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The mother-in-law bribe backfired

This is not my story.  This was told to me by a woman I knew from work several years ago; she’s a very sweet nurse.

Nurse graduated from nursing school and decided with her friend to move to one of the cities that was listed as having “the most eligible bachelors” from some publication. She moves and starts dating her future husband.

Future Husband’s mother is a viper and decides Nurse is not good enough for her family.  The  happy couple eventually get engaged and future mother-in-law is having none of it.   Tries for several months to break them up; tries to convince Nurse to go back where she came from and simultaneously tries to gently convince her precious son that Nurse may not be good for him.

To add some more context to this situation, this MIL is pretty nasty to Nurse but hides it well to other people, always making sure she’s super (fake) sweet to everyone when others are around.

Finally wedding plans are set so MIL gets desperate.  She gets Nurse alone with a “generous” offer: leave fiance and never come back in exchange for $10,000 (note: this was almost 30 years ago so I guess it was kind of a shitload of money for most).

Nurse is so sick of this woman’s shit and is incredibly insulted. However, she’s intelligent and maintains her composure.  Nurse accepts the offer.

Nurse takes the money, does not leave, and gets married anyway. Nobody else knows about this.

MIL cannot say or do anything about it without exposing herself to her family as a horrible person.

Nurse and husband are still happily married; their kids are grown; husband still has no idea this went down.

MIL has suffered silently for almost 30 years.


His name is Ernie Reyes Jr. but he played a character named Keno (KENO?? KEITH?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT) in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (again, don’t ask how I got here)

He’s a pizza delivery boy that gets caught up in turtle shenanigans and literally only exists for one movie but please just look at him.

The black t-shirt, the bright red jacket, tHE MULLET. Did I also mention he’s Filipino because I could go for some Filipino!Keith headcanons like sign me the fuck up

AND WHAT’S THIS??? Have you always wanted to know what Keith would look like reacting to meeting cryptids irl well HERE YOU FUCKING GO. THROWBACK TO THE OG CRYPTIDS OF MY CHILDHOOD: GIANT RATMAN AND HIS GREEN DISCIPLES

Here’s him ready to fight a bitch in a tank top because he loves fisticuffs and is a hella good martial artist. Within the first like four minutes of the movie, he sees these dudes robbing a store and goes up to them ALONE telling them “you’re under arrest” HOLDING A BUNCH OF PIZZAS and attempts to take all of them out alone. I mean he beats the shit out of them but like then a bunch more guys come running out and then he’s like oH SHIT I DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH but luckily the turtles come to save his ass.

Did I also mention that out of all the turtles he is most similar to Raphael? The red turtle. The most impatient and impulsive turtle. Always ready to fight. PLEASE. Also Raphael doesn’t really like him at first but then Keno suggests he use himself as bait to find the baddies and suddenly Raphael is like “I hate to agree with him but he’s gotta point.” So even though Splinter is like “TOO DANGEROUS” the two of them break off from the rest of the team and do the mission anyways (um) and accidentally find The Big Bad™ (uM) and then get into hot shit (UM) and Raphael sacrifices himself for Keno (UMMMMMMMMMM). But don’t worry Keno brings everyone back to save him.

And then later there’s a scene where Splinter tries to teach him how to meditate but Keno physically can’t do it and runs off to fight instead because fuck patience he needs to kick something. Here’s this idiot literally back flipping onto the stage to fight Shredder one-on-one like wtf he’s so extra™

He also had an action figure even though he was only in one movie and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MORE KEITH LIKE THAN THE KEITH ACTION FIGURE????


Bonus: Keno sticking his leggy out

Lessons Learned [Negan x Reader]

I am dying for some Negan smut. your rick smuts are so smutty and just (swoon) filthy… I really wanna see a smut where he gets mad at you (idc what for) and teaches you a lesson bc lets be real.. we all need a spanking from that man. basically just porn, I trust you’ll know what to do with that!

