omg i hope his eye is better

BTS Reaction to you rapping all the cyphers


“wow that was amazing! you should be on the next cypher series, your really good!”

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*legit impressed but tries to act cool*

OUTSIDE : “not bad…”

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INSIDE : *fangirl mode activated*

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“OMG your incredible!! how did you learn all of them in just a few days?!”

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Rap Monster

*his jaw would drop to the floor and his eyes would be wide open*

“you have quite some skills damn”

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*he would be shy and flustered*

“your really good… when did you learn how to rap like this?”

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*he would be rapping with you and doing weird dances to match your rapping*

“ireum, ireum… SORRY BAE!” *dabs 20 times in a row*

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(ft. Jungkook lol)


“your even better than Taehyung could even be in his life..”


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i hope you enjoy!

-Alo <3


As soon as I laid eyes on @ask-royai-lty piece with Roy and Riza as Fuhrer and First Lady I had  to write about it. omg. It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be. But it’s fluffy and cute. and I hope you like it! 

“I don’t understand why I have to wear a suit and tie.”

She arranged his bowtie as he fidgeted uncomfortably. “Because you happen to be the highest ranking officer in the country and, sometimes, you have to look nice.”

“I look nice in the standard uniform, as well. All of this would look better if we weren’t in the picture at all. I bet that stunning dress looks more stunning on the floor.” She forcefully nudged his shoulder.

“Please behave. This is what you wanted,” She said, smirking at his immaturity.

He looked pensive. “I recall you wanting this too.”

“For you.”

”Us.” He emphasized, nodding. “Yes, I wanted to lead the country, give hope, and help the those who are looked down on. But I didn’t mean taking stuffy pictures for fluff pieces in the paper and sitting still for a portrait to go up in Central Command.”

“It’s part of the job description. As usual, you didn’t read between the lines before you signed.” She reminded him mockingly. “Fluff pieces are great way to reach out to all the citizens of Amestris who don’t live near Central, or so says your public relations officer.”

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