omg i just got so sleepy


Felt blessed that I just so happened to be on Instagram when he went live omg
He was incredibly sleepy (and said so in English a few times) but it was nice to see his face… and hear his sleepy voice 🙃
I don’t know exactly what he talked about because I speak/understand very little Korean but I know he mentioned the new album at some point!
We even got to see a bunch of his shoes 😂
I laughed when he started to use the filters (the puppy one on him was my favorite)

Side note: I really wish Instagram would let us hide comments again… blurring them out is so annoying

okay but imagine jeff being so whipped for u like omg. you could literally tell him something so dumb like “i really want some string cheese.” and he’d go to like 3 different stores at 11pm just because his girl wanted string cheese. and then he’d show up at your door with the biggest smile ever and he sees you all sleepy and rubbing your eyes and he’s just like “i got your string cheese, babe.” and holds the bag out to u. and u just stand there wondering what you did to deserve him and WOW i need this in my life.

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hi! I was wondering if I could request an angsty turned to nsfw Jumin scenario/imagine/hc (whatever you prefer for it) where he gets back from a business trip and MC is mad at him because he barely called her the entire time he was gone and they argue a little but she ultimately ends up teasing him as a "punishment" I need frustrated Jumin in my life (omg I'm so embarrassed requesting this hahaha)

Hello, anon! I couldn’t angst for the life of me, but I think I got a little carried away with this one. 

I know I’m cutting this at a crucial part, but should I make a part two, or just be a tease and leave it at that? Teehee.


Reversing Roles (Jumin x MC)

It’s quiet and a little unsettling.

I’m tired and sleepy, but I don’t think she would appreciate it if I dozed off.

She told me to wait for her, but it’s already been a couple of minutes. Where did she go?

These were some of the thoughts that raced inside C&R director Jumin Han’s mind as he was blindfolded and tied to the bed. He was starting to feel queasy and frustrated, and his stomach churned at the thought of you cruelly leaving him in this condition all night as punishment.

He was used to always being the one giving orders and tying you to the bed, but how exactly did your roles reverse?

2 hours earlier…

“I’m home, my love,“ Jumin greeted as he opened the door to the new home that you and him started to share until recently. However, instead of you welcoming him, it was Elizabeth the 3rd who greeted him alone at the entrance. 


“Hello, Elizabeth,“ Jumin carefully placed the paper bags he had been carrying onto the floor and bent to stroke under Elizabeth the 3rd’s chin. He smiled, as he was rewarded by a series of purrs.

That’s strange. MC and Elizabeth the 3rd usually greet me together, but it’s only Elizabeth who welcomed me home this time.

“Where could MC be?“ Jumin thought out loud. As if answering his question, Elizabeth the 3rd started to make her way to where you were. 

Picking up the bags, he followed her, and as he neared the living room, he heard you talking to somebody on the phone. “…no, he hasn’t called ever since. All I’m left with was a handwritten note from the day he left for his business trip, and I’m worried…’s been a week, but he said he’d only be gone for three days…“ 

You were facing the window overlooking the nightscape. There was also an empty bottle of wine and a half full wine goblet on the side table. How long had she been drinking alone? 

“No, we didn’t fight or anything….yes, I tried calling him multiple times, and all I got was voicemail. I even asked Jaehee to have him call me back if he calls her, but she couldn’t get a hold of him either….I miss him, Zen….yes, yes, I know, thank you for worrying. I’ll call you back when he gets home. Bye,“ you ended the call and started to cry. Jumin couldn’t bear that he’d unexpectedly made you upset, so he dropped the bags, crossed the room in a few strides, and embraced you from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry to have worried you MC, but I’m home now my love,“

“J-Jumin??? How— how long have you been there? “

You dried your tears, broke away from his embrace, and observed him. Aside from the sad look he gave you, he was put together and clean shaven. At least he came home safe…

“Why didn’t you return any of my calls and messages? Didn’t you know how lonely and worried I was?!?“