How about a request for a one shot where the female reader lives in the sanctuary fluff or smut ensues.

Kind of combined these two requests, hope you all enjoy! This is for my favorite person on tumblr @zaddygrimes! I hope you love this filthy Negan smut! 💖

Words: 1,935

Warnings: Smut, Swearing, Spanking, Dirty Talk

A/N: I’m back! Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately, but this is my VERY FIRST Negan fic and I’m so excited/nervous to share it with you and I hope it’s not horrible! Also that gif, omg I couldn’t resist!

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"I might never get another chance to say this."

For @shimmershae, for this prompt. I apologize if I am rusty, but I thought I would try. <333

AN: Contains slight spoilery elements from the 8x01 premiere, but it’s pretty vague, so I don’t think it’s too spoilery. 


“Good enough,” Tara said, chewing on her licorice stick. “You ready?”

“Yeah,” Daryl muttered, mounting his bike and getting it revved and ready. 

Tara and Morgan turned to get into the car, and Carol was left standing in the midst of them, arms folded across her middle, with her rifle slung across her back. 

The low drone of the walkers gradually grew from a hum to more distinct growls and shuffles gaining speed, dragging across the pavement.

“You take care of yourself,” Daryl called to Carol, his voice thick and wavering. It could be the heat, the smoke, the pack a day habit, anyone of those things, but the wistfulness in his eyes spoke volumes louder. 

Carol approached the bike, stopping at his side. She brushed the hair off his forehead so she could see him, and her hand drifted down to his bicep, resting there against his warm skin. 

“Stay safe?” She asked, a hint of a smile threatening at the corner of her lips, but her voice held a hint of desperation. 

He looked up into her eyes, the softest, sweetest, clearest blue eyes he’d ever beheld. Eyes that had seen him at his worst and never looked at him any different than she did today. Eyes that could look into his soul and strip him bare. They held all the love and affection he’d never known before. They could contain the strongest, deepest grief and sorrow, and still shower you with a selfless, loving gaze that lifted you above all the worldly pain. 

He reached up and cupped her cheek, as she nuzzled into his familiar, worn, calloused hand – so rough, and yet the most gentle touch she’d felt in years. 

“Nine lives, remember?” He smiled up at her, his thumb still brushing the tender skin beneath her eye, catching the fallen teardrop as it weaved its way down her face. 

Her breath caught, and he could feel her chest shudder as a wave of emotion flowed between them and enveloped them in it’s warmth. 

“I might never get another chance to say this-” 

“Stop.” Carol cut him off when her arm wrapped around his neck, and he placed his hands on her hips. “I already know.” She whispered into his ear, her breath fluttering the hair against his neck. 

He wrapped her up in his arms pulling her closer to him, and held her there, long enough to memorize just how perfect she felt in his arms. 

“I do, though,” he said, pulling back from the embrace just until his forehead rested against hers. 

Their breaths mingled together, their lips inches apart, eyes closed, just soaking in the moment, until she whispered. 

“I do, too.” 


and I separated them so I can credittttt and bc i’m weird

friggen love this guy Soul- @amber-acrylic

Idk I guess he got caught ok I thought it was cuTEEE Sansta- @crowfry/ @the-holiday-viruses

lazy flower dad- @lavender-sans

I love them- I literally cannot express how mucH I ADOrE ThEMm Cherry- @ask-the-candy-skull Span- @underloadhell

OBS&BH Highlights

-“obviously taking great amusement in the fact that Viktor had not only been caught looking but that Yuuri had so unexpectedly flirted back, sly and teasing”

Oh Viktor. Oh, honey. No. this poor man so desperately wants The Love of His Life to notice him that he literally took a long-planned, thought out insult and turned it into a flirtatious gesture. 

-“There was absolutely no other way to look at the comment”

A R E   Y O U   S U R E   A B O U T   T H A T   S W E E T Y 

-Viktor writing an literal novel about his arm around Yuuri’s shoulder, while Yuuri was just there like “why do we have to get off the podiums. get ur arm off me scrub”


-Viktor taking paragraphs to describe Yuuri’s nearly-naked body and then seeing christophe and being like “lol yeah and chris is also naked. now back to yuuri.”

