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“ She had her hair up in ponytail, exposing a delicate neck. I wanted to bite it. Than lick it to make it better. Than suck on it…hard. Just so she would know how hungry I was. …I will bruise your lips, and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people. “

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Fan-fiction Writers Appreciation Day

Since it’s Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day and i’m constantly amazed by how good at writing they are (like seriously why aren’t they authors) i thought i would mention a few whose writing literally makes me feel all kinds of emotions, even ones i didn’t know existed tbh.

@jungk0oksthighs - your writing is honestly so good like don’t doubt yourself. Tomorrow, Red Skies (just saying oh my shit who saw that ending coming) and to be honest literally all of your writing is amazing and i’m honestly grateful you write because damn you good.

@jungkxook - I think the first fic of yours i read was arranged love and i’m not even ashamed to say ever since I’m pretty sure i’ve literally read everything in your masterlist. Hiraeth killed me on every single level and your writing continues to like every day.

@jungblue - I just wanna quickly say that stories never make me cry, like it’s a very rare occurrence yet future hearts managed to make me. Honestly its one of the cutest, saddest, most frustrating fics I’ve ever read but i won’t lie i’m not complaining. And omg The Purge, don’t even get me started on The Purge.

@minsvga - Inked = killed me, philophobia = slaughtered me. Like tbh i have no idea how i’m even writing this. You’re acc too good at writing. There’s not much more i can say considering i’m dead.

@bts-for-life - I had no idea before i read to the moon and back that i wanted like gang/mafia bts to be a thing but my lord i do. Like i’m too up for it. Who knew that someone’s writing could make me want to go all gangy purely on the off chance that bts will have given up their music careers and decided the gang life is the only one for them. Basically what i’m tryna say is thanks ;)

@inktae - I just wanna say Blue Orchids, Written on the Sky and First Light (along with all the rest of your writing) are the Like you just have a way with words, that i can’t even really describe but all i know is it’s brilliant. Please don’t stop writing, i’m not sure what i’d do.

@jungkookfortunekookies - It’s not often that a fic makes me laugh but roommates made me chuckle many a time. It’s also rare to find a light hearted fan fic that i can just read anytime because its acc all nice and jolly. Even truth or dare made me laugh like it’s just so good. I’m so glad i found your writing and tbh just thinking about these fics is brightening my mood, like they genuinely just make me happy.

Sorry I’ve written an essay but i just wanna say thank you one more time and fan-fiction writers should get so much more credit than they do xx 

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who is that coworker whos blog you gave us that just posts edited pictures of themselves? who are they why is that blog so great where did they come from

omg ive gotten so many asks about jckson but i live jackson so its ok

he started at starbucks like ,,, 5 months ago? dam i still think of him as a new kid cause we havent had new hires since then but like

hes one of the most positive people to work with? hes just all good vibes and smiles no matter how much hes working. and he always laughs at my jokes and he makes some good ones too

hes a rad dude 👌 ten outta ten

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Oh noooooo AR gave Kankri definitions for intersectional and privilege THAT IS LIKE GIVING KARKAT A BOMB MADE OF SICKLES AND WILL SMITH RAPS not good not good (just kidding this is FANTASTIC)

Omg, I decided I was gonna do that a million years ago when I started the fic and then it took SO LONG for an opportunity to come up naturally for that conversation.


Stupid hard.  Like, I’m sure I wasn’t perfect, but I had to invent SO MANY alternative ways for him to talk about SJ topics with alternative terminology; poor dude was reinventing the whole dang wheel.  

This chapter was a great relief to me.  :p

(As for why he invented all the same wheels we shall pretend his blood powers gave him some kind of ancestral memory of these concepts.  This sounds 100% plausible to me.)

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jikook really did THAT in our country and that specific place witnessed all those moments. It makes me wanna go there and be blessed by jikook love vibes lol

fje you totally should go omg. if you’re able to. i would. just to be able to be like, “wow i can’t believe im on the same beach that jikook had their honeymoon on. iconic”

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we were in the cafeteria today after school w our mutual friends, and i had forgotten that he could sing because he doesn't do it very often but then he just starts singing a song from les mis and . Wow. suddenly i was in love with a musical i hadn't though about in YEARS all because this boy sang a song (also his voice is Very Deep when he sings and it makes my heart feel like it's going to explode)

:0 that’s adorable omg

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Boo no! You had a similar idea as them but that doesn't make you a theif. If you really want, you can explain in the description that afterwords you found their work and credit them still for theirs. That way you're acknowledging that they're similar but on accident?? I don't know, sorry if this doesn't help but you shouldn't feel bad about having the same idea as someone QxQ;

these are from when i was whining lmao, I’ll just explain myself:

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Today my brother mentioned to his friends Zack and.. Nick I believe, that I had a lot of subs. He knows my yt name but was kind enough not to tell them the name as he looked up specific numbers.

