omg i hope this makes sense tho

The Real Recording Studio

DESCRIPTION: Yoongi didn’t like other instructors teaching his trainees.

WARNINGS: Semi-public sex, fingering, oral, riding, male!dom, jealousy, studio sex, foul language


REQUEST: Hello there! Can I ask for Yoongi smut and you’re his Best Friend but caught him ‘pleasuring’ a.k.a masturbating in his studio and ask for your help to finish him? Yoongi being dominant tho. Thanks a lot!!

REQUEST: Hello, uhm… I would like to request a Yoongi smut scenario? Where you’re hanging out with another member all day long and he slowly gets jealous and shows you who you belong to at the end of the day? I really hope that makes sense omg 😳

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i’ve been thinking about this.
Recently, jack responded to an ask asking about Anti and if him and Robin are ever gonna bring him back/have any plans instore
which in the response
Jack replied with something on the lines of “Who knows if he’ll ever come back.”
Which got me wondering.
In Anti’s latest appereance
The Pax Video
Anti says something on the lines of
“I’m not going ANYWHERE
I’m always there
always watching…
you can’t get rid of me.”
I rewatched the video again and again, and i think i’m making sense of it now.
Even if Robin and Jack don’t fully bring back Anti,
it doesn’t mean he’s gone.
Even if we don’t see him in videos,
he’s still there.
he even said it him self.

“I’m ALWAYS there….
a͎̖̱̖͂͊l̠̝̲͉͓ͭ̊͂̎w͍̩͚͎̓̃͛̈́͋a̶͕͆ͧ̎ÿ̸̮̩̳̻̙̲̲̈͑͂ͮs̶̬͕̭̞͂̍ͯͧ̂ ̙͎̣͂ͮ͑wa̸̩͇ͤ̾ͮͯt͎̗ͤ̑͐̚͢c̱̤̬͈̰̋̑̒h̷̺̘̼̥͓̗̓̄ͭḭͣͩ͗n̗͉̭̓ͯͧg̓͏͔..”

See like…I’m very doubtful that Robin and Jack would completely get rid of Anti because it’s such a fun/huge thing (for both us and them let’s face it), but that DOES make sense omg

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Tiny bit similar to hoech's thing (but not really) the last place I lived, was me, mom, & grams. Our deposit was 500, and when we moved out I left behind some of those sticky stars on my wall and some hobbit quotes written in chalk bc I didn't have time to remove. Found out just recently (2 yrs later) that apparently we owe them 6k for damages left when we moved. For some stars and chalk on a wall! Things like this make no sense to me and maybe Hoechs left stars on his wall too lol

Omg he refused to cover up all the private poems and odes of love to the bae. Sigh. We knew that romanticism would get him.

Srsly tho, take pics, ha. Uggh, I hope that works out for you. At this point that’s mostly legal fees *smh*.

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OMG they're soooo pretty! It's all set up nicely for Robert to confess on Thursday seeing as Ross is blackmailing him again. I was kind of hoping that he would confess of his own volition but I'll have to be disappointed again.

RIGHT omg extra shiny and fluffy and pretty I am ignoring Roberts orange face tho lol like wtf @emmerdale makeup crew haha and yeah I know I wish it would have been only Robert feeling guilty and not getting pressured by Ross and it would have totally made sense without all the Ross interaction coz Robert can’t lie to Aaron but thats just ED trying to make Robert look bad again ;( anyways I am so excited for that reveal it’s gonna kill us all but we’ll love it!!!

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Omg I'm sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you!!! But like seriously though question: on a scale of 1-10 how gay are you? 1 being stereotypical "no homo" white frat boy and 10 being "BRING ME DA LADIES"

Hmmm… I’d say I’m between 5 and 6, like I am more into boys (ew I know) but I can’t say that I’m unaffected by girls either… so yeah. Something around this, there are always some exceptions though.. 🐥

#200: when he’s in love,

Mark: hardly anyone knew except you & him, because that’s what your love was about: you & him. A stranger wouldn’t notice the way he smiled to himself after getting a text from you, and a stranger wouldn’t know that he was walking just a little bit faster on the way out so he could get to you just a little bit faster. But the members weren’t strangers, and so they could tell. Easily. They never said anything because it didn’t matter. It just mattered that he was happy.

Junior: everything changed. It was like the world he thought he knew.. suddenly wasn’t the same world anymore, simply because you were in it. He didn’t know that it was possible to go to sleep every night anticipating the next morning to see you, he didn’t know it was possible to feel sparks in his fingertips whenever he touched your skin, and he didn’t know that he could love someone as much as he loved you. But he did.

