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MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

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sav!!!! is graffiti edition 2 a complete set of whole new poems??? im SO excited to get it omg ur literally my biggest inspiration and i love having a copy of ur book and hopefully having a new installment from u! ps i hope ur day is going well !! xx

the second edition of graffiti won’t have new poems - it will be largely the same book, actually, just repackaged. HOWEVER!!! it’ll have a new cover, obviously, an introduction written by me, and the poems themselves will have modifications - mostly in the form of changed (added) punctuation, slightly different word choice, etc. i’ve done this for a couple different reasons that i’ll go into in the introduction!! but, yes, it’s not a “new” book as such, but definitely an “improved” book :-)

if it’s new stuff you’re after though, don’t fret!! i’ve been dropping hints for ages that i’m working on a slightly bigger project - there should be info about that soon.

(for everyone else, if you’re totally lost, i just launched a new website with some teasers for things)

That’s My Boy.// Draco Malfoy x Reader,

Title: That’s my boy! 

Prompt: Draco and the Reader son was chosen to play in the TriWizard Tournament, but something terrible happens. Something unforgettable. 

Paring: Draco x Reader.

 Warning(s): SAD AF!!! 

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I stood in the kitchen of mine and Draco’s house. Draco was cutting up vegetables and stood at the stove cooking Mac & Cheese. Our two daughters, Rhine and Cassandra were sitting at the dining table, our three month old, Lucius, was in his crib fast asleep. Our oldest son, Scorpius’, owl flew through our window, dropping a letter on top of Draco’s food, “Bloody hell,” he mumbled as he set it aside, “Pesky owls, never dropping it in good places.” He looked at me as my giggle sounded, “Love, it’s most likely from Scorpius, its okay.” I smiled and turned back to the pot, stirring the noodles a bit. “Go read it dear, I’ll finish up.” I kissed his cheek, he smiled and nodded. “Rhine, help your mum. You can cut the vegetables, just don’t cut fingers off.” His voice told our ten year old. Rhine got up from her chair and stood beside me, she was a shorty, yet was almost as tall as me. 

I finished the girls’ lunch; Rhine made their plates and handed it to her five year old sister. The children are a spitting image of Draco, the platinum blonde hair, grey eyes, pale skin, yet they all had one thing in common with me, their personalities were quite like mine, not exactly though. They each had one thing about their personality that reminded Draco of me. I stood at the kitchen window looking out into the backyard, “Dear,” Dracos voice rang from the living room, I turned around looking at the girls, “Can you guys please clean after wards? Daddy and I will give you a couple pounds,” I whispered, do Draco didn’t hear. They nodded instantly; I smiled and kissed their forehead before walking into the living room. “Yes love?” I asked sitting down beside him, he looked at me handing me the letter. 

“Read it,” his voice cracked a bit, I nodded and took the letter from his shaking hands. I could tell it was our son; his messy handwriting was scribbled on the page. 

“Dear Mum and Dad, 

I wanted to send you this letter, allowing you to know something before I actually go into the thing. I was selected for the TriWizard Tournament. I’d love for you both to come.

 It’d mean loads to me. I know you have to take care of the baby and the both the girls, but I hope at least you’ll make it to the last round. 

I love you mum and dad, please tell Rhine and Cassandra I love them.

 -Scorpius Malfoy.”

My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, “He cant be in the tournament. He’s only fourteen, Draco,” my breathing got a bit faster, “What if we loose him?” I whispered, he shook his head no, “We aren’t going to lose him okay?” he whispered and grabbed my hand. “I’ll have mum go and watch his first two, and we’ll go to his last one okay?” I nodded and looked down, “Girls, go get ready. We’re going to leave for Grandma and Grandpa’s soon.” I yelled, getting up. “Write back to him, please Draco.” I whispered hugging him. His arms went around my waist hugging me back. 

Time passed until the last and final TriWizard match, I anxiously waited for the only two kids to get back, “Where is he?” I muttered under my breath. My mum and dad had taken Lucius for us, so we brought Cassandra and Rhine. I grabbed Draco’s hand as I saw a bright light and people surrounding a couple body’s. I stood up as I heard a scream, my heart falling. “Draco,” I whispered before running down. 