“Oh, about that, I—-”

“I try to understand how busy you are with work, but sometimes, I wonder if you’re just using that as an excuse to ignore me.“


“Am I not worth your time anymore, Mr. Jumin Han?“

“ENOUGH!!! You were talking with Zen earlier, shouldn’t I be the one getting angry instead?“

“What? Am I not allowed to talk to anybody anymore? Zen was only trying to reassure me that you’d be coming back, Jumin! Who knows what you’ve been up to in that trip? Even Jaehee couldn’t contact you!“

“If you’re trying to accuse me of cheating on you, then you’re mistaken, MC! You know how I hate that my father changed women as if he were just changing his clothes! I would never do that to you! You know how much I love you; how could you suspect me like that?“

His broken tone had you coming to your senses, and you stood there in stunned silence as Jumin pinched the bridge of his nose, a frown marring his handsome face.It took him a while to calm himself, and he looked straight at you when it seemed like he had regained his composure. 

“Sit down, dear,” he motioned for you to sit down on the loveseat. He sat beside you and attempted to embrace you, but you were still sulking, so he settled for holding your hand instead. “Will you let me explain, my love?“ you were pointedly avoiding eye contact, but you nodded.  

“The reason the trip got extended was because the negotiations almost didn’t go through. I thought I was only there to finalize the deal with the client, but I found out that somebody on our side messed up, and I had to fix it somehow,“ “…but the lack of phone calls?“ Jumin chuckled and sheepishly rubbed his nape. 

“Well…that was because part of the condition was to spend time with the client’s 3-year old child, and the brat somehow got hold of my phone and he threw it in a lake. By the time we found the phone, it was already unsalvageable even when one of the staff thought to put it in a bag of rice overnight,“ by this time, you could tell that he was distressed because he wouldn’t normally use such words as “brat“, but you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the thought of the C&R Director chasing a toddler around.

“Oh you poor thing! So that’s why. But you could have asked to borrow somebody else’s phone and called Jaehee at least. She was also worried because her calls wouldn’t go through either,“ you almost wanted to forgive him, but you were still holding out.   

“If I could call somebody at that time, I would have called you first… but then, all my contacts were in that phone, and I didn’t have any numbers memorized. I’m sorry, MC. Please let me make it up to you,“ he looked hopefully at you, like a child expecting to get a present that he always wanted.

“Hmm… I don’t know, Jumin. I told you to carry a copy of your contacts list in a small notebook before, but you never listened.“

“I know, and I’m sorry. I’ll order Assistant Kang to make me a copy of my contacts first thing in the morning.“

You shook your head. “No dear, you have to do it by yourself. Jaehee was already neck deep in work the last time I checked. You could at least lessen the projects that you give her.“

“Alright, no more unnecessary projects. Please forgive me, I’ll do anything you want.“

You perked up at the thought of your husband offering to do anything for you. “Really? Anything?“

“Yes, my love, anything.“

“Well, there IS something I’ve been meaning to try…“

Jumin heard the door open and close, followed by the sound of somebody moving around the room. “MC, is that you?“ “Did I permit you to talk?“ “No ma’am,“ he had used that tone on you a couple of times, so he knew not to address you casually.

There was a soft thunk by the bedside table, and he felt the bed dip, and the smell of your citrus and green tea shower gel permeated his nostrils as you sat beside him. “So, what shall I do to you first, Mr. Han?“ your tone was seductive, like honey smoothly gliding over his soul. “You do know that I intend to get payback in full after this, don’t you… ma’am?“ there was a sound of rummaging from his right side.

“Cheeky bastard. If you’re going to get payback after this, then I might as well make it count. I wonder though, should I just take off that blindfold and eat a sandwich in front of you? Or should I build a block tower instead?“ “MC…“ there was a hint of warning in his voice, and a tick in his jaw. It was  fun teasing him like this, but you knew not to push your luck.

