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Hamilton planes au

100% Y E S 







MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one)

I love you all

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(Omg that took for ever xD)
I just want to tell you guys that you are amazingly phenomenal not for just for what you do but for who you truly are you have been my best is friends and I couldn’t of asked for any other friends in this world than you guys (and my rl friends) ik some of you haven’t met me before but I thought I’d tag you because you all don’t know how special you are with your talents and your heart etc never stop following your dreams because one day my friend it will come true but you got to do whatever it takes to make that happen and just remember this quote “when there is a light you go to it, when there is darkness, you keep going” and you keep going towards that light and never give up hope and I would never call you “losers” I would say “you are nearly there” and I wish that I could hug you all and say “this is you life and this is your dream never let go of your life because it is a wonderful thing” and just because I said I would give up it doesn’t mean that I will be you can never give up because if you do it would be the worst mistake of your life and don’t run away from your problems face them we are strong we are powerful we are human and we have hope and I’d just like to thank you for being my friend and I’d you never met me before well now you got a friend and I promise you you will get there I’m sorry if some of this dident make sense but I hope this will be helpful for you. Thank you 😢😊

  • marginalized group: hey artist we have a problem w/ your work, it's hurting us
  • artist: LMAO!!! I DON'T CARE!! FUCK Y'ALL I DRAW WHAT I WANT!!!!!!
  • marginalized group: that's....extremely shitty,
  • everyone, suddenly: omg you guys stop harassing the artist :(( leave them alone they did nothing wrong :((( YOU guys are the problem >:(((( you're just as bad as your oppressors

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So, I love the idea of Damian being smooth with Colin, but every time I picture him trying to compliment Colin, I feel like he's like. " Colin, I- You should know-You fight good" (Like from Mulan??)

OMG YES. Extremely awkward Damian ftw!

I’m sure that over time he would probably get better with his attempted flirts, but early on Colin was probably treated to such gems as:

  • “You’re not that… you’re good. You’re good company.”
  • “You have the– you don’t– stop staring at me.”
  • “Do you– the manor– that is… um… Do you want to stay? Not here. There. The manor. Are you coming over or not?!”
  • “I like you. Being with you I mean. NOT LIKE THAT. Damn it Wilkes stop laughing!”
  • “You’re not annoying. I like being around you.”
    “Are you saying you like me?”
    “That’s not- no- you’re not– *aggravated sigh and a few choice words in Arabic*”
    “…Did you just say you love me?”
    “I did not say ouhibbouka!”
    “Oh so that’s how you say it in Arabic. Now I’ll know when you say it.”
    Damn it Wilkes!
  • “You’re going to– NO. Not with the face and the eyes and the– NO. STOP. You’re going to– Wilkes, you are going to make my older brother start shrieking about you being obscenely adorable. Please stop before you incite an aneurysm!”
    “You think I’m adorable?”
    “Y-NO. Absolutely not!”
    “Awwww, you think I’m cute.”
    “…I am going to sacrifice your kidneys.”
    “My ‘cute’ kidneys?”
    “…I am not even going to get into whether it is possible for internal organs to be ‘cute’. And it’s not.”
    “But you think I’m cute.”
    “I didn’t-! …I can’t even look at your face right now.”
    “…My ‘cute’ face?”
  • “If that wound scars I’m going to butcher Cinderblock’s face.”
  • “You’re good at that. Lifting the- the thing… I… shut up.”
  • “If you died, I’d– you– YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE.”
    “…Everyone dies eventually?”
    Lazarus pit!”
  • “I am being forced to go to my school’s prom and you are going with me! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME ALONE WITH THESE PEONS WILKES.”
    “…Did you just ask me out on a date? To your prom?”
    “If a date is sparing me from suffering by being surrounded by idiots alone, then yes.”
    ”That’s actually kind of romantic and sweet.”
    ”This isn’t about being romantic Wilkes! This is about keeping me from killing people by letting me see your face– stop looking at me like that!”
  • “I need you to publicly date me so I can tell the paparazzi to go to hell.”
    “Sooo, in other words you want to take our relationship public.”
    “This is about the paparazzi.”
    “Riiiiight. Because you’re totally dating me for convenience.”
    “I do not ‘date for convenience’. This is business.”
    “Right. Like the business of trying to talk me into moving in.”
    “…Are you using Goliath as an excuse to propose to me?”
    “NO… MAYBE.”
    “We’re freaking 18. That’s just… WOW.”
    “I am not proposing to you because of the paparazzi! I’m proposing your face- NO. I’m asking you– this is just– Wilkes, will you publicly date me or not?”
    “That made no sense.”
    “Face the paparazzi with me and suffer my pain.”
    “You’re so weird.”

