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BANGTAN reacting to you playing with their hair.

Hi! Can you do a BTS reaction where the boys react to you playing with their hair?


Would ask what you were doing, but doesn’t tell you to stop though.

“Y/n? What are you doing?”

“Can’t you feel what I’m doing?”

“Okay, just don’t ruin my hair”

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Wouldn’t even mind or notice, I think, because he likes it. Even when you would stop he’d tell you to continue, except for when he fell asleep.

“No y/n, where are you going?”

“To grab a drink. Why? Do you want something?”

You ain’t going no where.” *pulls you back*

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He would be very very flustered and shy, but he will definetly find it so so cute.

“Omg, y/n stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

*shyly shakes his head* “No.” *would smile the rest of the time*

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Rap Monster:

He’d be okay with it, but shy. Eventually he’ll fall asleep and mutter sweet words about you.

“Joonie? I’m going to get a drink do you want anything?”

“No, please continue for five minutes. I love you, jagi.”

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He would already be asleep when you wake up and start playing with his hair. When you accidently woke him up, he blushed and rested his hand on yours, and talk to you with a raspy voice.

“I love you y/n, you know that right?”

“ Myeah, I know. I love you too.”

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He would giggle so much when he woke up and would want to do the same thing to you, so you let him but he definetly fuck up your hair.



“Stop it, right now!”

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This boy would enjoy it so fucking much he wouldn’t want you to stop. While watching anime when you had to go to the bathroom he stopped you.

“But I need to pee, Kookie.”

“Just go later.”

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NCT Dream Reaction to Their S/O Being Under 5ft/152cm

Requested? Yup!

Summary: You’re! So! Smol! How adorable! (Also I’m going to assume you meant their s/o being short.)

Again I’m so sorry for the long wait Anon!!! I feel awful seriously. Anyway I am smol myself (I’m 5′0″), so this was really fun to make (I squealed a couple times ngl) -Admin Nine

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Got7 Reaction #17 - You (Their crush) confess your love while you’re drunk

anon asked: bigbang and got7 reaction to you (their crush) confessing to them while you’re drunk af?


Mark: He’s incredulous. Seriously?? You confessed when you’re drunk? He was now more confused than ever. Does he confess when you’re sober?! Does he brush it off?! He didn’t even know if you were talking about him or if you were so drunk that you thought he was someone else! You left him dazed and confused, The next morning you would wake up to a phone call from Mark scolding you on letting yourself get so drunk that you would say all these things. He’d tell you everything you said and when you admitted that you meant all your words, he’d sigh heavily and say,

“I really wish it didn’t happen this way but I’m sort of glad it did. I probably never would have confessed my love for you if you hadn’t first.”

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Jaebum: SO FREAKING PUMPED OMG!! His gummy smile would stretch across his face and he’d start dancing from excitement. You thought he was Jackson (which he had to make a mental note to punch him later because he apparently knew you liked him but never told him) and you asked if you should confess tonight!! You didn’t know that you already did, and probably wouldn’t remember it. When you woke up tomorrow you better believe he would be there to take care of you, make you promise to never get that drunk again, and then he’d confess to you after teasing you about the things you did the night before.

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Jackson: So frustrated. He was planning on confessing to you three days from now but you beat him to it. When Jackson likes someone, it’s kind of obvious and the way you responded to him let him know that you were interested. He was so close to asking you out in this super cool, super romantic way, but here you were hanging on him and spilling your deepest feelings for him. Don’t get it wrong he was happy… he just wished it happened in a more romantic way than this.

“Please stop talking Y/n… You’re starting to not make sense any more. Just… let me confess to you tomorrow okay?”

You: “M’kaay jagiii~”

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Jinyoung: Did they just…? He’d be frozen and unsure of the entire situation. His heart was racing, his cheeks turning red, and his mouth was hanging open at your slurred words. The next day he’d be there (being the one that took you home to make sure you got there safely) and he’d have eggs and coffee ready for you to try to soak up any left over alcohol in your system. You would barely have taken two bites when he asks you if you remember last night, then he’d let you know what you said. Depending on your reaction to your confession, he would probably end up confessing himself and then scolding you for letting yourself get that drunk.

“I was afraid that you’d end up hurting yourself… Please just if you’re going to do that again, let me be with you, okay?”

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Youngjae: -once again, please ignore the subtitles TT.TT-

He’d be so stunned that he wouldn’t comprehend what you’re saying. It was half out of disbelief, half out of respect for your privacy that he wouldn’t listen to your rant about how much you loved him. He’d sing over you talking, hum loudly, whatever he could to block out your spew of words that he knew you’d be mortified about saying if you were sober. He’d get you home safely and find a way to get you to drink a lot of water and finally to sleep it off. In the morning you’d find a note that explained that he took you home so that you were safe. He’d leave out everything you said, but the parts that he did hear over his singing would bug him until he finally got frustrated enough to confess to you himself. He only hoped that you had meant everything you had said while drunk.

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Kunpimook: Laughing his ass off, he’d end up whipping out his phone to record your confession to him. He knew you wouldn’t remember it in the morning, so he needed proof that this actually happened. He’d never show anyone the recording (other than you of course) and he’d make sure that you got back to your house safe. He’d spend the evening at your apartment with you, listening to your nonsensical chatter about everything from how you loved him to how your dog/cat would look adorable with a little wizard hat on their head.

You would wake up the next morning to a text from BamBam. It was the video of you confessing, playing on a loop. His caption?

‘Never forget that you’re the one to confess to me first jagi! I accept your confession of course, you and I are now dating. I get to keep this video as punishment for you not letting me confess first though, okay~?’

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Yugyeom: The moment the words left your lips he was a blushing, smiling, and fluffy little goof. He knew that you thought he was someone else, who he wasn’t sure of, so he kept asking you in more and more detail how felt about him. You’d end up telling him everything from the moment you realized you liked him to how you almost died from how hot you thought he looked in the ‘never ever’ music video.

Each confession made him happier and happier and soon he was just bouncing around, dancing crazily, and overall making a fool of himself. In the morning he’d wake you up by jumping in your bed and screaming “JAGI~ I’M SO GLAD YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU LOVED ME LAST NIGHT!”

You’d be so confused and flustered but that would make him laugh even harder than he already was. He would tease you SO FREAKING BADLY about it, but that’s only because you had made him so happy with your confession. He’d end up kissing your forehead after teasing you for a few hours and he’d ask you out on your first official date.

-pretend that you’re mark-

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A/N: Why do I feel like this is something I’d end up doing? lol I’d embarass myeself so badly omg xD

Midnight confessions w/ Taeyong
  • oh boy, i already feel how fluffy this is going to be oh god
  • i miss this bby so much
  • idk how to feel about his pink hair but it doesn’t look bad??
  • i’m kinda living for it actually, it’s super pretty
  • but he looks soooooooooooo gooood
  • okay, it doesn’t matter lmao
  • let’s just start this~
  • let’s say that you and doyoung are bffs k
  • and this invites you to the dorms all the time, basically you live there
  • and you’re not complaining but it’s weird sometimes?? like boy why
  • well guess what, taeyong is why
  • he’s always asking dy to invite you everywhere becAUSE HE LIKES YOU
  • and ofc you eventually grow closer with the other members
  • including ty obvsssssssss
  • and you started to like him too!!
  • more than anything it was because of how sweet he is
  • like, he’s always taking care of you
  • he’s always a 100% ready to comfort you and always has time to listen to your problems not matter how busy he is
  • he’s an angel, i mean <3
  • y’all never confessed your feelings
  • ‘til now ;)
  • but they were low-key obvious anyways¿
  • like, you would leave each other with a few doubs but there was definitely some flirting going on
  • even though he’s terrible at it and they’re more like really bad pickup lines
  • “if you were a vegetable you would be a cute-cumber"
  • “i have to show you the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen. *show phone with frontcam*“
  • oh my god, b oi
  • but anyways, going to the story
  • doyoung invited you to the dorms for a sleepover w all the 127 members
  • and it was pretty good actually, you played around a lot and talked with the members about random stuff
  • and obvs you talked with ty too but he always get low-key shy around you ???
  • specially if the members are there bc evey single member know about his crush and just loves bothering him
  • and he’s fine with it actually but he’s worried that the members accidentally offend you or make you get angry
  • he’s an angel i swear
  • but anyways, fastfoward
  • when it was kind of late and everyone already washed up and changed y’all decided to go for a movie marathon
  • and you were low-key nervous because it was the first time of him looking at you like that? like in your pjs and with 0 makeup on
  • so you were so shy at first and you kept hiding your face with your hands
  • but, actually, ty was speechless with how beautiful you looked, i swear
  • and he noticed how you were low-key uncomfortable and he just
  • “you look really beautiful, y/n”
  • he’s such an angel, tho
  • anyways, you guys watched a few movies and eventually y’all fell asleep one by one
  • and either you or ty couldn’t sleep bc:
  • and second, bc it was really horrible to sleep there
  • like you had johnny’s big ass feet in the middle of your back
  • and ty had jaehyun who wouldn’t stop hugging his arms and moving all the time
  • and since he was sitting beside you he just whispered to you something like
  • “what about going to my room? i-i mEAN NO,no like that just, sleep there”
  • and you laughed bc oh god he’s too adorable
  • “yes, please”
  • he, unnecesary, grabbed your hand and took you to his bedroom
  • but even once you where together all cozy and warm in his bed y’all still couldn’t sleep?? so you started a little convo
  • both of you started talking idk about food and end up talking about really deep stuff like literature, philosophy, existentialism and etcetera
  • and you get to know him a bit more that night and you were impress by how deep and smart this guy is and your heart was beating really fast
  • “you know what, y/n? you may know this already but i lik-.. no, i’m in love with you and i’m really sorry for confessing like this. tbh i spected to do it in more romantic way and not in my space pajamas”
  • “well, since i’m in love with you too i don’t mind it at all, actually, i really like this way of confessing, it’s really original”
  • “for real? do you really like me? if i take you out for dinner tomorrow would you say yes??”
  • “of course, silly!”
  • and then he would smile even more widely at you and start caressing your skin softly with the tip of his fingers and oh my godddd
  • “let’s go to sleep now then, we need to have energies for tomorrow”
  • okay and the end, i guess
  • this is really boring and i’M SO SORRY
  • i expected something better from me, lmao

Seokjin: Seokjin would be slow. Savoring every little thing about you. The whole thing would start with a small kiss and then a little bigger one. All the way until he told you to lay down and he kissed down your naked form. Seokjin would love you in this state, especially if he was still partly dressed. Be it a shirt or just pants, if you were completely bare under him and he still had something on he’d get off on it. Seokjin would hum and groan a lot to let you know just how good you tasted for him. His fingers would slowly trace around your body and if he used them, lord help you girl. The shape of his fingers would hit you in all the right places and have you whining like nothing else. If you got too needy he might tie you to the bed or make you promise not to move. He would curl his fingers and move them slowly as he hummed into your folds and licked you clean. Seokjin would deny your orgasm constantly. Pulling his fingers out, he’d look at your juices on them as your orgasm slipped away. “Here,” He’d say as he sat up and brought his fingers down to your lips. “Don’t you taste amazing?” Seokjin would groan when you nodded around his fingers. He would let you suck them clean before lowering himself and returning to your heat. Seokjin would suck on you as you came and then lick up your folds as you continue down from your high. He’d look over you smaller frame lick his lips as he readied you for what he wanted in return.