Waiting for my call

ok so I was waiting in the doctor’s office and this girl sat beside me, and my shy self didn’t even DARE look at her to avoid flustering. I had my headphones on and tried not to show off my gayness and I didn’t notice I was being called, so the pretty girl tapped my shoulder and she told me. I accidentally locked eyes with her and they were sooo pretty and so was her hair and everything omg asdfghjkf I could only reply “Oh ok thank you my bad I’m sleepy” Something like that idr. I got out of there and into my car and I just sat there telling myself “wow Mimi you really are a useless lesbian”

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Blackpink reaction to your morning/sleepy voice!

{ Rosé }

“Oh really, explain!”

Rosé would find your morning voice one of the many attractive traits about you. Sometimes you would wake up from an eventful dream, or even a nightmare, and she would never get bored of hearing you ramble on. 

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{ Jisoo }

“Omg that’s so cute”

Jisoo hadn’t got used to your morning voice so when you told her “Good morning babe” it caught her off guard- but in the best way possible. You would get embarrassed but she would reassure you that it was adorable.

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{ Jennie }

“I just can’t get enough of that voice damn”

Jennie would be infatuated with your morning voice, she can’t start the day without it. Similar to Rosé, she would listen to your voice for hours on end but would definitely let you know that she loves it.

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{ Lisa }

“Say that again? Haha!”

Lisa would find your morning voice cute but for the most part, funny. She would tease you and you would have to avoid it by tickling her to death. It would be incredibly innocent though, she would tease you because she loved you.

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RFA+V+Saeran seeing MC in uniform for the first time

Not a request, just an idea I had! I’m in marching band, and wondered how all these beans would react to seeing MC in uniform for the first time! I got ideas, one thing led to another, and here we are with a not requested headcanon for all of you amazing people’s enjoyment. This was a lot of fun to write, and is my first ever hc, so I hope you enjoy!

-Mod Sarin


  • Boi is shook the first time you come out in your taekwondo uniform
  • He knew you were in taekwondo and wanted to see your uniform
  • Didn’t expect you to look so cute
  • lord give him strength
  • Can’t stop staring at you as you tie the belt
  • He stares so much you start to wonder if you have something on your uniform
  • “Yoosung? Is something up? Do I have something on my clothes?”
  • “N-no! You look fine! I mean, no, you look more than fine, you look great, you always do!”
  • Poor boy is so flustered
  • He ends up coming with you to class
  • stares at you the entire time
  • Also ends up joining your class just so he can see you in your uniform more damnit Yoosung


  • He had no idea you were in the military
  • So when you came out of your bedroom in your uniform Zen was shook
  • Who knew you would look so hot good in camo and combat boots???
  • Controlthebeastcontrolthebeastcontrolthebeast
  • After the initial shock, he starts to worry you were being sent overseas or something
  • Took you forever to get him to stop freaking out
  • Once he did, he pestered you with questions about the military to the point where you had to tell him to shut up
  • From then on he would brag about how his girlfriend was serving the country zen stahp pls

Jaehee (I’m not very familiar with jaehee, but I tried my best. I hope this isn’t too ooc >.<)

  • She is pleasantly surprised when you show up to her judo class
  • You were just starting out, and finds it adorable how hard you were trying
  • You wanted to impress Jaehee aww
  • She noticed your forms were wrong and came over to help you but you fall down
  • Mom mode™ activated
  • Immediately at your side, helping you to your feet
  • But your belt comes loose as you get up oh no
  • She quickly reties it, noting how cute you are dressed in the white clothing
  • cutecutecutecute
  • Shows you how to properly do the move you were trying and goes back to what she was doing before like it never happened
  • you betcha it was in the back of her head the rest of the day