I’m sure there could easily be more, but I’m pretty sure this already got a little out of hand. XD

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Omg i love your "Guardian going back home and suddenly comes back" ! Can you do the same for Nevra, and Leiftan?

A/N: Hello dear anon!!! I´mhappy to know that you liked those scenarios ^^
Nevra´s was already done. HERE YOU GO
Below is Leiftan´s! I hope you like it :D

@driadatujest (tagging you because you love Leiftan ^^)

Leiftan looked at Guardienne´s retreating figure as she vanished, together with the portal. He wished to have the power to stop her, but he didn´t. It was her decision and even if he loved her, the blonde man couldn´t come between the girl´s decision.

“Leiftan, are you alright?” Placing her hand on his shoulder, Miiko asked with a worried expression plastered on her face.

“I´m fine.” Lies. Everyone knew he was lying, but no one dared to go against him.

The feelings of loneliness and abandon were running through his body, wanting to somehow find a way to go to Guardienne´s side. Openning a new portal was so tempting, but he couldn´t do that to his friends and companions.

“We should take care of the food. It’s taking all the space.” Picking a couple of boxes, Leiftan went to the kitchen, giving everything to Karuto who was delighted to do a big feast out of the big amount of food that was brought from the human world.

It was already night when everyone finished taking care of the boxes and went to eat, everyone except Leiftan.

Leiftan decided to take stroll around the beach, contemplating the big full moon that was up in the sky and the vast ocean whose waves were calm, way too calm for his liking. It made it look like a storm was going to come.

A storm just like how his heart felt. It hurt and once he felt droplets falling on him, he finally let go his tears as looked up to the sky with closed eyes.

“Guardienne…” Leiftan whispered her name, wishing everything that was happening was a dream and once he woke up, she would be standing in front of him, smiling. How delusional was he? That wouldn´t happen.

Everyone could see the bangs under his eyes. The lack of sleep was noticeable and worrisome. No one knew what to do and time was the only answer they could come up with.

Yet, months passed by and no progress was made. Leiftan was devastated and nowadays doing a very simple mission like helping Purroko was too tiresome for him.

“You´re sick.” Ewelein said to Leiftan after Miiko brought him to the infirmary for passing out in front of the gates. “You have quite a fever and not sleeping is making it worse.”

Upon Miiko´s and Elewein´s orders, Leiftan was sent to his bedroom and would not get out of it until he recovered.

Unfortunately, his fever became higher and no one knew how to make it go down and Leiftan suffered, having delusions of Guardienne as he shivered with cold sweat.

It was heartbreaking, but trying to do their bests, each day passed by very slowly with people running from one side to another, searching for ways to help him.

A week passed by and everyone was losing hope, until Miiko decided to open a new portal.

“Are you-“ The kitsune woman simply looked at Kero. There was no indecision or doubt. She was going to bring Guardienne back.

Suddenly, Kero and Miiko saw a bright light appear in the crystal room, seeing Guardienne there.

“Hell-“ Before she could even explain herself, Miiko grabbed her by the hand and told her everything that happened to Leiftan as she lead Guardienne to the man´s room.

“Leiftan!” Guardienne said when she saw the man she loves in such a state. It hurt her heart to see him like that.

“Guardienne? Is that you? No… I must be having another delusion… at least it´s a good one this time.”

Silent, Guardienne grabbed Leiftan´s hand and using her free one, she brushed the man´s hair.

“I love you. I always had.” He said, making the girl tear up to his confession.

“I love you too, Leiftan…”

Those words ressonated inside him. Was it real or a thing of his mind? He wouldn´t complain though, he was happy to hear what he earned for so much, for the very first and last time.