-“”You have…pretty eyes.” Viktor nearly tripped over the bed in surprise.”

Viktor ‘Extra’ Nikiforov just watched this guy pole dance naked in front of an entire room of people and got his hair pulled, yet he can’t handle Yuuri complimenting his eyes. 

- “finally, after years of wanting, he finally had something in return. Not everything, not the closeness in every sense of the word that he had been dreaming of but the first small fraction, the rest hopefully eventually following in its wake.”

This dude is planning  l o n g t e r m. He didn’t even hesitate to throw himself into this HEADFIRST with EVERY FIBER OF HIS BEING. Viktor’s philosophy in this story is “either yuuri and i will get married or i will die sad and alone.” There’s no middle ground.

-”It almost seemed like no time had passed when the doors finally slid open again, Viktor far too caught up in kissing Yuuri to notice almost anything else.”

could you imagine if there had been. like. an ISU employee waiting to get on the elevator just then. neither of them would have even noticed that they were basically having sex in the hallway in front of a horrified person who probably decided to quit their job the next day. 

-”He would give Yuuri the whole wardrobe if he asked for it.”

No comment. This boy is so far gone, I dont even think it needs to be explained. 

-”he had also enjoyed the playful way that Yuuri had flipped them over, taking control of the encounter”

i distinctly remember that in UMFB&MHA yuuri thought it was a huge power struggle between them. he so desperately wanted to be on top to show that he was more powerful than viktor.. and then viktor’s thoughts were something along the lines of “omg this cute lil boy look how playful he’s being, flipping me over. my turn to flip him over!!! look at all the fun we have together.”

You guys know that I’ve been working my butt off writing and designing this project I call ‘EERIE’. I’m not sure if everyone who decided to follow me (thank you so much!) knows what it’s about, though! 

What you can see above is the very first, official sketch for the very first page of EERIE’s prologue. EERIE is going to be a webcomic about a very sad, dramatic lovestory involving Jack (-septiceye) and Signe (wiishu). It’s not going to be a soap jab or anything like that, though. More a thriller than anything else - there will be lots of blood and gore, you guys. The comic itself will make it very clear that this won’t be an every day fluff comic, haha. The main focus is on Jack as main character and his myterious backstory involving Signe, troubled and confused.

I want the reader to FEEL what he will be feeling. And I want that because there is an important difference between the reader and Jack in EERIE; you’re able to feel empathy towards him whilst he is not able to feel empathy at all. 

I’ve had the idea to make a comic about the Antisepticeye character for roughly two years now, made characters, wrote plots and stories and threw them all in the trash until recently (a few weeks/ months back) I finally had one idea that I could work with. I presented the idea in a post that featured this drawing;

which basically became the cover for the comic. ->

I frequently kept posting concept art on here that featured the little pink orb by his face; noted detail. I worked it into the plot as one of the most important things. 

And while it all looks fairly supernatural, it totally isn’t! I really like the idea of Anti being nothing more than something Jack thinks is there, that he thinks is controlling him and making him do bad things. When in reality, no, Anti is not an actual entity. This will be the main conflict both the reader and Jack will have to deal with throughout the whole thing; what is real and what isn’t?

Every single one of his ‘symptoms’ and delusions/ hallucinations will have reason and origin. So will his behavior and certain traits I chose to give him.

Over time I noticed that I had worked too much story into this plot; I had to make a reasonable world that the reader could believe existed. A world like ours, logical but also twisted. I had to give reason to each and every single character, give them motives, intentions, feelings, backstories– 

So I did just that and realized that I had so much to work with, I’ll most likely publish three comics of their own, all surrounding this one middle comic. Agateophobia (fear of insanity) will tell Jack’s story, all old fashioned, AFTER what might’ve happened to cause his troubled mindset. But there might be more to come, two more works that tell the story of how it came to be and what might be the aftermath of what Jack caused in AP.