  • You are in marching band? Why would you do such a thing?
  • He didn’t understand the appeal of marching band
  • That is, up until he first saw you in uniform
  • Oh boy
  • You looked so professional and badass in that uniform
  • He didn’t care that it showed no skin, or that the shako hid your beautiful hair and face
  • You were adorable in his eyes
  • The only thing he didn’t like was how you didn’t stand out on the field
  • His kitten needs the spotlight! no honey that’s not how it works
  • You betcha he tries to buys you flashy uniforms so that you can stand out on the field
  • You betcha he is upset when he finds out that’s not how it works, but still supports you anyways
  • He loves you, and will do anything to make you happy


  • Okay this boy
  • He knew you were a police officer from the background check
  • Naturally, when he meets you, he wants to see you in uniform not that he hasn’t seen you already from the CCTV nuh uh nope
  • So he is pleasantly surprised when you come home from work still in uniform
  • Finds you so sexy with the gun belt around your hips and your badge shining on your chest
  • But most importantly
  • He wants the uniform off
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • No not for that ya nasty
  • You took the uniform off and went to get in the shower, come out and that damn boy has it on and is swinging the handcuffs around on a finger
  • “Cuff me, MC, I’ve been bad~”
  • “Take off my uniform before I turn you in.”
  • MC isn’t taking his shit
  • You do end up cuffing him, but leave him cuffed to the kitchen table for Saeran to see when he comes home sorry Saeran


  • (Lets pretend he got the vision surgery okay)
  • You came home late from the hospital
  • It was an extra long shift, lots of patients and some interesting cases
  • Usually you changed before coming home, but tonight you just wanted to get home
  • V was asleep in the bedroom when you got home, so you were quiet so as to not wake him up
  • But he wasn’t fully asleep and heard you come in
  • You went to the kitchen and dumped your purse on the table, going for some food (you told him to eat before because you would be late home (its nearly midnight oops)
  • The kitchen light flicked on, and you turned to see a sleepy-eyed V with bed head rubbing his eyes to adjust to the sudden light i just imagined this omg help too cute
  • “MC?”
  • “I’m sorry to wake you, love. I was just going to get some food and shower. I’ll be in bed in a few-”
  • He interrupted you by taking a few short strides, taking your face in his hands, and pressing a firm kiss to your lips
  • You were shook bc 1) you stink and 2) your scrubs were filthy
  • “V? What..?”
  • “I’ve never seen you in your scrubs before. You’re cute in them. You should come home more often in them.”
  • You made sure to come home more often in your scrubs he was always ready with the camera to take pictures of you despite your complaints of looking bad, insisting you are beautiful awww


  • He tried to play off like he didn’t care about seeing you in your jumping uniform
  • He really tried
  • He failed
  • You’re just too cute to resist
  • So he hesitantly agreed to come to your show
  • Poor boi was so nervous because there was a lot of people
  • Having Saeyoung there calmed him a bit
  • Seeing you come out on your horse calmed him more
  • Until he saw how tall that horse was
  • Holy shit MC is this safe???
  • Holds his breath as you jump over the jumps flawlessly, cantering towards each confidently
  • Could finally breathe when you slowed down and went out of the arena
  • Boi was up in 0.39 seconds and off to where you would be sorry saeyoung looks like you are chilling there alone
  • Finds you as you are walking your horse, your helmet off and hair messy
  • You look hot in the black jacket and tan breeches holy-
  • No Saeran bad thoughts you are mad at MC for doing this stupid sport
  • Immediately goes over and engulfs you in his arms
  • “S-Saeran?”
  • “Don’t scare me like that again, stupid.”
  • Plays it off as anger, but he really is proud
  • Goes to all of your shows from then on just because he doesn’t want you to get hurt okay not because he wants to see you in uniform again nope nuh uh no way

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OKAY but omg what if the times yoongi has cooked for jimin were late nights after yoongi was in the studio and jimin had been dancing for hours and when they got home they were both hungry and tired and yoongi couldn't let jimin go to bed without a good meal after dancing for so long so he cooked them a meal while jimin watched with a sleepy smile and the soft "thanks hyung" and yoongi would just blush and stuff some food in jimins mouth to make him shut up i'm not crying

omg i need this as a fic immediately

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Headcons of j seen Bruce sleep?

