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Guys I’m like not even being funny when I say I want to send a 10 page long letter to the show writers as well as a freaking bouquet. Black Sails is one of the most extraordinary pieces of storytelling this century and it hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention or accolades it deserves. I’m genuinely so appreciative of this one in a million show. Hoes (including me lmao) be out here throwing money at bore fests like the walking dead and hit and misses like game of thrones when black sails is essentially flawless. Like it should be shown in film and creative writing classes.

One thing I want to hammer home is that this show didn’t go the tragedy porn route like the aforementioned programmes and other wannabe hits. The characters got closure, realistic endings that were also profoundly satisfactory, dare I say happy?? Characters dying in a world as unforgivable as black sails and other period shows is expected and more than plausible, but it’s not mandatory. Anne could have died for Jack and his crew, and it would’ve made sense. But she got to LIVE, the story continued, she made up with Max and got better. Flint could have been killed by Silver and never learned of Thomas - BUT HE DIDN’T. THEY LET HIM HAVE AN ENDING. Nowadays there’s such a trend of killing and tormenting characters to be “edgy” or to elicit a reaction from audiences. It is so much more difficult to not kill your darlings, but to let them play out their mistakes and claw their way back to redemption. It’s also more satisfying for those watching, or so I think. When I think of characters like Ned Stark or Glenn Rhee, I do get sad and reflective, and the spectacles surrounding their demises were controversial enough to make friggin headlines. Black Sails, with its queer male lead, who is also a pirate king; its POC female former slave and leader of a rebellion; the rest of its legion of female powerhouses like max, eleanor, anne, miranda, madame guthrie; the glorious, often heinous shades of grey in charles vane, woodes rogers and john silver; that show won’t make headlines, but hopefully in time people will realise how rare and amazing it was.

Now we wait 20 years for the cast to age, so they can make a treasure island miniseries sequel….


My God, how I hated you. There was a time in which I could not conceive of how I could ever forgive you. And in this moment, I am you.

my boss gave me a bag of some birthday gifts (coffee, gift card, etc.) and ….. two bags of cat treats that these freakin idiots LOVE. i’m laughing so hard. i love fellow cat people. don’t worry, i’m gonna share the treats with Silas too, he’s been here for almost 3 weeks he’s officially the fourth member of The Goon Squad™ and thus, family.

When Reading Maximum Ride Forever (Lots of Spoilers....Like Seriously)

Holy Shit End of The World!!

Dr M and Ella are dead?!

Then Dylan “dies”

But the flock keeps fighting!

And shit keeps getting worse!

Then Akeela Dies! 

But Max and Fang!!

And they have sex :D

Wait Max and Fang have sex???

But then he leave her again!!

And Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel all leave too!

Then Max leaves Nudge and Total!

Then Nudge dies!!!

Then Gazzy and Iggy die!!

And Angel’s like “It’s all part of the plan”

And Then FANG!!!!!!!!!

And so many tears!!

Max finds out the flock is actually alive though!

Well not Fang

But Dylan’s alive too

Then Battle

And Max says she’s Pregnant! 

And then Dylans dies to bring Fang back

But Dylan is dead for real this time

And there’s a Fax baby now

Which I guess is Okay

But hey…better ending than Never More

The End!

Do you have a crush on Max Caulfield?

Because these characters do~

Chloe Price.

I am not even going to elaborate. It is very obvious.


Warren Graham.

Even more obvious. Like you l i t e r a l l y cannot miss it.


Kate Marsh.

Has even broke out the “I love you”!


Victoria Chase.

“Max is such hipster trash, thinks she so cool with that dumb camera, selfie-ho of Blackwell noticemenoticemeomgmaxnotice me!!”


Dana Ward.

“Max come to this party with me and my bf, bring Warren! Max I can dress you for the party you will be attending! Max you are such a hero! Max dance with me at this party! Maaaaax pay attention to me!”


Alyssa Anderson.

“You are my like, guardian angel Max.”


Mr. Jefferson.

WELL FU- ….Max.. RUN!!1!

Creepy teachers aside, who will be next on the list of “Max, NOTICE ME!”

My best guess?

Nathan Prescott!




hey shut up it could happen.


But as you can see, lots of people really admire Max because she probably one of the cutest things ever.

I have a crush on Max too.


Max Domi #1 - Lucky Sports Bra

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A/N - i love max so much omg. any boy on the 2015 team canada world juniors will forever have a special place in my heart. dream team forever and always

for the anon request:  Hey I was wondering if you could so a Max Domi one where is girlfriend plays for Canada in the worlds tournament


“Can you pass me that pile of sports bras beside you?” you asked your boyfriend, Max Domi, who was sitting on the floor of your bedroom pouting while you were trying to pack.

“No” he countered just to be difficult. You turned to face him from where you were trying to shove all your clothes that you were taking to the Women’s World Hockey Championships where you were competing in two weeks.

“Maxiee….” you whined and put your hands on your hips, “You know I wish you were coming with me to Michigan but you have a job too, remember? One that involves playing hockey of your own for way more than three times the amount of fans.”

“…I know. But you are going to be gone for so long. I’m going to miss you.” he continued to pout at you, matching the expression of his diabetic-alert dog, Orion, who was currently making puppy dog eyes at you as well while resting his head in Max’s lap.

