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One week ago I flew to Paris to attend my first B.A.P concert, and in the days that followed I was too busy touristing to properly write about it. But we just got back home this morning, and the post-concert depression is setting in, so here goes…

As seen in the pic above, we got great seats where we could see the whole show with no one blocking our sight (or room to breathe). We got in pretty early, and could’ve gotten spots on the floor, but were really happy with this view. It was great, because we had lots of room to dance when the DJ played. Though me and my partner somehow managed to always move to the left and push the poor old lady next to us from her seat. She seemed happy tho, lmao. And the DJ was awesome. Everyone cheered and danced and had a blast, and it rly set the mood. It was lit af and I was kinda sad when it ended tbh XD

Let’s talk about Zelo. This kid was an explosion of fanservice. Interacted a lot with the fans and threw hearts everywhere. Last one to leave the stage, and ran back in for a sec bc he’s a tease. He spoke a lot of English, which was great since I don’t speak much French, lol. I’m sure y’all know by now, but his new solo is entirely in English, and he sings. I had this song stuck in my head the next day. 

Jongup was a shy gentleman, oh my god. It was his time to pick a fan to bring on stage, and when finding out she was 18 he joked he might get in trouble with the police. We laughed. He lead her all the way back down the stage afterwards. He didn’t perform his solo, which was a shame bc it was the solo I’d been looking forward to the most.

Youngjae. This wrecker, omg. He showed off his great pronunciation when they introduced themselves in French in the beginning. He spoke a lot, probably more than Jongup when the fan was on stage. During Carnival he ran around with a camera filming the fans, and it was adorable. Wow, I love him.

I’ve wanted to hear Daehyun sing live for so long, and he was truly amazing. He performed his solo song, which was fucking lit. I haven’t watched any fancams, but I’m pretty sure he was dancing in the US. Here he barely did any dancing, and was alone on stage, but it was great. He was the bartender during Jongup’s fan event, and told the girl “ONLY ONE” when she couldn’t pick her favorite member. I’ve heard his little giggle live, oh my god.

HIMCHAN. Okay. This man is amazing. Lead the fan chants. He wasn’t on stage during Farmata, but I don’t know if he was in the US tour. Everyone cheered really loud whenever it was his parts in any song. Best moment of the whole concert was probably at the end when they were all saying goodbye, and when it was Himchan’s turn we all screamed so loud and long that he did a little bow before we’d let him speak, lmao. He got a lot of love.

Yongguk didn’t say much, which should be no surprise to anyone, but he was happy. I was just so happy to see him. He shouted a lot into the mic. During BangX2 he suddenly had a big water gun and went crazy with it while the others sang the last chorus. Everyone cheered really loud for all his parts as well. His smile is just gorgeous. He got a Tigger. When waving their goodbyes, he really made sure to direct his attention at every part of the audience. He looked deeply thankful and content.

Some favorite moments:

At one point Zelo did one of his impressive back flips, followed by Jongup, and then Youngjae came running raising his hands in the air, and I was like “wait what? is he gonna do it too?” but then he just rolled on the floor. Still raised his arms in triumf as we cheered and laughed. Jongup looked so done. Daehyun died.

During the fan event, I think someone asked the girl who her favorite was (I listened more to the Korean than the French translator) and she responded with Youngjae, Daehyun & Jongup (aka everyone on stage except for Banghim bc Zelo was preparing for his solo). Himchan got up from his chair and went over to Yongguk like “let’s get out of here” lmao

SKYDIVE. Oh my god, this stage was just so fucking cool. Watching all six of them finally perform this song on stage together was beautiful, and the whole audience shouted “SKYDIVE” so damn loud. Jongup’s part was epic as always. Wow, I saw that live.

I’m so proud and thankful for the audience. We cheered and sang along so well, stomping the floor. The boys seemed really happy with us, lol. After the encore, when we knew they wouldn’t come back up again, the DJ played Wake Me Up, and everyone stayed behind to sing the entire song to an empty stage. That was precious. I hadn’t met a single BABY irl before this day, so being surrounded by thousands was really cool, and everyone was so nice and helpful all day. Thank you, French BABYz ♡

And for those who’ve been wondering how my partner was gonna enjoy himself, he had a blast. On the way home he had Feel So Good stuck on his head, and it’s a song he’s never shown much interest in before. He was sad they didn’t perform 1004, because that was the first BAP song he really liked. His own words after the concert: “Well, at this point I gotta be at least a 8 months old fetus, right?” BABY in the making, for sure.


okay this is going to be really long and probably have some spelling errors so bear with me. Okay so my sister ( bdes582​ ) and I started making the posters and putting together the costumes on Thursday, we had come up with the idea for Swan Squad and #SwanGoals about a week or two after Taylor posted the pictures from her Fourth Of July party. So we started making the posters which was harder than we thought because that poster material was not easy to cut into the shape of a swan, but we managed to make it work! 

