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                      day 06: free choicefavorite physical contact(s)
        Their eyes met, and in an instant,
                          with an inexplicable, only half conscious rush of emotion,
                                  they were in perfect communion
                          F. Scott Fitzgerald

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im so gay for this girl in my class? like we met about a year ago when i moved and now we share a gc with this other girl and i walk home with her almost everyday and she sings and plays music and we have an unhealthy obsession with finn and stranger things and it and omg i love her sm? and like??? how do i express this to her???

if you feel confident enough, you should tell her!!! if shes gay/not straight too you probably have like a 10x more chance of getting to date her (i suck at advice soRry)


Hey y’all!

So Tuesday the teaser trailer for THE DUFF released, and I’ve gotten so many of your wonderful tweets and emails—thank you for those! I’ve also gotten a few questions, though, and I wanted to take a second to address them.

First off, a disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m not really involved in the process, but based on everything I’ve seen so far – this teaser trailer, my set visit, meeting the awesome people who worked on the film – I’m really excited and optimistic. 

Many of you have asked about the changes made between the book and the film. All movie adaptations change things – that’s just part of the process. Books and movies are two totally different mediums, and what works in one doesn’t always work in another.

So, with that said, yes. Based on the trailer, it does seem like a lot has changed, and I understand why some of you are concerned. When I first learned, a while back, about some of the changes made in adapting, I was upset, too. This was my first book, after all, and it means a lot to me.

Then I visited the movie set and met the cast and some of the producers and the director. I saw just how passionate they are about this project, and I have so much faith in them to make a fun, smart movie.  I LOVE Mae Whitman, and I think she does an awesome job picking the parts and projects she takes on. And, based on the trailer, this looks like a movie I’d want to see, whether it was related to me and my books or not. Teen movies, after all, are totally my jam. And, to me, this movie looks like it could be really good!

Which is why I’ve taken on the attitude I’ve talked about on here before: I’m okay with changes as long as it’s a good movie that, in the end, stays true to the idea that EVERYONE, no matter what you look like, can be the DUFF. (Even someone as adorable as Mae Whitman – who, BTW, has the BEST facial expressions in this trailer. OMG, I love her!)

But WHY the changes? Well, I actually asked them that early on, and the answer is pretty simple. For those of you who’ve read THE DUFF, you know that there’s a bit of …umm… risqué material.  The book is a little on the sexy side, and frankly, a faithful adaptation would have likely resulted in an R rating, which would limit the audience. CBS wanted to make a film that had the same message as the book but that would also fit at PG-13 rating. Which, at least to me, makes a lot of sense.

Just remember, no matter how you feel about the movie, the book will always be there. It won’t change. It’s okay if they’re different – books and movies are separate things. And it’s okay to like them both.

Personally, I really liked the teaser trailer. It made me laugh! And, damn, that Robbie Amell….ahem.

So I can’t wait to see it! And I hope you’re excited, too!


“Murder on the Orient Express” Drama SP Press Conference - Mezamashi 2014.09.15


Chaeyoung as Yoon Myeongju, Dahyun as Seo Daeyoung, Tzuyu as Kang Moyeon, Jungyeon as Yoo Sijin

i literally cant stop thinking about this parody!!! THIS IS GONNA BE LIT !