Yoongi: I have a theory. Min Yoongis tongue holds the power of the universe. As soon as his tongue touches your skin, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He’ll have you groaning, gripping, arching your back so high and moaning his name as he worked you. Yoongi would use his hands a lot with his tongue, rather it be by pushing into you when he sucked up your clit or pulling on your perk nipples. He would do anything to get you make those little sounds for him that you would otherwise try to hold in. Yoongi likes a challenge, he’s not going to want it to be easy to get you scream so every little sound you made would boost Yoongis ego and make him really want to continue. At his own pace always. If you begging him to move faster or for more of his fingers he would groan but only let in when he wanted to. Your back would start bending again and Yoongis hand would be on your stomach holding you down and with a simple flex, it would still you. The pressure of him holding you would make you moan and squirm even more, causing another groan to enter your core. Yoongi would lick up your folds once when you came on his tongue and he’d come up to kiss your clit. After a little face holding and a passionate kiss he’d expect for you to start on him.

Hoseok: Hoseok would lay you on he bed really sweetly and then kiss down your body removing unnecessary clothing on the way. When he finally made it to your aching needy core he’d kiss you steadily. Hoseok would do this until you were practically begging him. Your hips would be pushing up and your thighs would be trying to squeeze together but they would never touch because his hands would be holding you open for him. He’d ask you to touch yourself and when he started really groaning at the way you pulled on your own nipples he’d lower his head and start eating you out. He’d start off easy to let your orgasm build slowly. Hoseok would have his hands, palms up on either side of your body so you had something to hold onto if you needed. He would little by little start going faster. His tongue going deeper and deeper as you got louder and louder. Hoseok would groan as you came around him and he would start to kiss back up your body while his fingers pet your heat to get your second orgasm building before he took his clothes off and had you in another way.

Namjoon: Lets see.. Namjoon would talk you up first, so you’d be nice and juicy for him. Namjoon could get carried away and start going really fast but when he realizes it he’ll slow down and lick you slower. Eye contact would be big for Namjoon, he’d want to see your face and reaction to what he was doing to you. Although Namjoon would love eye contact he wouldn’t force if you looked away to groan he’d still take it as a compliment but if you want him going crazy, look at him. His hands would be on your pelvic bones to feel when you bucked into him. He wouldn’t hold you down because he’d really want to feel you shake and when you came he would hum on your folds and lick you with his eyes closed. Namjoon would hold your shaking form and watch you pant, getting off on what he had done to you.

Jimin: Imagine Jimin getting you to strip and lay across the width of the bed with your head hanging over the side. He’d always compliment how good you looked. “Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look right now, Y/N?” he’d say or “You look so sexy for me, Y/N.” Jimin would be hard when he called you into the room and suggested you laying over the bed. His hand would come to your neck as he guides himself into your mouth. Jimin would hold your neck as he moved the way he wanted to. Hard and fast. If you cough or gag he’ll just continue with a groan. Your hands would come to his wrist and the felling of you holding onto him so tightly would cause him to groan and moan even more. After he was done you would be all hot from the things he had said to you so he would go between your legs to see just how wet for him.  He’d kiss your tummy and thighs before starting on you. Jimin would fucking love eye contact. Especially if you were watching him and the he looked up and caught you looking at him. Jimin would smile and giggle into your core and when he wasn’t doing that he’d be all fucking sexy and you’d scratch at his dark shoulders and he’d groan at the slight pain. His hands would be pulling you forward and pushing your hips into the bed as he pulled on your clit. You’d scream his name as you came and he’d groan at the sound before riding you down your high like you had him.

Taehyung: OMG  Taehyung would love to surprise you with oral and I don’t mean like when you guys are already having sex. No, I’m talking about him just watching you walk around through the halls or getting everything ready for tomorrow and then he’s behind you; dragging you to bed or to the sofa. “What’s going on Tae?” you’d ask and then he’d have you in front of the bed or sofa and say “Just lay down, Y/N. I want to take care of you.” AGFGSA His hands would be literally anywhere he could get them. Taehyung would groan into you as he worked you with his tongue and you would moan at the feeling. He’d even try to talk to you but he wouldn’t bring his head up enough and his comments would be lost in your core and it would drive you fucking crazy. Taehyungs hands would hold to your thighs or sides as you pushed up against him. He would love any sound or movement you made. Taehyung would smile when you came around him and he’d kiss up your body before holding you in his arms and kissing your shoulder or collarbones. “How was that, baby?” He’d ask, already knowing the answer.

Jungkook: Girl. Jungkooks curiosity is so on your side when it comes to oral. I am not at all saying he’s inexperienced and shy. I’m saying this boy will be doing his research on what makes you go crazy and he will use all of his studies to have to out of breath and shaking by the time he’s done with you. Jungkook would get off on sitting up and realizing how good of a job he had done. He would curl his fingers and slurp up your wetness (LOUDLY I might as well add) as you arch your back for more. His hands would be holding your ass or the back of your thighs to get him as close to you as he could get. Jungkook would let you push your hips into his face and pull his hair as much as you’d like. He’d invite it even, but don’t think that will help you too much. Jungkook knows just how to keep you orgasm away and he would until he was done having his fun. He probably wouldn’t realize when you came right off but he’d hear your different panting style and look up at you. The image of your hair sticking to your face along with your arms laid out beside you and your heavy breathing would do so much to him. 

white sugar.

word count: 1080

pairing: hyungwon x reader

notes: modern au, fluff 

The city sounds intensify the second the sliding doors pry themselves open before you. The swirl of afternoon conversations, impatient honking, and the occasional screeching of unsatisfied kids are all part of your daily routine. You take in these familiar sounds and the midday sun rays, fixing your blue chiffon dress that floats above your knees. 

Leaving the shade of your office building, you follow the same path as every other weekday: one block to the right, and then ten small streets right again. And with that, the towering apartment buildings and shops drown out the busy traffic of the city. 

As you near the corner of the last block, the sweet aroma of desserts and pastries waft from the homely bakery. Since you encountered it on a stroll around your workplace, you’ve made it your goal to try everything on the menu. So far, two weeks in, you’ve been satisfied with everything. 

A well-dressed man strays from other side of the shop, peering inside the glass windows. His silver rimmed round glasses hang right above his nose, and his chestnut brown hair lays neatly on his head. 

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Ours (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a bellamy imagine where bellamy and the reader are together and bellamy goes missing ( you can decide what happened to him) and he comes back while later and finds out that the reader had a baby (thats his) idk this was just a headcanon i had

A\N: omg i loved writing this xox hope you like it!!

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“He's– He can’t be gone.” You stutter as the world around you begins to spin in a fit of panic, “Find him!” You yell above the noise of people talking. Finn and Jasper look at you like you’re going crazy, “Please.” You beg, speaking more quietly this time. The last thing you want is for more attention to be on you than it already is. The leader is gone and all eyes are on you as his second in command before Clarke. 

“We’ve been looking for the past week, Y/N.” Clarke states as she touches your shoulder, trying to be comforting but it only makes you flinch, “He’s g–”

“Look harder! He can’t just disappear.” You shake her hand off you as you interrupt her. Tears begin to brim your eyes and you’re so tired of everyone looking at you with pity and talking down to you.

“Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.” Clarke whispers to you and your hands instinctively go down to hold your stomach. It’s been a month since you found out about your child. You were waiting for the right time to tell Bellamy – that was the plan until he disappeared.

“Clarke.” You address her in a low voice and she looks a little scared of you, “He was everything I had.” A tear slips past your eye as you stare at the ground. This is the first time you’ve ever talked about him in the past tense - as if he were dead, “I am alone.”


“You’re so precious,” you smile at your young daughter who looks back confused but then bursts out in a fit of giggles, “I love you so, so, so much!” You hold her carefully in your arms as the sun goes down. You kiss her small forehead and soft cheeks, making her laugh even more. Hearing someone step inside your tent, you turn and see Finn who watches on with a look of dismay. You immediately know something’s wrong, “What am I needed for?” You question, standing up and holding your fragile girl as she plays with a strand of your hair.

“Let me take her first.” Finn states, taking a step forward and you take a step back protectively, “Y/N, it’s okay.” He reassures you as he holds his arms out.

“Sorry,” you reply quickly, not realising how stupid you’re being - it’s Finn, it’s someone you can trust, “She’s probably missed you.” You smile as you hand her over slowly and gently. Finn holds her with a smile and she starts playing with his hair too.

“Hello gorgeous girl,” Finn whispers in his high baby voice, “how are you today?” She giggles and pulls on his hair lightly.

