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This is a song fic. I’m begging you guys don’t send me more song fic. I’m so so horrible at them. So. Horrible. I tried. I’m sorry. Omg. I can’t believe I’m posting this, I might delete it.

For the Anon who asked for a one shot with the song One by Ed Sheeran for Spencer (the lyrics are from Spencer’s point of view).

Tell me that you turned down the man
Who asked for your hand
‘Cause you’re waiting for me
And I know, you’re gonna be away a while
But I’ve got no plans at all to leave

“Marry me baby.” Derek says wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to your cheek. You laugh and shove an elbow into his chest.
“I don’t think Savannah is into the sister-wife type there Morgan.” You tease earning a chuckle from the man next to you. “I can’t believe you guys organized this whole thing and I didn’t even notice.” Being attached to the FBI from RCMP in Montreal has been on of the thrills of your life. You’ve been called back to Canada for six months to help work a case with your new profiling skills and while you’re excited to go home you’re going to miss your new team.

And would you take away my hopes and dreams and just stay with me?

“Hey Spence.” You say softly, he’s been standing off to the side with a glass of, well something, for a while. “You okay?”
“Yea. Fine.”
“Okay.” You bite the inside of your cheek before continuing, “Thank you for the party.”
“It was Garcia’s idea.”
“Still. Thanks Spence.” You reach over and give his hand a gentle squeeze before moving away from him. He clearly doesn’t want you around right now. Derek and Savannah both give you a tight hug before heading out into the night. Garcia and her new beau Sam leave not long after.

All my senses come to life
While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I’ll never leave again
‘Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you’ll never leave again
'Cause you are the only one

“I’ll miss you guys.” You tell JJ giving her a tight hug. “Thank you for making me feel so welcome.”
“Of course! I hope you stay in touch over the next six months.”
“I will.” Spencer is swaying softly on his feet and you eye him apprehensively.
“Are you sure you’re okay Spencer?”
“Fine.” You know he’s lying but since he clearly doesn’t want to talk about it you let it go.

Take my hand and my
Heart and soul, I will
Only have these eyes for you
And you know, everything changes but
We’ll be strangers if we see this through
You could stay within these walls and bleed
Or just stay with me
Oh lord, now

You head home not long after your last conversation with Spencer that you head home. He’d had too much to drink and you were done with whatever little pity party he was having. You’d come to adore Spencer in your time here, he was sweet and smart and you were comfortable around him. More comfortable around him than anyone else on his team. You get into your pajamas and turn on Netflix, you’re hunkering down on your couch when there’s a noise outside your door. You’re surprised when there’s a knock on your front door.

All my senses come to life
While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I
Have ever been and I’ll never leave again
'Cause you are the only one
And all my friends have gone to find
Another place to let their hearts collide
Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend
'Cause you are the only one

“Spence?” You say confused. He doesn’t say anything at first, just stares at you. He grabs your face and presses his lips to yours. You push him away, “Spencer we shouldn’t.” You mutter and he nods softly, his brown eyes sad. His breath slides across your cheek and you close your eyes. It’s while you’re standing there, his hands on your face your fingers tangled in his hair.
“I’m sorry.” He whispers, you can smell the alcohol on his breath.
“Don’t.” You whisper before you pull his lips back to yours. You’ve wanted this for a long time. It just never seemed right, and you didn’t want to risk the many relationships at play to be at risk but now, now you’re regretting that decision.
Keeping your lips pressed to his you pull him into your apartment. Wherever Spencer is must be home.

I’m stumbling off drunk, getting myself lost
I am so gone, so tell me the way home
I listen to sad songs, singing about love
And where it goes wrong


The way that we are
Is the reason I stay
As long as you’re here with me
I know I’ll be OK

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanficiton)

You remember when I said I can’t write fanficiton for shit? Well here we go! My best attempt! If you like it please let me know! I’m working on Chapter 2! Takes place after season 2, after finding Shiro (because Shiro will come back I will not accept anything else omg). 







Lance and the Voltron Team go on a mission that goes horribly wrong. Lance is left behind to be interrogated by the mysterious Galra Prince Lotor. The team must rush to get him back at all costs. 

Chapter 1: Well, Great.