(Here are some more concepts before I gotta leave this post be oml this is so long)

Anyway; I’m super excited and proud to be able to show you what I worked on soon! I really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed and still enjoy working on this project!

With that being said; I made this to announce that I will be very much occupied with this from now on. If I’m quiet for a while, just know that things are in the making. :D

Thank you so much for everything and your awesome support so far, you guys! And please excuse this horribly long post– ;w;

Me: Maybe it’s time to read ons again— 

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Also me: haha… ha… forget it 

Fake Date || A.A.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

Word Count: 1283

Pairing: Archie x reader

Summary: When your sister tries to set you up with everyone under the moon, you impulsively lie to her saying that you have a date when you really don’t. Archie saves the day and is your date to your sister’s wedding.

Warnings: like one cuss word, lying, weddings, kissing

Requested: Nope me just me being in my Archie feels

You were in deep shit. Your sister’s wedding was coming up in a week and you had yet to find a date. This wouldn’t be a problem, seeing that you were strong and independent, but you had already told your sister you had a date.

You see, your sister was obsessed with your romance life. Ever since she had been going steady with her soon-to-be husband, she had nonstop set you up with anyone in her life who was single. She had set you up with what felt like everybody, from a doctor to a used car salesman.

She always said that life was too short to be lived alone. But honestly, you were happy being single. You never had to rely on someone else, you were always in control of the situation. Plus, it wasn’t like you didn’t have any friends. You had Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Cheryl. They were all you needed.

Your sister would, honestly, rather you not show up to her wedding than you come without a date. That’s why she had been going rapid fire with the set-ups lately. You had lost it when she set you up with a man twenty years older than you who had three children and worked at a toilet paper distributing company. You, out of frustration, had told her you had found a date to her wedding, and didn’t need any more blind dates.

But, in reality, you had no date. You just had enough of her asking you how the dates went, and you having to lie saying that you liked the date, but that one little detail threw you off. For example, you told your sister that the date had worn a brown tie, and that you hated brown. Which was a lie, but you didn’t have the guts to tell her to back off. Don’t get it wrong, you loved your sister and were happy she cared so much about you, but sometimes you wished she would focus on your accomplishments rather than who your last kiss was.

You were telling your problems to the crew, when Veronica spoke up, “Archie, you should be her date to the wedding.”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do something like that. Weddings can quite long, especially weddings in my family.” You blushed, while looking down at your lap. You wouldn’t want to impose.

“Don’t be silly, it wouldn’t be a problem now would it Archikins?” Veronica pressed. She was always a problem solver, and never took no for an answer.

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be a problem. You just have to tell me what color your wearing so I can get a matching tie,” Archie laughed, flashing a cute smile at you.

The day of the wedding had finally come, and you were more nervous about trying to convince your sister that you and Archie were a couple rather than the wedding itself. Beforehand you had informed Archie that your sister thinks that you are dating, and to do couple things like hold hands and be close to each other. Archie had made a cheeky comment about kissing each other, but you just laughed it off.

It was going better than you had expected. The ceremony was beautiful and it brought tears to your eyes. Even if your sister was in your business a lot, you were happy for her and her now husband. One day you hoped to be as happy as she is.

But now came the hard part. Before all you and Archie had done was walk in and sit down to watch the ceremony. Archie had his hand in your lap the whole time, he was playing the part of boyfriend very well.

But now it was time for the reception. You and Archie took your seats at the table and waited for the food to be brought out. While you did, your sister drilled you with questions about Archie.

“So, how long have you two been dating?” Your sister inquired.

You both looked at each other and stumbled a little before he sputtered, “Three months.”

“Oh wow, I haven’t heard much about your relationship. When did you have your first kiss together?” She questioned you for what seemed like hours on your fake relationship with Archie. You had to admit, after a few questions, Archie was getting good at answering the questions. It was almost as if you had been dating, and he was just telling the truth.