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How Jaebum would ask you out~ // Im Jaebum

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  • Imagine the months leading up to before Jaebum asks you to be his girlfriend like
  • When he first meets you, he’d be shy as hell because you’re literally the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid his eyes on
  • If the other members are there, they would notice immediately the shift in his demeanour and they’d be making little jabs at him the entire time
  • But even though he’s a bit nervous, he’d always want to be around you. Shifting up closer to your seat and just wanting to be next to you - stealing sneaky glances when he thinks you aren’t looking
  • Jaebum would be the type of guy to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth. He’d want to know the real you - who you really are inside because personality would be important to him.
  • As your friendship progresses, he’d become much more relaxed around you.
  • You’d both always be texting each other back and forth
  • “Did you have a good day?”
  • “Did you eat lunch yet?”
  • “I miss you T_T Wanna hang out later?”
  • The two of you would have so many lame inside jokes - always making each other laugh until your both red in the face
  • Meanwhile, the other members in the room would be like “Omg can you both just date already JESUS”
  • Cue Jaebum shooting daggers with his eyes at them and making a mental note to punish them after you leave. Also, your face has turned the same shade of a tomato at this stage too bc you’re highkey in love with him already
  • You and Jaebum would be sharing music like there’s no tomorrow.
  • “Hey, I think you’d like this song (Y/N)….tell me what you think?”
  • “You know that playlist you sent me last night? I can’t stop listening to it”
  • He would love when you send him new music, because it’s like a sneak peak inside your mind and it makes him feel closer to you in so many ways.
  • He’d lowkey get a bit jealous when he sees you giving a cuddle to the other members. At first, he won’t know why he feels this way.
  • But soon, he’d realise that he has completely fallen for you and that he wants all of your cuddles and kisses for himself.
  • He wouldn’t waste any time. He’d start randomly pulling you in for his amazing bear hugs and hold on to you for ages - smiling to himself like an idiot and completely loving how you feel in his arms.
  • He’d love making you super shy. He’d get so soft seeing you all blushy and nervous his heart would literally jump out of his chest.
  • Especially when he just lays down beside you on the sofa and puts his head in your lap and asks you to sing for him because he loves your voice so much
  • He would completely melt when you tickle the back of his neck and glide your fingers through his hair. This boy would be a smiling mess filled with so many emotions he’d be overflowing with happiness
  • Jaebum would want to confess his feelings to you in the most natural way possible
  • Nothing too over the top, but he wouldn’t want it to be lame either
  • He’d want it to be a moment you’d never forget, so he’d spend a few restless nights thinking about the best way to open up to you in that sense.
  • You’d meet him after work or class and he’d be walking you home - as he usually does
  • On the inside, Jaebum would be silently screaming to himself and just praying that you feel the same way for him
  • When you both arrive just outside your home, you’d turn to face him to say goodbye as you always did. But, you’d notice his eyes twinkling a little more than usual
  • You’d give him a confused look, smiling at him and asking him what’s wrong, but Jaebum wouldn’t need to use any words.
  • He’d step right up to you, looking into your eyes confidently - before leaning his body close into you and pressing his lips against yours very softly - tasting your favourite lip-balm that he knew you always wore.
  • He’d take you by complete surprise, but a beautiful one nonetheless while you’d kiss him back - him letting you set the pace.
  • Jaebum’s heart would be hammering like a steel drum in his chest as he delicately places his hands around your waist, pulling you even closer to him and not caring if anyone were to walk past and see you both.
  • And when he feels you gripping on to the sleeves of his hoodie, you’d feel him smiling into the kiss as he’s the happiest he has ever been.
  • After the kiss is over, he’d lean his head back to look down at you, staring right into your eyes and seeing his favourite blush dusted the apples of your cheeks.
  • He’d ghost the backs of his fingers along your cheek while you can’t help but grin from ear to ear that it finally happened, just like you’d always dreamed of; before he finally confesses to you.
  • “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that..”
  • “Will you be mine, (Y/N)?”

I have absolutely no idea where this came from okay I’ve been so soft lately and with everything that happened with GOT7 today I’m just a mess so I had to write fluffy pre-dating Jaebum to heal my heart T_T (sorry if it’s bad lol)

Derek Hale Story (10)

Shopping with the girls:

It’s a magnificent morning here in beacon hills. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and it’s not very windy. It’s the perfect day. You open your eyes to see a boys face in front of yours.

“What’s for breakfast” Stiles the boy in front of you and guy best friend asks you

“Uh whatever that’s in your fridge at your home” you reply with a tint of sass

“Well good morning to you too” stiles sarcastically says

“I had this nightmare that when I woke from my date with Derek you’d still be here and clearly it came true” you laughed a little
Stiles put of the most offended face and that only made you laugh more. Stiles hit you with the pillow you were not using and scoffed.

You get up from your comfy bed and stretch a bit.

“Alright come on lets go make breakfast you pest” you said to stiles while walking to your bedroom door going downstairs with stiles on your tail.

You and stiles walk into the kitchen. You look in your fridge seeing what to make. Stiles takes a seat at the counter table.

“So did you and your girlfriend the bag of cheezies have a good night because it sure looked like it when I got home, you were cuddled up together” you joke

“Cheezies are the best girlfriend, she feeds me, keeps me full, warms my heart and body as we cuddle, sh doesn’t run away from me or talk back and is so delicious” stiles chuckles

“Well I hope you two are very happy” you speak being sarcastic while taking eggs out of the fridge.

“I happened to have a great night as well” you smile

“I love you Y/N but I’m not sure I want to hear details about about to and Derek” stiles laughed and you rolled your eyes cracking eggs in a bowl .

“That’s fine, I wasn’t going to tell you much anyways. I’ll be going out with Lydia, Kira and malia and I will talk with them” you say giving joking attitude to stiles.

 You put hash browns in the oven and pour a small amount of milk in the bowl of eggs stirring it all and adding some salt and pepper mixing it again.

 “So what are you girls doing and why aren’t guys invited” stiles asked while raising an eyebrow at you.

 “We are going shopping and because we don’t like you” you respond joking and flip the hash. Browns. You start cooking the eggs.

 “You are a mean girl, you should of played one of those chicks from the movie mean girls” stiles says

 “Yes that’s me the men’s girl, making you breakfast after letting you use my tv and house all night and sleepover. Wow I’m such a bitch” you sarcastically say.

 You finish up cooking and put the eggs and hash browns on a plate for you and stiles. You put a plate of food in front of stiles

 “Here you go brat” you chuckle at stiles

 “Thanks boo” stiles replies You and stiles eat and enjoy the wonderful food you have cooked. Your phone goes off and it appears to be a text message. You checked who it might be. The text was from Lydia saying to be ready in two hours.

 You hurried up eating and told stiles to hurry up as well because you had to get ready. You both finish your food. 

 “Thank you for the food and everything else” stiles smiles and gives you a hug. You hug your best friend back. 

 “Wow you have manners” you laughing You put yours and stiles dishes in the sink as stiles put his shoes on. You walked stiles to the door.

 “Bye, thanks for keeping my house clean enough last night” you speak to stiles

 “Your welcome babe, see you later” stiles says walking out of the door to head home giving you the time you need to get ready for hanging with the girls. You close and lock your door and head upstairs.

 You walk into your bathroom strip off your clothes and turn the water to your shower on to make it the perfect warm hot temperature. You jump in the shower wash your hair first and begin washing your body and shaving quickly what needs to be done. You leave your shower wrap a towel around you and blow dry your hair.

 You go to your bedroom and put on a jean skirt with a black tank top. 

You turn your straightener on and wait the minute for it to fully heat up. You straighten your hair trying to hurry up without burning your self. You jam to music while doing your hair. You Hum and sing to most songs. You sang “ I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine, I got a love and I know that’s it’s all mine oh oh woah” you hum more of the song doing more of your hair. 

 You sang “making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and I’m home bound, staring blankly ahead just making my way through the crowed” you finish up doing your hair. You turn off your straightener and start putting on face primer and concealer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush and touch up your eyebrows.

 A little time goes by and you get a text from Lydia

 LYD: We'er Here! Get your butt outside❤️

 YOU: Okay ❤️

 You put on a pair of cute flat boots and grab your purse with your phone in hand. You walk out the door and lock it. You get into Lydia’s back seat. Lydia’s obviously driving her own car while malia is in the passenger seat beside Lydia and Kira is in the back seats with you. 

 "Hey chicas" you greet your friends They all had smiles on their faces clearly as happy to see you and you are them. 

 "Hey" Kira and malia said basically at the same time.

 "Hey Hun" Lydia says back to you

 "Lets get our shop on" you slightly yell with excitement. The girls laugh at your silliness.

 Lydia starts driving to the mall and turns on the radio which always means you girls will be singing at the top of your lungs to whatever plays. You girls sang like the silly weirdos you are together.

 "I’m in love with the shape of you, we push and pull like a magnet do" You girls sang rockabye baby by joey badass, starving by haliee steinfeld, sign of the times by Harry styles, that’s what I like by Bruno mars. Basically all they play recently on the radio. 

 You all got to the mall. Lydia found a spot to park not far from the doors.

 "Yay shopping" you speak like a young child And The girls giggle.

 "Yes shopping I need new shoes" Lydia says excitedly as you all get out the car.

 "Yes because You Lydia need more shoes" you sarcastically say knowing she has plenty of shoes. Lydia gave you a bitchface while Kira and malia chuckle. 

You and Lydia lock arms and all walk into the shopping center. Lydia and you are the closest of all the girls. She is literally your best friend. Your other half, your main chick.

 "Where to first" Kira asks not speaking to any on of you specifically

 "I don’t know" malia replies You shrug it caring where to. And Lydia chirps up and says “lets go to Macy’s” grabbing your hand pulling you to the direction the store is located in the mall with the other girls quick behind.

 You all enter Macy’s.

 "I could use a nice dress, maybe it can persuade Derek to take me dancing" you smirk

 " yes we can find something classy but sexy. Something that says I’m not a whore but I’m not a Virgin either" Lydia says Kira chuckles and malia rolls her eyes not entirely interested in picking a intimate dress for a family members girlfriend even if it is her friend.

 Malia and Kira go off to look through shirts and pants while You and Lydia check out some dresses. You try on a black dress which is pretty comfortable.

 While checking your self and dress out in the mirror in your change room Lydia speaks up “So I don’t recall you telling me about your second date last night” Lydia nags 

 You open the door to the change room and walk out to show lyds the dress.

