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i’m always a slut for a christmas au 

  • “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside”
  • “i got you for secret santa so i got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me - and that i’ve been in love with you 1234567 years”
  • “hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this”
  • person a seducing person b into taking a few steps back/backing them against the wall (”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????”)
  • “you’re in the hospital for the holidays so i came in while you were sleeping to decorate your room i love you merry christmas”
  • “i live below you and i was minding my own business watching the snowfall out the window WHEN I SAW A BODY FALL ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NOW”
  • “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”
  • “i slipped on ice outside your house and you ran out barefoot to help me quick let’s get inside under a blanket”
  • “’it’s a wonderful life’ aww it sounds so cute babe sure we can watch it! *30 mins later* “YOU MONSTER”
  • “we were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”
  • TREE DECORATING (bonus points if one of them is doing it completely wrong omg why am i in love with you) 
  • “we took our kids to santa’s workshop and they both wished we would get together”
    FRIENDS AU - “our christmas party turned into a tropical theme because the radiator is broken and it’s hotter than hell in here - damn you look good without a shirt i never noticed before asgdhfjgkhl” 
  • “we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” 
  • DRUNKEN CAROLLING (”that’s not a thing” “oh yes it is”) 
  • TEACH ME HOW TO SKI (lol jk i know how you’re just so fucking cute)
  • “there’s a storm and omg i’m losing signal are you okay?? hold on let me drive 489432 miles to get you the night before christmas” 
  • “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face”

Nekoma Setter | Kenma | Dedicated for my sweet Chloe ( @kenmai )(*’∀’人)♥

I feel like they’re setting this up to have some clear contrast in episode ten.

[.gif by @hardyness]

Ok. Hear me out. For a long time, while Carol’s living at this house, Morgan and Ezekiel will probably frequently check in on her – give her some supplies, make sure she’s alright, and have short therapy sessions with her because they both want to help her and both think they’re psychiatrists. So for a long time, Carol’s only visitors will be Morgan and Ezekiel (and Shiva). She’ll grow accustomed to that, and most likely soon, she’ll grow tired of it. She’ll probably roll her eyes as she goes to answer that knock on the door, already knowing who’s going to be on the other side…

Until one day, it will be neither Morgan or Ezekiel.

I expect for Carol to not see Daryl at first, when he approaches the house. And then she’ll hear a knock on the door (because yes, I think he’s going to knock – just to be cute), roll her eyes because she just knows it’s going to be one of her therapists…. but then, it’s not.

It’s Daryl.

And every last bit of Carol’s facade and armor will drop and disintegrate because the shock of seeing Daryl will be such an emotional punch that I think it will break her, and she’ll burst into tears, her feelings all spilling out.

I think we’re supposed to see the difference Morgan and Ezekiel visiting Carol, and Daryl visiting Carol. Because she’ll most likely be sick of Morgan and Ezekiel showing up at her doorstep come episode ten. But then, the person who knows her inside out, who loves her and who she loves…. the person who can always shatter her walls with one look… the one she least expects to ever appear on her doorstep (and also, the one she’s maybe been subconsciously waiting for?)….

Daryl will be there when she opens that door. And that will be something huge.

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Prompts (if you want) for bellarke BECAUSE YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING AND I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE: “hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright i could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing? step aside i’ll handle this” AND/OR “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face”

A\N: Fun! I decided to go with the first one, because Clarke as a Total Mess is one of my favorite things to write. Hope you like it! x

Look, Clarke has done some pretty impressive things in her life, okay? She’s written fifteen page long dissertations with deadlines that are only a few hours away. She knows how to make a perfect poached egg in a coffee pot. She can decipher Raven’s infamous scrawl with nothing but a highlighter and a search engine.

Still, this goes a little beyond her usual capabilities.

Giving a muttered swear, she swats at the steaming bowl with her dishrag, grimacing as the acrid smell of burnt food hits her nose. According to the back of the box, the gravy should be at the ideal consistency and temperature for her to pour it over her mashed potatoes, but.

She raises the bowl tentatively, tipping it slightly. It refuses to budge, and now bears a consistency that reminds her vaguely of concrete.

Groaning, Clarke drops her head against the counter, mumbling a low fuck against her elbow.

Logically, making a Christmas dinner for one shouldn’t be that hard.

