a little cut ♥ All English spoken is italicised in speech marks “like so”, and since this is told from our darling Rin’s perspective, his thoughts are italicised. Enjoy this! (´・ω・)ノ

“Yo, Rin.”

When he had heard that voice, he thought his heart would stop.

No way.

“You turned hard of hearing since I last saw you?”

It is you.

When he turned around, his heart did stop for a second. You were there, in your full glory, smirk on your face and bag on your shoulder. He honestly thought he’d never see you again, when he left Australia. As happy as he had been to be going back to Japan, he was heartbroken when he had to leave you, and now…


He could barely speak, his voice coming out as an embarrassing squeak.

“You bet.”

With that playful wink, Rin knew his heart was in for a world of trouble, all over again.

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markhyuck couple!au (pt.2)

part 2 heh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

-part one is here: ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)


-not secretly actually

-he goes INSANE with holidays and anniversaries

-he pretends he doesnt care about anything bUT HOLIDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES WOWEE BOI

-he’s like that angry mom yelling at her children to hurry up when relatives are coming over

-except with nct dream

-birthdays are EXTREMELY important to him

-he threw mark a surprise party once and jisung worked so hard, he fell asleep halfway through the party

-but to be fair, hae was SO strict






-jaemin only sassed him to make hae say that but nO ONE TELL HIM

-when mark found out about the surprise party he started tearing up and was like “fuk my heart i love everybody so much”

-he asked who organized it but hae stopped everybody from responding by screaming “EVERYBODY”

-mark knew it was hae tho so he makes sure to give hae extra kisses when nobody is watching ♡

-i explained last time that they like cuddling but i didnt go in depth with it


-so hae’s always the smaller spoon, i said that last time

-he couldlve easily been the bigger spoon (theyre like the same height lmao) but he likes being the smaller spoon bc he really likes the warm and safe feeling he gets in his chest when mark hugs him close

-before they dated, hae always crawled into mark’s bed in the middle of the night if he couldnt sleep bc he was scared or worried about something

-mark let hae sleep beside him and wouldnt ever push hae to talk about something he didnt want to

-after going to him in the middle of the night so many times, he just began to saw mark as this safe haven he can always go to

-so whenever hae has a problem or is vvvv distressed, he always goes to mark

-but mark ends up always going to him bc he just knows when hae needs him

-they can communicate silently it’s tERRIFYING

-ok back to cuddling

-they cuddle whenever theyre together and alone (hae hates skinship, i said it last time)

-sometimes theyll watch like videos together in mark’s bed and theyll be cuddling

-and hae falls asleep or somethin

-mark really likes hugging him when he’s asleep bc hae becomes a big, warm teddy bear

-they probably go on pokemon go dates

-theyre EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to pokemon go


-mark usually laughs and shoves him and says “shut up” but boy

-he straight up screamed “FUCK YOU KIM DONGHYUCK IM LEAVING YOU” and ran away with his phone in his hand, desperately searching for farfetch’d

-he ended up falling over so hae tsked and promised he’d help him find one

-i STRONGLY STRONGLY think that mark babies the dream team a lot

-but sometimes he just needs someone to baby him ya feel??

-hae 10000000% babies him

-he makes sure that mark’s dresses appropriately for outside and sasses him if he doesnt

-”bitch ur wearing a sweater and it’s 30 degrees outside do you wanna fight me or smth”

-”lol fuk u hae” -mark, as he changes into a t-shirt


-he likes booping hae’s nose bc hae gets really mad

-BUT it looks like a lil kid getting mad bc they didnt get candy oMG!!!!

-hae probably gets jealous when mark gets shipped with another member

-”how dare u get shipped with MY boyfriend!! do our fans not see how PERFECT i am with him they can fiGHT ME!!!!”

-they probably recommeend music to each other

-mark NEVER gets jealous

-they probably do that thing where they try to steal things from each other

-like, mark will have his phone in his hand and hae will snATCH THAT SHIT

-and then mark will try to snatch it back and if he cant, he’ll like, grab hae’s phone

-they have each other’s phone for the rest of the day bc theyre too stubborn to return them

-mark probably texts stuff like ‘hey me hehehehehEHEHEHEHE’ and hae tells him to shut up

-sometimes theyll text from different rooms instead of talking face to face and when they do, theyll ocassionally yell out “SHUT UP” or “FUCK OFF” at each other

-sometimes they just fling pillows instead of screaming

-someone can ask them ANYTHING about the other and they already know the answer

-”oh hey mark do you know where hae is?”

-“lol no”

-“oh i was just gonna ask him what he wanted from starbucks”

-”venti caramel frap with a double shot of espresso and mint”

-”… ok”

-hae probably ‘borrows’ a lot of stuff from mark too

-he’ll see mark wearing a zipup hoodie one day and be like “omg can i wear that”

-mark’s just like “uh lol ok idc”

-he never gets the hoodie back

-they have a lot of inside jokes when each other and when they see something that reminds them of a certain inside joke, they look at each other IMMEDIATELY and burst out laughing

-if they ever get a dog together, theyll fight over who has to walk it

-”hae walk the dog”




-they end up walking it together

-like always

-tl;dr, still the dorkiest couple ever ♡