 "Well we went to a very nice restaurant and had great food, he laughed I laughed, we talked about whatever, the waiter kept flirting with me it took me a little to realize, literally at the end of dinner" you laughed and Lydia smiles.

 "I think Derek was annoyed and even a little jealous but it was cute" you smile and blush

 Lydia is looking at you with a bored expression and says 

“I don’t like” You frown and ask “ you don’t like what” thinking it was about what you were saying.

 "The dress it’s not enough, it’s boring" Lydia answers like it was obvious that’s what she meant

 You exhale “Oh Okay”

 You go back to the change room to remove this dress and try on another.

 "Sounds like you had fun on your date" Lydia says You smile to your self remembering the evening and because the dress you just put on looks sexy.

 You walk out of the change room again “Yeah I really did have fun, I always have fun with Derek, even though that sounds cheesy” you smile and blush

 "Awe so adorable Y/N is in love with a sour wolf" Lydia chuckles teasing you

 "Yeah sure way to jump the gun" you chuckle nervously. Thinking to your self OMG did she just say love? Me love Derek? No way. That would be crazy, it’s to soon for that. Right? Well maybe not.. oh dear. NO I can’t!. Maybe I do.. maybe I love him already? We have known each other awhile so it’s not that Crazy.

 "I am in love" Lydia interrupts your thoughts speaking in an admiring tone.

 "What your in love" you ask very confused Kira and malia come walking your way.

 "Yeah that dress is perfect" Lydia points out talking about the dress you currently have on.

 "Oh I like that dress" Kira to you

 "It is nice" malia adds 

 You take one more look at your self in the dress and smile. 

“Yep this is the dress I want” you say confirming your choice.

 You take the dress off in the change room and you girls go to the cashier desk. Lydia surprisingly did not buy anything as she was busy helping you. Malia and Kira paid for a couple shirts they were looking at. And you paid for your stunning dress.

 You girls took off to browse in Hot Topic.

 "oh my god look what I found" you held up a Harley Quinn shirt that read Daddies Lil Monster.

 "I so love it" Kira said with a big smile 

 "Who doesn’t love Harley Quinn" Malia said

 "Exactly" you smile while grabbing your size in the shirt. 

 "Your really going to buy that shirt" Lydia laughs

 "Yes how can I not" you reply acting offended by the question

 Lydia shakes her head with a fake disapproving look. You pay for your shirt and Malia pays for a studded necklace she adored.

 You all go to Starbucks in the mall for a cool drink of frappuccinos. You and Lydia got a Vanilla Bean frapp. Kira had a Java Chip. And Malia a Caramel frapp. You gals sat at a table enjoying your drinks and a break from standing.

 "Did you and Derek have a good time on your date" Kira asked And Lydia gave you a big grin already knowing the answer.

 "Yes I sure did" you smile slightly

 "Well we all know he likes you a lot. I don’t think you need to be a werewolf or fox to sense that" Malia says 

 "That’s very true" Lydia speaks And you blush

 "I sure hope so, you all know I really like him" you say with butterflies going crazy in your stomach because of this conversation about the amazing man in your life

. “You two are so cute” Lydia exclaims

 "Yeah you two really are" Kira agrees smiling

 " what about you and Parrish huh lyds" you ask nudging her smirking She gives a small smile

 "Honestly, I am not sure, it’s complicated" she says

 "How so" Malia asks 

 "We don’t really show or say our feelings" Lydia replies

 "He seems complicated But very sweet" Kira says

 "And sexy, very sexy" you add with a laugh and the other girls laugh to. 

 You all finish your drinks and toss the empty cups in the garbage. You guys head out to Lydia’s car. You all get in the car this time you in shot gun aka passenger seat beside Lydia. First Lydia drops off Malia than Kira and took you home. 

You had a great time with the girls and absolutely love your new dress. And can’t wait to wear it for Derek.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Gifs and pictures not mine) Hope you all are enjoying the story so far!

 LOVE YOU ALL!❤️ Follow Me


Safe With Me

Summary: You help Tony through a late-night panic attack.

Word Count: 883

Warnings: A panic attack

A/N: I did this as a request for @thebrittybratt and omg I think I need to write Tony more because I love him. 

You rolled over, glaring at the alarm clock on your nightstand. Two o’clock in the morning, and you couldn’t sleep a wink. Giving up, you slid out of bed, grimacing a little at the loss of warmth your blankets provided. You pulled your door open and walked down the dimly lit, silent hallway to the kitchen. If you were going to be up, you might as well make yourself something to drink.

The kitchen was already occupied. Tony sat at the bar, his head in his hands. He didn’t even seem to notice you walk in.

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I like you and you like me

anon ask: How about the reader, a abandoned LMD is struggling with the whole ‘emotion’ thing and doesn’t understand simple customs. Shield wants to destroy her but Daisy protests because the reader is the victim in all of this, the LMD reader gets a job within shield gaining some trust. eventually this leads to a crush from the reader on Daisy and they don’t know what it is or how to fix it. Imagine Curie from Fallout 4 for context.

warning: LMD!Reader

I had a hard time writting this I’M NOT A ROBOT OKAY?. but I liked how it turned out :D

part 2

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Being one of the first LMD that the human race created was not very simple. Dr. Radcliff created you with the purpose of help the human race. You were specialized on creating cures for the humans, one of your biggest goals, find the cure for cancer. Dr. Radcliff also want it you to feel, like a human does, and when he actually succeed in this task he was taken back by how much you feel,  the feelings were too much for you. Overwhelming by all these feelings Dr. Radcliff decided to shut you down, till Aida find you. She was amazed by your feelings, she was going to destroy you but Shield stopped her, a certain Agent saved you, a girl named Daisy. Even though Shield wanted to destroy too, Daisy convinced them not to. Radcliff told her about,  a special LMD that could save the human race. Daisy had faith on you, plus she thought that you were just a victim and all this.

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Main three react to s/o telling them they're pregnant?

Alright, these are popular! Honestly, I think every single boy in this show would be an excellent father in their own way :3 These were super fun to come up with; thank you for the requests! I hope you like~ <3 ((Of course, Yurio and his s/o are 18+ in this request.))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You are going to make him the happiest man on the face of the earth with this news
  • The way you tell him is with a surprise, of course, since he loves surprises
  • and holy fuck this is a huge surprise amirite oh how the tables have turned
  • You’re cuddled up with Viktor on the couch with Makkachin at your feet and watching a movie when you decide to put your plan into action
  • You shift in Viktor’s embrace to look him in the eyes, and he immediately turns his attention to you
  • His eyes sparkle, and you have to fight a devious expression from spreading across your features
  • “Hey, (Y/N). Everything okay, sweetheart?”
  • “oh ho ho yes bitch”
  • “I’m going to get fat, Viktor.”
  • The blunt statement wipes the sweet smile right off of his lips, and replaces it with wide eyes and a face contorted with shock
  • You search his eyes for any sign of comprehension, but all you see are swimming pools of blue drowning in confusion
  • Something in Viktor snaps, and he grabs your shoulders tightly before pulling you up so you’re sitting next to him
  • The intense look on his face is kind of scary but actually kind of hot omfg slay me babe
  • Before you know it he’s bombarding you with a slew of questions that you can barely comprehend
  • “Is something wrong, baby? Do you have an eating disorder? Are you having body image issues, (Y/N)? You know I love you, right? Sweetie, please, tell me what’s wrong so I can help you pls I’m so confused wtf is going on why are you gonna get fat ??
  • You let a smile spread across your face, not being able to hold your excitement in any longer
  • Viktor continues to stare at you, looking more worried than ever as you hold his face in your hands and stroke his cheeks gently with your thumbs
  • “I have something to show you, Vitya.”
  • You nudge Makkachin with your foot, and he jumps up from his place at your feet
  • The beloved and hella smart dog runs to the bedroom, and returns to place something in Viktor’s lap
  • You pull away from Viktor to allow him to expect the item in his lap; you place your hands over your heart and feel your eyes well up with tears
  • Viktor picks up the pregnancy test and sees the positive symbol in the little results spot on the stick
  • “We’re going to be parents. I’m going to be a dad, (Y/N)!”
  • Viktor yells in excitement when he puts the pieces together and pulls you into his lap to hug you tight and kiss you with passion
  • “Are you surprised, Vitya?”
  • “Yes, and I’m so happy, too. I love you so much, (Y/N).”

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • He’s so nervo u s but soooo excited !!!!
  • You wanted to come up with a meticulous plan to break the news to him, but an idea pops into your head when you’re driving to the grocery store with Yuri
  • You do your best to hide your excitement, but you can’t help but fidget in your seat in anticipation
  • Yuri is silent and oblivious in the passenger seat as he looks out the window at the passing scenery
  • you want to start conversation so bad but you’re afraid of spilling the beans too early
  • Finally, you pull into the nearly empty parking lot of the grocery store and put your plan into action
  • You maneuver the car right up to the front row and park in the spot reserved for expectant mothers
  • You kill the engine and keep a blank expression on your face while you get ready to exit the car, and you can feel Yuri’s puzzled expression staring at you
  • “Uh, (Y/N)? There’s plenty of other open spots. This spot is reserved for expectant mothers.”
  • “Yeah, I know, Yuri.”
  • You exit the vehicle with the dull remark and start walking towards the store, with Yuri sprinting to catch up to you
  • you have to hide your shit-eating grin when he catches up to you though hoho
  • Yuri grabs your hand and stops you from entering the store before pulling you aside so you aren’t in the way of other customers
  • “(Y/N), we need to move the car. It’s not right to take that spot if you’re not-“
  • He stops mid-sentence when he sees the telltale smile on your face, and his eyes go wide
  • and he pretty much stops breathing holy shit have mercy on him
  • “Y-You’re—pre-pregnant? Like, really, actually pregnant?”
  • You nod yes and hold his hands to make sure he doesn’t fall over or anything
  • Questions start to run non-stop through his head
  • “Am I going to be a good father? What if it’s a girl and I can’t relate to her at all? What if it’s a boy and he takes after me and is super awkward and-“
  • “Yuri omg stop it’s f i n e”
  • His shocked expression soon disappears into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face
  • You put your arm around the middle of his back and pull him into your side, congratulating him on becoming a father
  • His hands instinctively find your stomach and his smile softens into a tender, loving one
  • Yuri is thinking ‘omg there’s a baby there that’s my child m i n e’ omg what a cutie
  • He then envelops you in a tight hug and kisses you right there in the entrance to the grocery store
  • “Thank you so much, (Y/N).”
  • “For what?”
  • “Everything.”

