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so, the episode 300% killed me dead. on the floor. so this came out of it. straight up shameless fluff. fluff without plot, if you will. anyway, i owe my heart and also this fic to @elsaclack​ and @jakelovesamy​. title from first day of my life (thx a billion @jokeperatla​ omg)

Amy slowly comes to, blinking hard against the golden late-afternoon light filtering through her window. She can’t quite seem to gather her thoughts - unsurprising, since these random midday crash-naps are the closest thing she’s gotten to proper rest since the night of the trial. Her eyes are dry and a little red-rimmed, crusty with sleep. She takes a few more moments to relish this calm, taking deep breaths and steeling herself against the long night to come. It’s been ages since she slept properly, centuries since she took a true deep breath, eons since her bed, with its freshly washed sheets devoid of crumbs and spills and the miscellaneous junk that’s made its home in her - their - apartment, has felt truly comfortable or familiar.

She rolls over, away from the setting sun wafting through her half-open blinds, in the hopes of catching a few more minutes of sleep before reality sets in, before she has to put back on a pantsuit and reopen Hawkins’ file and pretend everything is normal–

–and then she lands in an unexpected warm spot on his side of the bed. It smells, quite unmistakably, like him. She groans, curling tighter into the blankets, because she’s had this dream before. She shuts her eyes tight, feeling that brief jolt of hope ebb away into the familiar numbness that’s dulled her mind for more than six weeks. She’ll open her eyes again in a second and the bed will be cold and she’ll get up and find her discarded blouse and Captain Holt will call her with an update and she’ll have ten texts from Charles about how to cry on cue for her upcoming podcast appearance.

But the longer she lays there, steeling herself against the evening of work to come, crouched around Captain Holt’s coffee table with Cheddar safely locked in the upstairs guest room and Kevin bringing out trays of desserts in which sour gummy flourishes are featured with an unusual frequency, the more she notices that something is off.

For one, the warmth isn’t going away as her mind slowly emerges from its post-nap fog. For another, the smell is different this time, tinged with sweat and the unmistakable scent she recognizes from the visiting room in South Carolina. She notes the water she can hear running in the bathroom sink. Finally, she registers the feeling of her too-clean sheets against her naked body, and her mind starts to catch up, first slowly then in a flood of images and memories that nearly overwhelms her.

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a miscarriage (sorry guys :,(


~Did somebody order angst with a side of tears? {-this is long i’m sorry-}

(This subject hits a sensitive spot for me so I had to give them all a nice finish.^^ “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”)

◉ Yoosung

  • He was at the computer playing LOLOL when you approached him
  • He thought you were going to ask him to get off and eat dinner
    • “Just a few more minutes MC, there’s a rare monster.”
    • “Yoosung, I think somethings wrong…I’m bleeding…”
  • His face went pale and he tossed his headset on the desk
    • The baby?…”
  • You nodded tearfully
  • He placed his hand on your tummy before rushing you to the doctor
  • Yoosung is a mess
  • He’s trying to keep it together for your sake but his hands are shaking
  • When the doctor tells you two the bad news he let’s go and cries
  • You both are just hugging each other
    • “You’re still a very young and healthy couple. There’s plenty of time to try again. Please rest easy for the next day or two.”
  • He’s treating you like a delicate flower
  • Cooks and brings you food in bed and makes sure you eat it all
  • Really he’s just trying to preoccupy his mind because he can’t bare to think about it
  • You ask to take a shower
  • Yoosung passes by the door and hears you sobbing through the running of the water
  • He broke down there in the hallway
  • When you get out he just lays in bed with you and you are both crying and comforting each other until you fall asleep
        • -After-
  • He was nothing but ecstatic when you found out you were expecting again
  • He got a mug made with the sonogram picture on it and uses it at work
  • It’s a boy!
  • He’s not a very good sleeper (the baby)((well Yoosung too lol))
  • Yoosung stays up all night holding him
  • Or rocking him with one arm and playing LOLOL with his free hand