so fast forward to the concert. We got there around 4 and found the line for floor and waited with some very nice girls, at about 4:30 it started raining so we took our poncho and covered our posters so they wouldn’t get ruined before the show even started. They let us in at 5, and it was still raining so my ticket is a melted mess rn, we got onto the floor and we saw Taylor Nations tweet that they were in section 112 so we sprinted up the huge thing of stairs and ran to the booth because we didn’t want to wait forever in the line, We got to the booth and there was already a line but it wasn’t too long, we waited for probably about 40 minutes. We got to meet Ally from Taylor Nation and she is so sweet and adorable, and she was like “OH MY GOD MY SWANS I SAW YOU GUYS ON TWITTER” she was so sweet and adorable and she was like “there is a special guest tonight” we tried to get her to tell us who but she wouldn’t haha, but she was the most adorable thing ever, she took our picture for Taylor’s website and then we decided to go down to our seats because Shawn was going to be on soon. 

We got to our seats and realized that we were so close to the end of the catwalk, i was so excited because i knew i was going to be able to see her so well. so we started dancing and just having a good time, a lot of people kept commenting on our outfits and telling us they hope we got loft 89. there was probably about 10 people that wanted to take a picture of us or with us, which i thought was pretty cool, so the opening acts started and i love Shawn so i was kind of going crazy, but no one around me knew any of the words so i want the only going crazy. Then Vance came on (who i also love a lot) and i sang along hardcore to him. Then HAIM came on and they were AMAZING. There was one point where Alana (Baby Haim) looked over at our section and we had our signs up in the air and she started cracking up, so i started freaking out cause she saw our posters. 

OKAY flash forward to right before Taylor, They put the fan cam on and we made it on, which was so awesome!! SO then feel so close came on and WE STARTED FREAKING OUT AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE AND I WAS SO READY. so then Taylor came on and i just started going crazy, when i saw her on the stage my jaw just dropped and i just started freaking out, it wasnt the first time i had seen her but i still freak out everytime, so i started singing along like crazy and jumping and dancing, during the opening acts i had been looking around and trying to find mama swift, but once Taylor was on stage I didn’t even care anymore i was just mesmerized by the queen being in front of me. I by the time she was on Blank Space, Loft 89 was so far out of my mind, i had seen so many amazing costumes and i knew there was 60,000 people there, so i just forgot about it and told myself It wasn’t going to happen and had the time of my life. 

Taylor had just finished You Belong With Me and had started her Clean Speech, i was staring up at her and was just in such Awe she looked so beautiful, and i looked down for one second when i saw someone walking towards me, LITTLE DID I KNOW WHEN I LOOKED DOWN IT WAS GOING TO BE MAMA SWIFT. SHE LOOKED AT ME WITH A HUGE SMILE AND I JUST STARTED CRYING. LIKE IT WASN’T JUST A FEW TEARS IT WAS FULL ON BODY SHAKING UGLY CRYING SOBBING. she came over and gave us hugs, and asked us the question, “have you ever met Taylor” i just shook my head because i was crying so hard, and she was like ”YOU ARE GOING TO LOFT 89″. Stephanie put on our bracelets and I was just losing it, and they gave us the beloved purple pass..i gave Mama Swift another hug and they left, i continued to sob through all of Clean and most of Love Story,I was so happy that i got it during Clean because that song means so much to me, and those are the lyrics i had written down my arm for the concert. I continued to dance my heart out the rest of the concert, after Shake it Off we went to the section that they told us to meet at and found all the other girls who had gotten loft! They told us all the rules and had us enter in our information into their Ipad app thing. they took us backstage and went into Loft, the room itself is actually so small, i was surprised since there was almost thirty of us. We ate pizza ( which tbh was pretty bad it was ice cold and hard but the cookies were really good). We went in the photo booth but we couldn’t get it to work, haha, after about 10 minutes Steph told us to put all our phones and cameras away. Scott came in and went around to each group and gave us all guitar picks, he gave me threee!!! and about 10 minutes after that TAYLOR CAME IN!! At first we all just kind of gasped and she was like “YOU GUYS DONT HAVE TO BE QUIET!!!” SO WE ALL SCREAMED REALLY LOUD. and she was like “HEYYY!! i brought some friends with me if thats okay!” she introduced them all and told us that everyone gets to talk to everyone. She started about three groups down from us and we were just watching in Awe while she was talking to everybody. she was at the group of girls next to us and i was just started freaking out. she finished up with the group of girls next to us and then it was OUR TURN!

