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Beg For It

Lafayette jumped at the knock on the door. It was three in the morning for fuck’s sake. 

Lafayette opened the door, surprised to see Hercules. The two had been tiptoeing around each other ever since Lafayette found out and they fought. Lafayette had the mercy not to kick him out of his own apartment, but Hercules had been spending most of the day out and then would come home and sleep in the living room with John and Alex. Alex was angry with Hercules as well, fully taking Lafayette’s side. John was neutral, angry at Hercules as well, but his loyalty to his friend kept him merciful.

“What do you want?” Lafayette asked, swallowing what was either anger, tears, or both. 

Hercules didn’t answer at first. “I wanted to talk.”

Lafayette sighed, “Hercules, I don’t have the energy to fight with you right now.”

“I don’t want to fight.” Hercules reasoned, “I’m tired of us avoiding each other and the situation. Just hear me out, please. Can I please come in?”

“Sure,” Lafayette relented, opening the door wider for Hercules.

Lafayette sat on his bed, not offering for Hercules to do the same. He didn’t.

 Hercules expected Lafayette to say something. He waited for Lafayette to say something. He didn’t.

“I’m sorry,” Hercules began. “I’ll start with that. I know saying sorry doesn’t help. At all. But I do want you to know I regret it.”

“Why did you do it?” Lafayette hissed. “Am I not enough for you? Was she able to give you something I couldn’t provide?” Despite Lafayette promising himself he wouldn’t cry, he was already starting to. Lafayette was always emotional, he hated how vulnerable it made him.

Hercules shook his head. “I honestly don’t know why I did what I did. You’re more than enough for me Lafayette, you always have been. I never understood what I did to deserve you, I obviously don’t.” He laughed bitterly, “I could blame it on alcohol, on her, on any number of things. But in the end, it was only me, making a stupid decision.”

“Then why are you here? Why did you want to talk to me?” Lafayette asked, his voice wavering.

“I want to know what you want. I’m not asking you to forgive me, I don’t expect you to. Not now, not ever. But I can’t handle this. Us avoiding each other, ignoring each other. I can’t handle the silence and I can’t handle the uncertainty. Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it. I’ll leave, I’ll never speak to you again if that’s what you want. Just tell me what you want.” Hercules pleaded.

Lafayette hesitated. He didn’t know what he wanted. Did he want Hercules gone? He was angry, yes, but when he imagined a life without Hercules…

He stood, meeting Hercules’ eyes. “I don’t want you to leave.” Lafayette caught the exact moment as Hercules’ eyes flashed with hope but quickly died out right after. “I want to forgive you, I really do. I’m just not sure how.”

Hercules nodded, “I know what I did was horrible. But I would do anything to get you to forgive me.” Lafayette said nothing. “What do I have to do? Beg for it?” Hercules asked, sarcasm lightly dancing in his words. Lafayette almost said yes, he almost wanted to see Hercules beg for Lafayette’s forgiveness and love, but Lafayette wasn’t that cruel. Besides, it would have been a miracle to see Hercules, the stubborn, hot-headed giant Lafayette had grown to love, on his knees and begging.

Lafayette’s eyes widened when Hercules did just that.

Hercules got onto his knees, taking Lafayette’s hands in his. Lafayette didn’t pull away, too shocked by what he was seeing. Begging during sex was one thing, this was something entirely different. Hercules was surrendering his dignity to Lafayette. His pride. Hercules wouldn’t do this for anyone else.

“I’m sorry Lafayette, I really am. I love you, more than I love anyone else. You’re everything to me, Lafayette. I would do anything just to keep you in my life. You don’t have to forgive me now, you don’t ever have to forgive me. But you need to know that I do love you, and I never wanted to hurt you.” Hercules had a single tear running down his cheek, which shook Lafayette greater than anything else that happened since Hercules walked in.

Hercules never cried. Never. Lafayette had never seen him cry. “Hercules…” Lafayette trailed off. He didn’t know what else to do. He got on his own knees, hugging Hercules tightly.

“D-Do—” Hercules began.

“No,” Lafayette cut him off. “Not yet. I don’t forgive you yet. I need time.” Lafayette admitted. “But I can start.”

Hercules pulled back, smiling a little. Lafayette was smiling a little too. “That’s all I wanted.” Hercules sighed. “You know, I love you.”

Lafayette nodded. “I know.”

