omg i have merch

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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           Have a Prompto that was inspired by @kingcael​! 

Cael is a very special bean in the my life, they shine bright like the sun and is such a sweet person to be around—JUST LIKE PROMPTO!!
         Their face inspired me to create a Prompto based on them :D Show my king some love!

( Slowly uploading my twitter doodles, my lazy butt takes a while LOL )

anonymous asked:

Whoever was under the dil head was obviously tall like dnp. They also looked like they were most likely cis male but could have been any other gender (obvs). It was also someone who could travel with dnp across the country. My first guess is martyn.

haHAhah OH GOD i actually thought it could be martyn too for a sec, but i don’t think martyn would do that, also he had to be ready at the stand for when people had to go buy the merch! but omg that would have been hilarious. I think that it was just a paid person from the crew, no one we actually know. but who knows maybe it was hank green, or danisnotonfirevyou1, or phil’s evil twin, or pewdiepie and marzia taking turns, or me down there, you have no way of proving it wasn’t me under the mask 🔍👀


Yoooooooo, so it’s time for a giveaway ~!!

With all the crap that has been going on, I hope this giveaway can give you some hope and enlightenment. I want to do this giveaway as a way to say thank you, and basically a way to say that I love all of you. I love talking to you guys, and I love getting to know a lot of you and actually becoming great friends with many people ~ I’ve even met some of you guys in real life^^ i love you guys, omg. I also do these giveaways for people who don’t have any kpop merch, or have dont have much kpop merch. It’s kinda of my way of sharing ~ The rules are simple like always, and I really hope you like what I am giving away^^

Everything is new, and will be bought after the giveaway is over and I know what you guys want. Read below on how to enter and to see what the prizes are^^ THERE WILL 10 WINNERS. I WILL HAVE A SEPARATE GIVEAWAY RUNNING WITH THIS ONE. LOOK OUT FOR THAT ONE, AND THE OTHER ONE ENDS EARLIER. 


  • 2 Kpop albums of their choice
  • 3 Kpop posters of their choice 
  • 1 Kpop pillow case of their choice
  • 5 Kpop bracelets of their choice
  • 1 Kpop light stick of their choice
  • 50 sheets of Kpop stickers of their choice
  • $30 worth of kbeauty from etude (excluding shipping)
  • 1 Kigurumi (tell me what animal or character)
  • 3 secret prizes ~


  • 1 Kpop album of their choice
  • 2 Kpop posters of their choice
  • 1 Kpop pillow case of their choice
  • 3 Kpop bracelets of their choice
  • 1 Kpop light stick of their choice
  • 20 Sheets of Kpop stickers of their choice
  • $10 worth of kbeauty from etude (excluding shipping)
  • 1 Kigurumi (tell me what animal or character)
  • 1 secret prize ~ 


  • This giveaway is open to anybody in the world
  • You only need to reblog once to enter, but you can reblog once a day for extra entries. Anybody who does not follow this rule will be disqualified
  • You MUST be following me since my giveaways are to thank my followers
  • Your ask box must be open
  • I will give the winner 24 hours to respond, if you do not within that time, then I will send a second message and give the winner 12 extra hours to respond. After 36 hours, I will choose a different winner. 
  • Likes do NOT count

As you might know, I usually do an extra. If you follow me on instagram @alwayshineelove, you will get to choose an extra kpop album of your choice, or 2 extra kpop posters. If you are already following me on instagram, then you are already qualified for the extra prizes ~ 

anonymous asked:

Would you ever sell your own skellydun™ merch? I'd definitely be interested in buying some if you did! :0

it would be so cool to be able to send u a shirt with like a cute lil handwritten note aw omg but I don’t think I’m popular enough on utube to have merch???? :(