[Yuri Plisetsky] 

  • ((Scenario was already done here))
  • He’s going to be super excited, but he would be the most emotional about his excitement
  • You set up a simple game to break the news to him in a cute way
  • When he comes home from skating practice on that particular day, he comes into the kitchen to see you sitting at the table with a piece of paper and pen in front of you and another set across from you
  • the ‘wtf r u doing’ look he gives you is priceless and you wish you could take a picture omfg yurio
  • “(Y/N), what the hell are you doing? Were you waiting for me?”
  • “Yuri, pls shut the fuck up and sit down here, please.”
  • He does what he’s told, but eases himself onto the chair with a look of uncertainty and quizzicality 
  • You ask him to play a game with you, and he agrees without a hitch
  • even if he said no you would’ve forced him to play tbh he wasn’t going to get out of it either way
  • You explain the game to him, saying he has to write one thing he loves about you on the piece of paper, but he can’t reveal it until you say so; you’re going to do the same thing on your own paper
  • but yours is gonna be a bit more shocking than his ho ho ho
  • “Why the hell are we playing this stupid game, (Y/N)? If you think I don’t love you or something-“
  • “Just play the goddamn game Yuri it’s gonna be lit as fuck jfc why are you like th i s
  • With a sigh, he picks up the paper and pen and begins to write, making sure to shield his words from you
  • You send him a smile before writing your own message, not being able to stop yourself from smirking; the anticipation of revealing the news is too much and you can barely contain your excitement
  • You tell Yuri to reveal his answer after a minute or two, and he turns the paper over for you to see, a bit of a blush dusting over his cheeks at his confession
  • “I love the way you put up with my shit and make me want to be closer to others,” it reads
  • you read it aloud and his blush gets a bit deeper omfg what a cutie
  • Yuri tells you it’s your turn and you take a deep breath, the anticipation leading up to the moment at it’s peak
  • You slowly turn the paper over and wait for Yuri’s reaction as he reads the writing on the paper out loud
  • “You’re going to be a father.”
  • He says it dully, but the second he finishes the sentence, his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets and he chokes on his own oxygen, sending him into a coughing fit
  • You jump up from your chair and move behind him to pat his back while his coughing fit seizes; you feel somewhat guilty about scaring him like that, but he hasn’t said anything yet
  • “Yuri? Are you okay? How do you feel?”
  • He wordlessly stands up from his chair and embraces you tighter than he ever has before, and you cling to him while you let tears of joy start to leak from your eyes
  • “I’m so happy, (Y/N). I get to be the father that I never had growing up. Thank you so much.”
  • He sounds choked up while he speaks, and you feel his tears soaking through your shirt and onto your skin
  • omfg he’s crying so hard like you’ve never seen him cry off of the ice before holy shit
  • “Oh, Yuri. Why are you crying?”
  • “I’m so happy and scared at the same time; what if the kid becomes an emo punk like me?

anonymous asked:

Omg can you pleaseeee write a small blurb about drunk clingy whining Ashton wanting to cuddle his friend (I find the girlfriend thing corny already so like a good girl who is a friend of his) I'll love you forever ❤️❤️

ofc ofc aha 

so i m a g i n e bringing a giggle, intoxicated Ashton home to your house. You had joined him and a few friends for a quick drink. But Ashton lost count and kept indulging himself. He knew for a fact that, though, that you’d be there and making sure he doesn’t overdo it. 

“Aw man, Y/N, ahe we havin’ a sleepover?” Ashton slurred, a wide grin playing at his lips as you began opening the door and helping him enter. His arm would be over your shoulder, depending on you to be his leg-assist to walk. “Your house, Y/N, is fuckin’ great, mahn. I love it.” 

“You are something else, Ash,” you giggled, closing the door as you guided Ashton to your bedroom and laid him on your bed. You watch as he gets comfortable and starts laughing a lot. 

“I’m fuckin’ drunk, man,” Ashton uttered, laughing at himself. You shook your head, humored as you left to get the boy a glass of water and a box of Advil for the morning. Returning, you found him sitting up with his phone out. “I miss Michael, dude. I haven’t seen him in so long!” 

“You saw him just 10 minutes ago, Ash,” you said with a giggle. He dropped his phone and gave an expression of shock, as though he just stumbled on something outstanding. 

“Oh shih, yeah,” Ashton breathed, having you laugh as you offered the glass. While he gulped it down, you began to go to your closet to grab a pillow and a blanket. “Whatcha doin’?” 

“I’m getting stuff to sleep on the couch,” you simply stated, glancing back with a blanket in your arms. Ashton’s lips dropped to a pout, puppy eyes lingering in those hazel eyes before patting the space beside him on your bed. You hesitated, but his lips turned to a soft smile as he awaited your presence. 

“Please?” He asked quietly. It was enough, as you tossed the blanket on the bed and sat on it. You began relieving yourself of your shoes, and then crawled to the space next to Ashton. “Thanks for doin’ this, by the way, Y/N. You’re a really great friend.”

“Anything for you, Ash,” you said quietly, a small smile teasing your lips as you began getting comfortable. As you did, you laid down to face Ashton, having him face you in return. His eyes were drooping, likely exhausted with his brown hair becoming a mess. 

“Hey, can we cuddle?” Ashton asked quietly, having you gulp in a bit of shock from the request. “I jes wanna be held, if thas alright with you.” You grinned, knowing how considerate and polite Ashton was. You moved closer and took his head in your arms. With his head now pressed at your upper chest, you began tickling his scalp with your fingers. Those light brown locks were smooth, the hairs almost like silk in your hands. 

“Does that feel okay?” You asked quietly. 

“Mm,” he responded, watching as his eyes slowly closed. His arms wrapped themselves around your stomach, being sure not to go down to the waist or any higher. His fingertips brushed themselves around your back for a brief moment until it stopped. He was slowly getting very drowsy. “…Hey, Y/N?”


“You’re cool,” Ashton murmurs, his hot breath reaching your chest before he finally drowned into a deep slumber. You snorted quietly, patting his head delicately as you reached the lamp with your other arm and shut the lights. 

cute drunk ashy x 

A Date With Jackson Wang would be like...

• Him coming to pick you up extra early in fear of being too late
• “but Jackson, it’s only 10 am
• “I wanted to avoid rush hour at 2 pm”
• Him waiting for you to get ready on your bed as you do your makeup
• You wanting to look good for him even though you’re only going to the amusement park
• “Babe, we’re not going to Seoul’s Fashion week. Hurry up!”
• Holding hands in the street and talking about anything and everything
• “How do you like our new song?”
• “I love it! And your rap is really cool. I wish JYP-nim left at least a song of yours in the new album. And have you seen Jaebum? He looks so good with his hair back like that and– Jackson where are you going?!”
•"Home. Ask JB to take you on a date instead”
• He would occasionally grab your butt because he loves the booty ;3
• You would get flustered because “Jackson we’re in public”
• You ending up grabbing his butt too discreetely because let’s be honest he has a nice butt ;3
• Having to drag Jackson on your favorite rollercoasters because you love the adrenaline rush but his ass is too scared to get on them
• Him trying to justify himself saying that “it is not good for your heart”
• Making him get on with you and at the end when you get the picture from the ride, you are having the time of your life and Jackson is holding on to you for dear life and calling out for his mom
• Taking a break from all the adrenaline and getting something to eat
• Jackson wanting to order food and ending up ranting about the place not having organic green tea in their menu
• Him pulling out a bottle of green tea out of no where like “For times like this I always bring my own :D”
• You –> =__= *facepalm*
• Feeding each other and wiping each other’s mouth because you want to make sure the other is taken care of before yourself
• Him giving you a piggy back ride when your feet start to hurt because he is a gentlemen and wants to show you how manly and strong he is
• Going to the souvenir shop to look for something to bring back home from the fun date
• Picking matching snapbacks despite his jawdropping collection
• You buying him some chocolate because despite him being a health freak, you know he loves it and cannot deny candy.
• “Hey Jack can I have some too?”
• “ wanted it too?”
• “You ate it all already?! I gave you it literally 0.2 seconds ago”
• Jackson giving you his hoodie to wear because it got chilly during the evening and he wants you to stay warm
• “Omg, Y/N are you ok?! Can you breathe? Do you need me to call an ambulance?!”
• “Jackson I literally just sneezed. Calm down”
• Ending the date on the panoramic wheel at night to enjoy the view of the night lights as he holds you close to him
• When the wheel gets at its highest point and stops there for a bit, you both admire the view
• You commenting on how pretty the view is, but he is admiring you instead. He has to slap himself to wake up from his daze after looking at you.
• “Wow~ it’s beautiful”
• “True, but not as beautiful as you”
• Both of you squealing and cringing at his cheesiness, and then giggling because let’s be honest you love it when he is cheesy
• Kissing as the wheel comes down
• The sweet kisses turning into a full-on make out session because his lips are so juicy and irresistible
• Getting interrupted by the person operating the wheel all flustered like “Ah-ehm.. please get a room ^-^”
• You and Jackson bowing in apology because you didn’t realize the wheel came all the way down already and scurrying away embarrased and then laughing like children
• You two continuing what you started at home ;)
• Going for round two because he is Mr. Wild and Sexy for a reason ;)
• Having the time of your life with him because whenever Jackson is involved, nothing much else is needed to have fun. He is such a ball of energy, fluff, and love that it is impossible to be bored when he is around. You would also get to see his more serious and romantic side because contrary to popular belief, there is more to him than just a goofball.

anonymous asked:

You guys are actually adorable and precious I'm so sorry I had to put that out there you just radiate with warmth. Hmm how aBout RFA + V reacting to an mc that sees/makes costume/ *coughs* cosplays a lil notthatiknowanyonelikethathaha please and thank you! Sorry if you don't have time!

