omg i love him so much bye

today i went to a bakery and ordered a bun from a rly cute cashier and later when i looked at the receipt he’d written “i think you have really pretty hair” on it and um someone pls stop me from going back bc im just going to embarrass myself by getting my hopes up

it makes sense that jack has anxiety… being an undiagnosed autistic kid can be scary. people act in ways that make sense to everyone but you and there’s all sorts of invisible rules that no one tells you about. sometimes rules are totally arbitrary or conflict each other. and since you’re having to work backwards, sometimes you make an incorrect conclusion from the data available to you and end up breaking a rule anyway. you only know these rules are there because you break them, or you see someone else break them and get punished for it. and that’s all you have to work from to figure out your entire world.

its like being undercover. you know that you’re different and you’ve learned that different is bad and that you can never slip up, because if you do who knows what will happen? people are unpredictable. and for him its even scarier because if he says the wrong thing or misses a social cue, its not just feeling embarrassed in front of his family which is bad enough, it might get put in a magazine or on tv and everyone will know. if he makes a mistake, he will never be able to hide from it. 

(and the thing is, its impossible not to slip up sometimes. all you can do is censor yourself, be very aware of what your face and your body is doing, be still and quiet and polite and hope that whatever damning thing slips through goes beneath everyone’s radar.)

so hockey is such a relief for him as a kid. 

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asdfghadijweialeionval i can't be more happy today cause i found your blog!!!! T^T omg i love yams sooooo much and i ship him with evey guy in haikyuu! well, not everybody but i especially ship TsukkiYama(of course), OiYama, KuroYama(i need this ship more!), KageYama(this too!)

Uwaaaa thank you so much!! ((I’m also a sucker for every pairing involving Yamaguchi))

here’s a compiled drawings of them

Acceptance - Taeyong (M)

A/N: I know… it’s pretty rushed… honestly I could’ve made a series out of this prompt but I don’t got time for that so it’s a one-shot… and referring to the baby was weird af bc i didn’t wanna make up a name… tried to keep it general but asdfghjkl

and Happy Belated Birthday Zey! @taeyongbelviso

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Pairing: Reader x Taeyong ft. Mark

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 2,505

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Love and Peace, as requested by @camelliam

Truth in a soju bottle

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Pairing: Jin x Reader (feat. maknae line)
Genre: Fluff, a bit of crack
Words: 2385
Requested by: @btstrashuniverse

hii omg i love your works so much ajsbhdvdbddb😍😍. can i have a fluff where jin is like your longtime friend and you accidentally confessed ur feelings to him when you were drunk at a party(he was sober), then the next day he confronted you about it and you got all embarrassed but he confessed his longtime feelings back ? thankieww😅

A/N: I know it took forever, but this is probably one of the faster turnaround times I’m hella slow because Jin is the one true love of my life, bye.

“Helloooo, my handsome and charming friend,” you slurred, sidling up to Jin when he finally stepped off the club’s dance floor, with a too-bright smile on your face and your entire body feeling too warm. You were positively burning when he gazed down at you with beaming, half-moon eyes that seemed to be deliberately enticing. He was even more handsome than usual, in a fancy shirt and sleek pants that were tailored for his tall, lean figure. You giggled, daydreaming that you two were in a couple look: him with his lace-trimmed shirt and you in your snow-white lace dress.

“Hello, my sweet and beautiful friend,” he chuckled. “Hmm… that I can see your dimpled smile, means you’re not angry after all. I was worried when you flounced away with Jungkook while I was dancing with Hanui.”

“I was angry!” You emphasized your declaration with a slap on his chest, but you missed and nearly tripped over your sparkly high-heels, only to be saved by Jin catching you around the waist. “Oops… but I can never stay mad at you, you know that.”

Jin and his group didn’t usually invite non-industry friends to their after-parties, but this one was a big enough celebration that the kids had invited you. Jin hadn’t seemed too keen about it then, and you wondered if he had known that you’d be jealous of all the tall, beautiful women shimmying up to him the whole night. You pouted, even as you clung to his arm.

“You’re such a clumsy drunk.” he tutted, steadying you on your feet and brushing a stray lock of hair off your face. “What am I to do with you?”

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In Too Deep (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: helloooo, i was wondering if you could write an asa imagine where the reader and him are in a movie together and they go to the premiere together and fans are freaking out bc power couple and then they talk about the kissing scene in the red carpet and asa keeps teasing her and saying how good of a kisser he is and omg its so long i love you bye thanks!!!!

Hey! This sounds like so much fun! I hope you like it! x

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4 please?

4: “I’m too sober for this.”


“Wait a second.”

Liam rolled his eyes and turned away from Theo. “What, Brett?”