When your sister and her husband had their first dance, it took your breath away. They were a match made in heaven, and you aspired to be in a relationship like theirs one day. But now it was time for all the bridesmaids to dance with their dates and the bride and groom.

You and Archie got up from your seats and made your way over to the dance floor. They started playing the slow song your sister had picked out and you and Archie began to dance in sync with the other couples. With Archie’s hands on your lower back, he led you during the dance.

“Our story is pretty epic, you know. How I asked you out under the stars by the river and our first kiss was to your favorite song after we talked all night about our dreams,” Archie laughed, looking into your eyes.

“Yeah, it’s almost like it actually happened,” You giggled looking down at your feet then back up to his face.

Archie’s eyes flickered down to your lips for a split second, but you caught it. You bit you lip while you blushed at Archie’s hand slowly making their way down your curves.

“You know, it could be real,” Archie said nervously, “like the story we made up. We could make it into a reality, only if you wanted to of course.”

“Did the Archie Andrews just ask me out?” You asked pretending to be shocked.

Archie laughed and looked around. He made eye contact with your sister who was watching you like a hawk.

You saw who he was looking at, and decided to really make your sister think you were a couple. You wrapped your hands in his hair before pulling him down into a deep kiss. The kiss was intimate, but not sexually. It was the kind of kiss where the whole room melted away and all that was left was the two of you.

The song ended and it turned to a faster song forcing you to either start dancing faster or to sit down. You pulled away from Archie, and pulled him closer to the DJ. You started to dance like you would if you were at the club, with your back pressed against Archie’s front moving your body to the beat of the music.

Archie had turned you around and brought you in for a kiss. This one was different from the other one though. This kiss had more urgency behind it. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you flush against him.

The rest of the night was a blast. You and Archie danced all night long. The couple of times you took your eyes off Archie, you saw your sister looking at you smiling. She was just happy that you were finally having a good time and not acting nervous.

“You know, Arch, you’re a real life saver,” You looked up at the confused boy, “You saved me from all the horrible dates my sister would’ve put me through if I had to tell her we weren’t a couple.”

He smirked as he leaned down to whisper into your ear, “I can think of a couple ways you could repay me.”


a/n: my first archie imagine omg im such a softie for him. this isnt by best but i hope you like it! Give me some feedback please my inbox is always open!!

anonymous asked:

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!! AND EVERY OTHER COUPLE, I HOPE Y'ALL ARE DOING WELL!! Also Pidge have you decided which college you're thinking of attending?

Pidge: UGH… College question. Thanks for asking and all, like I’m happy everyone is interested but… I hardly wanted to do high school.

Hunk: Pidge tested like… a crazy IQ as a kid and all these schools wanted them, but their family was like… “ Pidge needs to feel normal”

Pidge: Yeah.. more or less. Which I’m happy about really. Cause I got to meet all these nut jobs.

Lance: HEY!

Pidge: But honestly, after high school, I’ll just probably keep working at the cafe and designing robots and programs in my spare time. If I wanna go to college later I can. But… 

Pidge whispers: I don’t think it would be as fun without these guys… you know?



Lance: SHE LOVES US! GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!


* Group hug*


Each enneagram archetype in a nutshell

125: *in a study group* “Here is the paper you wanted feedback on, Brittany. Yeah, I know you said next week, but I had some time to spare. Oh btw, I just did a few changes” *hands back a fully rewritten paper*

126: *enters a party way too early* “THANKS for inviting me! Do you need help with anything? Getting the snack ready? Prepare the punch? Arranging the sitting group? Clean up the bathroom?”

127: *at a party* “Hey, guys, can I have your attention? I thought it would be fun to play some games so everyone can get to know each other, so if you all can arrange your chairs in a circle…”

135: “It’s leviOsa, not leviosAR”

136: “I just finished color coding all of my curriculum, and I prepared my entire reading schedule for the next five years at uni. What did you say? When I have time off? … what about after Christmas?”

