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@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

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@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

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Favourite “pages” of Doukyuusei

I decided to share with you one of my most memorable pages from the doukyuusei series manga :) I absolutely love the whole manga nonetheless I consider some of pages my favourite because of that memorable situation happening there…

This post will be long I believe…


I love this page the most in first Doukyuusei manga…and I love situation here a little bit more than in a movie (I just didn’t say that righ now xD –> favourite scene in movie also) …I particularly like this one because of the Kusakabe reaction on drunk Sajou :) The whole situation is SO SERIOUS but drunk sajou made it THE CUTEST :D <3

I don’t know but this page is that one that I remebered the most. Maybe because Kusakabe mentioned dumb xD Here we see the different side of Kusakabe when he’s not with Sajou…like he’s thinking of that kind of stuff too..and asking sensei for advice..and mentionig the yaoi books that his sister reads,,all that in one page :P


The whole page is filled with Sajou’s LOVE YOU…To see Sajou so in love is so precious. He never openly show it..but his is mind is exploding…

Just that situation…lying on bed…kusakabe just took shower…relaxed…kusakabe telling sajou the sweetest things :D <3

Don’t ask me..that scene is in my mind everytime when I think about Sajou being home alone xD I liked the smooth development situation…lying..making eye contact…slowly progressing to the kiss…KISS :*

I was Kusakabe here…I wanted to hug Sajou so badly… so glad Kusakabe did :) feeling glad…soo glad

Sajou my precious baby :’(

I had heart attack at this one…Sajou being so sexy and seductive :P <3 

My feeling are set on this one!!! This is the one when I get butterflies everytime I read it …IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…sajou justt ahhh…and kusakabe tearing up :’( <3 <3

Occupation to Beloved

yes yes i know…the very first page of the manga…BUT C’MON…THE SAJOU’S FACE…MADE MY DAY AND NIGHT XD and sweetest Kusakabe surprising sajou :) 

Are there needed any words? Just cute Sajou sneaking in bed to Kusakabe and making my heart ache..:) <3

This page is just so precious to me…HUGGING each other…kusakabe caressing sajou’s cheak…making eye contact…kiss on eyelid..blushing faces :) <3 making love …I’m melting….

Sexy Sajou…..

I love the playful Kusakabe haha…this always make me laugh :D one of the cutest scenes :D 

This my kind of enjoying life…coffee time..My ideal relationship would be drinking coffee like that :D <3 after taking bath :) 

Kusakabe comforting Sajou…saying he loves him..holding him in his arms…kissing him on the check…:’( :’( <3 <3 where is my kusakabe? xD 

YES KUSAKABE…YOU CAN MAKE HIM HAPPY…AND EVERYONE ELSE..omg..<3 <3  :’( :’( don’t mind me..just crying in the corner…where is my kusakabe? i know i said that already but….


We know that if one of our siblings found our yaoi books…IT WOULDN’T END WELL FOR THEM !!!!! XD :) thanks for reading…sooo longgg post omg 

So.. I watched Rogue One and yeah here's how it went.

I had my phone on throughout and I kept pausing the movie to write down what I felt and I’m posting the original note so no edits (you can feel my feels if you know what I mean)

•Alright but how beautiful are these names? Jyn? Cassian? Galen?
•K-2SO is already my favorite character
•Diego Luna looks like a lil baby, he’s so small and adorable
•"I’m taking them to imprison them in prison"
• lmao this blind guy I love him
•"Are you kidding me? I’m blind"
•OMG DARTH VADER so nice to see a familiar face or err mask
•"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director" AHAHAHAH shit well played
•"I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to" lmao I love this guy
•I paused the movie and my mom asked if I was watching Jurassic Park bc of the scenery
•AHHH R2D2 AND C3PO I’m so happy
•BAZE???? N O
•Okay my bad cassian is alive BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD SHIT
•I was wrong. He died again. Everyone is dead
•Oh shit! This is the prequel to A New Hope! My mind is blown. Just like everyone in this movie.
•Ah feels good to hear that theme song.

Also can I say, thank you to everyone in the Star Wars fandom for welcoming me with open arms and being so nice on the previous post.

May the force be with you.

dating mark!!

2/? for the dating series!

lets get on it!


- so,,, y'all meet during trainee days

- he’s the new trainee and you help him cause you were from canada too

- “ok so this is training room 2 and oMG PUT JAEHYUN PUT YOUR SHIRT ON”

- tbh that was mark first impression for jaehyun and still teases him to this day

- anyway 

- you asked him what he got in for (rap, dance, vocals, or acting)

- and he was like

-“rap cause i got that canadian swag

- turns out you rap too!

- you guy had this deep ass convo about your fave rappers and shit

- btw ur a 99 liner too (or whatever u want but)

- you guys became pretty tight

- and both developed feeling for each other but those don’t get announced for a while 00ps

- time skiP 4.5 yEArS

- sO now markipoo is about to debut nd you still hAVENT jeSus

-  mark still likes u a lot and vice versa

- like with doyoungs, the guys pretty much pressure him into confessing messing cause e all know he wouldn’t

- so like he wrote this rap for u aND its!! so!! sweet!!

- he like strummed his guitar and rapped and uGH yOU almOST crIeD

- all yo members were like “jeno beTTA DO THIS FOR ME OR IM SUING”

- anyway ofc u accepted cause,,,, he’s mark


- the one that everyone wants to be 


- you would wake up to texts asking if you’ve eaten, slept, and had a good day

- like maRk i sHoUlD bE asKINg yOU thAt

- he isn’t into pda tho

- like occasionally u will get a nose peck or smth but that as about it

- its cool tho cause ur not into it either


- like oneday u were like

- “mark i drew a bird  (like the one thats a curvy line y’know) isn’t i- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE UR EYEBROWS FUCKAHKSHH”

- “I’m breaking up w u” - mark

- he doesn’t mean it tho

- he loves u sm like its crazy

- he will give the bEST hugs

- and cuddles!

- he just pulls u into his chest and wraps his arms around you uHGHG

- conversations that switch between english and korean

- sometimes confusing as hell cause he talks fast and u can’t tell whether it was eng or kor and just nod along


- and even tho he aint a vocal, he’s a vocal


- like he just whisper raps and it soUND SO GOOD

- always raps to u

- lmao his confession rap was cringe as hell

- “u nd i got that sw-sw-swag and those sk-sk-skills”


- he makes that face,,, you know,,, the one where he just stares blankly for a sec (pros  cause he forgot it and had to take a moment to remember)



- remember y'all r only 99 liners so nO FUNNY STUFFZIES 

- taeyong, doyoung and jaehyun had to give y'all the talk

- u guys couldn’t make eye contact until 3 days later

- when marks sad, you make sure to give him the biggest hug and let him vent out his feelings

- usually r about missing home and having the stress of debuting in tHrEE groups 

- you just whisper like “one day, we can go to canada together”

- and he looks up at u with his puppy eyes nd

- “promise?”