A/N: oh no my cold and hard persona, it’s been shattered already (kidding but omg you’re sooo sweet and adorable as well thankyouthankyouthankyou), sorry if this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for!  ~Admin 404


               -He’d love it if you cosplayed!

               -Everyone always told him that dressing up was a “kids” thing, so when he finds out you cosplay

               -He’d be over the moon


               -Probably joins a sewing club so he learns how he can help you out

               -It doesn’t matter which character you dress as, he’ll always blush a little because you’re just. so. cUTE

               -S E L F I E S


               - “MC, can you help me make one of my LOLOL character?!”


               - The guys an actor, he’s used to costumes

               -Probably wouldn’t join you since he’s in them all the time for plays

               -He’d sit and admire how much work you put into it though

               -He’s seen how stressed out the designers are when they make outfits for the shows he’s in

               -Will do anything and everything he can to help de-stress you because of this

               -If you make a small mistake in the costume, you best not get sad

               -‘Cause this guy will 100% spend all the time you need to explain how it just gives it flair

               -“Now it’s completely unique to you! No one else can have the exact some one! It’s special just like you are, princess”


               -“Why can’t you just dress up as yourself?”

               - Because that’s no fun, Jaehee

               -She’d slowly come around and learn to love it though

               -She’d see how your face lights up every time you finish a piece for that costume you’ve been working on for weEKS

               -When you try it on for the first time, she gets just as excited as you

               -Always smiling to herself when you really get into the character (Hello, you’re like her personal Zen now)

               -If you’re not home, she tries on a few of your wigs to test out different hairstyles

               -“Maybe I should dye my hair blue… or pink? Wait, doesn’t MC have one that’s green?”


               -“MC, please put on these cat ears.”

               -Doesn’t understand why you insist on making these costumes yourself

               -He can pay designers to do it for you? What if you prick yourself with the needle? whAT IF-

               -“Jumin, I’ve been doing it for years, I’ll be okay!”

               -He definitely won’t join in, but loves seeing you in these..interesting costumes

               -Doesn’t know any of the characters you’re trying to portray (Jumin, you liar)

               -The type to secretly have a Tokyo Mew Mew kind of costume made for you

               - the caT EARS MC, THE CAT EARS!!

               -He loves when Elizabeth the Third starts to mess with your string and seeing how you pout at her


               -COSPLAY POWER COUPLE

               -500% WILL STEAL YOUR COSPLAY

               -“Hey Saeyoung, have you seen my- nevermind I see that you’ve decided to put it on”

               -Always matches cosplays with you

               -Just can’t contain his excitement when you suggest making a couples costume

               - “MC, you should try my maid costume on wink wonk

               -If you wear any revealing cosplay though, you can bet his face will match his hair

               -That is, until he goes and puts on another revealing one of yours and tries to seduce you


               -“If it makes you happy, then by all means, please continue”

               -Loves seeing how happy and bubbly you get when you finish a project

               -Always the first one to ask to see it when it’s done

               -If he doesn’t know who you’re trying to be, he’ll sit and listen to you explain no matter how long it takes

               -Offers to take professional pictures of your cosplay

               - V, no, this is just my hobby not my job, please

               -I mean, unless it IS your job then by all means accEPT HIS OFFER THIS SUNSHINE WILL CAPTURE EXACTLY HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -Candid photos of your progress on the costume because he thinks your determined face is the cutest

(I know you didn’t ask for Saeran but he’s my faVOURITE I PHYSICALLY CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO LEAVE HIM OUT I’M S O R R Y)



               -Who the fuck are you trying to be??

               -Poor baby wouldn’t understand until you explain it

               -“So you’re acting but for free?”

               -“Can’t you just…buy the costume? Wouldn’t that be easier?”

               -You know this kid can help you with your eyeliner though, just gotta give him the puppy dog face

               -He’ll crack a smile every now and then when you’re extremely excited, just because seeing you bounce around amuses him

               -Doesn’t know who you’re dressed as, and doesn’t care, all he knows is that you look cute and he likes it

               -“I’m not putting that costume on I don’t care how many times you ask”

Joe Sugg Imagine || Love me ||

Anonymous said:

hello omg i love your imagines and i already read all of it omg <3 can you pls write an imagine about joe sugg where he is acting cute bc he wants an attention y/n, but y/n is doing something and you can make the end. thank you :) <3

- - -

“Whatcha doin’?” Came behind you, directly in your ear, you had jumped slightly, your hand going to your heart. From your cross legged position on the couch you gasped; “Joe!” in annoyance, turning your head, seeing him standing there, innocently. “Hi.” He said giving a wiggly fingers wave and a cheesy grin at you.

“What do you want?” You asked in dully now, you we’re trying to edit your video that was late already and he had been whining and annoying you for attention all morning. “Love.” He whispered, bottom lip sticking out after he spoke in a pout and his blue eyes glazing over.

“I’m busy.” You remarked, running your hands through your (colour) hair, in stress induced frustration. “You of all people should understand, I’m way behind on this video…” You sighed, watching the disappointment wash over his face. “But… (Y/Nickname).” He whispered.

“Joe! Seriously, please…” You thought you could snap at him any second, which was far from your personality. You were just having a day.

“Fine…” He whispered, dragging his feet sombrely across the hardwood flooring of the apartment, toward the small kitchen area, not looking back at you, opening a cupboard and shifting the content around inside of it.

You took in a deep inhale and exhaled it slowly, shaking your head, you went back to editing, looking up from the screen of your MacBook, you thought you felt something hit you lightly but glancing around you saw nothing, until a few moments late, you watched a red, candied heart land upon your keyboard.

A small manly giggle caught your attention, and your fingers froze over the keys, you turned your head, slowly… Toward the kitchen, where Joe was laying across the counter top, a bag of cinnamon heart candies in one hand and his arm in the throwing position at you.

“Joe!” You snapped, your tone unexpected by him as he jumped a little, the candy hearts in his hand, dropped out across the floor, scattered. “I’m just showering you with my love!” He exclaimed, watching as you stood up off the couch quickly, closing your MacBook.

“Love me!” He whined, he was bored, he wanted attention. “I do love you, but you’re testing my love right now.” You crossed your arms, narrowing your eyes at him. “Fancy going out?” He asked entirely changing the subject, you opened your mouth to speak but no words came out.

“LOVE ME!” He repeated again, moving off the counter quickly and rushing at you catching you entirely off guard.

“JOE!” You yelled feeling yourself being tackled to the hardwood floor, opening your eyes, Joe was staring at you, inches from your face, “love me.” He whispered again in a soft tone, rubbing his cheek against yours adoringly.

“Joe…” You said lowly, “get off, please.” You muttered, as he continued grazing his face against yours. “(Y/N).” He said even more adoringly in a cute as possible tone.

“I love you.” He said, finally looking down at you, as he sat up, his knees on either side of your body supporting his weight – or lack there of, off you. “I love you, too.” You rubbed your forehead.

“So, pay attention to me.” He nodded, making it sound incredibly simple. “I really need to finish my video… I would be done by now but you’ve been annoying me all day.” You pointed you staring up at him, the hardwood was cool against your back.

“It’s just a video…” Joe muttered. “It’s late.” You muttered back. “But at least you’re not!” Joe said brightly, a big smile coming across his face as he made a baby-related joke.

“Ugh.” You rolled your eyes. “Please?” You asked trying to wiggle away from under him, “Just leave me alone… Let me finish…” You pleaded, first it was hiding your computer on you this morning, and pestering but adorable texts as you tried editing in the bedroom, now tossing candy at you and tackling you to the floor.

“Fine…” He said breathlessly, nodding, giving up that he wasn’t getting any attention from you despite all of his adorable attempts and actions. “Thank you.” You said lowly, feeling a little bad now.

You both stood up, you lent over the couch, grabbing your computer, you headed downstairs, walking into the bedroom you shared, sitting on the bed getting settled back into editing and there was silence…

You kept looking up at the door you left ajar, expecting Joe standing there with something else to throw at you, but nothing… You started hoping you really didn’t hurt his feelings, but shook your head going back to editing.

A soft knock came to the door, and you glanced up and over, seeing Joe standing there biting his bottom lip, once he saw you look up, he raised his hands, his thumbs and index fingers moving to form a heart at you and he looked sad.

“I’m sorry, I bothered you all day.” His voice sounded pathetic while you stared, sighing, you shook your head. “I’m sorry, I’ll go now.” He added, turning on his bare feet disappearing from view.

“Joe…” You called to him, sighing, taking your earbuds out and closing your macbook, he reappeared looking hopeful at you. “Come here.” You waved him over and a bright smile broke out across his face, he took a short run and jumped across his bedroom onto the bed with you.

“YOU LOVE ME!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you tightly, “of course I do.” You muttered, your arms wrapping around his torso, “I’m sorry I bugged you.” He kissed you softly. “I’m sorry, I ignored you.” You said after your kiss fingers, running your fingers through his hair.

“I love you.” He was smiling at you, “I love you too, Joe.” You couldn’t help but smile at his large smile. “Did you finish your video?” He asked softly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Nah.” You shook your head, knowing it was way past your upload time. “Oh.” His tone lowered again. “You’re more important.” You admitted as you snuggle your face into his chest, he squeezed you tighter into him. ..

Unanswered Love

Request: Can you please write a namjoon fic about you confessing your feelings to him but he tells you he doesn’t have any for you, you move on and he realizes he loves you but it’s too late? Please make it extra angsty!! Love your writing btw

Originally posted by kristnmxrie

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 3.430

A/N: this is the longest i have ever written anything on here omg 

Today was the day.

You had promised your best friend to finally go up to Namjoon and tell him how you felt. You two even marked a day, so you wouldn’t chicken out again.

Because, speaking truthfully, you had promised her to confess about 4 times already over the past years but always stopped yourself at the very last second. Namjoon was an idol and you just an ordinary girl. You might have known him before he started his trainee life but that didn’t matter. To you, he was everything and you were just an unimportant girl. Fearing that he would think the same, you never had the final courage to speak up. You were scared of losing him and would do anything to keep him in your life. Even if it meant to stay silent and only being able to look at him as a friend.

