omg i just got so sleepy

How would SEVENTEEN react if their S/O fell asleep on their shoulder while watching a movie


And I’m going to do this as like you guys are friends, not together (:

Would smirk like a little shit they are and plans to tease you to death when you wake up, but then would just wrap his arms around you and let you sleep on them, would get pouty tho because you didn’t watch the movie with him: S.Coups, Hoshi, DK, MINGYU, The8

At first they would be all cool, watching the movie thinking about sex until they feel something leaning on them, realising it’s you and your sleepy head, he would blush like no other day, would also low-key smell your hair: Joshua, Wonwoo, Vernon, Dino

First 10 minutes they would be okay with that, but when it’s time to go to the bathroom, he would just shove you off of them: Jeonghan, Jun, Woozi, SEUNGKWAN


6.03: okay…

I need a comic where john and dave are going out on their first date and john decides to romance dave properly so he gets a bunch of roses for dave and dave is surprised and hes like omg thanks man actually ive got something for you too and he gives john some heart shaped chocolates really awkwardly and shyly and they both blush and become really flustered because damn this is really happening and they just stand there for a minute all flustered and dokidoki rubbing the back of their necks or somethin like that
nerds on their first date seems legit so could anyone please draw them mhmnnnnn

I had the best Sleepy Hollow dream

I dreamt I was watching an episode of Sleepy Hollow and somehow another version of Crane from an alternate universe got stuck in ours, and this Crane was a woman named Isolde Crane (they called her Izzy, it was so cute) and she was such a badass, I totally wish she was real.
Anyway, Abbie and Crane are trying to get Izzy back to her reality and back to her version of Abbie, a guy named Abraham “Abe” Mills, but of course there’s these weird ghost/smoke monsters preventing them from doing that.
But the entire time they’re trying to do this whenever Izzy is left alone with Crane or Abbie she is trying to make them see that they love each other. And at one point I think she said to Abbie, “Oh Abbie, don’t you see? You love him, and he loves you.” And Abbie’s all “How do you know that?” And Izzy says, “Because I’m him too.” So it turns out Izzy totally has a thing for Abbie because Abbie and Crane are soul mates, and Izzy is just another version of Crane so Abbie is also Izzy’s soul mate too, but so is dude!Abbie/Abe. It’s very confusing but it made sense in the dream.
So finally Crane and Abbie open a gateway for Izzy to go home and before she does she gives a huge kiss to Abbie right on the lips and then leaves, and Crane is horrified and Abbie is shocked but also like “Wasn’t that bad, actually.” And that’s how the dream ended.
Sooooo someone should totally make a fanfic of this please