- “promise.”


- u and johnny made a diss track about sm

- “yo,,,uh,,,johnny boi hasnt debuted,,,uh,,,I’ve been a trainee for 6.9 years,,,check,,”

- it was trash but it was YOUR trash

- mark once got jelly of jaehyun cause u guys r really close like siblings

- “yo jaehyun sauce le peppers’

- “why can’t i sauce the peppers :(” - mark

- y'all haven’t really gotten into a fight

- like u’ve disagreed b4 but not a full out fight or anything

- once tho, he told u were “untalented and helpless” cause you accidentally spilled iced tea on him when he was super stressed out

- and u cried for like 8 hours 


- he felt so bad like he had to ask his members for help

- ‘mark are actually dumb” - everyone

- he found u curled up in a ball outside on a park bench

- and held u and wouldn’t stop apologizing

- on a higher note

- when he first said “i love you”

- he went to ur debut showcase

- and when u came off stage like all hot n sweaty 

- mark low-key died

- anyway he like hugged u and was like

- “i love u sm”

- and y'all just froze

- “did u-”

- “did i-”


- u made him send it to u cause like,,, y not


- I WOULD KILL TO DATE HIM (hahah thats to far but i loaf him)


thanks for reading! 

i will probs post like all of them cause i have a week off school (march break)

anyway, love y'all :)

- emma

QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ①

Do NOT repost
You can post the link but not the content.

As usually, not 100% accurate with the order, especially the talks, so much happened but I’m surprised with how much I remember.


I went to the Live Viewing at Saitama.
They sold goods at each cinema during their open time.

My cinema opened at 8am and I got to the the place just after 7am, there was already about 60-100 people lined up.

There were Shoutan fans!! They wore the PRISM long Tshirt and had the bags, I briefly acknowledged them. I had my PRISM Itta bag with me too (and a tiny Ai-chan itta bag).

We started moving a few minutes before 8am.

I kept thinking how they are selling the goods, do we tick what we want from a sheet? Do we buy at the till and tell the staff what we want?

I was too distracted while walking in, my eyes briefly glanced at the goods on the table to my left. I kept walking on.


I realised you just pick up what you want along the way and quickly snatched the pamphlet!
The next thing, oh the clothes…  It’s pretty dark grey, hmm, just one left…
Picks up to look at, about to put it back
I quickly held it close to me tightly.
THE LAST ONE!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
Most things were gone already! 😭
Only one Live towel left, I think there was 2 bags, I’m sure there was tshirts, but again my mind was somewhere else and never picked them up 😭
The next thing I picked up was Ai-chan’s brooch, there was some left along with Reiji’s, barely any character towels left.
Some light sticks

The charms were all gone too, but I wasn’t going for them.

There was quite a few fans left, Ai-chan’s had the most.
I made a last minute decision to get one to make up for not being able to get the other goods I wanted.

So, I got the pamphlet, cardigan, brooch and fan.
Plus 2 random keychains for spending over a certain amount
*Will upload pics later*

I opened the first random packet, Ranran came out, not too bad, next one was Camus.
Ai-chan~~~~ 😭

I went to the crowd of fans to try and exchange for Ai-chan, and if possible the QN logo

I seen the Shoutan fans again, they obviously would want Ai-chan, skip.
Where’s Ai-chan~~~

Ah!! Ai-chan!!
I asked the girl who she was looking for and she said “Camus-sama” SCORE!
Put Ai-chan’s one away, kinda still want the logo~

I stood for a while holding Ranran’s one
And then a girl came to me asking if they can get Ranran for the logo
Mission complete 💜
And now to roam about for 6 hours or so before the live (omg I was SOOOO bored! 😩)

Came back to the theatre and went to the screen, my seat was 7th row from the front

The girl next to me was wearing the Long T! Yeyy
Fan: are you Mikaze Ai’s fan?
Me: Yes~ Shoutan’s fan? ✨
Fan: Hai sou desu (yes that’s correct)
Me: Yatta! XD
Fan: Yatta ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Me: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

I asked her name, she’s Yukina.

The screen was showing the Live logo and then changed to the goods

Not long after it showed the venue!!!!

Ahh!! It was beautiful!! All monochrome
Part of the stage set was decorated with their character colours

We were saying how amazing it looks and she said it’s very QN-like ✨

She was like “yabai yabai!!”
I’m so glad a Shoutan, and a vocal fan is next to me!!
For the past lives I’ve been to, apart from Shoutan’s Osaka live(sat with a friend)
Every stranger I’ve sat next to are SO quiet!
Yeyy! It’s gna be fun! XD

We both freaked out

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anonymous asked:

i have a request! i dont have a preference of rfa members tbh but seven, jumin and yoosung are my favorites so you can do them if youd like or whoever! mc just joined the rfa (probs day 2 or 3) and dont know what each other look like (tho i guess seven would? they just dont say it?). mc goes shopping and runs into the rfa member. they dont recognize each other or their names but start hanging out (and dating?), but on the day of the party, they meet each other as members. their reactions?

Hey! Well…Today I don´t feel like shit and now I can get out of my bed…I´m sorry if I haven´t been active for some time but now I´m feeling pretty  good.So let´s stop my depressing story and let the Hc begin.


  • Seven needs a refill of HBC.
  • Seven sneaks out of his house because Vanderwood and he goes to his favorite convenient store.
  • He can buy his HBC online but he likes the experience of going to that specific store.Why?
  1. Because in that store the chips are a lot more cheaper .
  2. The chips are in the perfect temperature and there are not broken (but he is the broken one.Ok no…)
  3. THE DRAMA some times he just sit in the chairs of the store and he waits for the drama,I don´t want to enter into details but lets just say the the Boy that works in the store has a very interesting life like a tenelovela/ soap opera(HINT:It involves a dog,2 girls,his grandpa,bubblegum,a lot of calls.Just do the math )
  4. Vanderwood never will find him here.
  5. He likes the music that is in the store.
  • In day 3 he goes to the store and he goes directlly to the the aisle were the HBC are.And when he grabs one bag of chips he notice someone´s hand is grabbing to the same bag that him.
  • Sorry for such cheesy and cliche moment

-“Oh sorry” seven and you say at the same time and see each other.