Lance awoke to the same face he had been seeing for a while now. That’s the thing about space, it’s hard to tell the time. But this Prince Lotor guy was making it even harder since he didn’t let Lance sleep more than an hour at a time, well he hoped it was an hour.

Team Voltron had been floating across the galaxy and found a distress beacon from a nearby planet. When they landed Allura asked the people what was wrong since they seemed pretty peachy for apparently being under distress. They lead the Voltron team to these large trees, like huge, way bigger than Earth’s trees. They entered a kind of makeshift elevator and when they reached the top they saw the problem.

A huge Galra ship hanging in the sky above them. No movement, nothing firing, just sitting there in the atmosphere above the planet. Obviously the people had panicked, sounded the distress beacon but the ship hadn’t done anything for a full week. The ship was making the people nervous so they left the beacon on hoping someone would come help them.

It was weird. Really weird. So of course they had to check it out. Team Voltron. Wooh. Anyway so eventually they went back to the castle. Allura and Coran did every scan they thought of and well they found no signs of life. Also weird. But they couldn’t destroy the ship, not from the castle. The shields were still up and they had to be disabled. So someone, namely Pidge had to get on the ship, disable the shield and get out so the castle could blast it out of the sky. Simple.

First of all Lance was the only one to think that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Everyone else was convinced the scans worked, that no one was on the ship. Of course they went in still on alert but you know, things never go well for the paladin in blue. So Pidge was escorted by Lance and Keith while Hunk and Shiro waited with the castle just in case.

They entered the ship no problem. Not a big deal. Even got to the control panel without a hitch. But as soon as Pidge so much as touched the console things went to shit, real quick. When Pidge touched the console it set off some sort of alarm, out of nowhere Lance heard guards gathering outside the control room door. He and Keith readied their bayards then the comms went nuts. Shiro, Hunk and the castle had been surrounded by a Galra fleet. There was no escape. It had been a trap.

So Lance made a decision and a dangerous one. Without thinking he grabbed Keith and Pidge by the back of their uniforms and threw them over the edge of the control board, down a long drop where a vent lead to the outside of the ship. Pidge made a surprise squeak with Keith yelling Lance’s name. Lance turned and began to fire on the Galra soldiers. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m gonna blow the ship. Get as far away as you can, wormhole out if you have to!” He shouted over the comms.

There was muffled sounds of protest from Shiro and Hunk before the comms went dead completely. Great now they couldn’t communicate. The guards were piling through the door like mice escaping a hole. He had to hope that by now Pidge and Keith had made it far enough away, he couldn’t hold them any longer. So he turned his back, taking what cover he could from the tons of fire. He aimed at the crystal in front of him. He needed to break it. So he looked where he could fire. Where the crystal attached, he’s sure he can hit it. He aims, a shot from one of the guards hits him in the shoulder. Doesn’t matter. He breathes and fires. The shot hit sure and true and the crystal began to crack, sparks coming from it. Lance jumped into the cavern, going down the shaft to the vent. The crystal explodes.

Lance can’t hear anything, the explosion must have blown an ear drum. His back feels hot, spinning out of control into open air, jet pack not functioning. Great. Blue isn’t near enough to get to him. He had no idea how the castle was if everyone was okay. But the g-forces were causing his head to spin and he began to lose consciousness. His last thought was, I hope everyone gets out okay. Lance’s vision goes black as he continues to tumble towards the planet’s surface.

Everyone sees it, they hear it too. Keith and Pidge managed to get back to the castle in one piece right before the whole ship goes up. The explosion would have been spectacular if it wasn’t so frightening. Hunk and Shiro stopped fight just of a moment in sheer horror as the whole ship explodes. Lance was on that ship.

But the explosion works. The fleet takes damage, the explosion bigger than usual since they were fighting in the atmosphere rather than space. It takes out several ships. They have a chance to escape.

But everyone is frozen. Until they see it. A tiny figure tail spinning out of control in a blue and white suit.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts, trying to get to him before he hits the surface. But enemies were replacing the destroyed ones and he couldn’t get there in time.

Suddenly the ship that had hung back for the entire battle did something none of them expected. It sent out a beam of purple light and shined it on Lance’s out of control form. Lance’s body went limp, still and then slowly began to drag him toward the Galra ship.

Keith yelled, “They’re taking him!”