She looked at us and was “AYYEEEE!!!’” AND GAVE US ALL HUGS AND I SWEAR TO YOU THERE IS NOTHING MORE AMAZING THEN GETTING TO HUG THE GIRL WHO GOT YOU THROUGH EVERYTHING. SHE SQUEEZED ME SO TIGHT AND OH MY GOD DOF;JD;KFJ. SHE WAS LIKE “OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE COVERED IN GLITTER, I LOVE IT! I KNOW WHY MY MOM PICKED YOU!’” she was like do you have anything you guys want me to sign?” and i was like “Yeah! can you sign my poster?” and i held it up and she was like “OH.MY.GOD” and did the most adorable laugh i have ever heard and she was like “im going to have to relay this to my significant other”” and did another really cute laugh, and oh my god i had to try so hard not to scream, but i laughed back and then she was like “whats your name?” and i was like “Sarah!” and she signed her name and started writing I <3 Sarah, and was like “with an h?” and i was like “Yeah! the right way, obviously” and laughed and she started laughing and was like “hahaah, yes it is the right way! i call the other way the Canadian way, i have a lot of Canadian friends who spell it that way” (LET THE WORD SHOW THAT I MADE TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT LAUGH). Then she gave me back my poster and signed my sisters and my friends posters too. My friend talked to her about some of the things that she wanted to, and then Steph told us to take the picture, Taylor got in between My sister and my friend (i was a little sad i wasnt next to Taylor, and she could tell she she was like “come on we can all Squeeze in” and pulled my shoulder in, her arms reallyyyy long so she could reach over me and my sister. So after the picture my sister talked to her, and then it was my turn and i was so scared i wasn’t going to be able to talk because i was so nervous, but i just started talking because i knew i would regret it if i didn’t say what i wanted to, so I was like “i just want to say thank you so much, because i wouldn’t have made it through middle school and high school without you” (MIND YOU SHE WAS STARING ME DEAD IN TH EYE THE WHOLE TIME AND I WAS HAVING SOME TROUBLE BREATHING) so then she was like “yeah middle school is rough” and i was like “yeah! it was!” and then she gave me another hug, and i was like “thank you so much, your music was always there for me and so were you, and i just always knew i could turn to your music” and she had the sweetest look on her face and was like “thanks for saying that oh my god” and then gave me ANOTHER HUG. HER HUGS ARE AMMAZING I KNOW I SAID THAT ALREADY BUT THEY ARE OKAY. After that she was had to go the next group, so she said goodbye and gave us each one last hug. SHE GAVE ME SO MANY HUGS AND EACH TIMME SHE SQUEEZED ME SO TIGHT. OH MY GOD ITS SO AMAZING HUGGING HER. I HOPE EVERYONE GETS TO HUG HER AT LEAST ONCE BECAUSE ITS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING. 

so after we meet Taylor, the boys from Walk The Moon, came over and started chatting with us, They were so nice and we chatted about how amazing their performance was and how excited we were, They commented on our signs and how much they loved them and then Nick started playing with two of the signs and was dancing around with them, so i took some pictures and he thought it was so funny, so then we took a group pic with them and then we took a selfie too!! they talked with us a little more and then moved on to the next group.

After that Alana from Haim came over and oh my god she is the most adorable thing i have ever met in my life. She came over and was like “oh my god these signs are amazing, i saw you guys from the stage” (!!!!!!!!!!) and we were like “oh my god we thought you did cause we saw you look in our direction and start laughing” and she was like “Laughing??? I was on the ground, i was hysterical” which made us so happy, we were like “yeah we couldn’t tell if you saw them” and she was like “are you kidding?? those signs cut through the crowd, they are amazing” So then we talked about how great their performance was and took some selfies. She took my phone to take them and omg they came out so cute, she is so adorable.

So then Austin was walking away from the group next to us and i saw that he had really cool Polaroid camera in his hand, and i was like “oh my god i love your camera” and was like “oh my god, thanks! it was a gift so i don’t really know where its from” and he talked about how its a really good camera and he pulled out some Polaroids from his shirt pocket and was showing us them all, and telling us what some of them were from, and a few of them were of him and Taylor and Alana in the elevator on the way up to loft 89, which was so cool cause we were the only ones he showed!! so then we got into a conversation about the different polaroid camera brands, and i was i was like “i really like the one you have it just really looks cool” and he was like “ i would give it to you but it was a gift..” and i just laughed and was like “no no!! haha its fine” and he was like “yeah and it says Austin on it” he was so cute omg, and then i was like “can we get a picture with you?” and he was like yeah!! so he took my phone and was like “here i got this i have long arms” and so he took them! and after that he went on to the next group

so then Mama Swift came over to us and we were like “omg thank you so much for picking us” and she was like “well, THIS (and pointed to our costumes and posters) is kind of hard to ignore” and that made me so happy, cause that was all i wanted. So then we took a picture with her and she gave us some hugs,and omg Mama Swift gives the most amazing hugs too you don’t understand. We talked to her for a little bit longer but then Taylor was finishing up with the last group so she had to go! 

after Taylor left we all had to leave, and it was the BEST night of my entire life. Im so glad and grateful that we got picked and i will never forget this moment, as long i live ( ;) ) SO YEAH THATS BASICALLY IT. I PROBABLY LEFT SOME STUFF OUT, BUT THANKS FOR READING I KNOW THIS WAS RIDICULOUSLY LONG