-”Wow!”seven say with a sparkle in his eyes.”I love you´re hair.” He scratches his head and with a smile says “Sorry if it sound weird but…” he clears his throat “It reminds me of HBC”

-You give him a big smile and with a spark in your eyes too and you say “You notice?! You are the first one that sees” “because I actually dyed my hair inspired on The HBC” you put your head down “My friends say that is a stupid reason but I love HBC so much”

-”It is not stupid! I think it looks very good on you”

-”Really? Thank you,I have not posted a picture online of my new style because it seams like no one likes it”

(That´s why he didn´t recognized you,plus You had big ass glasses)

-”Do you want to sit and eat HBC.I invite.” said seven

-”Ok but I put the the Dr.pepper soda”

-”I love you”


-”ahh…I said that I love my HBC with Dr.Pepper”

  • From that moment on you to saw each other every night,eating HBC and Dr.pepper,trying new candy that was in the store,seeing the boy of the store with his drama,you told him about some kittens that lived right around the corner and you two played with them.
  • You two never told each other´s name because there was so much other things more interesting to talk and you all ways forgot.
  • First it was like:

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

But then it was like:

Originally posted by enews

  • How? he didn´t notice ?
  • Well it doesn´t matter now you to are together.

Lets say that the whole saeran in your apartment didn´t happened and seven didn´t had security cameras in you apartment…there is so many wholes in this HC but n djn ckesnskdinewkjm just use YOUR IMAGINATION.(I´m sorry)
nothing is PERFECT ok? :(


  • You were on your work.In Walmart.
  • And 2 costumers come with cleaning supplies,clothes and Healthy food.

-“Yoosung! Come here!” the woman says

-”Mom,I don´t need new cloths…”a young man with a cap and sunglasses

-”But you look so cute in them”

-”Mom,I´m a man now I don´t need to be cute”

-”well you look handsome,What you think?” the women says and looks at you.


-”I´m sorry…you don´t…”

“Yes, You look handsome in that clothes”

“would you date him?”  said the mother

“ahhh…Of course” You see that people are waiting in the line “so are you going to buy it?”

“only if you give your number to my son”

“OMG Mom?!?!!?” He is so red in this moment

“ahhh” people are getting angry because the line doesn´t move and your manager is seeing you.”ok” you write your number and give it to yoosung and as fast as you can,you are registering all the things “it will be 209.50″ 

“son pay, I will wait in the car”

The mom lefts 

-”I´m sorry You did´t had to”

-”don´t worry” you say and at the same time you give him the change

-”take” yoosung gives you the paper with your number

-”you will not called me?”

-”What? You want me to call you?” he is red and confused

-”Yes, that´s why I give you my number.” ”well…Thank you Sir. for your purchase”


  • Eventually he called you and the first date was a little bit awkward but fun.
  •  the second was calm and funny
  • the third he planed to inviting you to the RFA party but than you told him that you were organizing the party 

Originally posted by georgetakei

In the party he  just was bragging of who he already knew you before every one else (I am talking about Knowing in person) but he stopped when you mention who you to meet.


CAT protect + mc architect and cat lover + cat store + Elly = Happy jumin.

 so yeah…

For Jumin is much of the same.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Matchups: Here /Masterlist: Here


Can you do a Bruce x Reader having sex after he saves her? Omg I’m so excited” - Anonymous 

It’s precious followers like you that keep me going, here you are love❤️

It was just supposed to be a simple run to the grocery store. Nothing more, nothing less. How were you supposed to know that some thugs were looking for a fight with Bruce, your husband. You didn’t know anything! 

It wasn’t your fault thought, it happened so quickly. 

One minute, you’re contemplating on what you should help Alfred make for dinner on Sunday and the next, you get knocked upside the head with what it felt like a metal bat and thrown into a van. 

Next thing you know, you’re tied up to a chair in the middle of a huge abandoned warehouse you were sure was way outside Gotham and guys with weird clown masks started taunting you about Bruce and then saying “"Batman ain’t gon save you know!” Or “ if your husband knows what’s good for him, he would follow the ransom”  

Of course you were scared. You were just a working wife and mother to four boys, you weren’t a fighter. You didn’t like violence. Hell, you still worry about the boys when they go out patrolling with Bruce every night. 

But, thank god for Bruce’s over protectiveness and him putting a tracker in your cellphone for situations like this because after thirty minutes, he was there to save the day….or night. 

You watched as he fought with ferocious anger and the way he handled every man was just……you couldn’t explain it. 

Bruce was all man. Through and through. 

A man with an intimidating demeanor , a man with beautiful posture and a man of such class, it almost scared you. 

But it shook you up. In a good way. 

Oh, you loved it when he took charge of things and just commanded things. 

Yes, he was all man. 

When he took you back home from that kidnapping, he did not stop until the both of you were in the master bedroom. You were fine with the way he swung you into the room and pushed you on the bed, not before locking the door, of course. 

Quickly taking off the top part of his suit, he tossed it aside, letting it bang on the floor loudly and climbed on top of you and kissed you like he never had before. Oh, the kiss was the match that lit your fire. You let his tongue wrestle with yours softly as his hands explored ever inch of your quivering body. Ripping open your button up blouse, gripping your buttocks, making you gasp in his mouth as your own hands slide up and down his muscled bare back and chest you loved so much. 

He moved his soft lips to your neck, sucking and licking your trigger spot just to hear you groan out in pleasure. He loved that sound you made. He loved how you let him control everything that was your body. It just made him want you more. Hell, he could go all night with you. 

Sliding both your panties and your trousers off, he kissed down your stomach, while giving you a seductive smirk as he ran his long you get up and down your stomach, watching you squeal and squirm under him. Oh yes, he was planing on going all night with you. 

Not even bothering to tease you, he went straight for your wet pussy, letting his toumge lick up and down and around your clitoris. That made you yell out and arch your back. Your hips would be bucking if he wasn’t holding them down with his big, rough hands as she went to town on you.

You kept moaning loudly, gripping his hair and occasionally, looking at him look at you with that same smirk, knowing that he does this to you. Knowing that he controls you. 

And you loved it. Oh, how you loved it. 

Sucking noises and moans filled the air as you were in pure bliss at the feeling he was giving you. And just as you were about to cum, he stops.

Just like that. He stops. You wanted to beg him to keep going and never stop but as soon as he took off his trousers and shoved his huge cock inside you, everything came back. 