“We have to get him!” Pidge insisted. She hated the way he was limp, was he unconscious or worse?

They rushed to go get their lions. But Allura’s voice stopped them.

“YOU CANNOT!” She shouted.

Everyone paused even Shiro and Hunk who were still fighting outside the castle but they heard it over the comms. They had never heard Allura scream like that.

“We must wormhole out, we cannot win this fight.” She said this time barely a whisper.

There was a stunned silence before Keith of all people shouted.

“That’s LANCE out there! He just risked his life to give us a chance! We can’t abandon him!” Keith said, outraged.

Allura took in a breath.

“That is exactly why we need to go. Now. Lance bought us time. We can’t waste it.” She turned to them, tears in her eyes. Keith’s rage quickly melted.

“We will come back for him. We will find him and bring him home. However we need to be alive to do that. I’m certain we would not survive an assault on that ship. We must leave. Now.” Allura said tears streaking down her cheeks.

She wiped them the best she could and went to the comms telling Hunk and Shiro to come back. They were going to wormhole out. Reluctantly they came back, looking pale and worried. The ship made the wormhole, leaving the Galra and Lance behind.

Lance’s head felt heavy. His back felt worse, dry and stinging. He was being suspended against a wall. Arms, legs and torso bound by heavy thick clamps on the walls. Everything hurt. He slowly raised his head, moving it seemed to make it worse but he needed to see where he was. He knew he wasn’t in the castle but where exactly was he?

He blinked his eyes. Realizing quickly that one was having trouble seeing, which is a great thing to add to his ever growing list of problems. The room was dark with metal floors, walls and ceiling. Purple lights lined the walls in a linear pattern. He recognized that purple anywhere. He was on a Galra ship. Great.

He spent time looking over his injuries. He took a shot to the shoulder, he remembered that. But the rest must have been from the explosion or the free fall. His back was burnt, realizing the sensation. His left eye couldn’t see very well, vision was dark and tinted red. He could feel a cut over his eyebrow pulsing and swollen. His jaw felt fat and burned. The clamps were holding him to the wall a bit too tight and it seemed hard to draw a good breath. What a mess.

Soon the door flew open, showering the room in purple light. A tall man stepped in, long white hair and purple skin. Yellow almost glowing eyes looked at Lance with an interest that made his skin crawl. He was wearing armor, fancy armor. This guy was definitely in charge. Lance smirked, confidence couldn’t fail him now.

“Who are you? Zarkon’s replacement?” Lance asked, smug

The man took a moment and smiled.

“Yes, something like that.” He confirmed.

Lance was a little stunned, he honestly hadn’t expected him to answer.

“What, really?!” Lance asked, shocked.

The man smiled.

“My name is Prince Lotor, I am Zarkon’s son.” He took a step forward, examining Lance a little closer.

Once satisfied with being a creep he backed off.

”I must inform you that your fellow paladins have abandoned you.” Lotor said.

Lance breathed a small breath of relief. So they did get out. Good. That’s good, Lance thought although he couldn’t help the lump forming in his throat.

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” Lance said confidently.

Well he hoped anyway. Lotor paused and smile kept on his face.

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?”

Lance swallowed the lump was getting bigger. Two guards from the hallway came through the door.

“Bring it big ears.” Lance smirked.

Lotor’s face didn’t change, not even a twitch of anger. Now that Lance could see him up close, for a Galra he was pretty handsome. Nice hair. Although he seemed not all Galra. Lance wasn’t sure how he knew that but something about him read a little more of something else.

Lotor took a step closer, the guards following him closely as a flood of more people came into the room. Druids, that’s what their called. Cloaked with masks but the creepy witch lady wasn’t there which was a relief. But they shuffled in with metal floating boxes and began to take out what Lance had to guess was torture devices which wasn’t so great.

Lotor began to talk.

“You are the blue paladin of Voltron, riding the blue lion which also is a leg of Voltron. You were injured due to the explosion on the false ship over the planet of Neva. You escaped through a vent but the explosion was rather close to you. You were sent into the atmosphere were the gravity forced you unconscious. Our ship rescued you before you hit the planet. Once on board we treated some of your wounds so you did not die. But we left the majority that were not life threatening. Once you were brought aboard our ship the rest of the paladins used the explosion to escape us via wormhole.” Lotor smiled.

