omg i hope we get into his backstory more

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episode prompto raised a lot of questions for me, but the biggest mystery is.. Who was the Lucian dude that kidnapped baby prompto? I mean omg square. You could have left more clues! Your thoughts?

I totally agree, Anon!

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Episode Prompto was great, don’t get me wrong. I honesty enjoyed it and think we got a lot of insight into his backstory and about the creation of the MTs. But there are still a lot of gaps in the storyline, important things left unanswered.

My opinion is that YES, there is a deeper story behind who took Prompto away from Niflheim. I think (hope?) it was intentionally left out of this DLC because Square isn’t finished tormenting us yet. There will likely continue to be updates to FFXV for a long time, as well as other additions to the Universe like mini-games, manga, more in-between scripts, etc. So there’s a chance that one day, they will grace us with a reveal. 

In the meantime, there are lots of theories flying around, the main one seeming to be that it was Cor who rescued Prompto. Now, as cute and sappy as that would be (I, too, love the idea of Daddy Cor and baby Prom), it doesn’t seem plausible for several reasons: 

1) Verstael himself made mention that one of his experiments was taken by a scientist. Now, assuming his information was accurate, I highly doubt Cor was working undercover in Gralea so…. yeah.

2) If Cor had somehow been there, he would have been in the know the whole time. Meaning he would have realized what Verstael was really doing in his lab, cooking up all his weird demon clones and experimenting on people. There’s no way he wouldn’t have told Regis, who would have put a stop to it. 

3) Even if Regis had allowed the Niffs to continue such atrocities, he would have known about Prompto long before he and Noct became friends, and someone (maybe not him but some of his advisors at least) would have objected to the prince hanging out with an enemy weapon. 

4) We know that Prompto lived with a family in Insomnia - he didn’t see them much, but he did sometimes talk about his mother and father. These were probably not the same people who actually took him out of Gralea, but they had to have known whoever did. Prompto had never actually met Cor before his Crownsguard training, so, again, unlikely. 

My theory is that Square Enix will play this story very close to home. There are already SO MANY parallels to FFVII, to the Mako SOLDIERs and to the backstory with Vincent, Hojo, and Aeris and her mother. Most likely, a scientist working for Verstael (perhaps one of the ones who wrote the letters scattered around the facility?) was overcome by his/her emotions and refused to hurt any more children. They probably absconded with a random baby (Prompto) and headed for Lucis, the only place outside of Niff control where it would be safe. Like Aeris’ mother, they were probably killed before or just after reaching Insomnia, and Prompto had to be adopted by a family that either didn’t know what he was, or just never had the heart to tell him. 

TL;DR version: Not Cor, but a random, kind-hearted Gralian, who was just trying to save the life of one innocent child. 

ANYWAYS i got odyssey today and it is truly fucking fantastic so far, i just got to the woods kingdom (or something?? dont remember if thats what its called) when i stopped, but ANYWAYS. im so excited to play the rest of this game. i havent seen any spoilers yet which is good. just some stuff i like so far:

  • the cold open! WOW!! (I hope we get a little backstory as we go though? i’m sure we will)
  • the music is fanstastic, just like galaxy’s
  • using cappy is a pretty much like the spin function in galaxy, except you can use it as a projectile, and it’s just a super fun and unique power
  • mario has??? so much personality in this game???? or at least i feel like there’s more than usual, from the little mannerisms his character does based on environment (shivering/reacting to head), to the little expressions he’s doing on the pause screens….omg…..its so Fucking good yall
  • all of the enemies have been SUPER creative and fun to battle
  • player two function is actually relatively useful

things i dont like

  • i havent seen peach enough at All thanks