All that pleasure filled you as he pumped in your physique. Going faster and faster as you kept moaning his name and leaving scratch marks on his back. 

He pumped into you as his head buried inside your neck, whispering “"You like that? You want me to go faster?” And “"Oh, I love your body so much,ahhh” 

The bed creaked, the room was sex filled and you were in great amount of pleasure. 

As all of that pleasure kept building up, your screams got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder and faster. He whispers. “ Let it go baby, let all go.” 

And that’s what you did. You released all of yourself on him as he released himself in you. 

Thrusts getting sloppier and slower, you both moan out your orgasm until it was over. 

Not even bothering to move off of you, Bruce stayed on top of you, sweaty as you are and out of breath. 

He rocked your world, left you sore, but you didn’t care. You were in too much of a good mood from your bedroom olympics to care about body pain. 

Hell, you didn’t care if anyone heard. All you cared about was your man that was on you, just as tired as you are. In pure euphoria. 

A/N: I’ll be the first to say this, I have written smut but never posted it. Now that I know people actually love my writing, I’m more confident on doing more of these. So thank you for this. 

Let me know what you think, I seriously want your feedback, it helps me become a better writer. Thank you love, hoped you enjoy ❤️

Responses to {Final Chapter: Part 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

ALSO THIS POST IS REALLY LONG YOU GUYS REALLY PUSHED THE BOAT OUT YOU SENT IN OVER 120 ASKS AND I ANSWERED THEM ALL MY FINGERS FEEL NUMB! Seriously, you guys made me really emotional with everything that you said. I’m so thankful to all of you, from the bottom of my heart ^^

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like to draw and I want to learn how to do fanarts/digital drawings/etc... Can you give me any tips? Did you made any art course/degreed?

Hi there Anon, yes I did graduate with an Art degree! As for digital drawing tips (you may take anything I say with a grain of salt, I’m still learning too haha), I’d say start by getting used to taking advantage of “layers.” With, I think, most digital drawing tools like Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Corel Painter, and more, you can draw on individual layers stacked on top of each other therefore making it very easy to do line art on one layer and color on another. This lets you not mess up your lineart/guide while coloring or vise versa. ALSO, because it’s so easy to fix/adjust your drawing on the computer, make sure to experiment with different brushes and textures! What’s nice about digital drawing is that you can easily jump from an oil painting brush to pencil to marker depending on the style you want. But it’s good to always keep practicing with traditional mediums as well. You pretty much translate everything you learn about drawing and painting by hand to a digital software, which imitates traditional tools but adds “quick and efficient” methods to adjust and enhance your drawing. Since you mentioned you like to draw I’m sure you will have no problems transitioning into digital :) just take your time and play around with all the tools and brushes so you can get a better understanding of how the software works (I’m not sure which one you are planning to use?). Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine ~ I apologize if this wasn’t extremely helpful ;A; I really can only recommend you to try everything and to always keep doing traditional drawings as well.

Answering all ASKS (in a batch again ahhhh) here! 

Hi there guys! @masovince @you-can-be-yourself Reposting anywhere that isn’t Tumblr or DeviantArt is 100% ok with me so long as there are credits (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ As for proper crediting, I think I would prefer if you included a direct link to my tumblr or deviantart so that there’s a connection to my accounts <3 thanks so much, it’s not a stupid question at all! And thank you guys for asking! 

HEH. LONG HAIRED YUURI IS MY NEW THING. hahah thank you Anon <3

Hey there! I use Photoshop ~ and oh man brushes. This is hard because I modify them so much from the originals. The base brushes I used are the standard default ones that are already in Photoshop5 but also a couple from Darek Zabrocki ( and Aaron Griffin’s ( free brush sets. 

Ahhh thank you so much, Anon! ;A; 

;___; Thank you so much! You’re making me blush ahhhahsgd I hope you had a fantastic new years as well! <3 

Oh my ~ thank you so much >///< it makes me so happy to hear you like my drawing enough to set it as a wallpaper !

@takaratime Ahhh thank you so much for your kind comment! I’ll keep working hard ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

@andifbyyes (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Omg you’re too nice! Thank you so much ahhh! I’m so glad you like those pieces and noticed the little details and everything. I think one of the things I appreciated the most about YOI was how human the characters, and especially Yuuri, were. I always aspire to properly translate that into my fanart so it makes my day to read your comment ;__; thank you again <3

@luchile Hey there! Thank you so much <3 and ahhh thank you for your interest in my drawings! Unfortunately I do not have a shop set up. I never really draw fanart with the intention of selling them, but I’ve had quite a few people ask about this now so I may possibly open a print shop/commissions in the future :)) I will let you know!

@rennomus Ahhh thank you so much! >///< I might one day continue it but considering that I’d want to color every panel it might… be a while.. hahaha. And as for the Yule Ball idea, 46Gohan already drew them dancing together <3 and it was actually that drawing that inspired me so much. It’s so lovely and endearing! Please go check it out
 and the second part I absolutely adore this AU :)

@vergoftowels Ohhh yeah. That happens. And I guess there’s only so much one can do about reposts. Tumblr still hasn’t gotten back to me about the first one… lol. But thank you for letting me know :) I hope you have a great rest of your week ~

@foxnewsanchor Hi there! Ohhh man I’ve really seriously been wanting to participate in a zine (especially a YOI one) for a long time but I honestly don’t know if I have the time to commit to one. My online courses start in less than a month and I’m not sure how much time I will have to draw new YOI fanart. 
。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 BUT thank you so much for the offer! I’m sure your zine will go well!

@ichigokeks Nooo omg thank YOU so much ahhh! (ಥ﹏ಥ) It’s really the greatest thing to hear that my drawings give other people joy. I’m so happy you like them, thank you again for your kind words, and I will keep practicing hard! <3 Much love!

@scarilypsycho *stalks you back* Ahhhh your comment makes me so happy! ;___; It is the biggest compliment to hear when your work affects people. Emotional atmosphere is something that I struggle with all the time so reading this gave me such a boost of energy <3 thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! Also for future reference (and I’m so sorry about this) I will NOT be answering any more asks that are not a question, BUT I will respond via private message if you are not anonymous! :) You guys send in the sweetest comments and it makes my day to read them, but it’s just really hard doing screenshots over and over and then manually cutting out asks to do this in batches haha

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years ~ I’m super excited for my online courses to start! Have a few personal projects coming up too. Dabbling in animation lately so I MIGHT… Have something fun for ya’ll in the future depending on how it goes hehe. As for YOI week… Here’s what I’ll probably be doing next week lol.