Closing his eyes, Leiftan smiled as tears fell from his face, until he stopped feeling the cold hand that was in his.

One last breath. One last heart beat. He was gone.

“No, no, no! Leiftan!!!” She couldn´t believe it! Why? She returned because she loved him and now he was gone! She was too late. Why didn´t she come sooner?

“WHY?!” Hugging Leiftan´s body, Guardienne screamed, letting her tears fall, not caring about what others would think. The love of her life was gone.

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Funny story: I was working cashier when a guy from my elementary/middle school came through my line. He didn't recognize me (it's only been 5 years since eighth grade) and started hitting on me. He picked on me and my siblings all throughout grade school. I almost died laughing when he read my name tag and realized that I was one of the people he picked on in. It made my day tbh.

The paycheck wouldn’t have been enough for me not to drag him through the coals. I just wouldn’t have the strength. The fact that you stopped at the moment his face dropped when he recognized your name tells me so much about your patience. Omg. You’re a bigger person than I am. -Abby


So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

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it's currently 2:16 am. should i be sleeping? probably. will i stop scrolling through your art tag to sleep? probably not. is your art too good and too pure for this world? 235% yes. THE COLORING AND SHADING IS SO GOOD. SO GOOD MAN, LISTEN. I CRY EVERYTIME. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS SENPAI <33333

2:16 AM
Def got more art coming your way, so, I hope you will enjoy it! >W<
My secret is having zero life and going to youtube for speedpaints a lot XD

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i love ur art so much i'm considering making a tag for it on my blog

That would honestly be the highest honor omg I can’t have my own tag IM NOT THAT SPECIAL YOU GUYS STOP IT

If you wanna love Comic Negan and TV Show Negan, do it.

If you think the show is ruining him and hate TV show Negan, that’s fine.

If you have never read any of the comics, it’s okay.

And if daddy kink helps you get your rocks off, than by all means, call Negan Daddy.

We all celebrate Negan in our own ways.

Stop policing a fictional character. If you don’t like someone’s portrayal make your own.

Hiccstrid’s moments are great! I am happy people somehow find the way to gif fave scenes!!! I am so busy to make posts (gifs) and also I don’t have the show with the good quality (1080p) yet. soooo I’will try to keep reblogging of course all spoilers!!!!!!!!!!! ALL SPOILERS !! and tagging them :) Kiss scenes are amazing! I can’t stop looking at them.. I want to see it again and again and again and AGAIN…omg I am a ship trash! 


I was tagged by @gayanqel and also @harryslovelylocks to do the six selfie thing.. So here it is. (also check their selfies!!!! They’re beautiful omg)

I don’t really take selfies lmao it was quite hard to find ones I like 😂 and also I don’t know why but my phone camera makes my skin looks amazing lol. Okay I’m gonna stop talking now.

I tag @haarrrrry @1989rosesxx @lilacjules @yeshaddy @harrysfashioncampaign @ifheartscouldfly @lookformyownparadise @hs-1dfan @androgynoustyles @theharrystyleseffect and everyone who wants to do it :) if you don’t want to you don’t have to, of course.

Thank you 💖🙆

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Ok, just scrolled through your ENTIRE #myart tag! At first I was like, "ok, I'll just go until the Marvel stuff stops" and then I was on page, 29 or something and I was like, "well, I've made it this far, I'm with you 'til the end of the line, pal" and also because it was getting to the point in Supernatural when I had stopped watching and proceeded to go through all 53 pages.

Hi anon!

Ha! Ha! OMG, my ENTIRE art tag?! You must have seen some weird old stuff from my early days in the Supernatural fandom, then! I can’t even remember what was the first artwork I posted on Tumblr. The funniest thing is that I created my Tumblr thinking that “Pfff, I’m never gonna use it anyway, I’m already on Live Journal”. 7-8 years later, here I am xD

At first I was like, “ok, I’ll just go until the Marvel stuff stops” and then I was on page, 29 or something and I was like, “well, I’ve made it this far, I’m with you ‘til the end of the line, pal”          

I can see that…

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to browse my entire art tag, it’s very kind of you. I hope you enjoyed the ride :) Have a great day ♥