“This is the information we know. You see Zarkon was not one to share information with others. He unfortunately did not leave me any information about Voltron or its paladins. So I must gather the information myself.” He paused as a druid handed him something small and metallic.

The lump in Lance’s throat was growing bigger. He wanted to go home. He was scared. Terrified. But somewhere in the back of his mind which was flooded with terror rose something else. He remembered he protected the team. They were fine and were going to live for another day. Something in Lance clicked in place like a gear in his body was replaced with something stronger.

It didn’t matter. What happened to him didn’t matter. He must do everything he can to keep everyone safe. His emotions became steel and the breath that had been coming too quickly slowed. The fear was still there but that was natural the rest was made of unmoving steel.

Lance looked at Lotor his eyes narrowing and smirk plastered all over his face. He was not afraid.

“Why don’t you just get started then? Quit the chatter.” Lance snarled.

Lotor paused and blinked momentarily surprised. But then his smile grew across his face.

“Oh. I will have fun breaking you.”

So quick. Lance didn’t even register as Lotor took the small metal object and shoved it through Lance’s hand. Lance screamed.

^^^^ i’m sorry i know the edit is horrible but at least i tried (yikes) and also just want to say this is a really quick follow forever and i think my first one too bc i have to leave soon so i’m really sorry if i forgot anyone!!!!! also idk if this will blow up everyone’s notifs but im sorry again lol

so as you all know it’s christmas in tommorrow or in 2 days depending on where y’all live (OMG!!) and it’s also new years eve/day soon too so i just wanted to let y’all know that i love you and thank you for following me and for all these great friendships i’ve made this year on here and many more to come hopefully! and i hope y’all have a great christmas and 2017!! also this is a mutual ff!!

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I think it’s safe to say Barry Allen is in heaven and hell at the same time. Homeboy has everything EVERYTHING he’s EVER WANTED and knows that he just might loose it. Did you see the pain on that beautiful face of hers omg….I’m dying…Do you know how horrible it must be to know that you might possibly die. But the man you love promises to do everything to change that! But they ain’t no guarantee because he be dumb sometimes but you still believe in him! Can you imagine how uneasy she will be for the rest of the season knowing what lies ahead! Her poor soul…I’m so here for it…Can you hear me sobbing in the corner……where is January

the vampire diaries: a summary
  • season one: oh my god, why didn't i find this show sooner? the plot is amazing and there's so many interesting characters! this is actually the best tv-serie i have ever seen. also, how cute isn't stefan and elena together? i totally ship them. and wow i love damon and his iconic lines lmao. i know he's a bad person but i love him and i have no regrets. also how cute isn't human elena? so precious! bonnie's a witch? yOU go girl! caroline please, calm down
  • THAT PLOT TWIST ENDING THO THIS IS WHY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. omg i'm so excited to see katherine i loved her in the flashbacks. i'm really excited for season two : )
  • season two: seriously, so glad i started to watch this show! i still love damon, no regrets. i know he's a horrible person but i still like him. and we finally get katherine! she's such a queen she's my absolute fave. and stelena! omg i love forwood. and vampire caroline?? sign me tf up.
  • this season has amazing storylines, i love the doppelgänger, sun and the moon curse and the mikaelson storyline.
  • i wish i would have found this show sooner, it's SO good. ITS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON THE PLANET I LOVE IT SO MUCH : )
  • season three: yet another amazing season with amazing storylines. i mean ripper stefan? yes. klaus mikaelson's accent tho. the love triangle is starting to take form! why did elena and damon kiss twice tho i'm disgusted, stelena is the true love.
  • ok overall this was a good season with good storylines expect for a few minor mistakes *cough* elena *cough* still super happy i decided to watch this show tho : )
  • season four: lmao omg does anyone know why season four only was 5 episodes long? i mean why would they only show 4x01-4x05 and then jump straight to season 5 lmao that makes no sense. :)
  • oh wait i remember why now its because elena acted like a dumbass
  • season five: the whole show is going downhill now. i mean there are some good storylines expect for the travelers which was boring and pointless af, delena, stefan suffering, bonnie being dead, more delena, katherine dying, forwood breaking up... you know when i think about it maybe it wasnt such a good season after all but at least we got klaroline and AU stelena. did i mention i have hated damon for two and a half seasons now can you believe i used to love him wHO WAS I
  • i dont regret watching this show tho, i mean it's messy but i still like it. : ) i guess
  • season six: what the fuck is going on in the writers room? this season had a lot of potential. i mean, no humanity caroline? sign me up. bonnie finally standing up for herself? thank you. kai parker? thank the lord for him. but nooo, barley got any chance to enjoy that because the season was filled with romantic steroline where stefan had no idea what the hell was going on 99% of the time and more delena that was useless the only thing that wasnt pointless about this season was that it yet again showed why damon and elena is terrible for each other. also a character loses their memories? wow i have NEVER seen that happen before.
  • i'm starting to give up on this show, it gets messier and messier its so bad haha. : )
  • season seven: so nina left? i feel so happy for her that she managed to get away from this trash. so what's in store for this season? lmao idk and idc i mean i'll watch the first few episode and give it a try but OH MY GOD WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED TOTAL BULLSHIT i'm not even going to bother watching this trash anymore its so boring where are the action wheres the season 1-2 vibes WHERES KEVIN
  • season eight: omg last season on tvd thank god it's ending!! i mean i'll watch this season obviously because it's the last one..... actually nvm scratch that idk what i expected this whole show is still trash and we're only six episodes in?? this is supposed to be the last season can you at least pretend that you can write a good show. AND STOP WITH THE RETCONS. lmao the vampire diaries?? yeah terrible show. terrible.
  • me when tvd has ended: wow I really miss tvd. it was one of my absolute favorite tv shows :(
Stop romanticizing allism!

