omg i liked


my boyfriend and I adopted a sweet little black special needs kitty today. I work part time at a Petco and when I saw her there the other day, I just fell in love.

will post pictures soon. I know I promised that last time around but this time she is actually my cat, haha

What? NOOOO NOOO, I’m fine, I’m fine really…

I’m fine 

I’m fine 

I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine

darkvhenanvengeance  asked:

Have you spoken with Jaal after the Kadara situation is resolved and you romanced Reyes? Jaal's jealousy is cute :3

I love how Ryder’s response to being accused of liking bad boys is like:

(omg I had no idea that this was a thing and I feel a burning need to write something inspired by this exchange… considering that I have a Jaalmanced Ryder who got surprise-smooched by Reyes. Thank you for pointing it out!)

Update: I hate being obsessed with famous guys

I met my favorite singer last week and I’ve never been more happy and infatuated with someone. He even put me on his Instagram Story! But that same night he stated on his Snapchat that he has a girlfriend and the next day they were Snapchatting each other being all lovey dovey. That is how my favorite singer made me the happiest and the saddest all in one night.

anonymous asked:

i would KILL for a HITA part 2. like. really. maybe years down the line, maybe like late 80s/early 90s. the start of indie/grunge. i would die they would be in like what their 30s? omg what is that decade of harry and louis like do you think? or are they still stuck in their 70s ways? how does harry feel about mick and the stones now? does he think mick has lost it? what's louis listening to? nirvana? or is he more of a smiths/R.E.M guy? I NEED ANSWERS

omg i feel like early 90s h+l from HITA would be super into the indie/grunge scene, louis especially, and he’d totally be into both nirvana and the smiths. harry would so be all indignant about it and stick to his beloved bands from when he was growing up, but also secretly be totally in love with the smashing pumpkins much to louis’ delight. i think they’d still be stuck on their time in the 70s because of what it meant for them, but also they’d be happily moving with the times because that’s how i imagine their characters would react with each other?? still completely head over heels for each other, but in a much calmer and simpler way, i feel as though they’d be so comfortable with each other that everything about their relationship would feel easy. i imagine them in their 30′s to still be super goofy and adorable with each other, have their own little house or apartment, louis running a youth group or a safe space for lgbt+ teens in SF, harry holding a regular saturday slot at teddy’s bar with niall, freelance writing and performing. they’d own a second gen chevy camaro, bright orange and totally beat up but it’s harry’s 70s baby and he drives it everywhere, they’ve had it since their twenties, and he picks louis up from work in it and they go cruising in the afternoons together, listening to early green day and chili peppers, guns ‘n’ roses and the cranberries, and then harry will pop on the rolling stones because he refuses to let them go, he’s still entirely in love with mick of course, and they sing along like they did when they were back in idaho. still just as in love, if not more. hope this fulfils your questions love xxxx