omg i just realized a mistake

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that last ask made me think, what about 5 head canons of evilde sharing clothes

1. They have very different styles so I can imagine that it doesn’t often happened by accident (except that Vilde have some times realized that she is wearing Eva’s bra by mistake)

2. Vilde is usually a neat freak and HATES it when Eva just throws her clothes off in the corner (she doesn’t mind Eva naked though, not at all)

3. But, one afternoon Vilde notices that Eva’s shirt seems familiar??? Like it looks exactly as her brand new Zara shirt with the start print?? and then she is like OMG that is my shirt! She doesn’t know how to react because that is her shirt and Eva shouldn’t wear that without here permission but it looks really good at her? The conclusion is Vilde dragging Eva home and undressing her herself.

4. Eva is not stupid she gets that Vilde finds it attractive when she wears her clothes. So she makes a point out of wearing stuff that Vilde has left behind at her place. 

5. One day when Vilde is cuddling with Eva she relizes that Eva is wearing her sweater. “isn’t that mine??” “yeah do you mind?” “no, not really.” “good cause you can use my stuff if you want to”. that is the magic words that unravel Vilde’s inner fashionista she starts taking clothes from Eva all the time! Eva pretends to be annoyed (”It is my closet not a store!”) but she loves her girlfriend in her clothes.

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No... please make Jumin realized that he was being played by that Snake! Omg.... my heart.... I hope it was just Jumin's nightmare, yeah, that's even better.... tell me it's just a nightmare😭😭

It’s not a nightmare. He is awake. Fucking the snake. Thinking he isn’t making a mistake. Not knowing she is a fake pretending to be his mate.

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For the people that say Justin did not live Brian. Do they realized that Justin was 17 when everything started. He needed to make mistakes just like every teenager. If they expected Justin to followed Brian for 5 seasons we would have been annoyed and hated him for it. He would have never matured like he did.

I completely agree. I knew Brian and Justin would eventually have to break up and I’m glad Justin was the one who made the decision to leave, both in 2x20 and in 5x07. It shows great development in his character and reminds us that he has needs and wants outside of his relationship with Brian. He shouldn’t always be associated with Brian, he’s his own person. Yeah, he loves him but he isn’t Brian’s stalker or puppet the way he was painted to be in season 1 and a little bit throughout season 2 which I’m guessing is why a lot of people find him annoying and bratty. 
And yeah, people seem to forget how young Justin actually is. I’m glad we saw him make mistakes as a teenager as well as face the consequences from those mistakes. And even though I love him + the gang, I wish he did have more friends his age. The people he surrounded himself with were all 12+ years older than him. Not to mention, he was exposed to alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and trauma at a really young age. He really was a strong and brave kid which is why I admire him so much. 

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Being the dyslexic idiot that I am I've been reading your name for the past however long as beautiful boy sinclair and I was like! Oh their an author who Upton Baell Sinclair! How cool! *biggest face palm in the world* omg... the sinking realization too like. Oh. Beautiful boys in a car. Duh.

HAHAHAH omggg you are too cute, man. Yes, it’s beautiful boys in a car! Inspired by/based on Richard Siken’s poetry. And also because it’s just accurate 😆 Don’t you worry! I have made similar mistakes in the past when it comes to multiple-worded usernames without spaces 😂

“Thank you for choosing me. I swear I will always protect you.
I love you.
I love you so much, my love.”

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Ahhhhhh omg I didn’t realize the sexyback photo would get any attention at all considering I uploaded it for fun ;;;;;;;;

If you’re wondering what the Korean words say, the top part is just saranghae, jagiya. Lol

happy birthday to @therealjacksepticeye! you make me very happy and help me get through the tough times and multiply the best times 💚 i can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing to all of us, you are an incredible human being, and i want you to be happy every single day of your life ♡

pardon, i’m terrible at painting and english is not my native language, so the drawing might suck and the text might be full of mistakes :D

omg i just realized how bad my drawing looks compared to the others’ 😖

She was the sister of one of my buddies. We hit it off, married two months later and divorced six months after that. I realized after about a week that I’d made a terrible mistake and just became really impossible to be around. Really mature. She left me. || My high school boyfriend knocked me up and I ran off with him and had Dylan. It was not good. About two years into it I met Norman’s father. I thought I was in love, we had an affair, Dylan’s dad found out about it and he left me. I married that guy. Sam. He was an asshole and then he died. (requested by @refusetoshine)

Hobbitcon 3

Oh boy it’s been an AMAZING weekend and i apologize in advance for the grammar and any spelling mistakes that this post will include (i am so ver y tired)

okay so first of all, the actors have been incredibly kind and it was all in all just a great atmosphere! Not a single actor was rude or made stupid comments or something. I kinda feel like they don’t fully realize how much the people idolize them, which is really cute i think!

there were sooo many great things and highlights of my weekend, so i will definitelly forget something while typing this down! but anyway…

  • Graham McTavish in a kilt!!!!! (boy he has nice legs)
  • Luke Evans singing like 10 times oh my god my heart melted
  • the disco in the evenings!! the people there were so funny and drunk lmao but they were still polite and there was no groping or stalking of the actors
  • also i high fived john callen at the bar during a party
  • adam browns audition story!!!! omfg he is so fucking funny
  • sylvester mccoy??? the man is just a highlight for himself!! his panels were hilarious, he was walking through the audience the entire time
  • PORNOBALKEN (r,i,p)
  • seeing all the drunk and hung over actors omg you dont know how hilarious it was
  • mark hadlow cAN SING SO WELL HOLY SHIET
  • the  costume contest!!!!!!!!!! jesus christ there were so INCREDIBLY DETAILED COSPLAYS omg i loved all of them
  • possibly 5 hour extended edition of botfa (REST IN FUCKING PIECES ME)
  • we’ll get to see more of batteling dwarves and how Bifur lost the axe in his head!!!!!
  • John Bell is the cutest okay protect this boy at all cost
  • also my photo with Graham McTavish omg he smells nice and hes HUUUGE

HERE I AM MAKING IMAGINES FOR YOU LOVELIES AND itt just hits me. I remember a year ago making this blog and hoping that I’m not making a terrible mistake and now we’ve got 17300 people following us and putting up with our antics.

My mind is blown. I love and appreciate every single one of you so much more than you could realize. You’ve made my day more times than I can count and I just. Well.

//sobbing and weeping sounds in the background.

Much love <333

- Ash