omg i just don't know if this is being sassy or what but i like it and i love her ;)

Thoughts on Supernatural 12x10

OKAY, I usually don’t do this but I NEED to say how I feel about the last episode of Supernatural (12x10) cause it was just so PER-FECT. 

  • Castiel’s female vessel : so important for the show 
  • They have the SAME BLUE EYES omg i’m dead x_x 
  • Great flashbacks about Castiel’s past where we get to see how he went to Earth when he was still on mission for Heaven.
  • GOD, I’d missed Badass!Cas so much xD
  • I love how Dean was in the beginning of the episode, like “Damn it, bae, you can’t save my life everytime you know, sometimes there might have consequences. No really you need to stop saving my asses, love.” 
  • “We’ll come with you” “Both of you?” IS DEAN COMING CAUSE OTHERWISE I’M NOT EVEN INTERESTED SAM #lmao
  • Dean being the grumpy husband and Cas the unsatisfized wife is the best thing that the writers could have done #they’re married
  • The Impala is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ♥ I’ve missed baby. 
  • That scene in the Impala: they’re really fighting and snarking at each other like an old married couple and that’s so touching because it’s exactly what they are. Now everybody can see it ^^
  • Oh, he speaks” the sarcasm level has just exploded. 
  • Dean is jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalous! It’s happening, guys!
  • Dean being touchy and easily offended when it’s about Cas like “What’s that supposed to mean?” WELL, It means he wants you to be gentle and kind and caring with him too, dummy! Come on, Dean! 
  • Can we agree Sam was Dean and Cass’ therapist in that episode? 
  • Sasstiel is back! “If I plan to do anything else stupid, I’ll let you know”
  • “And you’re gonna storm in riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now” LMAO 
  • No one knows Dean more than Sam, alright? And Sam knew Dean couldn’t handle letting Cas alone, even for like five minutes. If that’s not someone who ships destiel, then I don’t fucking know what it is.
  • Dean being overprotecting with Cas is so cute :3 When he charged into that restaurant and just sat down next to Cas like “He’s mine, don’t even try to lay a finger on him, you asshole”, I was in Heaven! 
  • But where is the personal space? Like remember the time Dean was uncomfortable with Cas being too close to him? Remember that time he said “Cas, we talked about it. Personal space.” HE LITERALLY JUST SAT DOWN TWO INCHES AWAY FROM HIM. 
  • Sam almost falling off the bench seat, I was laughing out loud (like the guy is a freaking giant, give him so space, Dean xD)
  • Who wants some pie?” Dean Winchester, everyone 
  • Sam and Dean protecting Castiel, THANKS GOD! It was so necessary. Castiel has a serious self esteem matter and it’s always good to see Dean and Sam trying to fix him, trying to fix this crappy image he has.
  • Have some pie”, Dean actually considering it x) Pie is Dean’s true love!
  • Touching story about a mom and her child, loved it! #the feels
  • Dean and Sam whispering, thinking she can’t hear them, lmao
  • And she can hear you” LOL #sassy queen 
  • Dean fighting for Cas again, I’m not even surprised. 
  • I can’t believe Dean chose to not activate the angel mark to save his life because it was dangerous for Cas like “yeah you know I’m at the ground, wounded and powerless, and this is the only way to save my ass but it might hurt Cas so nope, not gonna happen” OKAY.  
  • Cas saved the day (agaaaaain) and that was perfect : he didn’t need anyone’s help, he did it alone, because that’s right, he’s still a badass warrior even if he has more emotions now. You can be humanly emotive and be badass as hell. And it’s exactly what Cas is. 
  • Cas seeking for forgiveness, I was like “my baby needs a hug!” 
  • You’re not weak, Cas” : Dean and Sam recognizing how strong and powerful Cas is, even if he hasn’t his wings anymore was awesome!
  • What do we do now?” “Let’s drink” kinda made me think about Castiel’s line “ I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol” lmao
  • I hope they’ll manage to find a solution about the nephilim! 


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Hi! Why is it that so many readers disliked Talisa in the show? I have never read the books and I don't get the hate at all. Did Robb marry a Frey in the books?

OKAY time to answer this.

