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I wish you would write a fic where...a reporter asks Ginny if she can confirm the accuracy of the gossip blog tell-alls from Lawson groupies about his dick size...

(omg Rachel. My brain went in approximately 4000 directions with this one, and somehow i didn’t go with the secret dating scenario?? [sidenote: there’s no eyebrow wiggle emoji, but if there were, I would definitely put it in.])

“I’m sorry, what?” Ginny managed not to sputter the question, but it was a close thing. Had she really just heard what she thought she did? Was she dreaming? Did someone spike her water as some ill-advised prank?

The smiling woman just repeated her question, apparently seeing no problem with demanding answers to something like this. “Any truth to rumors about some of your teammates’ endowments?”

Endowments? Was she for real?

This was why Amelia’d told her to never stop for questions outside of scheduled press conferences. Well, lesson fucking learned.

Still, Ginny laughed, awkward and at a loss. “Sorry, they don’t keep me up to date on all their charitable causes,” she hedged, trying to sidle away. 

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who are your favourite stans of each member of mx?

lmao im so sorry this is hecka late and i just listed ppl i see on my dash/ppl who remind me of certain members

Shownu: @sangdoldol (rani loves him sm im) @shownx (rachel loves hyunwoo omg u say showu anD SHE BUSTS IN A GC ALL CUTE LIKE HI I HEARD MY HUSBANDS NAME) @sh0wnu (rlly cute and just loves him?)

Wonho: @wonheonie (the softest soft to ever soft the planet) @93shin (bc like, mehreen cried bc of the giset of wonho eating chips and all she said was hes so adorable she rlly loves everything) @m0nst4x (i have an overwhelming need to always make sure vivi is happy i rlly love this lil cutie)

Kihyun:  @ukihyunnie (thirsts over every member *cough* hyunwoo *cough* but loves kihyun the most!) @jooheonster (bc lets b real farquaad. u stan kihyun.)

Minhyuk: @jinkimon (i dont like u but u got minhyuk 2 look at u like That during photo op so ya) @1leeminhyuk (real minhyuk stan bc they actually think that rush era minhyuk was a good look)

Hyungwon: @sleepyw0ns (mari is so sweet??) @hyungwvn (ya lots of love 4 him i feel like ive moved into a Hyungwon Love World every time i go on their blog) @hyungwinx (multifandom but loves hyungwon A Lot also cute)

Jooheon: me that’s it. lee jooheon could ask for a cookie and i’d buy him six cookie factories. i love him The Most.

Changkyun: @inkyuns (my fuCKING SOULMATE IM YELLING GEORGIE IS ME I AM GEORGIE MY FAVE) @wonkyuna (jaaneman irl, my soul, my air, my earth, my everything.) @kkngie (aaaaaaa nat’s love for ck is so cute bc shes like wow do i even deserve him and like pls have u seen him hes lucky u even looked his way)

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Genre: Smut, smut, and more smut

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Word Count: 5,287

Summary: Going to college in the states was cool and all, but it meant being worlds away from the light of your life, Min Yoongi. With his overly demanding schedule and a roommate attached to your hip, it was hard for either of you to have any alone time… until one fateful evening brings the two of you together in a blur of flashing screens, dull text tones, and not so innocent words. 

A/N: This was written for my the light of my life my life, @mint–yoongurt. She’s off living on campus and I miss her more than anything, but I feel much better knowing Yoongi’s taking good care of her if you know what I’m sayin’ sayin’. 

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It didn’t matter what time it was. It could be early morning or the middle of the night. Whatever the case, my mind was always focused on one person in particular, on his milky skin and feral eyes. On his chapped lips, sculpted jaw, and dangerously long fingers… 

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