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Request - Emily with a kitty? Or like, finding a stray and letting it live at home, only for Lena to come home and find that Em named the kitty something weird like "Amelie" (for no reason) or cringy like "Leia" or "Biscuit"

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While Lena was gone, Emily didn’t have much to do. Sure, she could work for a little longer or make something at home, but after a while, it get’s kinda boring.

She needed a distraction, something to take care of.

So, when she saw a cat, sitting in an alleyway while it was raining - meowing for rescue, she couldn’t help but bring the cat home.

It was pretty easy to pick the cat up as it trusted her immediately.

She zipped her jacket open and decided to cover the poor cat from the rain. Lucky for her, the cat was calm during the few minutes she needed to get home.

She hadn’t thought about what Tracer would think but then again, she wasn’t here, right?

Once she entered her apartment, she let the cat jump on the floor. “I guess i’ll just take you to the vet tomorrow,” she sighed as the cat patiently waited for her.

Emily knelt down, “Now, does this cute little kitty have a name?”. (Of course the cat didn’t reply)

“Snuffles?” Emily guessed but the cat hissed. She tried again (’Biscuit’) but the cat wasn’t happy with that either. “Brad?!” Emily wildly guessed and well, the cat purred.

Emily couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s the name you want? Okay… ‘Brad’.”

After she took the kitten to the vet, she started treating the cat like her child.

However, she started thinking about what Tracer would say - or do. She wouldn’t hate Brad, right?

Well, not really.

When Lena came home, she heard her girlfriend talk to someone. “Yes, Brad, I know you’re hungry but you already ate!”

Lena frowned, entering the living room, expecting the worst.

She didn’t expect her girlfriend sitting on the couch, having a discussion with a ginger cat. “Love?” Lena asked, briefly scaring Emily.

“Oh… Hi!”.

“Why is there a cat in here and why is his name Brad?” Lena continued and Emily shrugged, “I found him on the streets and it was raining so… I couldn’t leave them!”

She then continued, “Aaand Brad was the only name he liked…”.

The cat hopped off the couch and walked towards Tracer, butting his head against her legs while purring.

“I think he likes you too,”

Emison Extended Kiss Thoughts

• Omg Alison is way more into it that Emily
•How many takes did this take?
• The second Ali’s hand got free of the covers she was immediately reattached their lips
• Do I see Emily’s hand going for Ali’s strap before the angle switches…was she originally supposed to pull down her shirt?
• The way Emily cups Ali’s cheek so tenderly
• Alison pulling Emily closer to her omg
• Emily’s hands in Ali’s hair…could she be a hair puller?
•How did Pam not hear them? Those little horny rabbits