Awwww! *cue much fluff because this is one of my fave things!*

Ok, so I don’t imagine J being a very heavy sleeper. He survives on cat naps here and there until he reaches a level of exhaustion that makes him crash for like a whole day or something. So generally, he’ll be awake long after Bruce has conked out.

Sometimes he’ll just lie there and watch him, and sometimes he might run his fingers and hands over him, just because he can and because this is the thing he’s always dreamed of and now he’s got it and it’s hard to believe most of the time, so he’s just gotta touch to make sure it’s real.

He also likes resting his head on Bruce’s chest to listen to his heart because it moves much slower than J’s and he likes how deep and steady it is.

Then, of course, there are the nights J gets bored so he’ll grab his makeup bag and doodle on Bruce or give him some sort of makeover and, y'know, he hasn’t been able to do that too often because it’s just so hard not to laugh, especially when he tried out the purple lipstick on him! He also braided all of his hair once and has to admit Bruce didn’t look too bad with a wild mop of wavy hair, although the glare made him look a bit like an angry merman.

Because he’s watched Bruce so often, he’s learned to tell which nightmares he’s having by the expressions on his face. He’ll frown a certain way, or his mouth twists and turns just so and, if he can, J will calm him down without waking him, by smoothing his eyebrow or stroking his face (stahp me I’m in Uber Fluff territory now!) and him softly until Bruce settles down again.

Mostly he just likes watching and enjoying the feel of having him there. Hearing his breathing, smelling him, feeling how warm he is without even needing to touch him because J is usually pretty cold and Bruce is like his own personal hot water bottle. He just wants to enjoy having his Batsy right there beside him.

Tired and can’t sleep so here’s some Regulus HC

-Reg hates the color green.
- he’s got a huge association with it and the shit he’s survived
-when he moved in with Sirius, Remus, and James after he ran away from Grimauld Place before his last year of school, he began to associate red with safety, and family
-The first time Reg wakes up screaming from a night terror James is the first one in his room to check on him
-Sirius and Remus are close behind
-none of them leave him that night
-this is Reg’s first cuddle puddle, he’s overwhelmed by it, but also has never felt safer.
-over the rest of the summer Reg and Sirius rebuild their bond, stronger than it ever was before (which is a feat previously unknown)
-Reg also finds himself talking to James more and more as the summer progresses
- the night terrors don’t stop but neither does the support of this new family
- When term starts again and Reg is back in his dorm surrounded by green upolstry and people who want him dead, Reg misses the red.
-letters come in threes at breakfast every day,
- Sirius writes long dramatic rants about trivial things, but always end with “I love you Reggie, I’m not leaving this time”
-Remus sends study tips and updates about the outside world, always including Sirius’ actual state of wellness
-James writes stories about work, and some of his adventures while at the school, usually mentioning a secret place or two for him to discover when everything becomes too much.
- James always writes in red ink.
- James’ letters always get opened last, because they always cause a strange flutter in his chest.
- Regulus sends notes back to Sirius and Remus together every evening short bits about his classes and teachers
- his letters to James however, detail a bit more.
- When Sirius asks why James gets his own letter and he has to share Reg doesn’t answer in that letter
-in his next letter to James however he does
- “I don’t know why I feel so safe talking to you. No one has ever truly made me feel safe before. I’m scared.”
- James’ next letter is four pages long. It tells the story of how he found Sirius beaten and bleeding on the stoop of his parents house, and how hard they had all fought to save Reg too.
- “I didn’t know if you knew the whole story. You don’t have to tell me anything, but I know more than you think. I know and I’m still here. I’ll always be here Reg.”
-if Regulus reads that letter until the ink starts to smudge, that’s no one’s business but his own.
- When Reg goes home for Christmas he finds himself staring far more often than he’d like to admit.
- The night before Christmas eve finds too much alcohol and even more laughter
-Sirius and Remus sneak away unnoticed while Reg and James talk late into the night.
- When Reg wakes up the next morning face pressed into James’ chest on the sofa he realizes this is the first night in years a night terror hasn’t been so bad he’s woken screaming.
- When James opens his eyes and smiles at him, mumbling a sleepy good morning Reg realizes something
-maybe Hazel is the safest shade of green.