She’s poking at the mixture with a fork (scraping it out of the bowl seems like the best option) when a voice interrupts her, low and amused. “You have the temperature on too high.”

Stifling a small, startled noise, she whirls around instead, finds herself looking at someone rifling through the communal fridge. “What?”

A grunt as the fridge door swings shut, the stranger emerging with a tub of carefully labelled blueberry yogurt. Dark hair and dark eyes and an arched brow, his gaze roving from the ingredients scattered over the counter to the recipe she has propped up against the toaster.

Then, with a certain amount of aplomb, he goes, “The microwave, Princess. Wouldn’t want you fucking up school property now.”

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omg I would love to hear your romeo headcanons!

—He’s about fourteen years old; he’s one of the younger newsies, and he looks a whole lot younger than his age. He hates it
—When he feels unsafe, he bites people. He doesn’t mean to do it to be rude; it’s how he kept himself safe as a little boy, and he never grew out of the habit
—Romeo is a Shakespeare fan
—Romeo’s biggest fear is that one day, his parents will be released from jail and will try looking for him
—*tw: abuse* as a child, Romeo was abused by his parents; his elder siblings had this happen to him as well. Since being taken from the family, he’s still terrified. He was about three when he was taken into an orphanage while his parents went to jail
—He loves sleeping on the top bunk of bunk beds. Why? Because in the morning (or middle of the night) he can look down at his bunk mate and ‘whisper’ (yell, in his case) to wake them up
—When Romeo panics, Race is surprisingly the best one for him to go to; Race knows how to distract him, and how to calm him down until everything is okay
—*modern au* Romeo was adopted at the age of thirteen, and was adopted with Finch; they were close before being adopted, and then they got closer. They do everything together, and they’re best friends
—Romeo has a job at Starbucks. He sucks. All he does is belt out musicals, and go to other coffee shops on his break
—He’d punch someone just for a cookie. He’d do anything for a damn cookie. He loves cookies a lot
—He can eat a whole pizza without getting sick and it amazes everyone
—His favourite book is Tuck Everlasting; he sees himself in both Jesse and Winnie
—He has like, three cats

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I was thinking about the latest chapter while at work today and my boss asked me if i was alright because i "looked kind of devastated" ;-; i havent been as emotionally attached to a fic in such a long time and you write so beautifully. Thank you for all your hard work and time <3

Omg I hope you were ok!

Big Bang & SHINee’s reaction seeing you all dolled up for the first time.

Anon:Big Bang and SHINee’s reaction to seeing you (their crush/ good friend) all dolled up for the first time?<3 thanks!

Alright, i hope you like these reactions ! ^~^<3



* on the outside* omg (y/n) you look so beautiful hold up let me take a picture

* on the inside* did it suddenly become so hot.


*gif* (y/n) , you look.. *taeyang is left speech less*


*on the outside* amazing like always (y/n)

*on the inside*i hope you getting all dolled up for me , because there is no way im letting you leave looking like that for someone else.


wow , (y/n) your making it harder for me to resist you


*gif ( he would hella become a giggly mess and would blush so hard)*



*whispers* nope your all mine i won’t let you go out like that (y/n)

(y/n) : what was that taemin?



*gif* ugh my heart , your beautifulness literally took my heart away

(y/n) *blushes so much*


you know who looks stunning (y/n)? i’ll give you a hint it’s Y-O-U!


(y/n) why do you do this to me? * blushes*


*becomes a complete nervous wreak once he sees you*


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Omg hi! So I was wondering if you could do one of nyma comforting her stressed female s/o?

Sure!! given how undeveloped her character is i kinda filled in some loopholes regarding her personality i hope thats alright!! - mod danny

“Hey, you don’t look too good. What’s up?”

[Name] sat with her back to Nyma, face buried in her palms defeatedly. Her shoulders simply sank at Nyma’s curiosity, a prolonged sigh leaving her lips, “Just… a lot of stuff on my mind.”

Nyma took that, along with the troubled tone of her hushed voice, as a plea for comfort, and she approached her side to kneel beside her. [Name] pursed her lips, the drained state of her face mirroring the overwhelmed feeling in her gut as she shut her eyes - like doing so would drop a barricade between her and her problems. Nyma lays a hand on her shoulder blade, rubbing slow, therapeutic circles. The distinct texture of her fingers immediately soothes [Name] just enough to relax their muscles, deflating with the touch.