You two had gotten to know each other at school. When you moved to Seoul due to your fathers work, you happened to get a spot in his class. At that time you didn’t know how hard you would fall for him years later.

After a while of polite chatting before school and saying your mandatory goodbye’s after class ended, you started to slowly become friends. First, he seemed pretty shy around you but you two noticed pretty fast that you could not only talk about random things but also have deep conversations about life. You had never met someone like him. He made you feel special and secure like nobody else ever did.

You would spend hours talking and just relaxing with Namjoon, having the time of your lives. When he got the chance to fulfill his dreams to become a rapper, starting his trainee life, you were still at his side. You supported him through everything, being always there when he needed you and the other way around. He was there for you even though his schedules were a mess and he barely had time for himself but always made sure to check up on you. He made sure you two would meet up as often as possible and your friendship never lacked of anything. Except for one thing - his returning love for you. 

“C’mon (Y/N)! You’ve been standing in front of the building for 20 minutes already. This time you will not quit. You will go inside, just like every other day, shove him into his room and everyone out and finally tell him. Doesn’t matter what he wants to tell you, you go first. You tell him everything, all the feelings you have for him, every single thought that runs through your mind and show him how much you care. I promise you, he will confess to you too!”, your best friend tried to give you a prep talk.

You weren’t so sure though if he actually had the same feelings for you. You knew Namjoon loved you as a friend. But his job made him hang out and spend time with the most beautiful and talented girls from whole Asia. He was part of one of the most loved groups in the K-Pop industry. Everyone loved him. Why would he let go of a chance to be with one of those gorgeous models for you?

You didn’t want to go upstairs into their dorm and possibly destroy the amazing friendship you had with him. Destroying all those beautiful years you two had spent together just because you were being selfish and couldn’t hold in your feelings any longer. Only thinking about it made you go sick to your stomach and you had to get all your strength together to not throw up into the next bush.

Slowly you breathed in and out, imagining that you’re exhaling all the bad thoughts that were running through your mind.

“Okay”, you whispered. “But can you please stay available for the next hour, I really don’t know what might happen up there. I might need someone to comfort me afterwards.” A shaky chuckle escaped your lips.

“Don’t be a fool (Y/N). He likes you. I know that. But yes, in case he fell on his head, has amnesia and forgot everything you guys have been through together, I will stay available. Now go up there and get your man!”, she laughed and hung up.

You shoved your phone into your back pocket and inhaled deeply. Hesitantly, you made your way to the doorman. He looked up at you, giving you a nod of recognition, opening the door for you. You stepped into the elevator, legs and hands shaking and pressed the right number to their apartment. 

“You can do this (Y/N). Don’t be such a coward. He has to feel something too right? I mean why else would he still be single after all this time? Why would he always take care of you so much and make sure you were doing well, if he didn’t feel anything right? Or message you first out of everyone whenever something important or good happened? He has to feel the same. There is no way, he only sees you as his best friend”, you tried to convince yourself.

The elevator opened and you stepped outside, walking towards their apartment door. Your mind was telling you to turn around and run home, hide under your blankets and never come out again before you making the biggest mistake in your life. But your heart was aching for you to tell Namjoon, to finally let him know the truth, so you stepped forward and knocked.

There were loud voices and rumbling hearable through the door when suddenly the door swung open and a puzzled Taehyung stood in front of you.

“Hey (Y/N)! I didn’t know you were coming over today”, he chuckled and embraced you, already shoving you inside.

Hugging him back, you nervously breathed out and let out a small laughter. “Yeah well, I was nearby so I thought, why not come over and annoy Namjoon a little bit? I haven’t been up in his face since forever”, you smirked.

Taehyung laughed. “Oh please (Y/N), as if you would annoy hyung. He prefers you over anything and anyone else, if you know what I mean”, he smirked at you and left towards the living room. “He’s in his room by the way”

You stared at the leaving Taehyung, still in shock what he had just said. He prefers me over anything and anyone else? What does he mean by that? Your heart was racing so fast by now that you thought everybody in this dorm should be able to make it out already. Nervously, you made your way towards Namjoon’s room which was in the very back of the hallway and knocked. A soft hum could be heard through the door as the answer and you opened the door, stepping inside. He didn’t look up, so you took your time to close the door and mentally prepare yourself for what was about to happen.

You let out a small cough to make him turn around. He was working on his laptop and turned around as soon as he heard your hesitant cough.

“Hey (Y/N)”, he smiled at you surprised. “What are you doing here? Did we make plans and I forgot again?”, he asked concerned.

You chuckled at his worries. “No no, we didn’t make plans, don’t worry.” Slowly you breathed in and out, trying to calm your nerves. Shyly you signaled towards his bed. “Mind if I sit down?”, you asked.

“Sure, go ahead. What’s wrong? You look sick”, he stated and scooted closer to get a better look at you. 

Of course I look sick, I feel like I’m about to throw up, you thought to yourself. “I’m fine, I just wanted to tell you something. No, actually I don’t want to but I need to because it has been bothering me for a very long time now.”

Namjoon nodded patiently and waited for you to continue. He looked you straight in the eyes with such honesty and worry that your heart sank into your stomach and you had to close your eyes, to not lose your mind completely. This was way harder than you had ever imagined.

“Please promise me first, that you won’t laugh at me. I understand if you don’t want me to be in your life any longer after I told you but know that you mean so much to me. I don’t want to lose you over something like this”, you whispered and looked at him pleadingly. 

“Jesus (Y/N), you’re scaring me. What’s going on?”, he questioned now seriously concerned. “I promise I won’t laugh at you and I don’t think anything could break our friendship, no matter how bad this thing is you’re going to tell me.”

Our friendship. You looked down and collected your thoughts, trying to figure out where to start.

“I’m not going to talk around it much okay? I really don’t know how to explain all of this, so I’ll just tell you”, you played nervously with your fingers, still not looking at him. You were scared to look at his reaction, scared he might look at you full of disgust and break your heart even more. 

“Just spill it already (Y/N)”, Namjoon said, scooting closer so that his knees were touching yours.

“I like you Namjoon. A lot. I really don’t know since when but at some point I noticed how my heart started to beat faster around you. I noticed how my palms would get sweaty and my thoughts would go crazy as soon as you were around. I noticed how I suddenly cared so much about how you’d think about my looks or what I did. I noticed your cute dimples whenever you smiled so cutely and how your eyebrows raised. I noticed all these little things about you, countless beautiful things that made me suddenly so happy. You didn’t even need to do anything but I was already the happiest girl on earth just by being near you”, you spilled and finally looked up at him. The second your eyes laid on him, your heart stopped and you wanted to cry. Instead of looking happy or pleased because he felt the same about you, his eyes were locked onto the floor and he was biting his lower lip, obviously trying to hide his shock about your confession.

Tears started to well up in your eyes and you wanted to leave so badly. “I- I’m sorry. I know I’m nothing special. Especially compared to you. Or all those stunning and talented female idols”, you sadly chuckled. “I know you don’t feel the same about me but Namjoon, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I need you to tell me how you feel so I can either fall happily into your arms or leave and not bother you anymore.”

He sighed and stood up, now walking through his room, looking for the right words, so he wouldn’t hurt you too much. You were determined to not cry in front of him, even though you could physically feel the pain this whole situation was causing you. You knew by the way he was pacing through the room, still not looking at you that he didn’t feel the same. But your dumb little heart was still trying to convince you that you had a chance. It was repeating all those explanations from earlier, grabbing on the last available straws to save your happiness. Why did he care so much for you then? Why didn’t he date even once in the whole time you knew him? Why were you the only one, he would let so close? Why?

“Are you going to say something or just walk up and down?”, you tried to joke with a shaky voice.

Suddenly he stopped, facing you. “If you knew how I feel, why did you still confess?”

It felt like someone had slammed a knife into your heart. You closed your eyes and looked down. “Because I need you to say it to my face, so my stupid heart won’t make up more explanations and excuses for your behavior”, you whispered truthfully.

Namjoon sighed deeply and ruffled his hand through his hair. He knew he’d break your heart if he said those words but he also couldn’t lie to you. You deserved the truth and the truth was that he didn’t feel the same for you. He loved you but only as a best friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

“(Y/N)”, he whispered. You didn’t move and played with your fingers instead, hiding your face behind your hair. “(Y/N), look at me.”

You looked up and the pain was already visible in your eyes. He hadn’t said the words yet, but your mind knew what was about to come.

“I don’t feel the same for you (Y/N). I love you, yes. But only as my best friend. That’s it. I don’t have feelings for you, I’m sorry”, he lowered his head, knowing that even though he tried to be as nice as possible, those words must have hurt you like a knife slitting your heart. He sat down next to you and wanted to hold you, to comfort you but you gently pushed his hands away.

As soon as those words had left his mouth, the tears started to flow and you couldn’t do anything to stop them. You held one hand in front of your mouth to stop the sobs that were about to come out and stood up.

“I- I think I should go now”, you quickly said before he could see the tears run down your face.

“No (Y/N), please let’s talk about this. I don’t want to lose you”, Namjoon interjected.

You shook your head and sprinted out of the dorm, leaving an overwhelmed Namjoon and a confused Taehyung behind.

You were strolling through the supermarket, looking for something you could cook yourself tonight. It had been three months since you shut down any contact to Namjoon and somehow you started to feel free and independent, now that you were getting over him. Finally you took care of yourself for you. You didn’t need to care what anybody else thought about you. First, it had been hard for both of you. He had asked you to stay friends but whenever you two hung out, it wasn’t the same anymore. Before your confession, he’d hold you in his arms and joke around with no worries. But afterwards he always tried to have as less touching involved as possible, avoiding any contact and silly jokes. Slowly, you started to get sick of it, after all he was the one who had plead you to stay friends. So you told him that you couldn’t do it any longer and cut off all contact.

It was better this way. Of course, you still missed him. But that didn’t mean that you couldn’t move on and finally find out who you are as an individual. So here you were, looking for something new to cook for dinner when suddenly someone grabbed your wrist and made you look up.

“What the-”, you were ready to snap at the rude person for shamelessly grabbing you when you met his eyes.