Written by Hamildabbing

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my favorite interpretation of OTGW is that is not a literal purgatory for dead people, but a purgatory for forgotten stories (the school animals are like a tale for kids, the people at the tavern don't have names because they are from a nameless narrative, and the reason the brothers end up there is because they were going to become an urban legend of two dead kids in halloween night)

Omg I love that? Honestly any interpretation of OTGW is great to me. It just makes me wish the story had more substance to it.

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Hades Daughter: HI! OMG! I loved your onse-shot SO FREAKING MUCH! IT WAS SO PERFECT! Now... I was wondering if I could have one with the 13th prompt... Hades daughter and Harry? ~I have A LOT of Harry feels! Can you blame me tho?!~ Oh please! I'm already looking forward to it! Thank you!

Harry Hook - “Just close your eyes and make a wish”

“Happy Birthday!” Harry smirked while he leaned comfortably against the wall of your bedroom. He had been counting down to today for weeks already and while his smile brightened he placed the box he was carrying on your wooden desk. “Wake up, sleepy head!” He sat down on the edge of your bed and placed his hands on your shoulders. “This day can’t last long enough.”

“And here I thought that on my birthday I was allowed to decide what we’re doing and what would happen.” Instead of attempting to get out of bed, you made yourself a little more comfortable. “I was actually planning on staying in bed a little while longer. I was just having a nice dream.” You didn’t even wait for him to ask what you were dreaming about. “I was just standing in front of the gates of the Olympus, ready to conquer it and to ban Zeus to this damned Island, just like he did with us.”

Harry kept silent for a moment, but then his lips kissed your cheek, your nose and eventually your mouth. “Yeah, sounds like ya were havin’ some very nice dream.” He kissed your lips again and again and again. “But ya can dream that dream on any day, right?” He kissed your neck and you moaned a little. “You can only celebrate yar birthday today.”

Eventually you pushed yourself up and you leaned on your elbows while you raised your eyebrows. “We live on the Isle of the lost. It’s not like anyone is gonna decorate my room with garlands.” You shook your head. “Not that I think my father would have decorated my room with garlands if we had still lived in the underworld either, but fine…” You rolled your eyes and let out a deep sigh.

You had heard the stories about the huge celebrations in Auradon. You had heard about the countless amount of packages they received when they got another year older, which wasn’t even half as hard in Auradon as it was here. You had also heard about the delicious cakes they baked for each other on those special days, of which you had only seen the leftovers so far.

“Why don’t ya open that box I brought you?” Harry stood up to grab your present and placed it in your lap before he sat down again. “I’ve been workin’ on this for months.” He smirked once more and he seemed to be more excited about you opening your package than you were yourself. “Come on, open it.” He brushed your shoulder and after one more sigh you gave in.

You weren’t expecting much. Actually, you had not been expecting anything. Maybe you had hoped for a few more kisses than you normally got, although that was almost impossible, but you knew all too well that much more than that was not gonna happen. But when you opened the box your jaw dropped and your eyes widened.

The cake Harry had found was probably not as fresh as those in Auradon, but it wasn’t as crappy as most cakes here on the Isle were either. In the middle he had placed a bright blue candle and the smile on his face brightened when he took his zipper to light it for you. “Come on! Just close yar eyes and make a wish!” He nodded at you and then he winked. “Maybe ya can wish for that dream of yars to come true.”

You smiled back at him and then you closed your eyes to blow the candle. You knew that wishes you had not kept to yourself would not come true, but you tried it anyway. After all, destroying the Olympus and Auradon was the only thing you wanted, apart from the wonderful boyfriend you already had.

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i love that he mentions niall is doing rock, but he's doing his rock. like he's a true student of the classic rock times that he has the ability to modernize it and make it something current and catchy..... my king! lol

YEESSS!! omg dude i just finished rambling an essay into the tags of that quote, i love it so much. the one that goes, 

the Eagles had superb songwriting skills, with melodies and choruses, and so does Niall. not making a direct comparison, it’s just that what goes for rock today is oftentimes too self-referential, such a reaction to what once was that you can’t understand it unless you’re deep in the rabbit hole. 

i loooved that he brought this up, and that he articulated it so well!! i think a lot of learning from the past is making a lot of pale imitations of what inspires you, which is certainly educational! but if that’s where the progression stops, then you end up suffering a fairly drastic decrease in overall quality. you can hew as closely as you possibly can to your favorite masterpiece, but it’s never going to be anything more than a copy. 

you figure out how they did it so you can do it too, and that becomes your toolbox for making something yours. the tools don’t ever really change, whether it’s art or music or architecture or writing, it’s the combination you use them in and the hand that wields them that do. and to me, that’s the best part! nothing is ever really lost, or forgotten, and the stories never really change. but we go on appreciating them because there’s value in the telling, and in the way people tell them. the anodyne quality of good stories (art, music, books) is that the happy ones make us happier, and the sad ones make our own sadnesses not quite so blue. 