“Wanna talk about it?” Nyma questioned, sitting down so that their knees barely brushed. Her purple jewel-like eyes are sincere and caring, prodding on their vague answer in hopes of helping her mentality somehow. She moves her hands to close over [Name]’s, squeezing gently to coax them to go on.

[Name] sighed, eyes slightly puffy as if she had been vigorously rubbing at them in her stress. She pulls the smallest of smiles with Nyma beside her, leaning against her with an annoyed sniff, “Why does life have to be so complicated? It’s like…no matter what you get passed, there’s always some other thing waiting right after it ready to hit you head-on like a train. I feel like I’m just stressed all the time, you know? I wish I could catch a break.”

Nyma slung an arm around her middle, humming in response to her words. She presses a lingering kiss to her temple, soothing and meaningful against her skin, “I get what you mean. Everyone goes through those stressful rollercoasters… some more than others. But you’ve gotten through all of your problems so far, remember? You’re capable of kicking life’s ass, I’d say.”

[Name] stifles a snort of amusement, nestling her forehead against Nyma’s honey skin. It feels better being held, like her arms are a protective barrier capable of radiating safety and warmth without a word being said.

Nyma melted against her as well, seeing as their physical affection alone was just as calming for the both of them, “Just know that I’m here for you whenever. Always.”

Studio Snuggles [Suga Fluff]

Originally posted by forjimin

It was just another lazy day in the studio. You were spinning in circles in Yoongi’s swivel chair as Yoongi sat across the room toying with various chord progressions for a new song he was working on. You stopped spinning your chair for a moment and looked over at Yoongi. A small smile spread across your lips. You couldn’t help but notice just how attractive Yoongi looked when concentrating deeply. His lips slightly agape and pursed, small creases forming as his eyebrows scrunched together, his dark eyelashes fluttering quickly over his eyes every time he blinked like he was afraid to miss a mere millisecond. You must have been staring for quite sometime, for he was usually oblivious to your shameless staring. He must have seen you just barely out of the corner of his eye. His expression changed, not drastically, but just enough for you to realize his music wasn’t the only thing occupying his consciousness. Fully diverting his attention, he glanced over at you questioning you with his eyes as if to ask “have you been openly staring at me again?” Normally you would have felt embarrassed and quickly looked away or even left the room claiming to have other engagements, but this time you didn’t feel odd about the matter. You used to always blush and look away every time he caught you, now even if you did blush a bit you didn’t look away, just smiled. A lazy grin spread over Yoongi’s lips as he motioned you over.

“Why don’t you put those eyes to better use and help me write this song instead just staring” You smiled a bit wide and got up to walk over to him.

“Grab that notebook too wouldya.” Sighing you grabbed a pencil too know exactly what he was suggesting.

“I thought you said you only wanted me to keep you company this time…” He rolled his eyes at your off hand comment.

“Were just so much better at writing lyrics together.”

“Together my ass” You mumbled just loudly enough so he could hear.

“Hey I heard that” You playfully glared at him.

“You were meant to.” You said back in a singsong voice

It was getting late, nearing the a.m. hours. You decided to set up the makeshift bed now so you could get comfortable before Yoongi turned off most of the lights. You walked over to the linen closet to grab the pillows and blankets.You smiled slightly. It was nice to think you and Yoongi were comfortable enough around each other to spend nights together in what not typically seen as normal circumstances, or a “normal date night”. This whole ordeal of songwriting while laying on the floor was not an oddity. Actually before their most recent comeback, this was a daily event. Sometimes the two of you would stay in the studio for two or three days before going home to sleep in your own bed. Not that you were really complaining, you always held those little moments of hearing the perfect melody, or getting the lyrics just right dear to your heart especially when you had someone as close to you as Yoongi to share it with. 