◉ Jumin

  • You hadn’t gotten out of bed all day
  • There was a lot of pain in your back and you just wanted to lay down
  • When Jumin got home from work and saw you were still in bed and hurting
  • He was pissed at his staff
  • No one called him?????
  • He sent for a doctor right away and then just laid with you on the bed
  • Stroked your hair
  • Said everything was going to be okay
  • After examining you he pulled Jumin aside
    • “There’s no heartbeat, Mr. Han…I’m so sorry…”
  • When he walked back into the room with tears in his eyes you knew…
    • “Oh God…Jumin…”
  • You just broke down in sobs
  • He met you on the bed and pulled you into him
  • Let you cry into his shoulder
  • He glanced at the bassinet at the corner of the room
  • He was so elated he bought it the day you announced you were pregnant
  • Jumin buried his emotions about it after that day
  • He stepped away from work completely because you stopped eating
  • He turned his phone off
  • which is very unlike him
  • And doesn’t let anyone visit the penthouse
  • Just devoted himself to caring for you and helping you recover
  • Which helps him recover
        • -After-
  • Nothing could wipe the smile from Jumin’s face when it was confirmed you both were expecting once again
  • Kissed you so hard
  • It’s a girl!
  • Literally so spoiled omg
  • She’s a daddys girl from the start, he soothes her instantly when he picks her up
    • “This was your big sisters bassinet…we miss her so much. But she watches over you now.”
  • Sings lullabies to her omg it’s literally the cutest thing ever
  • You stand outside the door and just listen

◉ Zen

  • You had been throwing up all day
  • But it wasn’t the normal morning sickness you had been feeling
  • There was a lot of pain and you just knew something was wrong
  • Zen came home from rehearsals to find you on the bathroom floor
  • He immediately freaked out
    • “BABE! Why didn’t you call me?! What’s going on?!”
  • He ran to your side
    • “I think something’s wrong…”
    • “Oh my god…Ok, let’s get you into bed. C-Can you walk?”
    • “I don’t know, I have a lot of pain right now”
  • He picked you up and carried you to the bed
  • His mind was racing, he didn’t know what to do
  • He kissed your forehead
    • “I’ll be right back, okay. Just rest”
  • His hand lingered on your tummy
  • Stepping into the other room he pulled out his phone
  • He could barely dial, his tears were clouding his eyes
    • “Yes, hello?”
    • “Jumin…It’s Zen. I-I need a favor”
  • After explaining what was going on, Jumin didn’t hesitate to agree to send a doctor right away
    • “Please let me know if you need anything else. All of us will have you in our thoughts.”
  • He was a mess waiting
  • Though he tried not to show it
  • He paced around the living room taking deep breaths to calm himself before planting a smile on his face and returning to you, he wanted to be strong for you
    • “The doctor is on the way. I’m going to get you a glass of water and you have to drink it all, okay babe?”
  • It seemed like forever until he arrived
  • You described your symptoms and he took a good look over you
    • “Yes, these things are to be expected with the loss of a pregnancy early on…Make sure she relaxes for a while and call me if you need anything else.”
  • Zen couldn’t find the words to say
  • He felt so powerless in that moment
  • He got so excited when you both found out that he posted a selfie of you two with the pregnancy test
  • He felt this guilt in his chest, maybe if he hadn’t been working so much…
    • “I’m…so sorry, Zen” you cried
    • “Hey hey hey, cut that out,” he wiped your tears, “everything is going to be okay. I’m here with you…”
  • He let the director know he would be taking a few days off and pretty soon word got out to his fans about what happened
  • Gifts, chocolates, flowers, and sympathy cards all came pouring in
  • You got a lot of letters from fans that had also lost babies, and reading them together at night really helped you get through it
  • Jumin sent over a maid and chef to take care of things for a while, and although Zen grumbled about it to you, he was thankful
        • -After-
  • Couldn’t stop himself from shouting to the world that you’re pregnant
  • This time around he did his best to stay home more, as much as you tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary and you were fine
  • It’s a girl!
  • He’s constantly holding her
    • “You’re the most beautiful child to ever grace this planet. You’re not allowed to date until you’re 45. Don’t worry, daddy will protect you from those beastly boys!”