6.03: okay…

LAST STREAM DRAWS. REQUEST FOR @somesketchyshit HELLLAAAAAAAAAA she asked for two people wearing a scarf and drinking hot coc… she forgot the o so i’m just.. repeating her mistake sorry(notsorry) HHAHAH

so i drew Young Jack and Adult Angel. and they make the cutest father daughter team and i’ cry but this is a happy post so no crying. .-.

Jack and Angel©Borderlands
-listening to weird music and has no dishes to do holla-©me


alrighty so my very first thing on this blog, domestic!joshua , as requested by the lovely @jisoostar ♡ I hope you enjoy this!!

it was so cute to write

○ owning a house w/ josh would be the cutest thing ever honestly
○ like first of all
○ can you imagine waking up to him every day
○ sleepy josh w/ messy hair and a soft smile? sign me UP
○ ok like i see him as someone who wants his house to be really clean
○ but never really wants to do the cleaning himself……
○ but also feels rly bad asking u to clean
○ “gosh the living room is getting kinda messy…..”
○ “then clean it?”
○ “idk..would u do it…please?”
○ you’d always end up doing the cleaning
○ but his laziness in cleaning is made up for by him cooking and doing the shopping for around the house and like laundry
○ will probably over decorate for holidays
○ “i got more halloween decorations!!!”
○ “josh..thats great but it literally looks like a haunted house in here”
○ “i know isnt it GREAT?!”
○ just gets really excited over holidays and spending them with u in your home
○ artist!joshua would come out tbh
○ he’d spend so much time decorating the christmas tree cookies with green frosting and tiny sprinkle ornaments
○ eventually gets frustrated and just throws on random frosting and a shit ton of sprinkles
○ christmas morning would be thE BEST
○ you’d wake up to a non-sleepy josh, he’d be leaning over you just WAITING for you to wake up so he could see what you got for him and he’d be SO EXCITED to see ur reaction to what he got u
○ “y/n wake up!! come on its CHRISTMAS!!!!”
○ josh is just an excitable little angel omg
○ ok but like back to house decorating
○ i feel like he’d be the type to really be into feng shui or have like a very serious aesthetic for your home
○ you’ll come home with like new red drapes or something and he’d just be like
○ “oh no…y/n….this doesn’t match the rest of the house….”
○ he’d leave u really cute sticky notes in the morning
○ like on the mirror in your bathroom saying
○ “good morning beautiful, have a lovely day ♡”
○ he’d very often come home with like flowers or one of ur fave snacks or just anything to let u know he was thinking of u on his way home
○ eating dinner together would be so sweet
○ he’d always ask you abt ur day and listen intently to u rant about the drama at work
○ he’d probably get so into what u were talking abt he’d stop eating
○ if u had an especially bad day at work he’d cook u ur fave meal followed by cuddling while watching ur fave movie/tv show
my heart is fluttering thinking about it omg
○ he’d honestly be the best stress reliever i just-
○ he’d be an even better listener on those days and would hold you in his arms and stroke ur hair while listening to you, nodding along to everything you say
○ you guys would have a music room in ur house
○ he’d spend a lot of his free time in there
○ like his guitar would be in there, all the albums u guys own with a really good sound system, and any instruments u play
○ would want to have jam sessions with u in there ALL THE TIME
○ like u guys would probably spend more time in there than anywhere else honestly
○ likes when u sing along to the music you’re listening to
○ like he’s just walking past the music room and hears ur voice and just stops outside the door and peaks in and smiles to himself
○ he loves your voice ;;;
○ ok so like you’ll have to go away for like a week on a business trip or smthn
○ and like time apart isnt anything super rare for you guys, but it’s mostly him thats gone
○ and so he’s spending a week alone in the house…and he’s like….really sad
○ like ofc he loves the house cause its your guys’
○ but its different without you there
○ and he’d have trouble sleeping in your bed without you there in his arms like
○ he’d just be so sad w/o you there
○ and you come back and he’s waiting for you with flowers and his arms wide open
○ you run into his arms and you guys just hold each other for like 10 minutes
○ and when you pull away joshua is like
○ “this house isnt a home without you in it”
○ so in conclusion, domestic!joshua would be the sweetest, fluffiest thing ever