  1. no, robb did not marry a frey, otherwise justifying the rw would have been a lot worse as far as walder was concerned.
  2. however, he did not marry talisa.
  3. how it went in the book: while he’s offpage during acok (because robb shows up like once in the beginning and then you don’t see him again until asos as he’s in cat chapters and cat isn’t with him for the entirety of book two) robb is in the westerlands winning battles. he wins this castle belonging to the westerling family, who is noble but not really THAT important and who are lannister vassals. he gets an arrow to the shoulder and the daughter of the lord in question, jeyne westerling, who is not talisa, patches his wound up.
  4. while they’re at that, robb gets a raven from winterfell saying that theon killed bran and rickon.
  5. spoilers: in the book robb had not gone back to wf at once because he thought that whatever got into theon’s head he wouldn’t have harmed his brothers. ops.
  6. thinking that his brothers are dead because of him thanks to his decision to not go back and because his bff betrayed him, robb isn’t in a really great moment. jeyne westerling is there. shit happens. we have a deflowered maiden. ops x 2.
  7. since robb stark is not the kind of person who’d leave a spoiled maiden behind when she’s not from such a highborn family as no one else would have had her, he marries her fully knowing he’s breaking the pact with the freys, but he does that because he couldn’t leave a spoiled maiden behind and because he’s that much a familydutyhonor guy, not because he thought she was hot and he didn’t want to marry the frey girl.
  8. that also translates in the following things: when cat shows up like ‘I freed jaime put me in jail if you feel like you should’ robb is like ‘AAAAH BUT NO MOM SEE I CAN IMAGINE WHY YOU’D DO IT I WOULD NEVER IT’S DONE AT THIS POINT AND BY THE WAY OPS I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING WAY WORSE THAN FREEING JAIME LANNISTER HI MEET MY NEW BRIDE JEYNE ISN’T SHE LOVELY BY THE WAY WE SHOULD FOLLOW WHERE OUR HEARTS TAKE US BYE’. he also tries everything he can to patch things up with the freys because he knows he wronged them, he was nowhere as flippant about it as he was in the show.
  9. meanwhile, jeyne’s mom was pretty much planning with tywin to facilitate the RW and inconvenience the marriage - as in, robb and jeyne try to have kids for about two years-ish and she doesn’t end up pregnant because her mom basically fed her moon tea so that she wouldn’t give robb an heir and has a deal with tywin to have her married with a lannister when it’s sure she isn’t carrying robb’s kid. that was showed in jaime’s affc storyline which was not at all what happened in the show. jeyne wasn’t happy about that and jaime was looking at her mom like HOW FUCKING TERRIBLE CAN YOU BE. if jaime lannister thinks you’re despicable human being you must really be fucking terrible.
  10. anyway, throughout that thing it was obvious that while they married out of necessity/of a mistake, robb and jeyne ended up having the marriage cat and ned had and that she was ranting about at robb in the show - as in, they had learned to love each other and did indeed love each other a lot, and jeyne was one of his two basic emotional supports. emotional. cat was the political one. because jeyne was like fifteen and knew nothing of politics. which meant that cat didn’t get cut off her own storyline to favor jeyne or viceversa.
  11. also, jeyne’s still alive. might be that she’s actually pregnant. she’s also completely not okay with her mom and with robb dying. ops.
  12. also, more important: when jaime sees jeyne in affc, he thinks ‘huh well she’s good looking but no one people would lose wars for’. as in: robb stark pretty much lost the war also because he married a girl no one else would have given two shits about. which is basically robb’s defining trait since he’s friends with people he shouldn’t be (his bastard brother/the resident hostage) and doesn’t judge people on their name, so the fact that he lost his life because he married a jeyne no one gives a crap about has an entirely other weight, especially when then you notice that it’s a foil to theon’s book storyline. because theon actually lived because he saved another girl named jeyne that no one gave a shit about. for more info see here. tldr: robb lost the war also because he married a normal person.