◉ Jaehee

  • It had only been five weeks since you found out the pregnancy took
  • You were feeling kind of odd and excused yourself to the bathroom
  • When you came out, face red and sobbing Jaehee rushed to your side
    • “MC! What’s going on??”
    • “It didn’t stick…we’re losing it…God, I’m so sorry…I don’t know what I did wrong I-”
  • She cut you off and grabbed your face in her hands
    • “Shh…Don’t ever say that,” she was crying too but kissed you, “You.Did.Nothing.Wrong. These things happen. That’s what we knew going into this, right?”
    • Mmhm
  • She wiped your tears
    • “It’s okay. Are you in pain?”
    • “…Not much”
    • “Alright. Well, let’s get you into bed.”
  • She made some tea and you spent the night watching DVDs together in bed snacking
  • She could be sad but keep a level head and positive mind
  • She spent the night reassuring you that it would happen for you both one day
        • -After-
  • Threw a small get-together when it was confirmed that you were expecting
  • All the RFA members were elated
  • It’s a boy!
  • Jaehee is super mom
  • She’s got this babies schedule down to a science
  • She knows how much he’s eating and how much he’s pooping and when and how long he sleeps
  • If there’s every a change in his patterns she freaks and calls the pediatrician lolol

◉ Saeyoung

  • You two were going to your scheduled check-up together
  • It was going to be the first time hearing the heartbeat and you both were elated
  • Saeyoung was dancing around the room as you laid on the table waiting for the doctor to come in
    • “Stop snooping through the cabinets before someone comes in and sees you!”
  • He had stolen a wooden tongue depressor and put it in his mouth
  • And was now grabbing gloves and putting them on too
    • “Excuse me ma’am I’m doctor cotton swab please spread your legs for me I need to inspect you. Stop laughing, that’s very unprofessional. I didn’t go to medical school for this!”
  • The knock on the door interrupted you and he jumped to your side as the doctor walked in
  • Trying to pull the gloves off before he saw
    • “Good evening you two,” he didn’t glance up from his paperwork, “Mrs. Choi, I’m a little concerned about some declining levels I see from your test…”
    • “What does that mean?” Saeyoung had a lump in his throat and he grabbed your hand
  • The smiles had faded from your faces
    • “Let’s just check one thing here before I go any further”
  • He put the gel on your tummy and placed the device on your skin, rolling it around with a furrowed brow
  • It was silent
  • The doctor sighed and removed it from you
  • He started to say some condolences but he didn’t even finish his sentence before you were sobbing
  • Saeyoung leaned down into you, running his hands over you in a soothing manner
  • It was tearing him apart to see you like this
  • On the drive home it was silent except for your crying
  • You noticed him gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly
  • When you got home Saeyoung pushed his own grieving aside, all he wanted was to be there for you
  • Though his usual way of cheering you up was jokes, and he couldn’t bring himself to make any
  • He only let himself cry when you were asleep
        • -After-
  • He was very very protective of you when you told him you were pregnant again
  • If Yoosung breathed too heavy around you he was smacking him
  • It’s twin girls!
  • Dr Cotton Swab™ passed out in the room when he saw two babies wiggling around on the monitor
  • He’s a master diaper changer
  • He keeps a timer by the changing table and is always working to beat his records
  • Falls asleep in the arm chair with them
  • A lot

◉ V

  • You had some intense cramps and V could tell you weren’t feeling well
  • He was pleading with you to take you in and be seen
  • It wasn’t until it hurt so bad that you stumbled (almost passing out) and grabbed onto him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer anymore and had someone drive you both to the hospital
  • It was hard for him to even get the words out to the doctor
    • “I think my wife is…having a miscarriage” his voice wavering
  • He didn’t let go of your hands the whole time the doctor was talking to you
  • He wished so badly that he could see your face
  • When the sound of your soft cries hit him he brushed your hair to the side lovingly and let go of his own sadness welling inside of him
  • V was so gentle with you when you got home
  • You both kissed each other and wiped each others tears away
  • And fell asleep in each others arms
  • The next day you didn’t want to sit still
    • “Are you sure you’re feeling up to this?”
    • “I’m sure. I don’t want to be cooped up right now… Let’s pack some food and go to our spot.”
  • It was a place you both frequented, a beach
  • V couldn’t see the sunset anymore but the sound of the water and the fresh air was therapeutic for both of you
  • You didn’t want to cry anymore and you both just cuddled and sat together quietly
        • -After-
  • Kissed you so many times when you finally told him you were going to have a baby
  • It’s a girl!
  • He was so nervous about being a new dad and being blind but he quickly adjusted
  • Has supersonic hearing, like, if the baby yawns from across the house he freaks out and runs to her
  • Jumin is constantly over playing with the baby and buying her ridiculously frilly outfits that you and V thank him for but stick in the closet never to be seen again