“You can’t even try that excuse mister. We work on entirely opposite ends of the country during the season and you are always on the road so you can’t even complain to me about being lonely while I’m on the road. Also I’m pretty sure that I am going to be even closer to you now than when I’m playing in Connecticut.”

He opened his mouth to protest but you cut him off, “And do I need to remind you that if Canada wins I will be getting a nicely paid bonus that is not exactly easy to come by in women’s hockey.” you threw a balled up sock at him playfully, “So shut your mouth Mister Domi and help me sit on this suitcase.”

“Fine.” he sighed dramatically before grabbing the stuff that you still needed to pack in your bag and handing it to you. You hummed your thanks and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before shoving the clothes into your already exploding luggage.

“I think you over-packed….” Max chuckled from beside you.

“I mean I am gone for a month so I think this is totally appropriate.” Max wrapped his arms around you and hooked his chin on your shoulder. “Come on lover boy, make yourself useful and use that hockey ass to smush my clothes enough that I can zip this thing up.” you teased

“Wow, this is the only reason you are dating me isn’t it.” Max laughed, “You just use me for my body.”

You gave his bum a smack when he bent over to get on top of your luggage on top of the bed. He yelped in outrage and you just continued to laugh, “Yup.” you agreed, popping the ‘p’.

Next came the hardest part, as much as the added weight of your none-too-light boyfriend helped in compression, your bag refused to close properly. It took the next half hour of you and Max adjusting, squeezing and really desperate attempts to get the zipper done up before it fully closed. By the time you were done, the both of you were embarrassingly sweaty from your efforts considering that you were both professional athletes and shouldn’t be getting this tired doing such a menial task.

You both stood back and huffed at the finished product once it was moved out to your living room: your hockey bag and five sticks taped together was resting up against your big luggage bag and your carry on back pack was perched on top of that.  

“All set?” Max asked you.

“I think so…” you peered around at your stuff and went through the mental checklist in your head. “ You put in my lucky sports bra right?”

Max raised a single eyebrow at you in question, “You know, the red one with the white maple leaf on the boobs and the strappy back with ‘true north strong’ printed on the back?” you were gesturing semi frantically at Max as the panic started to rise in your chest, “THE ONE THAT I NEED TO WEAR FOR GAMES OR ELSE WE WILL LOSE.”

Max’s eyes widened, “I never had it, I thought you packed it!”

“No! I had it witht he rest of my bras!” now real fear was rising into your chest,

Max quickly stepped over to you and grabbed your arm to keep you steady, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s probably just still in your dresser.”

You practically ran through your house to your bedroom and started to tear apart your dresser while Max searched through your closet.

“Shit! I can’t find it.” you said after awhile, holding a hand over your face to try and calm yourself down.

“Are you absolutely sure that it isn’t in your bags?” Max asked you.

“No I definitely don’t remember seeing it when we were refolding all my stuff.” your breath started to quicken as you walked back into the living room with Max following on your heels right behind you.

“Okay, well let’s double check that again, just to be safe.” you marched into the living room when all of the sudden Max started to laugh.

“I swear to god Max, if you are playing a prank on me I will castrate you! This isn’t funny!” you whirled around to face him.

He simply continued to laugh and walked over to where Orion was lying down on his bed. When you looked over at the dog, you could see just a sliver of that familiar red fabric poking out from under his chest. Max reached out and grabbed a hold of it, and pulled it out from underneath Orion with the flourish fit for a magician’s assistant.

“Ta da!” he smiled triumphantly at you, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want you to leave us.” he looked pointedly at Orion who had a distinctively guilty look on his face.

You laughed of relief from where you were about to unzip your luggage. Max threw the bra at you and you put it in your carry on for safe keeping.

“Now are you all good?” he asked as he sat down next to you.

“Yup.” you smiled and leaned into his shoulder. Max wrapped his arm around you, pulled you into his lap, and started to pepper kisses across your nose and cheeks.

“Lucky bra and all?” he asked


up next: Girl Problems part 2!

Max’s inner thoughts: Chloe…
Max literally waking up anywhere: Chloe!!!
Max talking to other people: What about Chloe?!!
Chloe: Max..?
Chloe: max
the boss with the gun
marry me
Max: Illegal in oregon
for now
Chloe: fuq that shit

Anti-Pricefield person: thEy’re jusT FriENDZz!!11¡¡!!

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max greenfields slides in your dm, what do you do

Holy shit don’t make me dream like this hoe… max fkn greenfield. It would depend on the context. I guess if he said ‘hey baby what’s poppin’ I would try play it cool like 'oh hiya Daddy. Your ears look kinda cold, wanna use my legs as ear muffs?’ HAHAHAHAHAHA SHIT IM KIDDING I SWEAR I JUST GOOGLED DIRTY PICK UP LINES OK… and then I guess the other alternative of his dm would be like 'hi please stop commenting daddy on my photos or else I’ll have to take legal action’ to which I would probably reply the same thing? KIDDING OMG BUT I LOVE MAX HELP


Black Sails meme: Favorite locations - The tavern / Eleanor’s office