Brett was staring at the two, confusion marring his features. “You two are dating?”

“Have been for a while now, but thanks for noticing,” Theo said with a snarky grin.

“When did this happen?” Brett demanded. “More importantly, how did this happen?”

“About eight months ago, and we had sex in the back of his truck,” Liam deadpanned.

Brett took a deep breath and sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I’m too sober for this,” he groaned.

“Then go get drunk,” Theo suggested. He wrapped his arms around Liam’s waist and nipped at his ear.

“Okay, nope, I’m out.” Brett threw his hands up and started walking away. “Good bye, adios, please never invite me over again.”

“Just because of that, you’re coming to the sleepover we’re having with Mason and Corey this weekend,” Liam chirped happily. “Attendance mandatory.”

Brett glared at them. “I actually hate you.”

“I know you mean love!”


A/N: I love Brett so much omg haha. I like the idea of him and Theo being really good friends but I didn’t get to incorporate that into this story. It’s a little short, I hope that’s okay! Thanks so much for reading! As always, feel free to let me know what you think!

-Mod Kai

Having a celebrity boyfriend has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages are namely missing out on special occasions like your birthday, but even so, Jimin still manages to take his time to call, messages and Facetime you throughout the day to greet you and ask about your day. Unfortunately, this year, Jimin won’t be next to you when you wake up on your special day because they’re currently in LA for another KCON event. 

You woke up to the sound of your alarm blaring throughout the room, you groaned, switching it off. You frowned at the thought of not having Jimin wake you up instead but quickly replaced it with a smile at the thought of him calling in 3 - 2 - 1 *RIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG* You smirked as your phone started ringing indicating someone was facetiming you. 

You pressed accept and Jimin’s face whose currently getting makeup appears on the screen. “Happy Birthday, beautiful” Jimin greeted you with a big smile on his face. 

“Aw, thank you baby” You replied back suddenly feeling shy. 

His phone was snatched off his hands when suddenly, a grinning V appeared on the screen, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)” he exclaimed cheerfully. 

“Thanks boo!” You giggled. Everyone took turn greeting you and you just felt blessed to have friends like them and for a moment you completely forgot that they’re 12734987529 miles away from you. 

Eventually, Jimin’s face, once again appeared on your screen. “Well, that was quick” Jimin sarcastically said, you laughed and thought of Jin who had quite a bunch of things to say. 

“I miss you babe, I wish you were here next to me” You said, letting the sadness of your voice be known as you lay back down on your bed feeling comfortable. 

Jimin sighed, “I know baby and I miss you too. I’ll be back in a week and today’s your special day! Go have some fun with your friends but not too much fun okay?” The playful tone on his was evident, you closed your eyes and just thought of the things that you both would do today instead. 

Eventually, you fell asleep on call and woke up again around noon. Like an instinct, you checked your phone and saw that he messaged, “You fell asleep on call, jagi. I didn’t wanna wake you up! Have fun today baby! Happy Birthday again and I love you so much!” you smiled and got into shower to start your day. 

You went to your family’s place and ate lunch there, met up with a couple of friends and just had fun with them. You were enjoying a peaceful walk by the sea, the sun setting down and all it was just a perfect moment perhaps, which was rudely interrupted when your phone buzzed in your back pocket. 

Kookie sent you a video with the caption, “Jimin was feeling down before the show because he couldnt be with you today. So, Yoongi gave him a match box and told him to light one and pretend that he’s gonna blow the candles with you. It was hilarious and gross omg you guys r goals bye luv u and happy birthday!” 

You laughed at his messaged and played the video, Jimin held a matchstick and mouthed, “Happy Birthday baby” and blew it off with a smile. You can also hear Jin yelling in the background to get ready as they were to get on stage in 5. It was cute and funny and you just can’t help but blush a the thought of Jimin blowing a candle. 

You sent him a message, “You’re such a dork and I love you so much. Facetime when you’re free okay?” you hit the send button and continued walking, feeling low-key excited for the Facetime later on.

// CL 

Am I the only one?



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imagine this: red riding hood au where yuri is a furiously grumpy red riding hood, jj is the wolf who's actually a giant puppy that needs pats, and otabek is the hunter (otabek with a crossbow pls). i haven't figured out who grandma is yet... either mila, lilia, yakov, viktor, yuuri or yuri's actual grandpa lmao. alternatively, this forest has six grandmas and everyone is confused

omg grandpa nikolai as grandma tho and Yuri taking him piroshkis that he made this time

JJ would be such a chatty charismatic wolf too HNNG wow kill me bye i love this so much thank you dear anon

BATFAM DATING HEADCANNONS! pt. 1 (+ jaytim and dickdami)

How would they be in a first date?

Alfred: He’d organize the other’s dates.