◉ Saeran

  • You were hurting the night before, and he pulled you into bed and held you close, hoping you would just sleep it off and be better in the morning
  • When you woke up you felt a wetness and sat up to reveal blood
  • Saeran freaked out and immediately began inspecting you
    • “Are you hurting bad?? Oh God, MC.”
  • You shook your head no, you weren’t hurting much anymore…
  • And that thought made you break down in sobs
  • You knew what had happened now
    • “Don’t move, I’m calling the doctor”
  • He was frantic and his hands were shaking
  • When he finally got a hold of him on the phone and explained what had happened, he was furious at the nonchalant tone he had
    • “I’m very sorry but there’s nothing we can really do at this point. There’s no reason to bring your wife in at this point. You just have to let these things run their course and call me if she starts to feel her pain worsening.”
  • He almost threw his phone against the wall and shattered it
  • That’s what he wanted to do
  • But you were more important than his anger right now
  • He found you back in the bedroom trying to clean the sheets while crying
    • “Stop stop stop…I’ll take care of that. Let’s get you cleaned up…”
  • He kissed your head and drew a bath for you
  • Letting you soak while he worked in the bedroom
  • The sound of your crying was like a knife in his heart and he allowed himself to silently sob while he cleaned up everything
  • You both were a melancholy mess and couldn’t even bring yourself to tell anyone
  • You spent the whole rest of the day and night laying with each other, both of your hands rubbing your stomach together
        • -After-
  • He still couldn’t fight that feeling in his chest when you said you were pregnant again
  • He felt at any moment it would be taken from him again
  • It wasn’t until he felt that first kick that he cried and kissed your tummy with joy
  • It’s a boy!
  • He won’t let the baby sleep in the bassinet you bought, he sleeps with the baby always
  • Loves when he has the baby and you both snuggled up with him, you both are his whole world
  • Secretly has the picture of that first ultra-sound still in his wallet, and looks at it often, wondering what it would be like to have both of his children alive in that moment
  • Makes Saeyoung use gobs of hand sanitizer before he comes near your child

Hiruzen had to get the bell test from somewhere right? So I’m willing to bet Tobirama came up with it and can you imagine Tobirama doing this bell test shit with his students. No mercy. He had these kids out here on the brink of death. Shit must have lasted a week. Hashirama probably came out to the field one day like “Tobirama, the parents are wondering where their children are—” 




“Tobirama-sensei, can we take a break? We’re starving.”

And he just looks at them. “Are there still two bells in my hand?”


“Then no. Don’t ask again.”

HE PROBABLY HAD THEM CHASING A CLONE THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE HE WAS AT HOME RELAXING. THESE KIDS ALMOST DIED FROM EXHAUSTION. fucking Tobirama this is why Hiruzen was such a lenient sensei Tobirama put him through hell 

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(During the new episode, that scene where Scott helps Virgil back into the slide, I legitimately thought of you and sonatanotwo, I'm not even joking.)

Oh my lord THE NOISES THAT CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH DURING THAT SCENE OH MY GOD. There was much BROing and clutching of bros and omging and just flailing because that scene OMG HELP //is ded//

So just. Just look at this poor bby.

There’s no way he can get back in the chute wearing that bulky exosuit and he knows it.