“Namjoon”, you breathed out, eyes growing big. You had avoided him ever since and he didn’t make any effort to look for you as well. 

Every day you were scared that as soon as you would see him, your heart would immediately run back to him and make you fall back into your state of heartbreak. You had fought so hard to get out of it, out of the misery that you did everything to avoid him, not risking it.

Now here he was standing in front of you, holding your wrist and looking at you with pleading eyes but all you felt was surprise on seeing him. 

“What are you doing here? This is an organic supermarket, I didn’t know you guys ate that”, you chuckled, softly freeing your wrist from his grip, looking up at him.

His eyes were red and puffy and that’s when you noticed that he was shaking. 

“Namjoon, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”, you asked concerned as he still didn’t say anything. You were slowly getting scared that one of the boys must have gotten hurt or even Namjoon himself.

“I need you (Y/N)”, he confessed. Your eyes went wide and your mouth dropped open. This was the last thing you had expected to happen.

“What?”, you stuttered.

“I need you (Y/N), I need you so bad. When you confessed to me, I didn’t realize that I felt the same way about you like you do for me. I didn’t realize that I love you, not only as a friend. I need you in my life and I should have contacted you earlier but I was so scared. So scared you would reject me because I was such an asshole towards you. I made you stay friends with me even though I knew how you felt and then behaved like a dick. When you left for good, I realized my mistake. Everything I had thought was normal to feel for a friend, were things that only people in love feel for each other. I was in love with you the whole time but was too blind to see it”, he was crying now and didn’t even try to hide it. You started to feel uncomfortable and backed away a little.

“Namjoon…”, you softly spoke but were cut off.

“No, I know what you want to say (Y/N). That it’s too late now, that I had plenty of time to realize my real feelings for you. I know that. It’s all true, I won’t deny it. I am such an idiot for taking so long but please give me a chance!”, he begged. He had grabbed your hands and was holding them in his, softly stroking them with his thumb.

“I can’t Namjoon”, you whispered. “I don’t feel the same anymore. I’m over you.”

You sighed. “You know, when I confessed to you, I had been in love for you for a couple years already. Everything was perfect. But you broke my heart that day and it was horrible. I felt like I was about to die right then and there. I understood though. I understood your point of view and accepted your feelings. So I tried to move on and forget you but how was I supposed to forget you, when you still wanted to be friends? Seeing you so much but then being treated like I’m a stranger made everything worse, so I left. You didn’t even bother to stop me. You didn’t try to contact me. You didn’t do anything. It broke my heart more, if that was possible. It was the darkest time of my life but I picked myself up and had a fresh start. I’m more confident and happy now. I’m proud of who I am and I feel free. I feel so independent and all thanks to that downfall”, you smiled slightly at him.

“So even though my heart still isn’t fully over you and would love to say that I need you too, it would be a lie. We’ve always been honest to each other, so I’m going to be honest too. I don’t need you anymore, Namjoon. I’m finally happy again and I won’t risk it just because you finally made up your mind. My heart has suffered enough. I have suffered enough”, you squeezed his hands and pulled him close for a hug. 

“I’m sorry Namjoon. But you need to let go, just like I did”, you leaned in and softly kissed his cheek, like you had done a million times before when you two were still best friends.

He looked at you with pure pain in his eyes and tears were streaming down his face. He looked so desperate, all you wanted to do was hug him until he was back to his normal self. “I can’t (Y/N)”, he shook his head and his lips started trembling.

You gently wiped his tears away, just like you wished he had done for you, looking into his eyes. “Yes, you can. You’re strong Namjoon. Hell, you’re so much stronger than I am and look at me. I made it. So can you.”

You let go of him, grabbing your groceries and giving him one last smile, before heading out, leaving a broken-hearted Namjoon behind.

“I really can’t (Y/N)”, he whispered under tears but you were already out of hearing range.


EXO’s reaction to finding out you’re in a rock band

Baekhyun:*takes a day to think about how you didn’t tell him or how stupid he could have possibly been to not know it before*

*the day after*

Baekhyun:“so I know you’re the cool one in a rock band but are you seeing how good I look in this leather jacket? You should just quit really I look fabulous I don’t want to intimidate you”

Chanyeol:*is kind of surprised but also super excited inside* “well why didn’t you tell me that sooner?! That’s totally awesome”

*he texted you to meet him for coffee at the dorm, you arrive in the dorm and the first thing you see is this*

Chanyeol:“what? I’m just trying a new look”

Chen:“WHAT???!!??? Just when I thought the love of my life can’t get any cooler”

*He then challenges you to a duet and slays your ass cause his high notes are not to be messed with*

D.O: “Excuse me jagi but when were you going to tell me? We’ve been together for 2 months now “ *starts having trust issues from now on*

You: “I’m so sorry I just thought you won’t like me as much because you don’t like rock that much”

D.O: “first of all I love rock, second of all I love you. Now um where do you keep your leather jackets and when can you show me one?”

Luhan:“does that mean you’re sex drugs and rock n’ roll? Cause I can provide one. *raises eyebrow*

You: “well not exac….”

Luhan:“Shhhh *doesn’t let you finish and just sticks this in your face*

Kris:“yeah ok and I’m Britney spears” *doesn’t believe you even when you show him evidence*

Kris:“you’re basically a walking awkward noodle, you’re not even close to rock material so stop pranking me I’m getting tired”

Suho:“yeah ok I understand you’re a rock star and I’m a Korean idol mom yeah sure I’m totally fine”

Sehun: “yeah good for you”

*you come back home that week with your guitar and heavy make up from a show you had earlier. After you greet Sehun you go into the shower and when you go out while removing the towel from your head you see Sehun standing in front of you wearing nothing except your guitar hanging on him hiding his goods*

Lay:“ok, you’re a rock star and you hid this from me for how long?”

You:“well since we met I guess….but you never actually asked me what I do so I just forgot that you don’t know”

Lay: “I’m sorry I do support you and love you but I just have to go I’m sorry”*takes about a week to think about things and the fact that you hid something like that from him that eventually he breaks up with you because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship that has secrets but he does support you and promotes you constantly*

Tao:*is having such a hard time knowing that you’re cooler than him now that he completely forgot that you hid it from him for the past 6 months*

Tao:*about two weeks later Tao passes you a magazine and on the cover you see him wearing a complete rock n’ roll look* “I told you don’t even try to be better than me because you will lose.”

Xiumin: “OMG this isn’t happening” *can’t contain his excitement he’s literally all over the place he’s so happy and turned on at the same time*

Kai: “stop surprising me all the time I already know you’re freaking perfect what can you not do jagi?!”

Kai: “I’ll support you in anything you do I hope you know that. I love you.

Imagine you're Gray and Zach's older sister and went to visit the park, but then started to work with Owen - Part 2

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by: Anon

Part 1 here

“Well, let’s see those beasts!” You took a few steps and went right to the cage when Owen grabbed your waist, preventing you from moving forward.
“Hey, don’t stay that close! Don’t you saw what happened before?” Owen said to you gently.
“I’m sorry if I’m not afraid of them, unlike others…” You stopped speaking and glanced at Owen. Now with the glasses you could see him perfectly. He pressed his lips and was about to say something when Blue roared. You were facing him, and the cage was behind you, so you jumped and opened your eyes when you heard that big roar. He smirked at you.
“Hmm…you were saying that you weren’t afraid of them, hah?” He tried to calm Blue and you stayed behind him.
“I’m not afraid…I was just not expecting that!”
You tried to justify, but couldn’t help but get a little stained with fear. Thank god he couldn’t see it because he was with his back to you. When you came back to normal, you started talking to him. You asked all about them, how old they were, what they ate, how were their personalities… He was amazed by your curiosity. Most of the girls who were there, they didn’t asked questions, just screamed scared. And although you were scared a few minutes ago,  you were there right beside him, very interested in what he was doing. He turned to you and narrowed his eyes.
“Wha…what’s wrong?” You looked at him confused.
“Everything!” He put both hands on your arms and stared at you with a very straight face.
“What do you mean by ‘everything’?” You asked him raising an eyebrow.
“What is the meaning of 'everything’ for you?” He asked vaguely.
“Err, that maybe I’m in…trouble?” You were getting worried and a little suspicious.
“Correct! You’re in a big trouble (Y/N)!”
“Can you just tell me what it is? Please?”
“Yes. You’re in trouble because you’re…I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but you…are…pretty great.”
“And that’s bad, right?” You questioned anguished.
“Right. Because my girls will fall in love with you and will forget about me quickly.”
“Ohhh…no! Of course not. It’s impossible to forget someone as fantastic as you, someone who is dedicated 24/7. They know you for a long time to forget you like that. And beyond that, I’m not gonna stay here for too long, they will not even remember me.”
“I’m fantastic?” He smiled.
“Of all that I said to you, that’s what you say first?” You giggled and looked through the bars and kept talking. “I barely know you, but I could see that you are a great guy. And they are very lucky to have you.”
“No one had ever told me that, thank you!” He seemed to be thrilled with what you just said.

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EXO Reaction when you wake them up in a sexy way

I hope you like this little smut ^^… I will make it smuttier than the original request xD Just because we haven’t posted many smut these days :O Love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *You sat down on top of him and kiss his neck a little* “Good morning Y/N… Wanna stay in bed all day?”

Kris: “Oh no baobei, I think you should do your work down there” *Pervy Kris on*

Sehun: *Feels like the king of the world* “This is the right way to wake you Oh Sehun up!”

Tao: “That tickles baobei! What are you doing?” *A little bit embarrassed*

Kai: *enjoys the great BJ you are giving him* “Oh my Y/N…. we could do this every morning….”

Xiumin: *Seduces you completely* “Let’s have fun honey~”

Baekhyun: *Positions himself on top of you and things happen*

Luhan: *Shy* “Hello beautiful? I love you”

Chen: *Feels happy all day because the first thing he saw when he woke up was your beautiful face*

Kyungsoo: *His life is perfect, he really feels complete* “The best girl in the world” (Lay at the back omg ><)

Lay: *He was already awake, watching you sleep* “Hi cutie pie, good morning” *Kisses your lips softly* 

Suho: *Enjoys the little kisses and has some dirty thoughts*