Bruce: The I’m-rich-and-I-can-have-anything guy. Do you like the restaurant? It’s yours.

Dick: Nice restaurant and after a couple dates, he’d cook for you.

Jason: He goes to the point. He wants to fuck you. Love? He has no time for that

Tim: We’ll meet in a Cafeteria. And we’ll order coffe. Oh, I want more coffe.

Damian: We cannot see this lil man dating someone (besides Dick, hehe), but if he does we think he’d be in the Wayne Mansion. Alfred’ll cook for them and would do Damian’s hair. An elegant-fancy hairstyle, y’know.

What would they do?

Alfred:  We kinda see Alfred showing to his date a lot of  the Robins and Bruce photos. Like “He’s Damian, he’s a little grumpy but he’s kinda adorable when he’s fighting with his brothers”

Bruce: He’d so reserved. Quiet. He just drinks his wine and wait.

Dick: He’d let you talk, he listens. Oh wait, but he talks like A LOT too. He jokes with you, he gives you a lot of attention. So charming! +A with this kid

Jason: This smol baby that i freakin’ love, would be reserved but not rude. Like if you’re walking in the rain he’d give you his jacket, but he’s not going to compliment you.

Tim: Perfect boyfriend. So charming. So cute. Like omg this boy deserves the world.

Damian: Again, he’d see your soul. He doesn’t want to be there. Wanna date? Well i don’t, fuck off. (Plus, Dick would be taking him photos all the time).

How often do they say “I love you”?

Alfred: We cannot imagine this. I’m sorry:(

Bruce: There’s no love. There’s justice. Gotham is safe? uhhhhh

Dick: This lil child say i love you to every human being in this world. Today is sunny? Well he loves the sun. He just saw a rock? Well he loves rocks too

Jason: I kinda love ya. Like, I’m not going to say i love you. But i do. I’M JUST NOT GONNA SAY IT. thanks bye.

Tim: He does say it. Not always. He has to be reeeeeeally in love and the other person has to say it first. He takes no risks.

Damian: tHIS LIL THING IS SO PERFECT OMG WE DO NOT DESERVE HIM HE’S SO PURE SAVE HIIIIIIIIM ahhh conclusion he doesn’t say it everyday but he loves Bruce, Dick, his mother and grandfather so much he could die for ya bye i cannot with this.

As boyfriends/as couples:

Alfred: We’re just gonna delete him. Bye bye.

Bruce: Even if Alfred wants him to be happy, or just have a partner, Bruce does not. I’m sorry but all of his relationships are sooooo toxic.

Dick: Purrrrrfect. But sorry not sorry, he’d probably cheat on you. He’s like this. We cannot blame this child with a well-formed butt.

Jason: The ausent boyfriend. He has a full time night life. He arrives too late and he wants to sleep; but he kinda charming on his way. He’ll punch anybody who hurt you.

Tim: You gotta know, work is first. Work and coffe. Coffe and work. He’s gonna cancel a looooot of dates bc of his work. Wanna date Tim? Yeah sure, after many years wanting him he’s gonna let you in a liiiiiiitle in his heart.

Damian: He’d be that kind of boyfriend that is a total bully. You fall? He’d make fun of you. (We’re talking of him grown up, like 18 or so)


Bruce: Too casual, so selective with the person he’s doing it.

Dick: So experimental, but romantic. Wanna have sex? Sure but let’s also have rose petals and candles.

Jason: You cannot have a break with this man. No? Wait? He doesn’t know those words. Wanna experiment? Okay Don’t wanna? That’s fine too sexsexsexsex

Tim: If he has time and the other person wants, okay. But if he has work to do please don’t bother him or he’s gonna be quiiiiiiite mad

Damian: Kinda sado? (Of course we’re talking when he’s older, all grown-up, omg so hot).

Marriage proposal:

Bruce: No wedding.

Dick: The one that cries when he sees the bride. So nervous when he has talk, invite everybody to the weddding. With Wally as bestman. Damian’ll throw the rice.

Jason: He does not have compromise. (We can imagine it, but only with the lil Timbo).

Tim: He’d live with someone, but he’s so married with his job. (We can imagine it, but only with Jay x2).

Damian: He’s so smol, we cannot. (Wait fot the DickDami).

Hope you like itttt! <3 (wait for the second part w/Jaytim and DickDami! )

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Title: Lost in Translation (fem! reader x Bucky)

Summary: Reader’s boyfriend Bucky tries to teach Russian, a language that is foreign and beautiful to reader. He tries to tell her how he feels in Russian, only for sneaky Natasha to find out about it.

Word Count: 1134

A/N: Omg Bucky my heart. I love him so much k bye I HOPE YOU ENJOY <3

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