Who gives a fuck about plasma bolts when lil bro needs help

AND THEN HE’S THERE AND I JUST 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 

There’s probably something really poetic about no matter how strong you are, sometimes you need someone to help raise you up but tbh I see this scene and all I do is make a noise that certainly ain’t poetic cause MY BOY SAVING MY BAE HELP ME

Ahem. But yeah. Virg goes off to save Mr. Panda and we see Scott and I die all over again ‘cause his face is just the most perfect moment in a perfect episode


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Hey, do you think one if the Herondales will sing the demon pox song? I think it's a must. *gasps* omg what if Will taught Matthew the lyrics to the song? I would love for Matthew to sing the demon pox. Anyways, have a nice day, and goodbye!

OH MY GOD Will most definitely taught the song to his kids. James is too mature™ for it and he’s always like “dad that’s sooo dumb” BUT LUCIE LUCIE WILL SING IT ALLL THE TIME her personal favorite time to start belting it out is when the tension is high. Her and Will always sing it. When Matthew first came to the institute he heard her singing it and it became his favorite song to sing. And James is so done™ with both of them

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Bucky coming back from a mission to hear you've been gone for two days. Sam tells him you said you were going by your mother in New York for like an hour. Bucky quickly gears up, even donning his WS mask, as he hops in a Quinjet with Natasha and Steve coming along. You sit on your mother's porch when gusts of wind take you by surprise as Bucky lands in the middle street (1/?)

The team hops out the jet with Bucky taking point armed and ready. You run up to him “What the hell are you doing here!?” “I came to rescue you” he says “You’ve been gone two days.” “How did you even find me!?” You ask shouting as the engines turn off. “Well..don’t get mad but, I placed a tracker on you after the Milan incident” (2/3) 

Furious you yell “You did what!? Omg James Buchanan Barnes!! You are so paranoid sometimes, like God! You better not act like this when the baby-” you gasp and cover your mouth as his eyes open wide. “The what?” He pulls you in close and kisses you. “I didn’t know how to tell you.” You said as he just holds you tight and flashes a proud smile. “Next time, just say it please.” (3/3)

god I love protective Bucky okay hahah this perfect - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™ 

  • <p> <b></b> *Namjoon and Jungkook complaining in the living*<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> ... Okay, i'll find something, you need to go really far from here...<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> I don't need that, I just need help and some glue...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> you need a factory...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Comes in* What are you doing?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> We are...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> ... Looking for a place where Namjoon Hyung can live from now...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> what? Why?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> It's not like that... I just... Did something bad...<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> really bad. Okay, you have any special place where...<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Jungkook!<p/><b>Jimin:</b> okay, first of all, what happened?<p/><b></b> *Namjoon and Jungkook looks each other*<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> I'll show you...<p/><b></b> *Namjoon guide Jimin to the room that Yoongi and Jin share*<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Look...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> ...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> You are dead...<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> I know...<p/><b></b> *a lot of Jin's things are in the floor and some of these are broken*<p/><b>Jimin:</b> How?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> I was looking for something and Jin Hyung said that he has one so I came and touch the Shelf and...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> You need to hurry...<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> *waking from a nap*<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> <p/><b>Yoongi:</b> You better run.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Don't say that!<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *from the living* Namjoon Hyung! I found something! But you need to hurry, the flight goes in-JIN HYUNG! HI! HOW ARE YOU? YOU ARE BACK! HOW WAS THE SHOPPING DAY?<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> oh no...<p/><b>Jimin:</b> omg...<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> it was a honor to meet you.<p/></p>

This is THE GREATEST coming out story you will EVER hear y'all it’s a classic and I will never live it down but I love it

So I do theatre tournaments for my school and we go out of town for them, and theatre kids are like 10% gay so you’ve got a good enough chance that, like, everyone hits on everyone at these things and we’re all in suits and it’s just awesome cuz you’ll never see these people outside of tournaments so it’s not like coming out will come back to haunt you cuz they can’t contact your parents! It’s great

Anyways, it was round 2 of the Auditioning event (basically you perform a monologue you’ve never seen before for a panel of judges and they rate you and say “yes I would cast you” “no I would not”) and I am GOOD at that event, so I placed 1st in my round 1 room.

I’m sitting on the floor with a boy and a girl who look to be about my age and we start talking about the event and our lives.