  13. talisa, on the other side, it’s - a joke of a character. asoiaf is about realistic characters. someone who comes from a noble family in essos but says fuck it because she wants to be a nurse, has the main character fall in love with her just because she’s sassy and she stands up to him and she shows him how much of a Strong Woman In A Cruel World She Is while she takes up cat’s role and who he marries because he’s OMG SO IN LOVE WITH HER LET’S DO A ROMEO AND JULIET THING I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE FREYS is something that would not exist in the books at any point. also, it makes robb look like some kind of idiot who couldn’t stick to his word and who went against it without giving a shit about the frey alliance and who can’t put duty above his personal feelings, which is not what happened in the book as he didn’t do it out of finding jeyne hot, he knew he fucked up, he married her in spite of it knowing perfectly what he was doing and he certainly didn’t bang her because he thought she was hot.
  14. problem: show!robb is in his twenties and book!robb is fifteen, and it makes book!robb look tenfold more mature than his older show counterpart. ops.
  15. also: it makes it look as if d&d decided that a character like jeyne - who isn’t Special or Amazing or Sassy or Especially Hot or you know, everything talisa is, wasn’t good enough for tv/would have bored people, which I mean, so normal girls who aren’t Special can’t be on tv and can’t marry the supposed noble hero of the story?
  16. never mind that robb/jeyne was made to deconstruct that romeo and juliet love at first sight that makes people forsake everything TM trope. robb/talisa is exactly everything that’s trite about that trope. also robb was made to deconstruct the Fantasy Hero TM Type Who Also Has The Pure Love Story With The Fantasy Heroine TM, and show!robb is basically… Typical Fantasy Hero TM for the entirety of S2 and every scene with talisa in S3. and since robb is kinda my favorite character and I was looking forward to that adaptation I was a bit trifled that they thought he wasn’t good enough for television if he fucked the war up for a moment of weakness rather than for True Love. I don’t want robb stark to fuck up his war for True Love, because that’s… really not the point of his sl.
  17. on top of that, talisa pretty much took over 80% of cat’s role in S3, so while cat should have been the center of it, she basically got sidelined until the red wedding, and when she wasn’t sidelined she was given that dumbass speech where she felt bad for not loving jon which srsly it’s the most ooc thing in existence (???) never mind that robb imprisoned her which is basically… like… see how it went above. robb stark would fucking never.
  18. so basically people hate her because she’s not what she was supposed to be, she looks like some kinda mary sue that sticks out like a sore thumb because she’s not the kind of character you find in asoiaf and her presence ruined robb and cat’s storyline first and foremost, and then it also peripherally ruined theon’s - or better, the moment they introduced talisa I started having a feeling that they wouldn’t adapt theon’s sl the way it deserved (tldr: theon gets his narrative cathartic redemption the moment he saves the life of a jeyne no one cares for after going through ramsay’s torture and so on, but in order to keep that parallel robb should also have married someone no one cared for. btw theon was actually the main character in that arc, and sansa was never supposed to be there). which turned out being right because lo and behold, they stuck sansa in a role that should have been her book-canon best friend’s and if I start ranting about how much I hate how they adapted that part in S5 I’ll end up tomorrow. basically talisa was the first thing they really did wrong on all accounts and she makes no sense within the asoiaf context.
  19. never mind that her writing was embarrassing. I mean, every line she had was cringe-worthy if you knew how it was supposed to go, it was literally painful to see poor oona chaplin stuck in that role when I actually thought she’d have made a great jeyne w., had they actually written that part right.
  20. so like, robb didn’t marry a frey which was his downfall, but he married jeyne westerling, not talisa. and him marrying talisa for the reasons they had in the show was… not what that story was supposed to be at all.