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Oki, sorry to bother, but I was wondering: what if [2p] France, Canada and Germany and [1p] france and Russia's so was a silly one, like always saying random stuff as "potato" and booking their nose? (Sorry to bother/if you have already done it)

Yo omg, you sent this in like what, three months ago or so? I never got around to this, sorry!

Originally posted by your-anninmalcracker

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy 

Francois has not been sleeping well recently. Just kidding, he rarely ever gets a good nights sleep. This afternoon is different, however, because he actually felt sleepy. He was about to fall asleep when he felt something on his nose. Oh god, not this, not now.

“Gueeeessss what time it is!”

“Y/n please don’t-”

“It’s boop on the nose time!” You giggled.

“Y/n, no-”

“Boop on the nose time is mandatory!” You argued, feeling rather persistent and very hyper. You got a good 15 nose boops before he dragged you on the couch and pulled you into a hug.

“Boop time is over, take a nap with me.” He grumbled. It worked…for like, a minute or two, it wasn’t then he heard a ‘doot’ in his ear that you both knew this would not end well.

Canada/Matthew Willams




“Maple, I heard you the first time.” The Canadian stated as he put his fork down


“D-do you want chee-”


“Ah, it’s random moment time, isn’t it?” He quietly laughs, you were normally like this, though it confused Matthew sometimes. He normally goes along with it. 

“Do you wanted to maked you peas with cheese?” He tried out, but it felt awkward. You laughed and nodded, this is really the only inside joke you two had.

Germany/Ludwig Beilshmdit  

“Hey Luddie, guess what.” 

“Yes, y/n?”

“You’re a potato.” You stated. Ludwig sighed, it’s like dating Feliciano, only you’re sillier, and probably less wimpy.

“This is the third time today you have told me that.” He replied.

“No but like…you’re a good potato. If you were legit an actual potato, I’d eat you all up!” You grinned, and you didn’t notice a blush forming on his face. Did he take that as a sexual statement? Yes

“…I could eat you right now.” He muttered, loud enough for you to hear.

“Ya gotta catch me first!” You teased and ran out the room. Whether you have sexy-times or not is up to you

France/Francis Bonnefoy

“Do you think talking pickles could take over the world?” You asked your boyfriend, who you were currently snuggling with.

“Hm, what makes you think that, mon ange?” He asked as you put your head on his chest, both of you were growing tired.

“Do you think they would do the doot.” You managed before you yawned, you were hoping he would agree with you.

“I don’t know, but I think you need to use the sleep.” Francis responded, amusing you for those last few moments before you slip into dreamland. Maybe when you wake up, you would get your answer as to would talking pickles would do the doot.

Russia/Ivan Braginski

“Ivan, that tree looks sad.” You clung onto the Russian’s arm as you two were walking in his garden. Ivan was concerned, had Toris not watered the plants again? The Magic Metal Pipe of Pain™ would have a ‘talk’ with the poor Lithuanain.

“Which one is it, sunflower?” He asked, and only when you pointed out the tree did he laugh. It was his weeping willow tree, the leaves droop naturally as all willow trees should. 