Eventually I make a casual comment about my homophobic mother and the girl kinda sits up and asks me a little bit about my home life and I’m like yeah it’s shitty but it’s fine, and she kinda smiles all reassuringly at me and gives me some advice and I’m like “dang she’s actually…really hot”

And she WAS oh god she was

A little later she asked “do you have a girlfriend then?” And at the time I didn’t, so I say “nah I’m not too good at that” and she says “at what?”
“Being…being gay, actually”
“Oh I’m sure you’re plenty fine at being gay.”

And time goes by (about fifteen minutes) and idk if she notices I’m hitting on her but I think the boy starts to notice so he switches the topic back to the competition and asks me “what place did you get in your room last round?”

I say “first! You?” He says he got third place, and I turn to the girl, kinda wink at her, and ask what place she got.

She laughs and said “oh no sweetie, I’m not competing! I’m his mother.”

Yes: she was his MOTHER.

So I kinda freeze and I laugh awkwardly and say “oh”

She says “aw you thought I was a high schooler? You’re so sweet! Did you not see my wedding ring?”

And I kinda laughed and said “yeah uh no I gotta go” and luckily they called my name to go read and she hugged me and wished me luck.

That’s the end, right?

There was another girl from my school, my now girlfriend, who witnessed this event and told the entire group from my school. I didn’t care. It was a great story. Until…

Outside of another one of my events, group improv scenes, I see HER WITHOUT HER SON outside the door. She comes up to me and started talking and wishing me luck and I’m over here dying because my friends are all waving and giggling about my “sugar momma” (oh did I mention—SHE HAS A RADIO TALK SHOW AND IS A MILLIONAIRE FOR FUCKS SAKE) and says “yeah I came to watch you perform! You’re so sweet!”

And I was like “haha yeah…”

We ended up doing great in that event, and I never saw her again (thank god) but to this day I still hear about the time I hit on a married 45-year-old millionaire with seven kids, one of whom was sitting right in between us.

I hope you all enjoyed my story.


Guys. I’m fangirling so hard. Someone hold me please. 
I got the raws of the new Hidoku chapter today and I was just looking through them and I noticed something and maaaayyyybe I’m crying a little. (It’s nothing bad!)
Okay okay. Calm down Nina. 
The release will be soon. 
Maybe I should make a Hidoku stream afterwards hehe A wholeeee stream dedicated to Hidoku Shinaide… hmmm…

God, these dorks will be my death one day I’m not even joking -.-’


EXO Reacts to: Their child saying creepy things.

Thanks for the request! :)

~Complete Reaction List~

Xiumin - 

“REDRUM. REDUM. REDUM.” *wags finger*

Child, you better stop saying that unless you want me to turn into Jack Nicholson with an axe…

Luhan - 

*kid puts all her hair in her face and does ~the grudge~ noises*

Are you sure she’s not adopted?

Kris - “I kill daddy and mommy.”

That’s… not my style. Please stop.

Suho - “I’m not human. I’m a cat!!! CALL ME FLUFFY THE CAT OR I WON’T RESPOND!!!” *slams door*

*faces wife* You’re right, honey, it is time for therapy.

Lay - “If I ate crayons, would I poop a rainbow?”

Son-, uh oh……. did you, uhhh…….  did you happen to find daddy’s green stash? 

Baekhyun - 

“I wrote you something, dad!” *hands him a blood-written letter*

Haha ha haha- hah ha-… We gave birth to a demon child, didn’t we?

Chen - “DADDY LOOK!” I’m a rabbit!!! *humps sofa*

OMG, This lil shit is hilarious!

Chanyeol - “Daddy look at me!!!” *has his own poop as make up on his face*

Oh God help him.

D.O. - 

*kid whispers to himself* “I’m going to kill Baekhyun one day, gonna kill, kill, gonna kill, Baekhyun, kill.”

So, I’m not the only one?!?!

Tao - 

“Daddy, a ghost came into my room and told us to leave the house.”

NOPE. NO. NOPE. NO. NO. NOPE BYE BITCH BYE. *leaves both his wife and kid behind*

Kai -

“Dad! Look at this headless squirrel I found outside. Isn’t it cute?”

*Is not even phased anymore at his strange child*

Sehun - 

Wife: Honey, what did you do with our child???