Isak and his feelings about mental illness - A thought / A theory

So yesterday I discussed with an anon about why Isak was so insecure after Even’s manic episode and well, it got me thinking…So I’m making a post dedicated to it, to make my thoughts clear. 

So basically i’m gonna take you all back to this moment. 

I hope I wasn’t the only one who cringed at this scene and was just like “Isak, baby noooo” the first few hundred times watching it. 

But now I’m thinking, was this not necessarily the truth? Like omg it wasn’t a lie. He definitely believes that him and mental illness doesn’t mix, But does he think his life is better without mentally ill people around him? Or does he think mentally ill people are better without him around them? 

Did he purposefully flip the way he feels just to make what he believes to be true, hurt less?

I know what you’re probs thinking: “Mikki, You’re just trying to justify your baby saying something problematic and can’t admit that the golden boy was in the wrong for once.” 

Okay first: Yes he is my baby and yes i will protect him with my life. But second: Heaaar meeee ouuuuut. 

We know that his mum had a massive breakdown in season 1, and we know it must have been bad enough for him to end up in a gay bar, completely off his face, where Eskild came and rescued him. We know that whatever happened with his mum put him in enough pain that he would rather sleep in the basement of the “Kollektivet” than to ever return home to his mentally ill mother, where he was essentially alone with her and had no idea how to help her. 

We also know this:

After he discovered Even’s illness, he spent a long time researching into it and trying to find a way to help Even without hurting him. He seemed so scared that he would do something that was not right. So scared that he would make him worse. He called Even, he told him to call him back when he was ready. He didn’t want to do the wrong thing…and it made me think. 

Why was Isak so worried? What made him so insecure. I mean sure, you could say this is a normal response but there is more. 

Isak seemed to truly believe that he had something to do with Even being unwell? Like he honestly believed that it was him. That he did something. That he does something. Even the exchange he has with Sonja on the phone breaks my heart. She tells him:

and Isak just becomes so quiet and kinda, like he is doubtful? He just listens and replies with a very quiet small “okay” like he doesn’t really believe it himself. and he only answers with that because Sonja encourages him by firmly asking “Okay?” 

It just really really makes me wonder, what happened during Isak’s mums breakdown and what happened that caused him to drink til the point that he was completely gone and to leave his home. I don’t think Isak gave up on his mum. 

I think he gave up on himself. 

and I feel like Even didn’t just help Isak overcome his prejudices about mental illness, but he helped him stop blaming himself for the things that happen to the people he loves. To realise that he can be there for them without hurting them. That the things that happen because of mental illness is not his fault and it isn’t their fault. It is like someone sneezing when they have a cold and thinking that omg you did something wrong that caused this. When instead you can just accept that hey, people sneeze when they have a cold, and just hand them a tissue and a nice warm cup of herbal tea while you watch reruns of Friends. 

Okay that was a terrible analogy I am sorry. 

But okay yes, I really like this new way of looking at this, and I kinda feel like this is legit? Isak’s insecurities and feelings about mental illness is deeper than we first realised. And it’s just amazing that I am still learning new things from this show, a month after the season ended. ahhh crazy.

Anyways let me know what you guys think. and feel free to send me your own thoughts and theories. :) 

tessysart  asked:

Hello! Could you give me some bokuaka fic recomendations? Would love if you brought some of your own in the list 😋 I know you are busy so don't sweat it, your school work takes priorety 🙌🏼 Have a really good day and hope you smile loads! *huggies* 💕

Thanks love <3

And sure! (Time to raid the ao3 tag lol) 

I’m warning you, almost every fic in the ao3 tag might be here (BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH)

I’m going to put this under the read more because it’ll be long. This is now my official bokuaka fic rec list because damn I’m not up for making a separate post after that XD

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anonymous asked:

Can I request some fluff of like the RFA boys reacting to MC after doing the frick frack (/.\) it doesn't have to be their first time but like just more mini fics like you did before. Also, I love your blog :D

AHHH THIS IS SO CAYOOT. Omg. We’re leaving Jaehee out AGAIN. GUYS COME ON. But yes yes your wish is my command my lovely anon. You shall have your daily dose of fluff AND THEN SOME. Mainly bc I don’t post as frequently as I would like to D:

      BUT to everyone following the Jumin Han fic with the fiesty MC, there shall be a new installment out this week, so please catch up if you haven’t read the previous chapters :D

      There will also be a Seven fic released this week as well with the neighbor AU thanks to popular demand so keep ya eyes peeled kiddies <3

Please remember to show this post and me some love & REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW (/.\)

Jumin Han Fic: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I


     He had finally done it, he had hit that huge milestone in your guys relationship. He made love to you. He was a ball of nerves, not knowing what to do but he went purely off of instinct, trying to be as gentle as possible for both of your first times. He couldn’t seem to contain himself, he craved you. After the deed was done, he laid down, you using his arm as a pillow, both of you trying to catch your breath.
     You had snuggled into him, and he felt his face flush. He glanced over at you, trying to sneak a peek when he saw you had fallen asleep on him. His heart swelled with emotion and he felt like crying. He couldn’t believe how much he loved you. He thanked god every day, that you had come into the RFA, that he had the opportunity to meet him and he had the chance to fall in love with you.       

     He couldn’t believe his luck when you returned his feeling, seeing that there were so many better candidates in the RFA, he was awestruck.
      He stroked your hair lovingly, promising that he would never make you regret choosing him. He would provide and love you for all eternity. He would be your rock and support you at every turn. He promised to never break your heart and never be the cause of your tears. He wanted you to be proud of your boyfriend because he knew damn well that he was proud for having you by his side. He kissed your hair lovingly and pulled you in close, feeling the weight of his eyes become increasingly heavy. He fell asleep, smiling, holding the love of his life and hoping that every night could be filled with this much happiness.


      You always fell asleep after a night of intimacy. Quite honestly, Zen preferred it, unfortunately for him, you always woke up before him in the morning. But right now, he could peacefully and shamelessly watch you sleep. He was captivated by your beauty. Every day, you seemed to only blossom more. He delicately grazed his finger over the contours of your face, over your soft lips that he found himself yearning for. He was so incredibly lucky. He conflicted. He wanted to show you off to the world, but he also wanted to be the only person able to relish in your beauty.
      He watched you sleep so peacefully, curled into him and he felt his heart beat increase rapidly. He wanted to protect you from the world, from himself. He always showered you with affection and love, but honestly, it was because he was terrified. What if one day, you did not want him? What if one day he was not good enough for you? Not attractive enough? Not manly enough? He could feel his heart clench at the mere thought of it.
      He brought his face to the top of your head, kissing your forehead deeply, wanting to convey the emotions that he had. He swore that he would love you and that you would never once doubt his love for you. Feeling exhausting take hold of him, he slowly fell asleep. Your scent comforting him and his worries slowly vanishing as he felt your warm body against his.