You placed  four fluffy pillows against the bottom of the couch and layed out your favorite fleece blanket on the ground placing a thinner purple blanket on top. Grabbing the notebook and pencil off of the side desk and kicking off your shoes, you laid down snuggling up in between the two blankets. While the floor wasn’t necessarily ideal in comparison to an actual bed, it was the best option at the moment. The only other option would have been the couch in which you had laid the pillows against, but that couch was stiff and several springs were broken inside of it leaving you worse off than if you would have slept on a bed of rocks. Turning your attention to the notebook before you, you started to scribble down some random lyrics that came to mind. Most of them pertained to Yoongi, but he was working on a love song, so those types of lyrics would fit just fine. Around five to ten minutes later Yoongi turned off all the lights except the small lamp on the end table next to the couch, providing just enough light to see what I was writing. Yoongi plopped down beside you hand you a set of headphones.

“Listen to this orchestral part I’m thinking of adding to the background.” Placing the headphones over your ears you listened intently, also trying to figure out how to incorporate lyrics you had previously written into the music.

“I like it.” You shifted the notebook you were previously writing in over slightly so he could see the lyrics. You pointed to the third line you had written “ I think this would go along nicely with the music so far as the “main phrase” repeated through the song. Maybe it could go something like this.” You sang the bit to Yoongi and he bobbed his head slightly to the words. While this idea seemed to work out alright not all of the ideas turned out great. As the nigh continued some were decent, some absolutely horrible.


“What about this for the next verse?”

“Nah, it sounds a bit out of beat compared to the rest of the song.”


“Do you think it should switch to a minor key here?”

“No it dampens the mood a little too much. It’s supposed to be a falling in love song, not a falling out of love song”


“Do you believe in mermaids?”

“I don’t know why?

“Ehh.. I was just thinking that this part in the song sounds like the siren song from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“You do know sirens and mermaids are different?

“Ya but…”

“Weren’t you working on rewriting the fourth verse?”



“fly, sky, my, die, pie, n- k-…”

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to come up with words that rhyme.”

“Not all lyrics need to rhyme you know.”

“Yah yah, whatever.”


As the night progressed. The ideas became even more dysfunctional and off topic. You eyes felt drowsy and the writing in the notebook was no longer legible. At some point in the night, most likely around the 3:30 mark, the two of you had slid from a sitting position to a laying down position. You were curled up against Yoongi, his arm slung around your shoulder as if to keep you close to him. You eyes were glued shut, your mind slowly drifting from consciousness. Your head was resting against Yoongi’s chest. And you could hear his heartbeat mixed with the slight hum of the melody you two had been working on through the headphones hooked around Yoongi’s neck as you fell asleep.

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BTS react to seeing you in lingerie

I originally read this as ‘to you trying on laundry’, omg. Thanks for the request anon, lmao

J-Hope: “Boobies,” WHAT HAVE I DONE

Jimin: “I’m trying to focus on your face, but damn, it’s hard,”

Y/N: “What’s hard Jimin?”

Jin: *Walks in on you trying on new lingerie and sits on the bed*

Y/N: “This was meant to be a surprise. I’m going to have to change now,”


Y/N: *You’ve just got out the shower and are getting ready [you’re in your underwear]* “Do we have plans tonight?”

Jungkook: “You tell me,”

Rap Monster:

Y/N: “Does this look alright?”

Suga: “Damn. I’m so lucky,”


Hold on to this Moment Forever (Cinderella AU Pt. 3)

Dean x Reader 

Word Count: 2,829

Summary: Alright people’s here is part 3!! I got carried away so therefore it got kinda long and sorry about that, I didn’t want to leave anything important out!! I hope you enjoy! There will be a part 4 soon to come :D 

Warnings: Fluffy fluff, that is all ;)

Part 1  Part 2

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Private ships for Up10tion, ASTRO, and Monsta X please ;;

(People mistake me as a 6 year old so uhm yaaa)

Have a nice day, ❤️


From Up10tion, I ship you with…


Originally posted by yobosaegyo

From Astro, I ship you with…


Originally posted by eunoow

From Monsta X, I ship you with…


Originally posted by wonhontology

**Awwwww it’s alright!!! I don’t think you look like a 6 year old!!! Maybe an 8 year old…. JKJKJKJ Omg I’m so sorry!!! I hope you liked your ship!!**

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look i'm really sorry for my sibling, they and their friend do not know what they're doing, i'm apologizing second hand, their spam must be very soggy to deal with, forgive moody please omg,

Thank you for apologizing- it was honestly a little dizzying seeing so many messages flood in suddenly, but don’t worry about it too much alright! No harm was done! But thanks anyway, I hope you and your sibling and their friend too have a nice day!