“There’s a dead boy,” one lady said as I ran pass, “Is that Draco’s son?” I heard an all too familiar voice ask, Harry was there supporting his son, Albus. I ran down the steps, Draco and the two girls falling close behind me until we saw the boy. “My son!” I screamed out, falling on my knees, “That’s my boy.” I cried holding onto Scorpius green shirt, I touched his cold face, “Please wake up.” I cried tears falling all over this face before Draco picked me up, holding me in his arms. The two girls were holding onto Draco’s legs, crying, trying to hid. “He’s gone Draco,” I chocked out, “Our boy is gone.”

A/N: I cried writing this omg. I’ve never read someone else do this, and i have a slight obsession with ‘Goblet of Fire’ at the moment oops?? Someone send me some imagines to do, i have no inspiration atm omg. but i believe that Draco would be the one more in shock then anything, he wouldnt act right away, but he would react later.

Hello :D I don`t really know how to start goes:

I have been reading your fanfic The Lost Night for a really long time now and well, to be honest I can`t really describe enough how utterly amazing and catching the story is!!! The plot, the characters everything is done so perfectly and realistic (relationshipwise I mean, how YuKil are so perfect for each other and how their characters develop and relationship grows and betters over the course of the story with ups and downs) You are such an amazing writer and you have put so much thought and time behind this story (take this account for example) readers can practically learn everything and any detail about the characters in your story it`s really nice to have the opportunity to connect with the story in such a way! To be honest, I`m more of a quiet reader, while I would like to express how much I liked each chapter I`m not really sure how to go about that..Sometimes I`d like to write a novel of a review and sometimes just smash the keyboard in appreciation ahsjdsafkhssdgjh or even just leave a :D :D :D

So, long story short, since TLN is coming to an end soon (noooo) I thought I should write at least some form of positive review for this fanfic. I have gone through this blog and stumbled upon the post about how yuki would look ( and you wrote you`d like to see it as a drawing. So I tried to draw it and I`m not really sure how or if you`ll like it (I butchered the hair, can`t draw hair for sh*t, excuse my language) but decided to send it to you anyway. (Btw sorry if I repea myself or something I`m really not good at giving reviews or writing in general)

I want to thank you for writing such and amazing story as TLN and please take this drawing as token of appreciation :D

Thank you again for taking the time to read this long review and have a nice day :D

Kaeru Aka

  • Feliciano: Lovino!
  • Feliciano: I sat next to the nicest man at Starbucks today! Yale. Spanish. Aspiring Doctor. Very Attractive. I showed him your facebook picture, your number, & hopefully you two will have a date planned out for next week!
  • Lovino: can't just give out my number to strang-
  • Feliciano: YALE FRATELLO. YALE.

Hi I’m back and since I was too late for spoopyfest I noticed that the cold is getting hella colder here so have these two smutty huge hobos walking around holding their hands
idc what you say Anders is taller than Hawke let that sink in
@winebearcat told u I would upload them

Asfhfjgjjlfhhd okay
As predicted, my internet connection is crap right now but omg you guys my notifications are blowing up with likes/reblogs on my art and I’m
So blown away omg
Thank you all so much!!! <3 It makes me so happy so many of you like my art, you seriously have no idea
Love you guys <3 Thank you!!

(i’d like it if you stayed)
now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
(you buy me orange juice)
we’re getting good at this 

happy ikarishipping day 2016!!!


So I know durinswizardwheezes just made a powerpoint but she inspired me to make one too because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH AND OMG THIS SHOW I SWEAR

This is inspired by durinswizardwheezes’ powerpoint and ninthfeather’s post quantum-angel’s powerpoint and and envy-loves-you’s post (spoilers in the last two)

Thanks to @durinswizardwheezes@ninthfeather​  envy-loves-you @quantumseraph​  dannyboymw and KingOfStupidElephants

Me: *watching a past GG episode (We Love Katamari - Part 9) for reasons*

Danny: “[Fireflies] are very cool, especially when you go out at night and it’s like, one of the first nights of summer, and they’re flying everywhere, and you’re like, ‘Oh yeahhh, they’re back!’”

Arin: *laughs* “Like a fuckin’ band that hasn’t been in town for a long time?”

Danny: “That’s how it felt!”

Me: *clutches heart because Skyhill and “Firefly”*


jimin x bday edits: 1

Dear my Jiminie,

Happy birthday my sweet boy <3 I really suck at expressing my feelings using words but I spent hours upon hours making graphics of you that you’ll never see so that says something i guess!!

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But like, I have an idea for an unnecessary crossover… that i need but yet its probably not a good idea… yet i might still go though with it omg… :3