Oh I just shipped that little shit out to Mexico after he threatened to kill me in my sleep… *is completely serious and immigration services is soon to call any minute*


I literally can not express how amazing it was! I was able to get front row at the barrier, right in front of Mike!!!!! We interacted a lot and I was able to get one of his awesome Dirnt turtle picks!!!! Also when Billie Joe came around with the power hose I pointed at myself and he made an “it’s on face” and proceeded to spray me right in the face for like 3 seconds omg (blessed by the God himself). And then at the end I was able to get one of the security guards to grab me a setlist!!!!! It was such a fun show and Billie sooooooo much energy!! I’ve never been to a show where the band interacts with the crowd as much as Green Day did. I’m just so proud to call them my favorite band omg i’m so happy

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OMG I saw that you'll start on Remnant Ch3 and I'm so stoked! So gonna look forward to reading that next chapter! No hurries, really. Just wanna share my excitement because Daato and Juda! Hngggg~ Thank you so much for all the work your group has done! May the yaoi gods and goddesses bless you and your group! Love you~ Sending ya'll lotsa huggles!

I’m excited too xD
I wanted to start days ago, but life came and kicked me out of the house. Tsk. Rude!
But hopefully life will leave me alone tomorrow ^^
Last chapter had such a mean cliffhanger, I’m so sorry for taking so long with ch 3 -__-’
Hugs and kisses for you too 💖💖💖


I was cleaning out going through my art folder when I came across this.

I must have drawn this, like, two years ago maybe omg I obviously haven’t improved much since then :V

A multi-corssover featuring three of my favourite villains~ uvu

So came home after a weird cruddy day and got on OW bought some lootboxes since this is the one thing I was really, really, really looking forward to and this happened. Not one, not two but three skins and two and the new holiday! Thank you Karma Gods for such luck!


Kagami: Omg. Oh.My.God.

Akashi: The maid found this the other day while cleaning up. I thought I’d be nice to show it to Ryouta.

Murasakibara *with a stuffed mouth*: Waah sho moeee neko Aka-chin and neko Kise-chin~


Midorima *blushing*: But–but how… how is this possible, nanodayo?

Akashi *smiling*: Ryouta and I had been in the same primary school for a couple of years. 

Midorima: But how…

Akashi: We had been chosen to perform this dance fo some foreigners who came to visit the school. Ryouta was the primary choice since he was the ‘golden child’ of the school and I was the only one who could keep up with him and the choreography. 

Momoi: You are both so cute!! 

Kise *scratching a cheek self-consciously*: Hehe. It’s amazing you still have this, Akashicchi! 

Akashi: My mom who came to the show and recorded it and since she loved taking care of every souvenir, it was just well-kept in the drawers with the rest. 

Kise *Smiling softly*: Can you send it to me after-ssu? My parents couldn’t come so I don’t have it.

Akashi: Of course, Ryouta.

Momoi: Dai-chan, are you blushing~?

Aomine: Sh–shut up! I’m–I’m not. 

Kagami: I’ll never be able to unsee this now when I look at Akashi… 

Kuroko: While there isn’t much difference between this Kise chan and Kise kun.

Kise: Kurokocchiii is that a compliment? Wait–did you just call me Kise chan?!!

Aomine: Mh, true…

Kagami *mumbling into his burger*: Myeah.

if we all lived in a parallel universe

seungcheol: becomes the maknae of the group and is not obsessed with jeonghan at all

jeonghan: lol i’m not an angel fEAR ME!! I AM eVIL !! also say goodbye to his long blonde hair and say hello to his short black hair

jisoo: literally despises chocolate to the ends of the earth but loves vanilla with all his heart

minghao: you say dogs? he says cats. you say doGS? he says cATS. yOU STILL SAY DOGS? he will ballet out of ur life with his cats like a boss

junhui: his face miraculously doesn’t get blocked out by logos

mingyu: becomes a spanish enthusiast

wonwoo: it’s all about the hair now bucket hats are so last season and also has a very high-pitched voice

chan: lol who’s michael jackson


hansol: finally gets accepted for his ethnicity

jihoon: loves to do aegyo all the time !! chases his members by himself without his guitar to give them lots of hugs !! what a sweet boy !!

soonyoung: the chillest member in the group like srsly he’s chiller than ice

seokmin: becomes the main dancer in the group and gets assigned into the performance team bc of his amazing choreography skills

EXO reaction when Their GF says something innocent but they take it in a dirty way and start laughing really hard and she later realizes it and feels embarrassed

Such a long title omg I’M SORRY!!! ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

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*You started talking about how Chanyeol was teaching you how to play the drums recently*

You: “We were banging all night.”