     He always felt you wake up before him, it made him wonder, had he not done a good job the previous night if you were still walking around. He watched you peeking out of half-open eyes, pretending that he was still asleep. You ran your fingers through his hair, peppering his face with kisses, he had to resist the urge to get up and passionately kiss you.
     Before he could give in to his urge, you shifted moving off the bed, the sun hitting your naked body and his breath was caught in this throat. He had never seen someone so beautiful before. You always deflected the compliments when he showered you with them, but he genuinely meant it every time. You were the epitome of perfection. He eyes roamed over every curve, every contour of your body, devouring you over and over again. It rendered him speechless how beautiful you were, little moments like this always made him incredibly grateful that you stumbled into his life.
     He was grateful that he did not scare you away when Elizabeth the 3rd had gone missing and he had become a little possessive, okay maybe more than a little. He was grateful to have such a beautiful soul beside him, his partner in life, waiting for him every day with a smile. He always had a house, but finally, he understood that he has a home now.
     He shifted and you turned to look at him. A deep blush covering your face as you dived back into bed trying to cover yourself from his hungry eyes. This made him laugh, how on earth could you be this cute. “Darling, you are aware, that I have seen you completely naked before, right? On many occasions” he said teasingly, kissing her gently. She simply covered her face and reached down to put on his dress shirt.
     He felt his heart swell again with emotion. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply, feeling her smile into the kiss. Slowly nuzzling her, he whispered how much he loved her. She was irreplaceable to him, he was beyond lucky to have her in his life and he promised her to never take her for granted or hurt her. He told her that only she had the power to completely destroy him, leave him completely broken. With that she grabbed his face, peppering it with kisses, saying that the feeling was mutual and to be careful, because he held the power to destroy her as well.


     Surprisingly, he was always up after a long night of lovemaking. Despite being extremely sleep deprived, he looked forward to what took place after the deed was done. Not that he didn’t look forward to making love to you, but he felt that the moments afterward were so tender and precious. You were quite the night owl as well, and he had very deep conversations with you. Naturally, he was not much of a talker but you always seemed to squeeze it out of him.
He felt like crying, never in his life did he have someone ask about himself and care for him the way you did. He regretted every single second that he pushed you away and hated himself for putting you through any of that. You and he talked about life, about his childhood, about how much you loved him. Even to this day, he couldn’t believe how he managed to get so lucky. He had you by his side.
     He knew he should stay away from you, he was so incredibly dangerous and honestly, you could simply do better. But you always saw through it, you saw through his mask, whenever he tried to hide his emotions or if he was feeling sad and trying to be happy for your sake, you would just hug him. You just whispered that you knew, and he did not need to talk about it if he didn’t want to but you were always going to be there for him.
     You had a heart of gold. You were an angel, a gift from god, and him? He was a demon, so bad for you but he couldn’t help but feel the draw. You were life the forbidden fruit, so tempting, so sweet; once he had a bite he could not help himself.
     After talking to him you curled up on his arm, he watched as your breath tickled his bare arm. You were a beauty, every day he was shocked that you had chosen him, someone as beautiful as you could have anyone, but time and time again you chose him.
     He shifted, moving his arm from under you, facing you as well, his breathing matching yours. He breathed you in, and you breathed him in. He felt his tears well up, as you two kept passing the same breath to each other. He silently promised to never ever hurt you, all the pain that he had caused you before, he would return tenfold in the form of love. He may not deserve it, but he knew damn well that he would protect you. He would love you endlessly because you had chosen him.

WHOO. Okie dokes kiddies I hope you like that. If any of you have any types of critques or requests, please send them in I would love to read them :) But again I want to thank all the people that have been showing me love and support, I sincerely appreciate it. It’s so hard to express it over the computer but I really really do. You guys rock :) Love you babes MUAH XOXO. 

anonymous asked:

hhhaaaiiii I'm just wondering: What animes do u watch?? 0>0 I just need anime suggestions lololol

OMG!! I HAVEN’T WATCHED ANIMES IN FOREVER HAHA (i’m actually more of a manga person hehehe) so please don’t trust me on this T_T and majority of what i watched are shoujo and fantasy!! :))

majority of what i’ve watched are anime adaptations of mangas i like :)) and majority of what i watched are also kind of old T_T

  • Kimi Ni Todoke (i watched this when i was in grade 4, cried my eyes out HAHAHA T_T) romcom + drama!!
  • Cardcaptor Sakura (THE VERY FIRST ANIME I WATCHED IN MY LIFE) romcom/magical girl!!!
  • Sukitte Ii Na Yo (most recent i’ve watched!! i’m v late T_T) romance + drama
  • Noragami (I LOVED THIS it was so ksajlfskassaf!! yes!!! watch it and read the manga too (i’m not updated on the manga but read it still) shounen!! romcom + action + fantasy!!)
  • One Punch Man (haven’t we all watched opm (i also cried watching this (i’m a crier T_T)) comedy + action!!!)
  • Kodocha (THIS ANIME IS OLDER THAN ME BUT I LOVED IT SO MUCH I WEPT THROUGH THOSE 102 EPISODES AHHH | the author’s name sounds like obama) romcom!!
  • Kamichama Karin (i don’t remember how i ended up watching this but it was kind of cute HAHA i like the manga better though (romcom + fantasy/magical girl(/s and boys??)))
  • Kaichou wa Maid-Sama (ok we all went through that “usui is the best boy mc ever” phase HAHAHA) romcom!!
  • Akatsuki no Yona (WHERE IS MY SECOND SEASON) romcom + fantasy/historical!!
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita (i havent watched the second season T_T if you noticed everything i’ve listed down thus far has a manga counter part ha ha ha (if you like fox spirit familiars watch this)) romcom + fantasy!!
  • Yumeiro Patisserie (i watched this when i was like 13 HAHA it was cute and i was in the i-love-baking phase of my adolescent life) romcom!! BAKING
  • Kyoukai no Kanata (WHY DOES EVERYTHING MAKE ME CRY (this is also the best btw (they’re all the best i love animation))) super slight romcom + action + fantasy/modern!!
  • Red Data Girl (probably the first anime i watched without knowing what it was about/the synopsis!!! and it was really cool!!! omg if u like fantasy/supernatural-ish stuff watch this) rom + drama + fantasy!!
  • Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (I LOVED THIS SO MUCH i also cried watching this one i should really stop crying) romcom + drama!!
  • SAO (we all had this phase come on, (i didn’t watch the 3rd season though :( )) rom + action + fantasy!! gaming!
  • Inu X Boku SS (OKAY this was really cute i love miketsukami (especially in child form asdf) romcom + fantasy!!)
  • i don’t know if you mean anime movies too, but i HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL GHIBLI FILMS (i love all of them (shoutout to less popular movies: Tales From Earthsea, Porco RossoNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and a bunch more i’ve almost watched everything i love ghibli so much (give me totoro for my birthday i will love you forever T_T)))
  • and Makoto Shinkai films like Journey To Agartha (Children Who Chase Lost Voices (i cried so much))!!! i’ve yet to watch Kimi no Na Wa (though i’ve already listened to their soundtrack i love radwimps so much), 5cm/sec, and the Garden of Words though :((