137: “Hey, let’s leave this party and find a pub somewhere. No, it’s no fun if not everybody is coming! What are you talking about sick, Brittany? You are ruining the night for everyone!

145: “Well, the leading scientific research on the field says that you are a moron!” *leaves with a smug smile*

146: “You are breaking the law by downloading torrents, you know. I don’t care, but don’t come crying to me when the police get you.”

147: “I have spent the entire week planning this party, and now people are leaving early! I will never invite you to a party again! I will find new friends instead!” *plans another party with the same people next week*

258: “I find that yoga really helps me! You should try it, I can recommend the best classes! Hey, here is an idea: why don’t you come join me tomorrow! It’s really good for your back and I have this protein shake that… No no, I insist!”

259: “Well of course I will do your homework for you, I am so glad you asked” *is actually kinda happy*

268: “OMG Jason STILL hasn’t answered your text? That asshole! Okey, now you gotta give the silent treatment for like a week. No, Brittany, listen, I know this stuff!”

269: “Yeah, I can help you move, when is it? In the middle of the night on Wednesday? That’s a bit inconvenient, but sure, I’ll be there. No problem, bro.”

278: “You just need another glass of wine and then everything will be fun! No no, stop crying Brittany! I SAID STOP CRYING!”

279: “So Mathilde and Jonathan aren’t talking to each other, and it’s horrible. Yes, I know they are fictional characters, that’s not the point!”

358: “No no no, let me tell you how to fix the current situation”

359: “No no no, I’m fine, everything is fiiine, no problem, I’m chill.” *has internal breakdown because nobody is doing what they are supposed to*

368: *someone does a tiny mistake* “OMG how stupid ARE YOU?!?!?!?!” (tells nobody they can’t do it any better)

369: “I’ll have a grande double lite no gluten no lactose low fat diet frappechino with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on the go please – Yes, my name is Brittany. No! Bri-tta-ny!”

378: “You just gotta believe in yourself, man! It’s all about mindset! I climped this mountain in a blizzard last year, what’s your excuse?!” *stares down a person in a wheelchair*

379: *just got home from a road trip* “omg guys LETS GO ON A ROAD TRIP!!!” *starts packing*

458: *looks at a person completely expressionless* “Did you know that the perfume you’re wearing contains hardened whale vomit and feces?”

459: *said at a party* “I wonder what Kant truly meant when he said: ‘Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.’”

468: “That baby was so ugly! … what? Nobody else was gonna say it.”

469: “Do you actually like this dress? For real? Like, you actually think it’s nice? Okey, thanks for telling me!” *goes to next person* “Hey, what you think about this dress I’m wearing? Oh really?”

478: “What are you talking about? I’m amazing! You just don’t get me because you are a poser like the rest of them. And yes, this is a velvet suit!”

479: “I’m supercool, not at all totally broken on the inside, what are you talking about?” *laughs hard then cries when nobody sees*

Spider-Man: Homecoming (non spoilery)

Alright *cracks knuckles* let’s do one of these things.

This movie was the best adaptation of Peter Parker ever. I think we can all agree on that. He was childish, nerdy, awkward, funny, strong…you know the drill. 

But, it was also the best adaptation for the TONE of Spider-Man. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it just FELT like Spider-Man. It had a lot of “timing comedy,” where comedic stuff would happen at just the right time. The pacing of the movie was also fast (just like Spidey). The dialogue was rapid (just like Spidey). The scenery was colorful (just like…you get it now). It was awesome. Now…let’s get to the bullet points

Why I loved Homecoming:

  • Tom Holland as Peter was perf
  • That moment when Peter opens the door to his date’s house and sees that one person 
    • everybody in the theater stopped breathing at that moment 
  • The humor was not forced. It was more like situational and (as I mentioned) timing stuff and it worked really well
  • Flash was not caucasian! I think this is the first adaptation of Flash Thompson where they didn’t make him white and it really changed the stereotypical “White Football Player Bully” trope. 
  • Not only is Flash not white….he’s actually pretty damn smart. 
  • So we got a smart bully…..kinda destroys the whole “only stupid people are bullies” trope, huh?
  • The costume was pretty damn cool
  • The dynamic between Peter and Tony
  • The dynamic between Peter and Happy
  • I think it became canon that Happy is the babysitter in all those SuperFamily fanfics haha
  • Freaking Chris Evans’ scenes xD Those Captain America bits were perfection
  • Stan Lee cameo
  • Hannibal Buress had like two lines and he fucking owned them! 
  • Donald Glover!!!! OMG!!! He actually plays a certain role that only certain people will understand and if you figure it out you’ll be like “OMG YES! I mean NO! I mean OMG!” It is not a huge role in this movie and probably won’t be for while but it is BIG! If you want to know hit me up and I’ll tell you
  • Those swinging scenes were beautiful cuz of the sceneries
  • Okay you know that joke about how Spidey would be a horrible superhero in the countryside cuz of the lack of buildings??? Yeah. They did a thing in the movie about that haha!
  • Did I mention Zendaya, yet? 
  • One of the things that really hit me was how diverse the school looked. During the hallway scenes, you can see the diversity of the film. It was nice
  • The after credits scene omfg Please don’t miss it
  • There was a Miles Morales reference!!!!!!!!! xP
  • Tony being all “I’m turning into my father” when he’s talking to Peter 
  • Peter trying to be like Tony
  • Just Superfamily in general
  • The movie played on the whole “Young Aunt May” angle. It was great
  • “Porn”
  • They played the Spider-Man jingle for the opening credits
  • also there was a Black Panther trailer
  • Tom Holland just did such a great job. I’m so proud of him. Please support him

Okay now these are just some random experiences I had at the cinema

  • There was a guy dressed as Spider-Man at the cinema (he worked there) and it was awesome. 
  • A woman offered to let me borrow her phone when my sis wanted to take a pic with Spidey. Mine didn’t work, so she took the pics and sent them to me. I thanked her so much lol
  • After the movie, my sis told Spidey she really liked his movie and he said “Yeah? Come again!” and gave her a high five. My sis was all excited that she got a high five from Spidey
  • Toward the end of the movie when Zendaya says “My friends call me MJ,” all the little kids in the theater collectively gasped. Funniest shit
  • There was so much laughter at just the right moments from both kids and adults. It was beautiful. 
  • NOBODY left during the credits. True Marvel Fans
  • There was a line when I got to the theater (an hour early may I add) and there was an even bigger line when I got out of the theater (for the second showing).
  • My sister took her Teddy Bunny and dressed her up as Spidey. Lots of people complimented her Teddy. My sis was so happy.
  • When I was in line, my sister started talking about Miles Morales and the woman in front of us turned and asked “you guys read Miles Morales, too?” I told her that I was a huge fan of his Spidey as well. She said “My kids love him. We are all into him, too.” Now, her husband comes. She tells him, “They like Miles Morales, too.” He gets a huge smile on his face. “Yeah?!” And I say, “Yes, I really like him. I read the comics.” “My wife got me the first 10 issues for my birthday!” he’s really excited by now. We talk a bit more about Miles but then they start letting us in so we go our separate ways. The husband and the kids…..they were black. My sis and I are Hispanic. Miles embodies both that family and mine. Representation matters.

So, yes. Homecoming is a movie worth watching. I loved seeing all these people together fangirling about a character that we grew up with being represented right. And also seeing all these new Spidey fans made me so happy. My sister talked about him the whole ride home… was amazing

Oberyn x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Prince Oberyn being fascinated by your beauty and making you feel the pleasure you deserve. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

I just discovered your blog and omg I can’t stop reading 😍 could you please write a (possibly smutty) female reader x Oberyn one shot where the reader is from the North and she and Oberyn meet and start flirting and then one thing leads to another…😏

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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