All uses of “you” are general.

OMG why does everyone keep self-diagnosing themselves with allism? I know actual people with allism and it’s so horrible and sad! They sit too still, they can’t communicate except to use too many words and they act too spontaneously. People with allism are so hard to take care of because they need so much socialization!

I won’t listen to anyone on the internet with allism because they’re too high functioning for it to matter. They aren’t like this person I know. I want everybody to feel sorry for me and what I have to deal with every damn day!

Hey, can the punks who think allism is a trendy diagnosis fuck off now? These allism fakers go around romanticising allism like it’s a Chanel bag and I hate them for saying anything positive about allism or having allism. 

There is nothing good about having allism, so stop this trendy shit! 

If you really had allism you would be miserable every second of every day because I know what you’re experiencing better than you do and your struggles don’t count if I can’t see them!

I’m autistic, but I’m an Allism Expertᵀᴹ and nobody knows more about allism than me!

Note: This post is satire.


Request: “Can you do Credence smut? And he’s really confident and strong but when it comes to sex he’s super gentle and caring? Thank you, have a nice night? day?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1849

Warnings: SMUT

A/n: omg I LIVE for confident Credence tbh

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“Watcha doin’ lovely?”

You bit your lip, smiling as your cheerful boyfriend rested his head on your shoulder, looking down at what you were working on.

“I’m trying to make these automatic feeders for Newt, but I’m afraid I’m horrible at DIYs.” You huffed, turning around to Credence.

“Need an assistant?” He asked, arching his brow with a playful grin.

“I would love one.” You replied.

Credence came beside you, bending down to pick up the instructions. He flipped the paper, nodding his head as he looked over them.

“You know these instructions were upside down, right?”

“Hm?” You came closer to him, looking at the page. “Of course I did…” you laughed awkwardly. “Just trying to- to challenge myself!”

“Ah-huh, sure hon.” He tittered, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead. “I’m going to grab some more wood.”

“I’m sure I can arrange that myself.” You teased.

“I don’t think you could carry it all- hold on a second.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “You little minx! You dirty little thing!” He poked you in your side, making you recoil with a laugh. “I’ll have to hold you to that statement later. First, we have to finish this mess of a construction.”

You tried to contain your amusement as Credence left to grab some more planks. He came back with a large load over his shoulder, his muscles tense with effort, his particularly large biceps protruding out from under his shirt. He dropped the pile in a huff, kneeling to get to work with a hammer.

“Well? You gonna help me, or just continue making heart-eyes?” He chuckled, pulling you down next to him.

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RUCAS logic

Lucas: but what if I ask the other one out?