Put on Niall’s new album at a dinner party and everybody will enjoy it. Songs with meaning you can sing along with, what a concept!

so you can see how that might be quite a lovely thing to say! not to say that flicker is his masterpiece, because i think that’d be selling niall short, but that wielding the tools of your trade as best you can and making something resonant confers the idea that your feelings are shared, that the things that matter to you matter to other people, too…which is all you can hope for, really 

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Indeed! I had an idea of Thomas taking medication for whatever reason, and that ends up making Virgil ‘Fade.’(the equivalent of a trait dying) He gets scared and hides away in one of Thomas' memories to die peacefully. Virgil is forgotten for a number of months before Patton disappears and Roman goes to find him, this finding Virgil. Could I have an analysis? Cause I'm super hyped to write this and want to know if it needs any tweaking or improvements. Thanks! 💙

Omg that is such a sad idea! :(  Why is he forgotten? Do the traits “fading” make the others forget them? Why does Patton disappear? When Roman finds Virgil is he still alive or what? THese are important questions to answer I think! But the idea of sad and scared Virgil hiding in a happy memory to die peacefully is really freaking evocative and sad :( :( :( (these are good things in writing)

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Im new to plance and i had a thought omg remember when 💙 came out of the coma to shoot at Sen for 💚 in s1e5? I keep thinking that that scene was confirmation that 💙's bi bc he did it before finding out 💚's a girl? Of course it could be platonic too but I found it interesting 🤔🤔 I hope this makes sense ;;

Lance’s actions were really interesting! For me, that scene revealed two things:

1- How much Lance cares about Pidge.

2- Lance’s own strategy: Waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Personally, I don’t think that’s enough evidence to confirm he’s bisexual but, if he really is, I’ve always liked the idea of Lance noticing he always felt interested in Pidge or that he would like her regardless of her gender!

(Also, welcome to plance!!!)

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hey i just wanted to say that i rlly love ur randy cunningham au?? it's Very Good

omg thank you????? (i just had to make it, i’ve been bothering my best friend with it for fucking months)

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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Ashley Hairs

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…the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again

Sugar Pine 7 Season 1 Finale poster

iconic things from the lightning thief musical:

• “the gods are real and they have kids, and those kids have issues”

• the fact that the first thing percy says is “look, i didn’t want to be a half-blood”


• "is there a fury after percy right now?” “a fury? oh no, IT’S A MINOTAUR” “WHAT’S A MINITAUR?” “IT’S HALF BULL” “like you?” “nO I’M HALF GOAT”

• the fact that chiron is a normal human, with a horse tail

• "oh great she’s crying”


• "i’m half god?“ "yea and i half care”

• "but he loves me!” “he loves you NOT”


• the whole campfire song honestly

• the plastic squirrel in ‘lost’

• grover playing with his uncle ferdinand’s tail

• [high pitched voice] you deserve to be immortalised in stone [deep manly voice] FOREVER [giggle]

• "interesting choice to have him screaming”

• "excuse me miss? how long have you been at this hotel?” “well my brother and i arrived here just yesterday, may 1st! 1939!” “WE CAN SLEEP ON THE ROAD”

• "oh look! a bus to los angeles!” “are you sure that’s a good idea?” “this one we just won’t blow up”

• "DO I LOOK LIKE A CENTAUR TO YOU? it’s charon! with an a”

• charon pushing percy down on his face really hard and grover and annabeth just fanning his face


• "tartarus? like the fish sauce?”

• after they defeat ares, poseidon just makes THE BEST FUCKING ENTRANCE IN THEATRE HISTORY

• in a hawaiian shirt, on a staircase with wheels carried by human dolphins being like "he’s the true son of the sea”

• "i got your gift” “and i got yours. medusa’s head, really?”

• "i’ll have all the squirrels in the east searching for him”