I’M SORRY I MIGHT’VE FORGOTTEN SOME THINGS ITS 2 AM RIGHT NOW AND THIS IS SUCH A LONG POST my body clock has been broken a long time ago T_T this is what was at the top of my head!!

Star Wars Fanfic Recs: Part 1 (multi-chapter fics)

Heyo! So I’ve had a few questions about Star Wars fic recs, and I’ve kept meaning to compile a list of faves so this seems as good an excuse as any! Note: this list is by no means definitive, and will constantly need to be updated because I’m really behind the times (please please send me your recs too, I always love finding new fics to read!! :D) 

To keep from breaking everyone’s dashboard, I’ve split it between longer fics here, and another post for one-shots/vignettes.

→ Anabasis by Fialleril | Anakin/Vader, Padme, various Jedi

An AU where Anakin was found by Palpatine at a young age, and starts out as Vader – but turns back anyway for reasons the Jedi and the galaxy still can’t quite believe. I love how it slowly pieces together the events of this universe – the chapter where Vader and Padme’s backstory is told in flashback is just an incredible storytelling sequence. For a measure of how much I love this fic, it’s a discontinued WIP and I would still COMPLETELY recommend you read it because it’s totally worth the experience. ;_;

[ Also see: Katabasis is a series of vignettes set in the same universe. ]

→ Purgatory by HelenT | Anakin/Padme

Awesome, awesome story and adventure that follows Anakin’s journey after ROTJ, in an afterlife AU that entangles Padme, Obi-Wan, a really diverse cast of characters, and certain other enemies who also aren’t giving up their plans for this world quite so easily… – I’ve already rambled obnoxiously about my feelings for this fic here. It’s just brilliant and fun and cathartic and everything great about Star Wars.

→ air and angels by irnan | Luke, Leia, Anakin/Padme

The fic that sparked my burning need for all the AUs where Anakin raises Leia and leads the Rebel Alliance, while Padme raises Luke as a senator/spy on Coruscant. Naturally, Luke and Leia find out about their connection, and trouble a rescue mission ensues…

[ Notes: irnan‘s whole “wires” verse and one-shots are wonderful and highly recommended.] 

→ Wake the Storm by bedlamsbard | Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke, Leia

An AU where Anakin, in the middle of the Clone Wars, finds a Sith artefact that throws him into the future (on an Imperial warship and with Obi-Wan’s spirit in his head, naturally). He meets and allies with certain members of the Rebel Alliance, who are just as surprised to find a mysterious still-living Jedi around… this is a WIP and the premise and character interactions are excellent, I’m really really looking forward to where it goes!

→ A New Destiny by Julie Horwitz | Anakin, Padme, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan

A what-if-Anakin-turns-back-at-Mustafar AU, this is technically one continuous fic but could be broken up into several chapters. It deals with the consequences of Anakin and Padme going into hiding, with Obi-Wan and Palpatine both tracking them down for unfinished business. It has some really adorable moments (and I’m not normally even a big fluff person) balanced out with intense moments – a fun read!

 Redemption by anghraine | Anakin, Luke, Leia, Obi-Wan

“After the years of falling, it takes him ten minutes to turn back.” – exploring a scenario where Anakin/Vader turns back earlier than expected, then disappears to raise Luke on the outskirts of civilisation. It’s touching, haunting and every character’s perspective is wonderfully insightful. The exchanges between Luke and Obi-Wan made me go ;_; 

→ Raise Your Weapon by sarsaparillia | Anakin, Leia, Han, Padme, Luke

“The Rebellion didn’t start with a bang, but with a whisper.” — OMG AHHH ANOTHER LUKE AND LEIA REBEL SWITCHAROUND AU and the writing style of this story is beautiful. It sets up the beginnings of this epic potential universe, and Leia is perf and it has the added bonus of a scrappy young Han Solo. Love love love.

→ Sibling Revelry by frodogenic | Vader, Luke, Leia, Han

For a complete change of pace from all the angst and drama! Sometime after Bespin, Vader learns that Luke and Leia are twins – but is more horrified at what Imperial Intelligence reports about their, er, fondness for each other… and throws the might of the Empire at thwarting their growing relationship before it spirals into Game of Thrones territory. Freaking hilarious and Vader’s reactions here are the actual greatest.

Aaand I’ve probably left out heaps more… Part 2 coming up soon! :D

Naruto Fan-artists on Tumblr!!

The issue of re-posting just keeps coming up. I can’t help but feel that it would be slightly less of a problem if more people were following the artists who are on Tumblr. For that reason I’ve put together a list of artists that I personally follow right now. There are soooo many others, and I hope people add to this list so that I can discover them too!! Let’s get to know these amazing, talented people, and give them all the love they deserve!! 

(I am 200% certain I’m forgetting obvious people and I’ve made mistakes with the below info; apologies in advance!!)

(p.s. MULTIPLE PAIRINGS. Let’s respect ALL parts of the Naruto fandom, even those pairings we don’t personally care for.)

NaruSasu / SasuNaru (separating these would be a nightmare omg @_@)

@aidaplusuchiha (cutie OC kid wahh! Accepts asks)

@snow124-art (beautiful. A MUST to check out!)

@kiraiki (the COLOURS, omg!! So funny and touching and beautiful. Accepts asks!)

@tomoe-au (Tomoe is hilarious and awesome. So much love! Accepts asks.)

@tomato-x-ramen (you gotta check this art out guys!!)

@vo-dcc (most amazzzzzzing watercolours, just stunning! RP and fics as well!)

