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Happy Birthday to the lovely @ohscorbus!!! I hope you liked your impromptu gifts sorry you had to smuggle the chocolates. A little doodle I did which ended up taking too much time cause I couldn’t get their hair right - and now I know its a bad idea to sleep at 2am when you’ve got a two part show later that day. Thank you for letting me take it with Platform 9 ¾. I’m so glad to be sharing massive CC tears with you


Love the Passing of Time by  weatheredlaw (for @weatheredlaw)

Newt feels, in this instance, closer to humans than ever has in his entire life.

Tina’s hand in his, their future laid out before them – he counts himself lucky to be one.

or: Tina meets the family.


last night as i was putting my ‘52nd Street’ vinyl away, i noticed that the previous owner had left a Newsweek article from 1978 in the record sleeve and it absolutely made my day


Happy 52nd birthday, gorgeous!

52 years ago today, W. Axl Rose was born. (6th February, 1962.)

He is the most important person in my life, he’s indescribably beautiful - inside and out - and he always has been, he still is & he always will be. He is the strongest and bravest man I know of, and I’m so damn proud of him. He has been through so much in his 52 years - more than most people do in a lifetime. He has been to hell and back, and he has pulled through and came out stronger each and every time.

I know that he has no idea I exist and he probably never will, but no one on earth has ever had the impact on me that he has. To me, he’s not just another celebrity. He’s not just the frontman of my favorite band, my favourite musician, my favourite songwriter or my favourite singer… Most importantly, he’s my favourite person, and I love everything about him, from his head to his feet - and everything in between.

Most people have a completely warped and negative view on him, but he’s genuinely the complete opposite. A lot of people see him as this intimidating guy, when in reality he’s the sweetest guy around. As tough as he is on the outside, he’s even sweeter on the inside. He’s not just incredibly physically beautiful, he’s just as beautiful on the inside too. In my eyes, he is genuinely perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing about him for the world.

I love him beyond description, and nobody comes close in comparison. The only thing I want in life is for him to be happy, and I hope he gets everything he truly deserves in life. He means more to me than anything else, and my life wouldn’t be the same if he was never a part of it.

I hope he has an absolutely wonderful day today, too.

-I could write a whole lot more, but I don’t want to end up writing a book and boring you all.-

I love you so much, Axl! Happy birthday!!

(For the GIF of photos from his childhood and teenage* years, I did not use any of the photos Erin Everly sold/is selling on auction, as I believe I had no right to do so. I left those out, along with three others as I believed they were also too personal to share.)


cr: Ulicia吴妮倩, last photo via 给包纸巾啦

xiumin and luhan spotted shopping. together. again. everyday. ㅠㅠ photos are from this evening (140102).

fan posted that luhan and xiumin looked like they just shopped at givenchy, and luhan’s so cute going to get the cab. she said that luhan was very warm, that he kept bowing the moment he left the store and even looked out when he’s on the cab.

btw, they are at belif in the photos. they went to givenchy before that (luhan is holding a carrier).


My Photo Ops at PurCon 2 :)