omg i love max
Jordan Battle on Twitter
“Nerrmmetra! #CampCamp #overwatchcosplay”

OMG… You guys!! Was listening to AfterBuzz’s TV Camp Camp Aftershow Podcast while I was drawing and found out that two of the animators for the show have been drawing Camp Camp fanart on their own time.

Jordan Battle has been drawing them as Overwatch characters.

And Yssa Badiola the lead animator has been drawing highschool fanart and ships Makki!!

Yssa Badiola’s HighSchool AU: 

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TOOO!! I recommend you give them both a good look through!

Guys I’m like not even being funny when I say I want to send a 10 page long letter to the show writers as well as a freaking bouquet. Black Sails is one of the most extraordinary pieces of storytelling this century and it hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention or accolades it deserves. I’m genuinely so appreciative of this one in a million show. Hoes (including me lmao) be out here throwing money at bore fests like the walking dead and hit and misses like game of thrones when black sails is essentially flawless. Like it should be shown in film and creative writing classes.

One thing I want to hammer home is that this show didn’t go the tragedy porn route like the aforementioned programmes and other wannabe hits. The characters got closure, realistic endings that were also profoundly satisfactory, dare I say happy?? Characters dying in a world as unforgivable as black sails and other period shows is expected and more than plausible, but it’s not mandatory. Anne could have died for Jack and his crew, and it would’ve made sense. But she got to LIVE, the story continued, she made up with Max and got better. Flint could have been killed by Silver and never learned of Thomas - BUT HE DIDN’T. THEY LET HIM HAVE AN ENDING. Nowadays there’s such a trend of killing and tormenting characters to be “edgy” or to elicit a reaction from audiences. It is so much more difficult to not kill your darlings, but to let them play out their mistakes and claw their way back to redemption. It’s also more satisfying for those watching, or so I think. When I think of characters like Ned Stark or Glenn Rhee, I do get sad and reflective, and the spectacles surrounding their demises were controversial enough to make friggin headlines. Black Sails, with its queer male lead, who is also a pirate king; its POC female former slave and leader of a rebellion; the rest of its legion of female powerhouses like max, eleanor, anne, miranda, madame guthrie; the glorious, often heinous shades of grey in charles vane, woodes rogers and john silver; that show won’t make headlines, but hopefully in time people will realise how rare and amazing it was.

Now we wait 20 years for the cast to age, so they can make a treasure island miniseries sequel….


My God, how I hated you. There was a time in which I could not conceive of how I could ever forgive you. And in this moment, I am you.

Do you have a crush on Max Caulfield?

Because these characters do~

Chloe Price.

I am not even going to elaborate. It is very obvious.


Warren Graham.

Even more obvious. Like you l i t e r a l l y cannot miss it.


Kate Marsh.

Has even broke out the “I love you”!


Victoria Chase.

“Max is such hipster trash, thinks she so cool with that dumb camera, selfie-ho of Blackwell noticemenoticemeomgmaxnotice me!!”


Dana Ward.

“Max come to this party with me and my bf, bring Warren! Max I can dress you for the party you will be attending! Max you are such a hero! Max dance with me at this party! Maaaaax pay attention to me!”


Alyssa Anderson.

“You are my like, guardian angel Max.”


Mr. Jefferson.

WELL FU- ….Max.. RUN!!1!

Creepy teachers aside, who will be next on the list of “Max, NOTICE ME!”

My best guess?

Nathan Prescott!




hey shut up it could happen.


But as you can see, lots of people really admire Max because she probably one of the cutest things ever.

I have a crush on Max too.


When Reading Maximum Ride Forever (Lots of Spoilers....Like Seriously)

Holy Shit End of The World!!

Dr M and Ella are dead?!

Then Dylan “dies”

But the flock keeps fighting!

And shit keeps getting worse!

Then Akeela Dies! 

But Max and Fang!!

And they have sex :D

Wait Max and Fang have sex???

But then he leave her again!!

And Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel all leave too!

Then Max leaves Nudge and Total!

Then Nudge dies!!!

Then Gazzy and Iggy die!!

And Angel’s like “It’s all part of the plan”

And Then FANG!!!!!!!!!

And so many tears!!

Max finds out the flock is actually alive though!

Well not Fang

But Dylan’s alive too

Then Battle

And Max says she’s Pregnant! 

And then Dylans dies to bring Fang back

But Dylan is dead for real this time

And there’s a Fax baby now

Which I guess is Okay

But hey…better ending than Never More

The End!

anonymous asked:

Max's only solace from the portal dreams is the dream of "max is a dead man" :)

I’m trying to answer the asks in order but this is relevant and I’m just…


Ok guys don’t watch that video if you’re scared of like- courage the cowardly dog animation?? And jumpscares? It’s pretty freaky, though I’m used to freaky stuff like that. But lots of people aren’t, and I’ve heard of people seriously getting affected by it. So I have to say that to get it out of the way, in case people are curious and watch it after this ask.

But now that it is out of the way, that is a hilarious reference and p o o r m a x