They were like… genuinely impressed that I had 4.7k subs even though it’s really not a lot. THEN HE RATTED ME OUT AND SAID I MAKE MAPLE ANIMATIONS AND I WAS LIKE “FROGE NO OMG?????”

Second surprise, they were also genuinely like “oh wow that’s neat! That game is fun I didn’t know people made animations with it” and I just… I’m so used to people making fun of me for it so it was kind of a nice surprise? I’ve known Zack for like a decade so I can tell when he’s being serious and he was actually like “man that’s fckin rad”

It was so nice… Froge has some p cool friends. Zack is a horrible wingman though @shortsketcher can verify LMAOO

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I'm super self conscious about how flat chested I am, but for some reason knowing that other people as beautiful as you have smaller boobs like me makes me feel better, especially since you look so amazingly gorgeous regardless. Anyway thanks for being so beautiful

omg yay!! that’s so amazing to hear! I’ve been self conscious about it my whole life too (man i got called ‘mosquito bites’ in school lol) but i’ve been trying to love them and showing them off, weirdly, has helped haha. I wish I had more advice but I just want to stress that I really know that feel. Good luck on your loving yourself journey, anon.


RFA Plays the Sims

After 392847234 years, a mini comic set! :D I felt like I wanted to draw them enjoying something after finishing the Secret Endings //crie ((took a bit long bec i wanted to try drawing lots of clutter for the BG like in Sims aaa))

YOOSUNG: The Sad Gamer - Unintentionally recreates a sim version of his sad life but with better stuff. Makes his sim-self play simLOLOL
ZEN: The HD Narcissist - Maxes out all graphic settings. Downloads thousands of custom content to make his sim look better & spends hours on customization
JAEHEE: The Escapist - Sends her sim-self to vacations that she can never enjoy in real life (im crying). Also, Cabana Boy Sim Zen ~
JUMIN: The Micromanager - Achieves financial success in-game by turning off free will and micromanaging every action of his sim. + Cats
SEVEN: The God Modder - Exploits every cheat code and develops mods/hacks for the game ++ creates sim versions of others to annoy the crap out of them
MC: The Serial Sim Dater - Makes sim versions of others for ♥~ romance ~♥

V: ((I had a V one but the file crashed and I have redraw from scratch – will update later; idk pls give me motivation HAHA jk omg))

Most were posted on my Instagram first ♥ Please do check it out if you can! Thank you for viewing :D


Ashley Hairs

Putting the download under the cut as a precaution for if there is a glitch with it and this way people who reblog won’t have a broken file(if it does mess up)

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Tower of Dawn

     So I think it’s time this fandom had a sit-down and talked some things out. Today’s topic: ableism. Before all of y’all start jumping on me and dismissing me and trying to say I have no right to talk about this, let me tell you a bit about myself.

     I was born with spina bifida. For those of you that don’t know that is, it’s when a baby’s spinal chord and nerves don’t develop properly. I had my first surgery to help this condition when I was eight days old. The excess amount of scar tissue in my lower back had begun to wrap around my spinal chord, which for obvious reasons is dangerous. I had the same surgery when I was four years old, and that’s when my life changed forever. I’d been able to walk before using a leg brace, but due to a mistake by the surgeon, my left leg was left paralyzed. I was a normal (and I hate using the word normal here, normal is an absolutely useless construct of society, but for lack of a better word at the moment, bear with me) kid, mobile and able to move around as I pleased, and then I couldn’t. I’ve been using a wheelchair since then. I’m not telling you guys this because I want pity. I don’t. I’ve accepted it as part of my life, and I love myself just the way I am. This little explanation is here so you guys can understand exactly where I’m coming from when you read the rest of this post. So with all this in mind, here goes my not-so-little rant.

     DISCLAIMER: I will be calling people out in this post and tagging them because I am done. 1000%, completely fucking done with this fandom. And if this causes a shitstorm, fuck it, because this needs to be said and this fandom needs to learn to stop being hypocritical pieces of crap.

     I love these books. I love Sarah’s writing in general,  and I would read literally anything she wrote. These books, Aelin’s story, Feyre’s story, are so important to me. I don’t have words to describe how much they mean to me. I love talking about them and healthy and constructive conversations about them. And some of the jokes that have been made  by the fandom are some of favorites. I’ve made some of them myself. I’ll joke alongside all of you about wingspans and gold nightgowns for as long as you want.

     I want to make something perfectly clear: this rant is in no way a reflection of my thoughts about her books. This post is exclusively about the fandom’s disgusting behavior.

     So let’s start with this post that I saw earlier.

     Disability is not kinky.

     For those of you that can’t understand that, let me repeat it.

     Disability is not kinky.