“Пчелка, weeping willows always look like that, but I could see why you would say it looks ‘sad’”

Пчелка: little honey bee (term of endearment) 

Mon ange: my angel (term of endearment)

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^^ thank you

• When Yuuri bends over to readjust his skates Victor zooms in really close on his butt

• one time Georgi did a makeup tutorial and no one knew if he was joking or not
•Leo sometimes likes to post videos of him singing or playing guitar or both
• Nobody thought that Yuri Plisetsky had a YouTube channel until Mila spilled that he actually posts comedy videos of his cat in secret
• I don’t know if Yuuri and Victor would ever have a coming out video but if they did it would break the fucking internet
• Everyone knew they were dating anyways
• I headcanon Phichit as the kind of guy who would probably film literally everything
• It doesn’t even have to necessarily be figure skating like he’ll just make a video of him walking around downtown looking for a Starbucks
• “I love this coffee shop, I think I’d take my future S/O here one day.”
• Minami is ALWAYS the first one to comment on videos with Yuuri in it and frankly it’s pretty scary
• Chris tried to make YouTube videos but he got age restricted so many times he decided it wasn’t worth the hassle
• Okay I can’t shake the thought of Victor vlogging himself waking Yuuri up in their hotel room and seeing Yuuri’s sleepy face in the morning almost makes him want to stop filming cause god he just wants to keep it all to himself
• “Isn’t the sky beautiful Yuuri?”
• *snoring*
• Guang and Leo are meme lords on YouTube, they are chaotic good and unproblematic
• Phichit has made it his duty to catch the risqué side of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship on camera
• *jumps in to the changeroom* “I KNEW IT you guys ARE having sex!”
• “Really? Yuuri you should have told me I would’ve put my book down.”

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5. Falling Asleep

Training was tiring. So, so tiring… Berrick could be a Titan Shifter, but he still had his daily dose of energy, just like everyone - well, except that Jäger kid, but he was a very rare and special case.

Berrick had changed into his comfortable, civilian clothes already, and he pretty much fell over his own bunk. The brunette let his body relax, closing his eyes, and when he was sure he was on the verge of falling asleep, Reiner called him.

Slowly, sleepy, Berrick looked at Reiner, rubbing his eyes and blinking afterwards, trying to stay awake. “What’s with you now, Reiner? I’m tired… Please, just let me sleep here… Unless it’s really important, of course, but… I don’t wanna get up…”

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steve taking pictures of bucky constantly because there's only a handful that still exist from before and most of them are shrouded in bad memories and connotations but now he's got dozens of photos of bucky passed out on the couch or smiling at steve's stupid joke or looking annoyed because dammit rogers get that camera out of my face but there's still an undercurrent of affection in his eyes

they start making videos together and steve tries to capture the way bucky moves when he’s sleepy and the way his voice sounds when he’s reminiscing about their lives before the war. he makes a vlog of them decorating their apartment with all the pictures he’s taken and bucky grins and shakes his head and asks, “you got any that aren't me?” and steve just kind of shrugs, thumbing another photo of bucky lost in some book. 

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can y ou write a blurb about luke omg please anything im just feelin luke rn

i’m gonna do sleepy luke because i am feeling it

luke’s lil nose would get so cold at night and his feet would be freezing so he’d always curl himself into you and tuck his nose and face into your neck and press his feet against yours to warm them up and he’d be snuggled up against you from head to toe and he’d make a lil hum of contentment when he finally got warmed up and press a lil kiss to your temple and promptly fall asleep with his arm around your waist

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Because it's cool and all but I also really like the portrayal of very close friendships since thats the kind of friendship /I/ want myself. Also, unrelated but Dean slut shaming got me angry like nothing else omg

I love the portrayal of close platonic relationships too. In fact, I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow and I honestly love Ichabod and Abbie as totally platonic best friends, even with a ‘profound bond’. I find it refreshing when characters can just be super close without it being romantic or sexual. But I just can’t for the life of me see that when Dean has literally checked Cas out while unbuttoning his shirt and gotten a boner over him shiny and fresh. 

Man, I feel you. That was so random and unnecessary.