omg i love drawing clothes

Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

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(Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (other classmates coming soon)

alcode14  asked:

Omg, I love your art. Can you draw Punkguchi with Shinichi's clothes (Nana)? Please, please <3

Thank you for liking my art! T___T I had such a huge crush on Shinichi when I was growing up T_T_T_T My favourite part of his outfits is definitely his Vivienne Westwood lighter!!!! 🔥🔥 Although I kind of backed out of drawing it this time around aaaa I’d definitely consider revisiting this idea again in the future!

anonymous asked:

I just love how you draw clothes and armour OMG! What is your secret??? 😍

By crying a lot of course 👍🌟


“Let’s welcome your favorite idols, Passi, Cherry-chan, His Majesty, and The Sophs!”
Pascal: And right after this, come buy your limited edition “His Majesty” merchandise! Only today!
Richard: WAIT NO–

An idol show occurring right after a victory skit if you have the girls in their idol master dlc! 
>> Video: X

They are also dancing to “Cutie Panther”, a song by Eli, Maki, and Nico! (Love Live)