now I understand that people might not think it’s such a big deal because it didn’t change the overall outcome, but I wanted to see robb stark on my screen, not the badly written romeo and juliet version of robb stark, which is what they gave me. so yeah that’s why I personally detest talisa, but I’m fairly sure 90% of other people who do have the same reasons. XD

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Hi, I'm a new fan of The NBHD's music. I can't call myself an Hoodlum (yet) bc I have a silly rule for myself: If you don't know & love all the members, don't call yourself a fan lol. I'm 14 and live in Asia so I don't even have the slightest chance to meet them, also the info about them is very rare :( I have been hopelessly searching about them since last week then came across your tumblr & omg I love you and your blog! Could you give me some info about each members? Thanks :)

You’re already a fan because you like their music, but I completely agree, in order to be a hoodlum, it takes much more than that. Hm okay, so where do I start? (and thank you so much by the way for saying you love my blog, it seriously means alot). So first off, The Neighbourhood members USED to be

Jesse, Mikey, Zach, BRYAN SAMMIS and Jeremy
They never spoke too clearly about why Bryan had to separate from the band. At first it seemed as though he had chose to leave so he could work on his own music but as time went on, in interviews it would be hinted out that there was some tension and being together felt more like a job than it did working with friends. Bryan was my favorite member. He knew who I was before we even formally met. He was the most interactive with the fans and one of the funniest. His solo music is pretty good, if you want to give that a listen here’s the link to his soundcloud (he goes by both Bryan and Olivver, and no the second v was not a typo)

This separation didnt happen too long ago. The band itself is fairly new. They grew immediate attention after writing sweater weather (which was also the first song they all wrote together) They all knew eachother before becoming a band, (Zach and Mikey are the closests though). 

Jesse, Zach, Brandon, Mikey, Jeremy

Jesse is the lead singer and the member people know most about. Not just because he is the lead singer but also because he puts himself out there a lot. He is present in if not all, most interviews and therefore its easy for most fans to fall in love with him. Before the neighbourhood became popular, he was in a serious relationship with a girl named Serena. He wrote a couple songs about her (or at least we believe he did, songs like STING) and we’re not sure why they broke up but most fans were really happy about their relationship. He was single for quite a while before getting together with Anabel Englund, the fan base seemed to be very upset about it. Most argued it was because of the way she presented herself (some people thought it was skanky) but it didn’t stop them from being together and with time people began to love them (Ship name was/is Anese). Now, its not certain but it’s argued that they broke up (they unfollowed eachother on Twitter and Instagram). Jesse is also very sensitive. If you haven’t seen it already in their Afraid video, he is completely naked and he felt very unappreciated when the video didn’t even reach a million views because he completely put himself out there and he went on a sad rant on twitter. It broke most fans hearts and it sparked a fan page trend. I believe at least one fourth of the neighbourhood fan pages that are active today were made after that. Asides from all that mushy stuff, he’s super funny and a confident guy. 

Zach Abels is one of the guitarists of the band and is by far the second most famous member of the band. Its funny because on twitter he is described to be the more sassy one and he always has been but in person he isn’t like that at all. He might not be as tall but he’s just as sweet as Jesse when it comes to the fans.

Mikey Margott is the bass player. He is the youngest of the group and grew up knowing how to play the drums but they really wanted him in the band so they taught him how to play bass (Bryan was already the drummer). He is super sweet and asides from Brandon, he is the member we may know least about, personality wise. He doesn’t have anything but instagram and he doesn’t use it that much. Also, he isn’t present in most interviews so its hard to really say you love him from anything other than maybe meeting him after a concert or the pictures posted of him by photographers and fans. What we do know is that since young, his best friend has always been Zach, he is the band’s barber and for over four years he’s been in a committed relationship with the lovely Lauren Leekley. (which all fans love)

Jeremy Freedman is the other guitarists and the most unappreciated member. I remember meeting them after the iHeartRadio live series and everyone flocked around Jesse while Jeremy was pretty much by himself. After talking to him for a bit I realized how funny he was and being the selfish person I am, I was sort of happy that I could have a conversation with him without being interrupted by other fans. He gives himself these crazy nicknames that work and it only shows about 2% of his sense of humor. Jerry Hot Licks, The Pussy Destroyer and more.  

Bryan Sammis was their drummer. I spoke about him before but he really was my favorite. He always responded to fans on twitter and was even nicer in person. The first time I saw him I didnt have to say anything, he saw the gift I was ready to give him and he knew who I was and that really meant a lot to me. The second time I saw him he recognized me (as did Jesse, they do a good job of remembering faces) and he was very chilled and cool about having a one on one conversation with me.

Brandon Fried is the new drummer. Although he may be a new member, he’s known them since highschool. He’s into Seahawk football and eating gyros and that’s pretty much all I know. He seems like a really funny and chilled guy he just hasn’t been in the band long enough for me to say much in confidence. 

I wish we knew more about their personal lives but the only person who we can really say we all know is Jesse and even then, we dont know everything. I hope this helped, if you have any more questions let me know!