@narutum (closed, but a GREAT archive!)

@kiwicakecris (*cries* I got a beautiful present one time of merninja Sasuke. Love love love!)

@kazhmiran & @cubur (real-life sisters, how awesome is that?? No words for how much I love this art. I would die for this art. I scream at every update. I’m not even kidding.)

@touxxx (amazing amazing amazing, such striking art wahh!)

@carrotcakebandit / @asksasunaru (if you’re an SNS fan and you haven’t stalked these archives repeatedly, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. SO SO SO SO GOOD.)

@usuratialmant & @solochely (both AMAZING, and do awesome collabs and comic strips. Gorgeous talented people. A must for Menma fans!)

@ragginess (so much love. Lovvvvve this art!! Genderfluid Naru is an inspiration. Another must for Menma fans. p.s. Raggi-sama once helped me out when I had a problem in Singapore. Love her for that <3. Accepts asks!)

@llkocoumll (INCREDIBLE art wahhh!!! I could write fics based on ALL of these gorgeous pics!! Totally amazing artist who I adore~~)

@asksnfamily (colourful, bright, happy, and then BAM right in the feels!! Sooo talented. Accepts asks.)

@harububa (*fans face* hot hot hot hot and soooooo gorgeous omg)

@nerdyredglasses (sooooo good!! Incredible art and mini-comics wahh! Accepts asks!)

@letsusura (not updating, but amazing archive and v. good collection of rebloged art also!!)

@h-ikari​ (just stunning, so beautiful, so talented!!)

@j-a-s-u (no more updates but def. check out her archive!)

@maneki-n-e-k-o (such a darling, and soooo talented omg!! Love her~~)

@noranb (the COLOURS and super-sweet style makes me so happy!! Other pairings also; lots of Haikuu! as well!)


@kotoamatsukamishisui (Shishi-centric, amazing RP as well omg!!)

@surfacage (a MUST for Uchiha fans wahhh, espesially Itachi. Angst and fluff and everything wow!! Accepts asks!)

@kazea-free (gorgeous!!! SNS also!)

@uchihaforsmut (oh my goddd so good and hot!)

@petcow (SasuSaku also) (Sasuke-centric. Cutest cutie in the world and such a darling, definitely send them some asks!!)

@malignedaffairs (Shiita, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, perfection, a precious gift)

@uchihasavior (Itachi-centric; awesome RPer as well, and very friendly even when getting asks from v. annoying people [i.e. ME])


@rebelliondou (a master of OC kids!! Shina, Rika, and Hayato are amazing <3. Accepts asks!)

@askshinachiku (ohhh such beautiful, beautiful art and the loveliest nicest blog. Accepts asks!)


@leelooface​  (amazing, so cute and sexy and perfect wahh!!)

@climbyii​ (HIGHLY recommended, the pics of Sakura are just stunning!)


@gaanaruhunger (it’s incredible artists like this that keep me stuck on GaaNaru wahh!)

@prinzik (the adventures of lil Naru and Iruka are soooo sweet I could cry. I LOVVVVVVE this blog to death!!! Cute KakaIru as well, *winks*)

@eyum-ss (multi-shipping but mostly NaruSaku & SNS; adorable Naruko as well ahhh!!)

@jam-art / @jam-nudes (lots of characters and such amazing, unique designs!)

(You can also check out my pixiv account to see my bookmarks and favorite artists. Warning: these are NOT organised in any way!!)

sweetix-deactivated20150820  asked:

Do you have any moments where v or kookie are jealous? 😂😘

Yeah..i have some but this is something that upsets me (seeing them jealous for real) ,that’s why i avoid making gifs pointing out VKook being jealous or saving everything around that subject. On twitter ppl have shared a lot with this topic but.. yeah i tend to be silent about it.. >_<

Between VKook..the way i see it.. jealousy goes like this:

We all know Taehyung and he does too!:p ..knowing that doesn’t make it easier though so let’s begin!

Jungkook either goes in pay-back-time mode or will just go away and stay silent (on camera at least),unless is something major annoyance that Taehyung will do with others and in that case,he steps forward..

…if he can’t step forward during something major..he avoids looking at Taehyung once he notice what he is doing.. Like during the time in radio with V and JHope across the table.. 

Jungkook has been jealous when Taehyung ignores him for long time too and in that case,he takes the initiative..

The present time it seems like they have come in some sort of understanding cause usually now,when V is doing something major and Jungkook avoids looking,V perhaps notice or knows he might be upset so he turns to Jungkook and things happen..

No matter how many posts he shares with others.. no matter how many things he does in shows and so on with all of them.. under this question.. Taehyung still picks Jungkook..

(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ..i’m about to forget the subject of this post.. haha OMG!!♥

About Taehyung now.. his self control is more weak than Jungkook’s but there are times he controls himself too,atlhough..his face usually gives him in.. >_<

Even during a game..V just pushed Jin away cause he was getting too close.. There are also the times he claimed his spot next to Jungkook (and the other way around)..the obvious way… in bangtan bombs,performances,backstage etc. And ofc we have Taehyung’s *sighs* when Jimin started this whole “mine” game ..and so on and so forth…

 Ahhh last year… ugh.. i really don’t know what lead to this that day but i take it they have talk things out since then,cause for someone like Taehyung to go from +100 mood to 0 in a second..for even Suga to interfere.. but still V turned when he thought Jungkook called him and JK seems like he didn’t really know what or if he should do something at that point or place and end up leaving.. 

That day Taehyung just went ahead and pulled Jungkook away from JHope… He behaved after though.. :p

In the end though,Jungkook had always showed to him that he has a special place in his heart for Taehyung (..and sometimes fans bless us with a fancamera of them *sobs*) ,i’m sure V knows that and not gonna post everything about it here cause it’s already a really long post… haha:p

~Love hurts..causes anger,jealousy,obsession~ but you know..the ones who passed through that stage and didn’t break apart,become stronger,deeper.. Understanding might be the key but so is honesty and coming to an agreeable conclusion. VKook went to the next step though imo.. ;)

Jealousy can be tricky..cause even when you know that you are No1 for each other..even when you know that is not the same so don’t be.. it can still get “activated” but with time,sometimes you’re being affected and join that world feeling the difference for yourself,other times something breaks and both have to fight hard to heal that wound or perhaps you face it and both make a line that won’t cross with others again.. 

Either way,there are many results but if the good times are way more and deeper than the bad times..jealousy here and there plays another role.. the role of spice things up! ;)  …but that’s another story.. huhuhu xD