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Alright last one: you're smart and funny and talented and AMAZING and I hope you find happiness because you deserve it!! And you don't need to go looking for love because (cliche incoming but I'm gonna say it anyway) you already have so much of it <3 Keep bein you and living your life for yourself. Happy valentine's day :)




Thanks to this fan art on Twitter! We get a rough idea of what happened during the adlib when one of Satomi Moon’s odango roll off her head

Usagi without realizing her odango has fallen off walked towards Haruka and said “wow it’s Tenoh Haruka!”

Haruka smiled and pointed to Usagi “Is everything alright with you?” And then started laughing “you still look cute even when your hair has fallen off”. Usagi “well I often say that”

Michiru enters “Haruka stop flirting with cute girls you just met”. Then Michiru turns around and see Usagi “Whoa….” And ‘she’s cute’ is written all over Michiru’s face. Haruka “See…”

Michiru “you are like a Mont Blanc” (?) (it’s a kind of dessert, does this means that Michiru is finding Usagi tasty?)

EXO’s Reaction to you falling on stage

Of course you can!!! I hope you like it

Makes sure to send requests here

( None of these gifs are mine )


SEHUN:  Well lets just say he was distracted

KAI:  * you go backstage crying from embarrassment *

Kai: It’s ok jagi you'll do better next time FIGHTING!

* he tries to comfort you as much as he can *

TAO:  HEY! What are you laughing at? * some people are so rude *

D.O : * tries to distract everyone *

Hey look at me!

CHANYEOL: Omg is she ok? Where did she go? Where’s my jagi?!?!?!?

CHEN: * he runs after you backstage *

chen: it’s alright jagi they'll forget about it don't worry

( you are kai )

BAEKHYUN: * he tries to hold in his laughter but still is concerned if you’re ok *

SUHO: *gif*

LAY: oh no not again…..

KRIS: * goes and falls on stage to make you feel better *

LUHAN: Don’t worry jagi i’ll distract them with my manliness

XIUMIN: * looks at everyone laughing *

Continued from [X] | @mothergrimes

Peter still didn’t know how to feel about this new world. People were dead or dying, struggling to survive, and then there was a voice. He looked away from the bodies in front of him, gripping the rock climbing hammer in one hand, shaking slightly. 

She looked like May.

“I-what..? Help? No, no I’m alright. I think.” He looked at the pile of undead, the blood at his feet, and then back to the woman. “I’ve never killed one before. I mean I usually run so it’s not a problem but I’ve never actually had to kill one, let alone a group of them.” 

Santa’s Little Helper

Here it is, my CS Secret Santa gift for the lovely emmaswanchoosesyou. I have so enjoyed getting to know you over the last few weeks, and I hope you enjoy your (slightly early) gift.  I took the prompt from this list:

“Hi we’re neighbours and omg are you alright I could smell cooking burning - whoaaa now that’s just embarrassing. Step aside I’ll handle this”

Modern AU

Rating: General

Word count: 16,400

Read on AO3 or FFnet

Disclaimer: I own nothing

“It’s a good school. It’s a good school,” Emma chanted in her head as she stared at the slip of crumpled paper Henry had thrust into her hand and looked at her hopefully.

It was a mantra she’d adopted ever since she’d enrolled Henry at the place, taken him on a walk-through his Kindergarten classroom and met with the principal who gave her speech about how the school valued its relationship with parents and wanted them to be an integral part of the classroom.

“Oh.  OK.  Sure,” Emma had said, hoping the demands weren’t going to be too onerous because really, as a single parent who could only work as a bail-bondsperson on limited nights now, Emma wasn’t about to take a lot of time away from work.

At first it had been cute, the invitations that came home to see the work they’d been doing, and Emma had been able to carve an hour out here and there for that.  Then there’d been a class trip to the museum and Emma had had to say no, she wasn’t available to come.   Which would have been fine and dandy if Henry hadn’t spotted her, dressed in a far too short skirt and waiting on a bail jumper who thought he was hooking up with her fake Tinder profile, while he walked along the street with the rest of his class holding hands and singing happy songs.

It wasn’t so much that Henry had looked disappointed that she had other things to do, it was the looks she got from the other mothers, the ones who wondered just why she thought she could blow off her only son’s first school trip to hang around outside a bar.

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