JB: he’s angry. He was angry because he’d lay in bed staring at the ceiling, trying to think of anything else — anyone else — but you, because how could this have happened? But he couldn’t. Images of you flood his mind and thoughts of holding you and being with you and laughing with you and teasing you consume him, and pretty soon, he just accepts it. He stopped trying to fight it at some point and when that point came, he didn’t feel angry anymore. He felt love.

Jackson: everything was louder. He was louder than usual, his heart beat louder, and he loved louder. Everyone could tell that he had someone in his life, someone in his life that could make the ever-so-annoying Jackson even more annoying (in the best way possible). Sometimes he felt like you were at the controls of his body, turning the volume up and up until he was going to burst. But he was okay with that.

BamBam: he didn’t feel like he had to keep trying anymore. Not that he didn’t try his best at everything, but for a long time, he just wanted someone to accept him and to be with him for him. And you were that person: that person who held his hand and told him it was okay and made sure he felt loved for the BamBam he was inside and not the BamBam everyone else wanted him to be. And he would always love you for that.

Youngjae: music poured out of him steadily and undoubtedly, even more so than before because he knew you would be there to listen to him. It felt like music had to be written.. music written about you, because that was the best way to describe the love he had for you and the love that was between you both, and because words weren’t enough, and they would never be enough. 

Yugyeom: he tried not to make it obvious, but everyone could tell. Smiling at things that didn’t need to be smiled at, spending all his time on his phone, continuously asking when practice would be over so he could leave… it was obvious, and all the members could tell. But whenever they asked, he would deny it, because he didn’t want them to know (yet). He didn’t want anyone to know. He didn’t want anyone to know about the best secret he ever had: you.

#202: favourite time of day

Mark: 11:37PM, when he was absentmindedly scrolling on his phone for so long that he realized that you had fallen asleep on him and so had to gently maneuver his way to switch off the light, smiling to himself before he laid his head back down on the pillow.

Junior: 2:13PM, when your legs were tangled together seated on the couch with the sun shining through the windows just enough to warm you both slightly while you held books in your hands that you were trying to read until you had enough and put them down to read his eyes instead.

JB: 3:08AM, when conversation between you & him began to slow as you both succumbbed to slumber, your eyes drooping and knowing that the last sight you saw was the quiet smile on his face and the last thing you felt was his arms slowly growing tighter around you.

Jackson: 12:31AM, when he was sore and tired and sweaty, but couldn’t be more happier to sprint out of the practice room straight into a fresh set of clothes and then down the stairs where he knew you would be waiting for him.

BamBam: 4:27AM, when it had been too long since you last texted back and he had to guess that you had already fallen asleep, but wishing it weren’t true because all he wanted to do was keep talking to you.

Youngjae: 9:32PM, when he locked the door to the convenience store and waved good-bye to his co-workers, entering the dark of the night only guided by street lamps to quietly hum to himself, while only thoughts of you filled his mind.

Yugyeom: 3:55PM, when the sun hung in the middle of the sky and he raced home to shed off his school uniform, throw on a t shirt and jeans, and raced once more out the door to see his six best friends and you.

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    It wasn’t until Mito turned to look over to her captain when she noticed something was…off, with him. 

          They had been fighting for a while with the crowd of vampires seemingly only growing closer. How many had she killed? The redhead had lost count. Her and Guren had been separated from the rest of their squad, they were checking out a possible noble hideout which had come a little too close to the city walls and split up after seeing the mass of vampires coming their way. Since close combat was the best option in tight spaces and indoors Mito and Guren were one of the best options they had. While the rest of the team saved the small group of humans held prisoner here. 


 He was standing breathing heavier than before, hand still grasping his sword out in front of him while Mito stood back to back with him, her own fists raised and body heavy with pain and strain. He had stopped making sounds for several minutes now, even when another vampire went for him, Mito had to intervene. “Guren, what’s wrong?!” She couldn’t see any obvious injury, which only worried the redhead more.

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forgive me for not sticking to the format, but wouldnt people at the con think kan is in cosplay too? (and they would probably also think her cosplay was really good too :) )

no probs 8)

i was actually originally planning on making the comic longer so that i could include that bit– people complimenting on their ‘cosplays’, but i had to cut it short….. but i did leave a lot open so i guess you could say so, yea!!! she’s just upset because that cosplayer is, well, her. and also smokin hot………..

((also for the sake of not making another post, thank you to all of those anons that complimented that comic omg))