Maya: hey huckleberry

Lucas: other one


Maya: you could have gotten hurt on that stupid bull


Riley: you’ll get killed on the football team


Riley to farkle: I’ll want to know whoever you are

Riley to Lucas: if you stay the same



Me, an intellectual: you said we were hypocrites for believing Maya, during yearbook, acted as Riley and came to the conclusion that Riley loved Lucas as a brother, but we deny that Maya became Riley. Let’s talk about that. If Maya became Riley, as you say, then we would need build up. That build up stemming from Yearbook, which you guys conveniently say Maya started turning into Riley. In yearbook Maya comes to the conclusion that Rucas is a brother and sister relationship, and according to you guys she was Riley in that episode, but you deny that Rucas is strictly a brotp. If we’re hypocrites, then so are you, lol.

anonymous asked:


It’s so funny because I SWORE that Tomione would be the line I never crossed, but it turned out to be the place that, once crossed, you can never go back from. Tomione is a guilty pleasure that I’m not even remotely guilty about. Like … the darkness. OMG. It’s often horrible and sociopathic but also crazy intense, super hot, and just … almost always the most amazing reads ever!!!

Tomione authors know what the hell they are doing. I will never write this pair because I couldn’t dream of coming close to their perfection!

Random Fic Recs:

Pygmalion, A Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly, A Nose That Can See by @colubrina
Linen Rope by @brightki
Nightmare by @provocative-envy

But seriously … you aren’t even living until you read both  Aca-demic Arrangements (my very favourite fic ever) and  Persephone by @dulce-de-leche-go because holy shit. I can’t even with the perfect. 

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Writing sucks so much and yet we do it anyway and WHY

Because there are always those few people out there who really appreciate it for what it is and they make you feel like it was all worth it.

They send you messages freaking out over what you wrote, messages like “omg I hate you you’re the worst”, and you feel like you could die.

If you’re a writer, of fanfiction or original fiction, poet or novelist, quick or slow, constantly producing or producing at a snail’s pace…

Just remember that the shitty horrible editing and struggling to get anything done and all the agony of wondering if it’s absolute CRAP.

Really is worth it.

For that one person, man.

One person who sees it, and loves it, and wants to talk to you about it.

They’ll light up your world, and you’ll ride that high for as long as you can, because we are writers, DAMNIT, and you can’t take the writing out of us.

As hard as it is most of the time, and as terrible as we feel about ourselves and our own work, we just can’t not write, even if there are years between when we last wrote anything.

I consider writing an art just like any other art, and I consider it something innate, like the desire to do odd, spectacular things the way only this strange species can.

So whatever kind of writer you are, man, if you doubt for a second that you’re a writer because you haven’t produced something in a long time or you think you’re shit or you have a hard time finishing anything you start, well, I’m telling you in only the assholish way that I can…

You’re wrong.

I’m right.

I’m telling you now. You’re a writer and that’s something you’ll always be.


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers

Hey omg watch my orgo extra credit video pls?

Hello friends! I know I haven’t been posting much, but I have a favor to ask:

please watch the extra credit video I made for organic chemistry!!


  • if we get to 5,000 views by Dec. 20 i get 10 extra points on my final! every view counts!
  • we rewrote uptown funk to be about orgo!! so…
    • you get to listen to uptown funk
    • AND our amazing lyricism!!
  • you get to see me “dance” horribly!! i would laugh at myself if i weren’t too busy being embarrassed
  • if you’re actually taking/have taken orgo this might actually remind you what cyclohexane chairs are!
  • i will love you forever!!! <3333


  • there are none

so please watch the video! (or tbh i don’t care if you watch it you can just put it on in the background so it gets a view) and maybe even share it if you’re feeling charitable?

thank you everyone!! <333

anonymous asked:

Ok sorry dude, but what the fuck. Dont you know that there out are a lot of different noses? Seriously, you keep drawing them like fucking argentinians or peruvians, with horrible big noses AF. So, i know you can improve, hugs!

no offense but like has it occurred to u that maybe i, browsdraws, just like drawing big noses and that i don’t draw them just bc i’m unable to draw small noses omg

also i dont appreciate u talking shit on big noses big noses are beautiful and i dont see how drawing everyone with tiny noses would be an improvement in any way other than to please u personally