     This whole post is horrifyingly ableist. And before you guys start claiming that “I have disabled relatives, I can’t be ableist!” (@rowan-stole-my-heart, I’m looking at you. Remember that conversation last year? Nice to know you’re still disgusting), that’s like saying “I have African-American friends, therefore I can’t be racist!”, which is such an inherently flawed line of arguing that it would require a whole other post to address, so I’ll just say don’t try it. I can’t even begin to fathom the mental process all of these people went through to think that this was even remotely acceptable in any way, shape, or form, so let me break this down and explain to you why this isn’t.

     This, my horrifyingly inconsiderate friends, is a form of fetishism. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, fetishism is the pathological displacement of erotic interest and satisfaction to a fetish. Now that you know what that is, let’s move on.

     This whole fandom has been complaining about a lack of diversity in Sarah’s books since I joined the fandom. Diversity doesn’t just mean POC, which is exactly what this fandom conveniently forgets. Diversity includes POC, people with mental illness, people with physical disability, LGBT+ people, and so much more. And when Sarah finally adds someone who embodies a slice of that diversity, you all have the gall to reduce his situation to sex jokes. All I can say is how dare you. How dare you reduce someone’s life and reality to a kink, to something to be made fun of, to something that spices up your dash and makes it NSFW just because you wanted to make fun of a book cover you probably weren’t satisfied with. In doing so you are insulting the thousands upon thousands of people that are in the same situation. You’re reducing them – reducing me – to a fantasy that you can use and then dismiss the next moment, without regard for anyone’s feelings. Do you have any idea how difficult of a topic sex is for people with disabilities? We are laughed at for wanting sex. Our anxiety when it comes to that is ten times that of any able-bodied person, simply because we don’t fit into the box that society wants to shove everyone into. And you’re making it that much worse because you have the audacity to think the fact that someone can’t move their legs is funny.

     It hurts. Reading that post hurt like hell. Because in your eyes – in society’s eyes – people like me aren’t human. We’re just something to ride, right? Yeah, I didn’t miss that little gem of a comment, @readinglikewildfire.

     And because I know this is coming, no, Chaol isn’t just a character.

     But you know what, I get it. It’s just sex, right? A small joke made, no harm done.


     You’re perpetuating yet another harmful concept cooked up by a disgustingly ableist society. Sorry, but your privilege and utter ignorance are showing. I will concede a bit and agree that we can treat fiction for what it is – something that isn’t real – up to a certain point. But you guys just crossed a line. For those of you saying that you feel guilty for laughing, you absolutely fucking should, because this shit isn’t funny.

     The fact is if that post had been making fun of race or mental illness, then the fandom would have ripped these people to shreds and they would have been reported many, many times over. But it’s not, and instead I can count on my fingers the number of people that stood up to say this was wrong, because it’s just another wheelchair joke, right? Who cares? To those that did, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, especially @throne-of-omg-the-feels and @midnight-wonder.​ It’s nice to know there’s still some hope for humanity left. And to @nerdperson524, I agree with you. People do need a laugh, even those that live their lives stuck in chairs. But that post? It’s downright offensive.

     So that’s it. I’m done blowing things out of proportion, as some of you will say. If you think I should have approached you privately and messaged you about this instead of publicly calling you out, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t have PUBLICLY insulted mocked degraded an entire subset of the human population. And maybe that makes me a bad person. It certainly means I’m not being the bigger person. And I could honestly care less. I am tired. So sick and tired of constantly being the bigger person, of just staying quiet when I see things like this because what’s the use? The entire world is filled with this shit and it’s not like I can fight every time I see this kind of injustice. Nothing’s going to change, no matter what I do. But this? This is where I draw the line. Congratulations.

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so fun fact I called the show’s thematic use of Hamilton all the way back in 2x03

but it seems like people are still missing the very blatant symbolism they used in 2x13?



Supergirl went so extra here I don’t even know where to start

they splurged on a location shoot and period costume rentals

just so they could literally dress up Mon-El as Alexander Hamilton–

a dude who meets his downfall via the winning combination of his own ego and a chronic inability to listen to his wife

a dude who is followed around by a spectre of death, in the form of a human bullet, for the entire fucking play

–and then act out the scene

where he dies


バイバイ YESTERDAYAnsatsu Kyoushitsu S2 OP2

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I was listening to the YOI soundtrack (just bought it today yaay) and "Yuri on Ice" came on. A little less than halfway through (About 1:43), it occurs to me that Yuuri had someone write this song, so he had to tell them what he wanted out of it. That means that he had to pour his heart out to this person about what it was like when he thought he was fighting alone and how everything changed when he met Viktor and how his love for Viktor completely changed his life. I wonder if Viktor knows.

anon,,, ur making me emotional just thinking about this

bet namjoon tried his best to hide The Extremely Annoyed Face™ today when tae wiped chocolate off of jin’s lips and then sucked his thumb