Others: *Busted out into laughter* “Too much info guys!”

Yeol: “You shouldn’t have worded it that way.”

You: “I’m leaving. You are all pervs. Oh my god.”


*You both decided to hang out with his crew tonight for a dinner and it was all just laughs and for fun until a story came to your mind*

You: “You know my neighbor? Yeah, so the other day I was just really surprised by how big his package was. Like it was really big! I always wandered what he had in it.”

Fan: “Wait what?” *Started laughing really hard with the others until leaning over to you* “Think really hard on the reason why we are laughing.”

You: “OH MY GOD!! NOT LIKE THAT!!! He ordered something online and the package that was delivered was pretty tall! OMG.”


*You all started talking about Subway*

You: “I was expecting maybe four inches, but he gave me more like 12.”

Hun: *paused for a second before giving you a look while trying not to laugh* 

You: “I hate you.”

Hun: “I love you but that was hilarious babe.”


You: “There is this co-worker that is having trouble with something. He tried everything but just couldn’t get in.”

Tao: *Starts bursting out in laughter*

You: “You have got to be kidding me. He was having trouble with getting the paper in the copying machine you perv! Leave the poor intern alone!”


*Your friend called you while you and Jongin were cuddling on the couch*

You: “Do you want to come in the front door or the back?” *Your friend started laughing along with Jongin beside you*

Nini: “Babe! You’re with me not her!” *He jokingly said*

You: “You both are sick.”


*You started to talk about your co-worker to him*

You: “I’m sure he’s tired; he spent all day on his knees.”

Minnie: “Wait what? Think real hard about what you just said while I laugh right now.”

You: “You have got to be kidding me. The boss made him clean his office floor by hand because of a stupid prank he did. Omg. I hate you.”


*You started talking about the road trip you and your friend went on and that the ride back was just too much*

You: “We were only riding for maybe five seconds before we were desperate to get off.”

Baek: “Whoa what??? With a girl?”

Others: *All laughing their asses off*



*Started talking about food*

You: “I love sausage.”

Han: *Stops and just stares at you before bursting out into laughter*

You: “What? WAIT!!! NOOO! Lu! I hate you! You’re such a perv. Omg.”


You: *Started talking about a cute couple you seen on your walk in the park* “She took his head in her hands and stroked it.”

Dae: “Why would they do that in public?” *Started to hide his increasing smile behind his hand*

You: “What are-ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! 


*You started to talk about your friend’s basketball practice that you got to watch*

You: “He really needs to work on his ball handling.”

Soo: “Why would you know that?” *Leans over to explain the situation*

You: *A huge blush appears on your cheeks as the others started laughing* “I am so sorry about that wording.”


*You both started talking about space because you were studying it in one of your college classes*

You: “I always wondered what happens to nuts in space.”

Xing: *Pauses and tries to hold back his laughter* “Babe, I think you should have rephrased that.”

You: “I don’t- Really Yixing? Oh my god. I should have rephrased that!”


*Started talking about the rocket launch you both seen today*

You: “The power of the thrust was really remarkable.”

Myeon: “Don’t say that please.” *Trying to hide his laughter*

You: “I cannot talk to you guys right now. You sick pervs.”

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Was still sore after leg day as I had increased all my weights. Hit the gym and did my hour of cardio for the day but OMG I was sore after I finished. Luckily we own a hot tub so I came home and put on a suit. Sitting here soaking all the aches and pains away. Ahhhhhh… sweet relief. 🙃Oh yeah, hubby is cooking supper while I’m soaking 😉. I admit I’m a lucky girl.